ENSIMMÄINEN LIIGAKISA! F1 2017 League Racing #1 Australian GP

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ENSIMMÄINEN LIIGAKISA! F1 2017 League Racing #1 Australian GP

Hello to everyone! It is Ultim8 here! Welcome to a new video Umm… We return with F1 2017 But as you can see, we are with Team Haas, which means that We are a part of F1 2017 Constructors Championship League, that starts NOW! So, we are in Qualifying with Supersofts Indeed As you surely noticed From the name of this video, it is about league racing part 1 and I’m taking part in Which I managed to find from From Playstation’s Communities and this is first race of the season Which was driven few weeks ago and actually Today I will be racing in the second race of the season, in China Which Editing I’ll be doing a little later Today or tomorrow And, we are coming Towards the end of lap 1 Indeed, this lap is done with Supersofts Which is Weekend’s second fastest compound Adam11 Itz_Adam11 goes fastest with the time of 1:23.511 with ultrasofts And with supersofts we come up to the line we do One Twenty 1:25.243 Which is enough to third place for now But it’s 1.7 seconds off the pace It was pretty weak lap There was mistakes here and there and as we saw there There is space for seven tenth of improvement purely with other tire compound And the one second with a good lap My team mate KingWhitey 07 in a second place milou has been couple tenths faster than us Also with supersofts But now to our second lap, which we will do with minimum amount of fuel, ultrasofts, and with maximum attack And just hope, that the lap will go fine So we don’t need to start from P13 Or worse And that’s it Yeah… P13 is our starting position At the best But I still wanted to see how quick I was, because If I remember correctly, my best lap time was 1:22.9 Or 1:23.0 Which I’ve been able to drive So the pole time would be possible with that, but Wanted to see Where my pace is Purple to the first sector, but 0,01 seconds off from the pole time at the moment And at the end of Qualifying Itz_Adam still on provisional pole with Force India at the moment Our time is improving about Over 0.7 seconds But this lap will be invalidated Behind of Adam 0.17 seconds When there is, one sector to go There is one car coming over the line before us It doesn’t go to pole, but however we are next up P13 is the best possible grid starting slot The lap improves by 1,5 seconds Almost And it is 1:23.7 which is 2 and a half tenths whi- Deanisbest! Finally goes on pole, also james_owl Got better out of Adam So our lap time would’ve been enough At the end to P4 or P5 And our team mate KingWhitey07, who was Fourth fastest with his performance Unfortunately he has a 5-place grid penalty And we will start P13 We are ready to start this race Australian GP Season opening of this league Our tactic is 1-Stop And we will start with ultras, just because *nonsense* So we can.. get through this field, that is ahead of us, 12 cars And few of them are behind of us. There is 18 Drivers starting off, let’s see

