Team Sonic Racing Review – Top of the podium? Or falls short of 1st place?

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Team Sonic Racing Review – Top of the podium? Or falls short of 1st place?

Announcer: Team Sonic Racing! redhotsonic: Team Sonic Racing is finally here! It’s the latest SEGA racing game they’ve been hyping us up for, for the past year or so Although this time around, all of the SEGA Superstars are absent and it’s just Sonic and friends in for the duel! At first glance, it looks like your typical karting game Race to the chequered flag and stun your opponents with items along the way for a better chance of becoming the victor Although there’s a brand-new mechanic brought into the speed battle, which uses the power of team work! Coming first in the races here aren’t exactly going to guarantee any triumphs You have to collaborate with your buddies and work together to finish as close as possible to the top three I was very lucky to get a review copy of Team Sonic Racing a few days before the official release, thanks to Dead Good Media And I got to work on this video right away! It goes without saying that this video will be spoiler heavy So, strap your seatbelts in, because this is going get expeditious! This is my Team Sonic Racing Review! Powering up the game, you get your SEGA splash screen and Sumo Digital presents Followed by what I believe to be the only CGI cut scene in the entire game That’s not a problem, and it’s very well put together and shows you’re in for a good time Next is the title screen and then the menu I checked options first as I always do but then I remembered I got the PS4 edition and there’s not a lot you can change Your audio controls are basic, the video choices are extremely pointless, and lastly, you have the controller settings In which you can only decide between two pre-applied possibilities And all it does is change the acceleration and drift buttons around with the camera and item controls Why can we not assign the buttons ourselves? An advanced option would have been nice Back to the menu, you have ‘Team Adventure’ which is the main campaign If you want to avoid the tale, go to this part of the video now, otherwise prepare to be spoiled in three, two, one The story begins with a new character called Dodon Pa, a Tanuki species, inviting Sonic, Tails and Knuckles for some team races at the beach against Amy, Big and ugh Omochao, to prove who’s the fastest, but fails to elaborate the exact reason why they’re doing all this Everyone seems suspicious towards the guy and it may be an evil scheme from Eggman But Sonic assures the gang they’ll all be safe with him around and they go on ahead to Planet Wisp! And that’s the end of the story! So, firstly, where’s Cream? Secondly, who’s dumb enough to accept a request from a random stranger to comply with demands who you may suspect is evil and not give any enlightenment? This blue dope, that’s who! And finally, I then played ‘Team Adventure’ for a whole two hours not realising I was skipping all of the narrative! Who on earth thought it was a great idea to correspond the main selection button, which practically everyone uses, to skip the plot? You have to press square to play the game and the story So, I had to go back to the previous stages and reload them all up again just to catch up with the discussions Seriously, these buttons need to be the other way around! Anyway, to compete in the races, Dodon himself supplies the crew with cars he created via the power of science and explains there are three types of engines, all with their own perk One is used for speed that helps you avoid incoming projectiles, another is the Technique type, allowing you to drive on any surface without slowdown And the final kind, power, grants you less-to-no stumbling when colliding into obstacles Dodon also lets you customise your ride with these R token you rack up on winning races This is pretty much the only time you’re going to be seeing the Sonic R symbol, as it has no other significance to the game So, yeah, it was for marketing The six bump into Blaze and Silver who have also received invites through time and dimensions While they’re in, they are also cautious, indicating that this guy must be powerful to be able to send telegrams over… the… space… net, I don’t know Also, Vector show up unpleasantly, but he makes himself leader of Silver’s team anyway The git A few races later and Eggman makes himself present With Tails immediately jumping into conclusions, the madman assures he’s not part of any evil arrangement with Dodon Sonic also begins to get apprehensive and goes to speak to Shadow Who coincidentally appears and joins in the race out of the blue He’s determined to win, but confirms he’s not in any bad plot with the Doctor or the Tanuki, and also wants to stop any evil deeds from either party It’s then when Silver bumps into Eggman and Dodon, negotiating over an engine and alerts the squad it’s a trap! However, now not, Silver!

