Csr Racing 2 Consejos y Trucos

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Csr Racing 2 Consejos y Trucos

[Música] Whats´s up my friends, my name is Geko today i will showed you tutorial about CSRRacing2 because it necesary you know it where i will show you tricks and tips this video would help you to get a rewards and get a high rank this is the first trick get cash this is the first trick get cash i get start in regulation race this is the first trick get cash with this trick you get more cash and you get more cash that you normally get its necesary to have a car Tier 5 because you get a lot cash with its I get 12,725 cash but i can to get more and look a this i get back the race this the trick look and repeat its very easy Perfect launch , 1st perfect shift and 2nd perfect shift later get back 1st shift and 2nd shift and 3th shift and get back 2nd shift with this you get perfect shift and look the arrow you must win race and look this you get 1200 more cash that last race the last race i get 12,795 and now 13,975 and if you practice this you must get a lot cash and now this the 1st tip to get rewards you should finish all the events you get rewards and you get high rank for example this event you get RP this RP aprear in you personal RP in crew stats you get 12,000 Crew RP and 4 epic fusion parst this event change everyday you get fusion parts and 1 state 6 upgrade and other event every day you get rewards is legends event you get coins to restore legends cars tip to win or get car BOSS is my recommendation for new players you should to buy Golf GTI zero stars but if you bought and dont know for example Frod FiestaST and I will show you archeve excel where you would find tune by car level for this reason i recommend to buy Golf GTI because is the faster T1 you get to buy then you get for 30,000 cash or 125 gold coins it was my 1st car i bought and i got KJ´s Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny and look this i recommend to buy this car you must get 35 upgrade parts and 27 fusion parts fusion parts you get in rare imports you can to get 1 free every 4 hours or if you prefer spend 100 bronze keys and you get 3 fusion parts i get comun fusion part pontiac, i get comun fusion part spyker and i get comun fusion part infinity this fusion parts in this moment i dont need then its necesary to buy a Golf GTI you know , the prize this car is $30,000 or 125 gold coins in this case i will buy it 125 gold coins and you must to strip because you have one and go ahead strip by $5,000 and i get 2 fusion parts and you fix the fusion parts this is archive excel where you would find the best time, tune and get link Youtube and the Golf GTI is an excellent car because is the number 4 and you get easly go ahead Tier 2 i recommend get BMW M235i Coupe then i will show you how get it but if you have a better car you can use in the byu cars you go T2 and

OMG a beautifull car Ford Focus RS but if you got 718 booster this car is my favorite T2 this cars you need $75,000 or 275 gold coins we can change color, i recommender get this car because you get a level 50 and get excellent results this is my 2nd recomendation because when you get it obviously is Level 0 but if you carry on level 50 easly you get Ashleigh´s CLA 45 AMG car look at this the time you need to get Ashleigh´s 12.453 and you get a better time with BMW this is my recommendation the same the Golf GTI you can to buy cars and Strip the same in T3 i recommend get if you have a lot gold coins i recommend get Camaro SS is excellent car but if you don´t i recommend get Audi Rs 5 Coupe you need $210,000 or 735 gold coins but if you prefer use another car you go ahead for example if you got a Cayman GT4 Audi Rs5 Coupe level 0 the race time is 8.694 this is my recommendation but if you prefer get another car go ahead this my recomendation because you get a lot cars easly For example if you got a BMW Z4 you could use but it will be difficul get st6 upgrade or fusion parts this is the reason why i recommend that cars but if you stay here i will show you how to get St6 upgrade, Fusion parts and cars you want go ahead T4 remember T = Tier OK then i am looking for Nissan GTR(R35) Premium this car is amazing i love it ok go ahead my buddy another video i will show you how get Car BOSS we goint to Buy cars and T4 looking for Nissan GT-R I recommend this car because you get easly you need cash but i showed how to get cash easly the prize is OMG $450,000 or OMG x 1,000 …1,500 Gold coins Well well well you can change color this is my recommendation for T4 because you get easly only you need a lot cash and easly you get fusion and St6 upgrade lets go T5 in this Sheet excel you can find the better car in this moment the best car is McLaren F1 level 50 it time is 6.906 in this sheet you can find the race time and you watch video on Youtube this part you can find the player get this time for example God Of Thunder Link description video go ahead now i recommend get lamborghini huracán because you can go up level 50 and easly you get BOSS car for example you can see the specification race time is 8.274 these car could be the 1st you get i recommend this cars because you go up level 50 but if you prefer another car go ahead OMG 1 millon or 3,000 gold coins

