Blondie ATV Sand Tires Racing

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Blondie ATV Sand Tires Racing

– Welcome to the Carl and Jinger Channel This is our first ever official Moto Monday video – Woo hoo! – [Carl] Yeah we’re gonna take the ATVs and the motorcycles out and we’ve even got the Traxxas Slash RC car with the paddle tires, and everybody is dying to go Are you guys ready? – [All] Yeah! – [Carl] Let’s do it (upbeat introductory music) I have a front-facing GoPro on my helmet and I’ve adjusted the angle so you can see the scenery better Some people in the last video were saying the angle was too low down on the machine and I totally agree One thing about riding on the sand dunes is that you have to have a flag whip on all of your machines So we’ve been rigging them up on all these rear axles Jinger you’re so hot as a mechanic like that – I am absolutely so hot – [Carl] Like really warm hot? – [Jinger] It’s 90 degrees out here – [Carl] It is really warm right now Are you ready to go? Are you gonna take it on a drive? Oh he’s checking out Luke’s bike. (laughs) (light upbeat music over loud motor sounds) – [Carl] You alright? Had a bit of a crash there Gotta pick it up from the bottom handle, there you go The good thing about the sand is when you wreck, it doesn’t hurt as bad There we go Whew, that’s fun! It’s a little bit of work, isn’t it? – Yeah – [Carl] Yeah You’ve gotta get tough, you’ll get it I’ll follow Luke for a bit There you go buddy! Woo there he goes! – [Luke] I’m good! – [Carl] Yeah! Put your goggles on, it might help. (laughs) Can you get your bike up? So on the sand, they usually have paddle tires on the back and then they let some air out of their front tire, but we don’t have an air pump So you just kinda have to tough it out – [Luke] Yeah – [Carl] So a little bit dif– – [Luke] It’s really swervy – [Carl] It’s really swervy in the sand, isn’t it? – [Luke] When you go against all the tracks, I get more traction – [Carl] Uh uh, when you get in it, you start getting sloppy, huh – [Luke] Yeah – [Carl] Yep Yeah! Let’s joint him Should we join him? Yeah! Kyle, are you having a good ride? – [Kyle] Yeah! – [Carl] Your throttle on your motorcycle broke, didn’t it? – [Kyle] Yeah – [Carl] So you haven’t been able to ride your own machine, darn it – [Kyle] Yeah – [Carl] Well, you’ve just been riding on with– – [Kyle] Well it’s too slow anyway out there – [Carl] It would be way too slow in the sand? Yeah I think so Are you having fun with Mom though? It looks fun – [Kyle] We’ve been going on jumps and stuff – [Carl] Yeah? That’s cool Are you guys having a good time? – [Driver] Yeah! – [Carl] Yeah! Give me the rock, yeah! Hey Jackson give me the rock, yeah! (laughs) You guys are awesome, this is way fun – [Driver] This is the best, thank you! – [Carl] Yeah, you bet – [Driver] Woo! – [Carl] Yeah! Luke, I think you’re a little stuck

– [Luke] Yeah – [Carl] Will it even go? (laughs) No, it’s not gonna go, you’re gonna have to get off and push it out – [Luke] I guess – [Carl] (laughs) Everybody’s struggling on the sand today for their first time, aren’t they? (laughs) That’s awesome looking though Yeah dude, you are stuck (grunting) Look at that whole back tire, that’s funny Alright, you’re good to go now It’ll come off as soon as you start going – [Luke] Okay – [Carl] Nice burnout What? – [Kyle] Want some of this? – [Carl] It’s fun, yeah – [Kyle] You want some of this? – [Carl] Yeah – [Kyle] Yeah? – [Carl] Yeah (laughs) Woo! Oh, now we’re talking Yeah, this a big open area, this is way better Woo hoo, this is awesome Yeah! Oh man, it’s so pretty up here, I can’t believe it Where does this go? Oh snap I think we need to go down there What do you think? Woo hoo! (laughs) Oh rocks everywhere Oh glory, this is very dangerous (laughs) I got myself in a pringle down here Holy crap I can’t go down this What the heck? Oh my gosh what am I gonna do? I can’t get out of this I gotta find a way to turn around and go back up There’s no way, I’ll die Somehow I gotta find a way to get up out of this ‘Cause I came down this channel and there’s just a steep drop off that is not going to work So I got my work cut out for me I don’t think I can get down there to the right, it’s just another drop off So I gotta turn this thing around Here we go There’s only one way out Oh no, I didn’t make it up! That’s not good I don’t think I can get out of here I just buried my back end is all I did I might be able to walk it out next to the machine in first gear, if I walk it up the side, but I don’t know I’ve got myself in a pickle So there’s my quad, down in that hole I think I found a way out If I go back down there and come up here to the left, to your right where you’re looking, and then come up this rock face here, I think if I come up here, I can cut across at that little cactus,