Sonic and Shadow have more important things to do, like a showdown! And a domestic is happening between Amy and Blaze Cor, just, calm down, Silver, alright!? Just, just, just take a chill pill Eggman starts throwing tantrums as he keeps losing and “cheats” by throwing Eggpawns all over the road Dodon is fine with this as it trials them further Later, Zavok and Metal Sonic come in as reinforcements by Eggman to help win a few races, but that still fails Also, Zavok, again? Eh- Wh- wh- wh- wh- I’m just not going to go there Vector thought this was the time to tell the gang he was brought here by Tails to investigate Espio and Charmy, all off-screen, are digging up any evidence they can find But Knuckles gets impatient and demands answers from Dodon He reveals he’s the president of his own Motor Company and a King on another planet He’s building the ultimate engine to help reduce pollution but still be prevailing enough for racing And to muscle it, no petrol or gas is required Just the power of teamwork! Eggman then kidnaps Dodon demanding the engine, but it’s not finished And it never will be because Sonic and company have stopped racing, and are now looking for Dodon When they find Eggman’s base, Eggman wants to race, for Dodon’s release; I couldn’t think of another rhyme Sonic wins! Then the scientist says, “Two out of Three?” “Three out of five?” “Try against Metal Sonic!?” With Sonic’s love for speed, he agrees, unknowingly generating energy to complete the engine Eggman desires Later, Dodon announces to Eggman that the engine has fulfilled its capacity Then Eggman predictably steals it in front of his face Dodon astonishingly didn’t see this coming! Eggman sticks the engine into the Death Egg Robot, and you have to have one last race against him and his minions and kick their behind Once done, the robot goes berserk, and automatically starts heading for the energy core of the fortress And Sonic, with assistance from Tails and Knuckles, must go and save Dodon and get out of there alive! Alright, one more race, this must be– Oh, it just exploded Amy on the ground, wait, how did she suddenly get there? Is worried if Sonic and his team made it out alive Suddenly, Sonic! And his friends who have saved Dodon and brought him back to land A cheer happens Credits Eh, what? That’s the most anti-climactic ending ever After taking seven hours to get here, the whole citadel is about to explode, and the heroes save the Tanuki and brings him back to safety all off-camera and off-gameplay So disappointing! For a simple story, I have a few questions Why didn’t Dodon tell them this was for a good cause from the beginning? Why did Tails keep quiet about getting Vector to detect? What happened to Eggman at the end? To be totally honest, I think there must be more Why? Well here is how the system works Before each start, you get some Intel to meet during your race Complete the mission, acquire a star The more stars you have, the further you can progress You can also try to complete a harder task to obtain a key A lot of these start off casually but of course the difficulty ups itself later in the game, and some feel impossible to get At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter as long as you meet the elementary requests and finish the adventure But after that deflating end to the tale, I went back and completed every single race, did my darn hardest to achieve as many keys as I possibly could, grab as many stars as emotionally possible, even with a few platinum desires, and achieved my personal best With nothing new unlocked, I did the final race again, but nothing new happened I’m sorry if there is more, but I didn’t find it If you have to obtain every single key and star to progress, well good luck with that I was losing my mind racing over and over again Not that the gameplay is bad In fact, it’s very good Any players from Sonic All Star Racing will feel right at home here, as a lot of assets are ripped right from the predecessor You can drift, you can perform stunt jumps, and you can throw items, or Wisps as they represented in this title, and of course, accelerate Drifting or doing trick jumps can earn you a certain level of boost As well as revving your car on each number at the start of each race Also, unlike Sonic All-Star Racing with its transitions within the countdown, Team Sonic Racing actually stays put for you to calculate your revving in time Now that’s the right way to display it! A good change indeed Three levels of boost exist Orange for a small boost, purple for a medium boost and blue for the biggest boost! To get these, you just have to drift for as long as possible or twirl in the air more with the right analogue stick, as long as you land on the ground accurately You can also boost with the pads on the floor or with specific Wisps from item boxes

