Racing Lagoon Walkthrough Part 3: Unofficial Races

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Racing Lagoon Walkthrough Part 3: Unofficial Races

We’re back. Let’s drive around more Are those… limousines? What are those things doing here? Uh oh, it looks like we have already found out where the Ishikawa Brothers are. That was easy Suddenly, horror music. Hmm Well, we now know where the goons are, but Akasaki doesn’t. There isn’t that much we can do right now For now, screw the girl and that Yamada kid. Let’s do side quests We’ll start by taking a look at the shop where we can buy things out of This here is a small comedic skit that teaches you how the shop works. Skip it if you’re not interested The shop uses “Yen” for currency instead of RP. You start with 100,000 Yen. You can get more by selling unused parts or win unofficial races. More on that later There are some parts that we should buy right of the bat: Engine parts, tires, and suspension Today’s episode is about “Un-Official Races”, a major side quest in the game

In certain locations, the NPC holds a series of regulated races where you can enter and get money and new parts Spencer’s Test Course Circuit is one such location As you may notice, the car used in every demonstration section will be based on your actual setup. If you use a different body, it shows here as well Let’s take on this track 60ps is something we cannot achieve at this point. We’ll race in the 200ps-class “That’s gale a moment!!!!” I can’t help but adore all these Engrish the game throws at us A 5-lap race. This will take a while This steering is really loose Some people just cut this curve. There’s no penalty for it, of course Still there Now we dash all the way to the end Victory, no problem

Autobahn is one of the *most* valuable engine parts in the game. You can’t really buy it anywhere else, and all the rivals aim for it if you lose If you can help it, never ever lose any race from now on. You’ll have a horrible time getting back the Autobahn if you lose it From 141 to 150. That’s a great part to have Next, we head to the Yokohama Stadium This is Makoto Sawaki, the 2nd driver for Night Racers. He’s apparently looking for Ishikawa too Sawaki looks like a nice guy despite being in a rival team. Look at his poses. The guy can easily fit in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Check the stadium again for a new event

Here’s Nanako Aoyama, the leader of Black Knights Yokosuka. She will host us unofficial races in several places around SY from now on First, we race the 200ps-class Main Street circuit is difficult if you’re too eager to pass during a corner The first few corners are the best opportunities to pass because of the AI slowdown This section is the hardest to overtake because of the narrowed road. Be very careful The 86-Thunder actually out dragged me even with the added rpm range from HiComp +1. This may be more difficult than I expected I can’t certainly match that car’s raw power. I need to make up times during corners which I’m not doing so well right now Come on, Round 2 That was ALMOST a nice drifting. Hrrn Round 3…? Two laps to go

As long as I don’t mess up, I win We get the MM-12 engine, a 62ps engine. Now, we can enter the 100ps-class This time, we race only 3 laps. Goodness Be sure to overtake this wagon before the next corner This can get really tricky

No problem YellowMesh is the same as FlyingSaucer, but it turns your wheels yellow for aesthetic purposes Next time, we hunt for rare items before we take on the plot. Stay tuned