to the right up over these rocks, and get back down here and then I can make it up and out That’s the plan This is why, when you go on the sand dunes, you need to invest in paddle tires That’s not fun, that’s not fun at all If I had paddle tires, I could have made it right up out of this, easy Without paddle tires, this happens (sighs) I’m tired (grunts) There we go We got it loose Now we just gotta bring it back down to try my alternate approach Here we go Oh, goodness gracious This bike is not meant to do this kind of riding, that’s for sure Well, I got out, but I forgot to record it I didn’t follow any of the plans Instead, I went down and up over all these sage brush and found my way out that way. (laughs) But it took me about a half hour, so I better get back ’cause I bet everybody’s worrying about me I made it, hallelujah! That took forever Hi! Were you worried about me? – [Jinger] Yeah I didn’t know what– – [Carl] I got stuck in a big freaking hole – [Jinger] You did? – [Carl] I did – [Jinger] I thought something happened – [Carl] I took a left hand turn when I should have took a right and it was really cool like going down this tunnel and all of a sudden it was just like an eight foot drop off of a rock – [Jinger] Are you okay? – [Carl] And I was wedged down in there I didn’t go off it – [Jinger] Oh, okay – [Carl] I had to turn around and I kept getting stuck and I tried like several crazy different ways to get out and finally I just got off and took my helmet off and walked around for a minute Plotted out a path that was like super dangerous with a big drop off on the right along these rocks and I just had to like hit it in second gear, just like (screams), like up through these sage brush and I found my way out, but – [Jinger] Wow, I’m glad you’re okay – [Carl] Yeah – [Kyle] Hi! – [Carl] Are you guys going– – Yeah, it’s going, it’s going good – [Kyle] Calvin is it going? – Is it going Calvin? – [Kyle] (laughs) – [Jinger] Kyle’s taking me for a ride You’re a pretty good driver – [Kyle] Am I gonna have to take it on the sand? – [Jinger] Yeah, take it down there Let’s go for a ride Luke, look at Luke, woo! Don’t pump it, no don’t do that, just be nice, take it easy Okay, go for it, they’re behind us Yee-haw! Good job – [Kyle] Way more than that? – [Jinger] Way more Okay, they’re driving right there by us, so you gotta stay this way, okay? Stay that way a little bit Well Kyle, thanks for the ride, bro! You guys ready to rock? – [All] Yeah! Woo! (cheering)

– [Luke] That was awesome! – [Jinger] Oh, what just happened? – [Luke] Something smells like it broke – [Carl] What’s the matter? – [Jinger] It won’t like go into reverse You guys, that stupid Razor right there just totally broke down – [Carl] It’s not a Razor – [Jinger] Oh Can-Am, that darn Can-Am So now we have, we look like one of those circus cars where the– – [Carl] This is like a circus car! – [Jinger] Where the freaking, whatever you call it, clowns just keep on coming out (laughs) Hey round two, we got Jackson, we got Jade, we got Kyle, and we’re gonna burn these side-by-sides this time we hope it doesn’t break Woo hoo! Well, huh, this looks like a dead end Maybe not Nope, ooh that looks pretty scary I think we’ll turn around Look how cute Carl looks on his new four wheeler Va-va-voom baby We ready? (cheering) – You guys good? We’re off – [Kyle] Let me drive – [Jinger] We’ll see You have to ride in my car, ’cause I’m such a good driver He’s warning me that something is, he always does that He’s telling me that it’s a drop down Look at that, woo yeah! – It’s time to ride the RC car! – [Carl] Yeah, let’s do it! Yeah let’s do it! We’re gonna jog over, you ready? Okay, there you go Luke! Gonna have some shoes full of sand – Hi! – Hi Well guys that’s it from the first ever official Moto Monday

Thanks so much for joining us and going on some awesome trails, some awesome rides, and a few wipe outs It was amazing Click anywhere on the screen to subscribe or to watch more videos We love you guys so much and we’ll see you guys next time Bye!