Other Wisps are attainable and a lot of these are again the same from All-Star but they’ve been reskinned You have the Rocket, the Cube, Spikes, the Bomb, a Ghost Wisp, there are plenty of the critters but some are reserved for diverse characters Use these to bring fear into your foes and in case you’re wondering, no, you cannot hit your colleagues Luckily, this being a team-based game, you can pass your items onto your friends Got a Wisp you really do not need? Pressing the circle button will offer it to another player, in which they will either take your item or just ignore it; the ungrateful sod It works vice versa; you can accept their items using the same button Helping each other out like this increases your team bar which I’ll get onto in a second You can also tailgate your leading teammate to earn three levels of boost pretty rapidly And then you slingshot your way out once you’re happy A neat new feature Another incredible element is near-missing your friend when they’re down It will give them an instant blast of speed! Performing these two tricks, as well as hitting enemies with Wisps to slow them down, surges your team bar and when that is full, IT’S TIME FOR TEAM BL– I’m joking, it’s called Team Ultimate! And it gives you and your group the biggest and longest adrenaline rush in your playthrough for a limited time Hit other racers along the way to prolong your boost At the end of the race, each character earns a number of points conditional to their final position It tallies the teams overall score and whoever is on top, wins the race! Admittedly, I love this idea that they’ve injected into the works and it’s a nice welcome change to actually help others out You now get a mix of competitiveness and cooperation in your driving experience As for the controls, it’s near identical to Sonic and All-Star Racing, but not in a good way The drifting still feels like I’m on the ice I know these things take some time to master but I do wish there was a sensitivity option in the controls for when using the analogue stick I also couldn’t help but feel the pace of the races were slower You have rings on the track that apparently increases your top speed but I never felt like I was going faster You can also bump up the difficulty and again, that is meant to speed things up but the pace felt the same Just the computers became a lot more difficult I tried All-Star again afterwards and in reality, it isn’t that much faster, but maybe I miss the dynamic occurrences in the maps with the speed boats and all the transformations, in Team Sonic Racing, 99% of it is all on ground You’ve got one or two times where you have huge leaps, and of course you have many in-map obstacles to cut you off your track, but I just felt there was less going on in comparison Still, it’s definitely an enjoyable experience Plenty of excitement, a lot of frustration, and different types of events You have Survival Mode; meaning after each lap, you have one to three characters get eliminated from the race depending how many teams are racing respectively A lot of tense but fun action here You’ve got the Ring Challenge; in which you’re alone with no team or adversaries, to rack up a score with the number of rings you collect But you can also drift into rings to increase your time limit It’s okay, but rings get scarce pretty quick and it’s near intolerable to get the platinum star; well, for me anyway There’s Traffic Attack Avoid the annoying TV monitors, hit the red lasers for more time, pretty standard I got one platinum but their rest were either gold or the minimum silver Not a bad mode but more frustrating than anything Dare Devil Races, ugh These are the bane of my life You have to near miss the sign post to gain points but near miss and skid on the red side and you’ll gain a multiplier and keep it each time you repeat it Sounds fair enough! But these sign posts are solid and if you hit them, it takes forever to get moving again And it doesn’t count towards points and you lose your multiplier And the target requirements, Gordon Bennett! There was one where I drifted pass every single red-sided sign post without missing one and I barely made silver! I took it and ran, no way can I get platinum The last one I’ll mention is Eggpawn Assault This, is really easy my friends Destroy as many Eggpawns as you can to gain a high score Some require more than one hit; some are protected with Spike or Bomb Wisps but they are worth more time and points You get to use 3 Rocket Wisps each item box you pass to help out and I legitimately got a platinum on one of them The others, I got a silver as they were tougher but then I learnt something Yeah, you can just cheat Easy platinum, easy keys Works on every single Eggpawn Challenge I can see this getting patched really quick!