There’s 19 of us And we have 3, 4, 5 red lights And The Australian GP has begun! Start is good, compared to Sense-Rascal, who is on a Sauber on the right side Turn 1 have to take carefully So we can avoid crashing KingWhitery ahead of us in P9 adog Williams lags away and SuperAle, is left behind And we are up to P9, so 4 positions in turn 1 james-owl started second, but has dropped down already to P7 Battling with KingWhitey, there’s Williams going wide but ÖRRH There’s a crash, Suz was involved at least, probably If I saw correctly, there was a Red Bull And a Force India And we take two more positions With good exit we get up to P6 We overtook… someone, can’t remember Can’t remember who was there but We overtook adog also, for a moment, until he lagged in front of us We are racing against an alien Who is adog1825 in a Williams So it’ll be difficult to overtake him Because in my screen he is making a lot of mistakes And we have to be careful That he won’t use Some kind of attack to us During this first lap or any other time BUT the race has started phenomenally We have gone up 7 places from start Our front wing is fine Super is behind and the Williams goes wide But he spawns again ahead of us when we’re coming up towards last corners Very close of his rear wing Until he spawns ahead again And again. Itz_Adam is leading the race He started from P3 And has managed to take P1 After lap 1 Deanisbest is second, I believe Who started from pole and james_owl has already dropped behind Team mate KingWhitey started from P9 maybe, but he is still ahead Also there is Mr. Alien adog and Also a Renault driver, but now adog goes wide And we grab P5 LIEK DIS! And he also stays behind We move up to P5 in this race and go fastest at sector 1. Good pace! Skipping to lap 3, and there’s a Renault of kid_dynamite Renault driver battling against my team mate From P3 a.k.a the last place on the podium And we’ll be in that battle also soon, and now kid_dynamite goes massively wide And we overtake dynamite We go through like a dynamite and grab P4 At the same time Team mate Kingwhitey is up next So the two Haas cars are very high up in P3 & P4 And now someone has damage KingWhitey or kid_dynamite, not quite sure At least team mate pulls to the pits which is unfortunate Might be his race ruined already at early stages kid_dynamite seems to be fine We do the fastest lap of the race 1:27.197 And we’ve moved up to third already, which means that we are on podium already just after four laps So ten places up, during four laps Adam in the lead, Dean second and now we have to see that can we *couching my lungs out* Give our answer To pace of the cars ahead. Dean slightly careful exit from penultimate corner And we will get the DRS But looking the pace between me and Dean Dean’s pace isn’t at the same level with us We have lean mix so we could save a little bit of fuel And look what Dean is doing, but obviously IF, Adam starts to get away then we have to Try and get past Dean, but I’ll Keep looking their pace for couple laps Top 4 adog including is driving with ultrasofts, but behind us, I don’t know So I’m expecting, if they’re trying to do a 1-Stop Going from ultras to supersofts I’d expect them pitting after lap 10 Dean goes wide But so do we, just a little And we’ll show ourselves in Dean’s mirrors But we’ll stay behind for now Because Adam isn’t running away The Pace is pretty similar And at the same time Renault driver kid_dynamite has (unfortunately) retired And we get our first warning In this race you can have 2 warnings And the third one is A Penalty Now again we have opened the DRS and we are closing up on Dean slightly But we still are staying behind And here we still get another DRS straight Rich mix, DRS and slipstream Everything in use We are peaking to the inside but Dean is

Just far enough for us to attempt an overtake from him and We still can’t overtake him, as we jump to lap 6 Dean still ahead and now Dean goes wide again And just like we did to Renault driver We do a similar overtake and go up to second in this race And now we have to create a gap to Dean, so that he can’t overtake again straight away We have gone up to second place in this race and I can say With a light optimism, that the win is possible Itz_Adam hasn’t ran away with his Force India Pretty far yet, although we only now got through Dean And Dean can’t overtake us on these straight anymore So now we have to compare our pace with Adam’s The gap is 2,3 seconds On the main straight And in the end of first sector the gap is Under a second There might have been a slight mess up from Adam, because We where about 1.5 seconds faster almost During only in one sector Surely we will be fighting with Adam During this race from the win and also with Deanisbest Has a chance to it. And in P4 & P5 are probably adog The Alien with a williams and SuperAle with Toro Rosso in P5 Isn’t too far back either But there is a small gap And then in P6 Is a driver, I don’t know who though But he is lot further behind But we’re still challenging Itz_adam and we’ll surely have DRS And also we may try But that attempt never comes, because Adam pulls to the pitman in lap 7 Beginning of lap 8 Which is quite soon This does though promote us in to the lead of the race As of start of lap 8 Deanisbest moves up to second and Alien adog to third Who is four second behind us So not that far So for him everything is still very possible, without forgetting SuperAle, who is P4 at the moment You can’t exclude him out just yet Because the race is long And definitely anything can happen, which means you can’t say who is going to win it, but right now We are in a good position, as Deanisbest pulls to the pits And so does adog and SuperAle comes to the pits in the beginning of lap 9 which leaves me to a lonely lead and Itz_Adam went to supersofts Itz_Adam went to supersofts but I don’t believe, that they can last over 20 laps Which he is trying here to do and also Deanisbest who came in at Lap 8 so he should also do 20+ laps With those tyres which is pretty much in their limit And at the same time Driver in P14, MattWPsycheUK Comes towards us quite dangerously in front of us, I had a chat with Matt after the race And we came to an agreement, that his tires were pretty much shot at that point, reasoning his slow pace Matt went little wide in the chicane which then was compromising his racing line while I got through Anyway, lap 12 is about to end And our ultrasofts are dying, so we come in to the pits for a set of Supersofts which may take the rest of 16-17 laps to the end of the race And I believe supers can do that Ultrasofts were in 12 laps (+Quali) and they were in 60% When we came into the pits So for these supers it’s only a little bit longer stint Only about 5 laps more So, I’d expect that We are good. Unfortunately Dean has overtook us during the pitstops And SuperAle has overtaken adog adog the Alien Moving up to P4 Adam still leading, Dean second we are third. Difference to Dean 6,3 seconds and to SuperAle 2,3 seconds I thought his name was actually SuperAlex, While recording who is behind, but he actually was SuperAle But we are catching Dean And Ale is falling back at the moment And soon we’ll start creating hotlaps The fastest lap of the race is unknown Can’t say how quick it is But gap to Dean is 6 seconds(?) Didn’t check actually Fastest sector time and now it it that 6 seconds And to SuperAle 3,2 seconds So the gap is getting bigger To behind, which is good that we are faster than Ale

