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GMBN Takes On The Andes Pacifico | Epic Enduro Racing

(tyres screeching) – Ahh (heavy breathing) – Okay – That okay? – I’m okay You don’t need a doctor? – Ohhh (theme music) I’m back, Andes Pacifico ahhh This is the last part of our South America trip Dun val fraser or blake avslease Did Patagonia, we’re here so its cool I’m racing again and this time I’ve got Blake with me plus Tom and Ben behind the cameras They’ve never been here before so its really exciting to share it with them show em what goes on, can’t wait to get riding this is day zero so the camps been set up just done the final touches to my bike Some sweet socks, the Pacifico T-Shirt, that’s cool That is Yogo Grays thing, dive bro even drift bro, frame to actually get Sunhat. What’s that? Like a mini towel Stickers, ohh heres the bits in ‘ere Tire plugs, the brace plate number 11 got the old union jack on there So zip ties with bolt holes So you stick the zip tie round your bar and then, you bolt your number plate to the zip ties. Cost me like 2 quid for 50 of of Ebay (techno music) – So that 3473 meters, very high for a man from Shrewsbury and you just feel like throttles like, hiking up there feels like your sort of, I don’t know 60% of what you normally are but its a beautiful place, ahhhhh I don’t feel as nervous, I remember me feeling really nervous first time, being up here and its this proper antigrip very first corner, really hard (techno music) – Two one GO (loud techno music) (tires screeching) – Umph (loud techno music) (music fades) (labored breathing) – Yeah boy – I’m so tired now (laughs) – Had a big crash then, didn’t expect it Just washed front wheel, top of like a knarly bit its a big one, I was pretty bummed to be honest then I got back on and then just get another massive sand piling of butts right and so ball rowed of the trail for like 10 seconds its quite back up – Its slippery, its unpredictable, every corner (heavy panting) (mumbles) (heavy panting) (rock music) – WOW (cheering) – Fact is I remembered the bottom half of that track

where it goes super steep and really tacky By the time I got there my hands were just solid, like I’ve not had hard hap for long time I’ve not really tracked like that for long time You know I could feel my hands was rattlin on the bars grip had gone, so it was difficult to ride that last bit but it was epic, yeah I was grumpy as f**k after that first run (laughs) its was alright though (laughs) – I love the back brake, actually these have been a while I should have changed them before I came out but they’re aww, pretty finished so I’m doing some maintenance So I do want to stop (techno music) (wheels scraping noise) – Phewwwww why? Far was major – Day one of five dumb plate, your first ever proper, enduro, sort of trans style race – We ahhh – How’d it go? – Good, ahh blown away actually, speechless because I didn’t know what to expect its flat out, you’re going from 3000 and something metres – 3630 – There ya go, and like my heart rate was at some ridiculous amount, just chillin up there and then racing down was something else – Day one of five – Yeah – Thirteen thousand metres in total descending – Phewwwwww – I feel sore, its day one I feel very sore – You did take a tumble – A small one – Yeah shame – But its alright, its good – That’s good, we’re gonna have some food then we got day two, Apparently there’s an hour and a half hike a bike – There is, apparently, good hacks for you though – Yeah so good – All the pros, well everyone hacks out, rides together, its good – But who are the podium contenders at this years race? The big guns of trans stage racing we’ve gone Roman Polan, an experienced downhiller who is French national champion, now turning his speed to endure racing for Sanacruz bikes Flow Espinero, Chilean queen of speed but super fast on her track slash Pedro Burns, the Chilean track rider, knows this place well, Andes Pacifico has never had a local winner so will this spur him on? Whit Masters, the king of wheelies and a strong all round rider with plenty of world cup downhill and EWS experience, here for the first time at the Andes Pacifico (tech music) – Day 2, stage 1’s done not a massive height, it only 400 metres but its super hot, really hard work, it took over an hour to do that so this is a big descent, I remember this one its one of the biggest in the race, 12 hundred metres – Diego, what do you think of this stage? – This stage is my least favorite one unfortunately (laughs) its just really long, really technical the whole time and you just like Oh my god, I just want it to end – Cedrics split his shiv the last time I did it down this stage – Aww yeah yeah, no if you crash here there’s nothing, nothing solid to grasp on to its either cactus or rocks like nuts – Dialgos right, there’s so many more factors at play here at the Andes Pacifico this part of the Andes is constantly a battle with you Spiky bushes that grab your knuckles, rip your gloves and block your sight The anti grip, tiny dirt marbles and dust that shifts unpredictably Baby head rocks ready to smash your rims and your limbs Cactus, go offline and you’re greeted with a 6 inch spike (dramatic techno music) (tires rumbling) – There’s a few really difficult little punch climbs with slippy, and like to get into it – Insane amount – I had to jump off and run one – Same – Nah it was so long I sort of found my mind