There are others modes but I’ll let you discover these for yourself but there are plenty to go around to keep the game fresh Or maybe you want to freshen up your gear instead You can go to the mod pod and spend your R token on a mysterious prize Just spend ten coins at a time to unlock from a common to a legendary piece of equipment Or even bonus prizes that you can use to equip before a race For example, you can start the race with a Rocket or gain the ability to build your team bar quicker, etc You can then find all of your new toys in the garage where you get to pimp your ride Okay, too much, Rouge Here you can tailor your transportation with vinyl, paint of all kinds, to whatever colour you want Modify the chassis, roll in different wheels, there’s a lot of modification you can do here I gave Sonic a red car, duh Shadow a nice contrasting beast, and… I don’t know I did with Omega A lot of these are just for showing off, but some adjustments can affect the way you drive later on so keep that in mind Now you’re ready to take your new look to the tracks My only complaint is that even though I edited all three of Shadow’s team, it only applies to the character you choose to race with The other members just go back to standard I wanted to show off my gleam team! It’s a shame really because with the quality graphics this game has to offer, it would have been amazing The looks on all of the characters are top notch, all of the tracks have plenty of aspect, and even though none of them alternate, you still have background movements with Boo playing, peekaboo! So much presentation that this instalment has to offer I like the way it gives you a glimpse of the track to come, the confident look on your team with their own camera angle, everything in-game I cannot fault I wish with the cut scenes we got given had a little more animation to them rather than these drawings sliding in and out in front of backdrop as it feels like I’m playing a fan game at times But except for that criticism, the style is smooth and clear with no real grumbles And to compliment that, the music choices fit very well with their representations Except for a few menu jingles I couldn’t care less about, all of the tunes are very good I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that a lot of these are remixes from older games, but the composers really have pumped up the beats to these Some of them, I just casually listened to as I race But then there’s these masterpieces you will be bumping your head to To everyone who was behind the creation of Team Sonic Racing did a terrific job The new team mechanic is superb and I can’t praise it enough, there are plenty of game modes to keep you hooked, an insane amount of customisation is a welcome feature, and the aesthetics are more than adequate I can’t help but feel there’s more to the story and I’m sorry I missed it, but as it stands, it’s just a cheap and cheerful tale There were very little frame drops but they do occur, and often the sound effects lost its sync with the rest of the game but its uncommon and minor But the important question is, is Team Sonic racing worth buying? Hmmm, that’s a tough nut to crack In all honestly, I say this game slightly edges Sonic All Star Racing Transformed, because not everyone likes being at sea, or in the air, and would prefer their wheels firmly on the ground And with that satisfying team work gimmick, it really brings a new characteristic to think about Ironically, there is a single mode where you don’t have to work as a team but if you want to do that, just play the precursor Team Sonic Racing as of release day is averagely priced at £30 and in all honestly? If you have Sonic All-Star, I would wait for a price drop If you’re not in possession of that, then by all means, go for it! I know what you lot are thinking; what about multiplayer? Well, the servers were only available three days a week and even then, that was only for two hours; all times I was unavailable But now with the game being released, the servers are up, and I have a solution I plan to get this game on Steam (for PC) and do some online races then! And I feel like live streaming it All of my sponsors will have priority to this event, if they own the game of course, but if you fancy racing me, well be prepared To win, I’m not the greatest at this game So, join me on Saturday 25th May 7pm BST where we can go head-to-head

and test out the multiplayer phase of the game Thank you all so much for watching! A huge thanks to my sponsors for making this video possible Become a sponsor yourself with the join button below Or subscribe for free and ring the bell to be notified of future videos Have a wonderful day, everyone, and take care!