And also quicker than Dean Which also may mean that Itz_Adam isn’t that far ahead *repeating the same thing I just said* And the chances of winning the race are still alive When we have reached about the halfway of this race Lap 15 starts here Difference to Dean “abouttrallaa” is 5,7 seconds And 3,8 to SuperAle I Will be disappointed, if I miss out a podium If I don’t win, that’s fine Because leader is still 5-6 seconds ahead Probably to Adam On the other hand, SuperAle is already 5,5 seconds behind Ale is also going very quick but he is Slower than us 1:26.2 is our fastest lap We just did 1:26.8 And gap to SuperAle is already 6,4 seconds, on the other hand Dean Is starting to get close 1:26.1 is our new fastest lap and Dean is only 2,7 seconds only ahead of us So few more laps, around lap 21 maybe We would be very close to Dean, maybe around lap 22 I’d assume that We could see attack against that McLaren-Honda SuperAle is already 8 seconds back So probably Ale won’t challenge us And as I say that *stutters* DEAN! Has gone off and so are we, as we almost hit him And we get up to second, but we spin outfields of Australia And SuperAle is coming very soon and also Alienadog are surely coming They are coming through the penultimate corner, ale with his Toro Rosso gets ahead and so does Alienadog Manages to overtake me and now suddenly we are down in P4 Dean had gone wide and he was stopped in the middle of the track Almost. I don’t know what has happened but Something very strange and now We are suddenly out of challenging for the win Adam might now be too far, because we just lost there 10 to 11 seconds in that Lawn mowing session And now this is suddenly a fight from the podium Alienadog Ahead And I was asking from Jeff, something about time penalty But who has it? Car behind has it. that’s Mr-_-Aldo Who has got up to P5, one of the Ferrari drivers *repeating Aldo being P5 w/ time penalty* But he is really far back He is… Massively far back But alien adog is right ahead of us ATM When there still is 9 laps to go Alienadog with his Williams is between me and P3 Second place is also a possibility. SuperAle isn’t far But Itz_Adam.. who is leading this race is really far Probably way too far To ca- Adam has retired! And now! So now, podium fight has turned back up to fight for the win! And safety car is out This just got interesting there is Might’ve been rkelly (don’t quote me on that) The McLaren and also Adam’s Force India Actually I think now, it might’ve also been barbaramauri And there MattWPsycheUK let’s us through Goes very slowly there BUT(T) Race leaders are coming in, yep SuperAle, Alienadog, and us are coming into the pits We’ll fit ultrasofts to our car Let’s see what the others decide What does SuperAle and Alienadog do *mumbling* Ale Goes to supersofts I go with adog to ultras instead So Alienadog and us got the tyre advantage The Williams driver Compared to SuperAle, and Mr Aldo fits also supers and has got up to P4