but don´t worry now you know how get cash then you will buy this car and go up level you can do easly you get Boss car T5 go ahead my buddy this is the best legal trick for example in this moment i have 96 silver keys and if i would want get prestige cup car Z28 Camaro i need spend 50 silver keys go ahead watch this and follow me click 50 silver keys and inmediatly get off data mobile and Wifi i get 3 stars car but i dont want it then you uninstall Csr2 now i reinstalled Csr2 and you select your account and select on the cloud and voila i kepp my 96 silvers keys Another tip to get RP = respect points is play online i recommend add your nickname leter W and L for example my Nick is gercho W L or if you prefer you can use nick + Swap or nick + swapper that mean Win/ Lose this players use a recicly simbol that mean the same and he has an apple that mean he use IOS and prefer to do swap with IOS players another simbol use is 100% that mean win lose look at this Nick que va a venir aprendiendo poco a poco i goint to challege you consider this if you win the 1st race you have to lose next race that mean Win Lose and with this you get RP OMG i lose cry cry lets go the next race and you could play a lot races but if you prefer you could challenge another player look at this i get 1,593 RP and 13,475 cash Tip number 4 i will show you how tune your cars click simbol i for example my F1 has 42 upgrades and 95 fusion parts click upgrade this is st 6 upgrade there are 42 upgrade because 6 by upgrade and there are 7 st6 upgrade and you fix fusion parts i goint to put 2 fuse epic parts and look at this Now F1 has 97 fusion parts Click tune you can probe any tune and you practice to get the better config this part you tune tires Click dyno and you could see tune Click Test Run You can select 1/4 mille or 1/2 mille

this race is to better your time its necessary to practice to be the better on youtube watch all car configuration i get 1/4 mille time 4.983 and i get 1/2 mille time 8.110 Then i goint to re config my Tire and lets go race and you get the best config that is and excellent option to get a excellent racer and get rewards this is better race time, then you could compare it i get 1/4 mille 4.840 is better and i get 1/2 mille 7.967 Tip number 5 is Strip cars this is necesarry because you get a lot fusion parts and St6 upgrade and get back sheet excel and only keep the better cars is my recomendation i would like explain you this is an extra bonus i recomend use purple stars cars because you get extra bonus and PR and WildCard is increse RP when you Win a race Tip number 7 every 4 hours you have a daily battle you get extra rewards every 4 hours obviously if you win is and random car isn´t necessary select your cars this car is Ferrari 812 Superfast now you go rare imports and you have a free reward and i get 2 fusion parts and 12,000 cash you can apply trick 2 off wifi Tip number 8 is complete all goals everyday i recommend complete all goals for example i need compleate this goal win 6 legends races i recommend complete all events on the map everyday you should compleat this events For example this event you get fusion parts and St6 upgrade and please dont forget ShowDown you get excellent Rewards for example you get 30,000 RP event Supply Cup you get RP and fusion parts i get 4 epic fusion parts this is my last Tip How to keep gold coins I recommend spend gold coins to get green, blue and red tokens

but spend it necessary and go up 1 car per time for to get 10 blue tokens i need spend 100 green tokens and 25 gold coins in my case i get tokens when i need it and i recommend this because this way you keep save your gold coins and if you remember you get green, blue, red and gold tokens in Showdown if you complete all races you get tokens, keys , cash i recommend complete all races this was the Tip number 10 PLease suscribe my channel and like video Share with another players Csr2 See you in the next video