wandering, I started thinking about cold drinks – Hahaha – Swimming in rivers – Swimming in rivers, and a hot, id like a cold beer – Its only stage one Blake, its a bit early for a beer – This is, I don’t know the guys name Its one of the guys who works on the race and he lives in the caravan there but this set ups amazing, its got like beds over there, just chillin out having some fruit Looking down over Santiago its a pretty special spot We’re now going up, well going on a super long drive like a two and a half hour drive and then its all big moto stages, real fast ones big loops Think I did 50 mile an hour last we came And its really cool, you sort of go up the top and then work your way down in 3 stages (fast rock music) – Day 2 done, its been a long day today we were up at 6, what’s the time now? Its now half seven, its been a big day one big sun started off super gnarley and they were up on the moto stages or worked our way down this mountain in 3 big stages, super fast I managed to keep it pretty nice and clean today few really sketchy, actually not so at the bottom the stage some big boulders, pretty gnarley Quite tired when I set off but sort of got into a rhythm, actually felt pretty good so we’re now driving about an hour back to camp so it’ll be quite a late one tonight by the time we’ve had dinner, checked over the bikes Bikes running well, rear tires looking very secondhand we’re only on two days, three more days to go (Tech music) (heavy breathing) – First day today and end up being really pedally and my legs just felt so empty after that 4 hour hike 3 hour hike in fact, struggling a bit now definitely feeling the fatigue of two and a half days racing but one more stage to go Ahh, apparently this ones all downhill so that’s good news for me

(music) (fast techno music) – Andaley (fast techno music) (crashing noise) (heavy breathing) – Okay – You’re okay? – I’m okay – Really really? – I’m okay (breathing heavily) – I’m okay – You don’t need a doctor? – No no _it was really near, really really close – I just, I just skinned myself (panting) Ahh stupid! Thanks Pedro (radio speaking and static) (gentle tense music) – Ahh take that (crowd noise) – Cut my cuts – You cut your cuts, extra cuts ohhhh ahhhmmmmm – This ones gonna be a problem – Ohh look at it, its swelling up ohhhhhhh don’t say hematoma – Must get some ice on that – Yeah Ahh just, don’t know, gnarley straight exploded got away lucky to be fair, it was pretty gnarley ahh rocky horrible section Taken most of the force on my thigh, but its swelling up massively already so I think I need to ice it quick , see how it feels (tense music) Soon after this moment, things began to deteriorate we didn’t really appreciate the extend of the injuries to my leg and I went to bed sort of as normal, Blake had to help me back but after an hour in bed, lying there I realised that the pain was just getting too to take, so I made my way back to the medic tent (tense music) – The last time we saw Neil was at the end of the trail Now he’s at the end of the road again to hospital he should be fine though They’re gonna operate on it Just to drain this hematoma that he’s just produced on his left thigh – After an hour and a half of excruciating pain the tramadol wasn’t kickin in and I was left doing breathing exercises to try and take my mind of it I arrived at the clinic of Universe Dad Los Andes and at 5am went in for emergency surgery to release the pressure in my leg (birds singing) (gentle music) – Cause two days after this Yet Neil crashed, he’s in hospital he’s recovering though, what I’m gonna do the race is not over for him, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab his number board and I’m gonna carry him, like through a number board, I’m gonna carry his number board all the way through to the finish line, so he does actually finish You know gonna carry him through and put him on my backpack I feel, I feel good, I feel tired

I think that’s it, I feel tired my bodys like ‘come on man, give me a rest’ No body, you’re coming through and we’re going to end up on the beach, then you can have a rest (gentle music) – (Neils voice) You can do it mate I believe in you (gentle music) – Hang on a minute, Neil wouldn’t want this (crazy techno music) (crowd cheering) (local folk music fading to techno) – Thank you very much ohhhhhhhh I got medal I didn’t even come first ha ha ha ha yahhhhh look at that, experience of a lifetime hell yeah it is, that was a helluva helluva helluva journey for a first time racing That is Andes Pacifico, shame I haven’t got Neil with me because it would have been amazing just with the cherry on the top to have Neil right here but he is on my backpack so I did bring him through. If you love this sort of content and you want to see us take part in another event, let us know in the comments down below If you want to get to know us a little bit more don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe coz you’re missing put on some rad stuff If you wanna see Val Pariso over downhill race which I took part in a couple of weeks ago click over there and don’t forget to give us the thumbs up like if you love this sort of content Ill see you at the next one, see ya I need a pisco coz there’s no disco yet (crowd cheering)