And at lap 21 we have catched the Safety Car And we are soon getting ready to a restart Now enjoy this Patrick Safety car is coming in in this lap We are getting ready to a restart We have about 5 laps to overtake adog, to overtake SuperAle, and win The season opening here, in Australia Through the penultimate corner and it’s go time! The race restarts in the beginning of lap 23/29 We are already side by side with adog going down the main straight as we are coming up to the first corner wheel to wheel And we reach the braking zone, and we take P2 right away When we were presented a chance And we overtake the alienadog’s Williams We have moved up to second place Now only SuperAle! Who can prevent us Winning this race, only he, is able to do it We skip to lap 24, beginning of lap 25 And, SuperAle on supersofts, Versus Ultim8Mustapuro with Ultrasofts Italy VS Finland Which one can bring Which one of us can cross the finish line first? We have only four laps to go But to overtaking SuperAle I’m not yet allowed to use DRS So it comes down to these final laps So for this moment we have to use the fuel we have DRS is enabled, now we can abuse it And SuperAle should keep his eyes in the mirrors We have to harass him enough, to get past him Of course overtaking is more difficult Australia isn’t the easiest track to get past But as we know Adog is already left behind Back to the action!! For the first time, end of lap 26 Lap 27 beginning we have DRS open And we are closing in on SuperAle, Rich Mix, Slipstream DRS, everything in use We’re closing in on him. Not yet close enough, but maybe to turn 3 Gap is about Ten’s of meters So we cannot try overtaking yet ‘Cuz we have to get REALLY close to adog.. I mean SuperAle If we want to overtake him during this race Because we are about to start the second last lap So the race has really flown by And we are only Half a second away from winning this race That’s the gap to SuperAle Our fastest lap 1:25.262 for that And now we may have a chance, we’re really close Alien indicator after SuperAle’s name But it disappears right away But we still can’t overtake SuperAle We have to try the move soon We have to try something WE just need to get little closer to Ale DRS is open, Ale is too far to overtake But there is still a chance He is further than last time Through turns 1 and 2 and we get very close again This might be our last chance to overtake superAle We HAVE TO attack to the inside if we can We’re getting close to his car And we nearly hit him We just miss. Crash wasn’t very far away But luckily we don’t come together And it seems like, that SuperAle is taking the victory Without any issues We are still trying, but as we go wide, we get a penalty And I think that is SuperAle’s win sealed, even if he had a penalty Had he penalty or not SuperAle Wins the Australian Grand Prix Yes he does! We finish this race in second place and Alienadog comes home to take third place *clap* Luckily we didn’t drop down to third, Alienadog was five seconds back, when we got the penalty BUTT SuperAle, from Italy is our winner Congrats to Ale, he drove like a champ He managed to keep me behind, despite the huge pressure he had We had a chat after the race with Ale about this Through PS Messages Ale thanked for the race He also said, that “well raced” and *repeating* “The race was tough, as it should be” And I also congratulated him For the win and also thanked for fair and hard racing to the end At the end 8 cars

got to the end 19 started, 8 finished And second place from season opening I’m happy for that And we have also raced as of writing this two more races Which will come up to my other channel upcoming weeks, hopefully We’ll just quickly check the standings After round 1 Other finishers were Zaander *reading out drivers who finished* Excellent opening for this season Second place, started from P13 And ended up to second Anyway, here are the standings Standings are as follows: SuperAle, Ultim8, adog, Suz fourth, james_owl fifth, OhKez sixth Zaander seventh MattWPsycheUK eighth, Mr Aldo ninth And then Itz_Adam, Barbaramauri and Bigboo I had a mistake here, TOP 8 got to points So Matt has 2 points MAD Very entertaining first race Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed, like if you liked, and don’t forget to subscribe So you’ll be first ones to see my newest videos This was Ultim8, we’ll see you next time Until then, it. is