FPV Racing Drone RTF Kit Review | Force1RC DYS XDR220 Quadcopter Unboxing

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FPV Racing Drone RTF Kit Review | Force1RC DYS XDR220 Quadcopter Unboxing

hey YouTube what is up Cameron Blegen here here coming to you with an extra special review on the force1RC fpv 220 ready to fly racing kit another some ready to fly racing kits that are like ready to fly if you have a controller or you need goggles you need to buy a charger battery but this is one of the only packages I’ve found that has literally everything you need it comes with the drone it comes to the propellers the motor the antenna the charger the controller the goggles battery that drone battery literally everything you need to fly comes in this package you don’t need a single thing more this thing right now retails for 700 dollars it started out at 800 dollars but i’m able to offer you guys an awesome discount on this so check them out force1rc.com check out this listing link in my bio again like I said this is truly one of my favorite packages because it’s just not found anywhere else goggles controller charger drone batteries you don’t need to search for any component they’ve done all the hard work for you and found the best components put it into a nice package for relatively low-cost considering that some goggles such as the fat sharks can cost almost 500 dollars controller could cause the taranis cost 200 dollars and some drones can cost upwards of five hundred dollars so the fact that this thing alone is a seven hundred dollars is really discount and again with the discount in my bio you are able to get this thing an awesome Iwill offer you guys at ten percent off coupon which is huge for a drone this big and this awesome package as to just type in that coupon code type in this code here at the bottom of the page to get that 10-percent off discount really awesome deal let’s get in just dive right in and check out all these awesome components real quick just look over the box you got nice packaging it’s gotz a controller charger goggles the drone propellers antenna not shown the packages the battery so let’s open this guy right up and see what is inside so you can see right here you got your charger this is the drone in its soft hard soft carry case this is actually a nice case nice to carry stuff around too because sometimes with all the equipment gets hard to carry your stuff to the field so this is awesome will obviously open that up a little bit later I put this battery in here this will actually be shipped to you separately because of regulations on having batteries on airplanes but this will be shipped to you so if you have received it yet or you’re wondering are you received this before you’re drone the rest is coming or the batteries on the way this arrived the same day i got the drone so that works out really well just plug that right up and you see you got the force1RC goggles i will get into those in a little bit your US which is important to notice a lot of these have chinese plug this guy us plug adapter for your balance charger note on there real quick a lot of people don’t provide the balance chargers they just provide a more simple charger which takes for ever so force1RC’s got it down they’ve got a balance charger so you can get out flying as quick as possible and here is the 89 Force1RC radio link controller so this is an awesome controller i will get into this more depth in just a moment so let’s dive into all these components and see which one has to offer so this is an awesome hard soft carry case here it’s hard but it’s soft to touch kind of like a fabric with some support in there zipper case will carry handle a very convenient open this guy up you can see this is held in here by velcro strap very nice for that got your once you take this out you’ve also got an antenna and that is nicely held in with elastic to keep this mushroom antenna safe which is nice because it’s not just a straight stick a lot of drone models out there offer just straight stick antenna and having a mushroom antenna is essential to getting good video reception so that’s a huge plus you’ve got a manual with lots of good information on how to set it up there’s just minimal setup and we there’s also videos made by me on how to set the drones so if you want to get some more information on that check that out link also in the description you’ve got these really really cool looking clear propellers you got an orange-red model as well as some blue ones so that’s very nice you also got a battery strap extra wires velcro pad if you want to add your own camera servo wires for the flight controller if you want to add stuff so really last you expand a way beyond just the drone you got extra camera

mounting plates as well as a screwdriver for a hex driver for the shell 8-millimeter for taking on and off the propeller real quick and then we’ll go out flying on these got some brushless motors you can see they’ve got their race edition Force1RC exclusive race edition motors they are 23,000 kilovolt which is the rotation rating there 2205 very nice you got to threading of the nuts on top which allows for proper title while the propellers spinning so your propellers don’t fly off while you are flying you can mount your antenna right there you have a hard shell with some optional purchases to change the camera angle comes default at 30 which is printed right there you’ve got your ccd camera with lens cover right there mounted right in the drone this whole casing comes off also with some screws on the bottom and that allows you to get in mount your receiver video on that if you’re wondering how to mount your receiver mount receiver and get into all the electronic if you wanna make some changes so you see here you got your 20 amp 3-4s ESCs dys force 1 exclusive multi shot one shot programming right here you got your video transmitter super nice and i also a video out on this to you press that button and you can change your channel your frequency channels you then you got a nice table here a through e and 1 through 8 very nice and it’s got a nice indicator there and it also which this is not found many models changes from 25 milliwatt to 200 milliwatt so if you guys are getting into an indoor league where you need some lower milliwatts to fly indoors without interference this thing can do it 25 and 200 switchable very nice and you can see you got your xt60 plug up there and when you’re ready to move you just take the propellers off put them in the mesh part up here and you just slide your drone right in there and velcro him down really just overall one of the best packages honestly like I said and you’ll see a little bit but i took this thing flying is truly just amazing it flies better than some of the custom quads I’ve made so if you are looking for a great package was just get started you’re not comfortable soldering don’t build your own but you really want to get FPV racing with the best of the best right now at honestly an amazing price for if you start adding up if you did this on your own this is the package check that out again link in description and coupon code below really going to be the best bang for bucks this is the only time it’ s going to be offered this inexpensive and this is honestly one of the best custom-made kits for fpv out and see outside i mean the brushless motors really powerful how you spin around up there really fast and when that takes off a really good zippy you can see it takes off extremely fast but it’s easy to control you can see it hovering there nicely in the air where you want it manual flips like you just saw there also are also really fun i also very different than I just pressing the flip button on another drone involves a little more skill which is really fun to fly as you can see they’re really stable but you can see again flips but they take off extremely fast as you can see it right before the flips they really zip straight-up extremely fast and that’s not even full throttle like just like that you can see they’re extremely fast yet extremely stable and easy to control on the two-speed modes also what you’ll see in a minute make it really easy to fly but again really smooth really controllable drone but also allows for some great power great potential for beginners and racers and inner speed demons like as you can see right there takes off so fast the camera can’t even keep up with it and and so that just shows how amazing this drone is really change directions fast easy to control like I said fast you have a lot of powerful potential but also easy to control you have very high maneuverability which is perfect for racing right there you can see the switch allows your arm and disarm it so if you won’t your self when you can pick up the drone and you can also set different speed modes for a while you’re flying that disarming and arming also allows you to stop the motors if you do crash you can see here two speed mode so right now is in auto level mode so when you tilt it will tilt itself back to level like most consumer drones it’s a great place to start and then you can switch in rate mode watch a video on how to switch those modes and then whichever direction you tilt the drone it will stay facing that direction until you tilt it a different direction which this is how most people race really fun mode really great way to race you can see you put your head right in those goggles and that you get an immediate very vivid very colorful display and it holds light well allows you to race around trees like you can see they’re very fast with ease and again if you’re just learning and keep an auto level mode and the tilted camera when you move forward allows you to see led inside indicator as well as on the bottom there for your vtx your video transmitter so the second coolest part about this kit is the goggles now these fpv 007 which is kinda cool little James Bondy there this guy was truly are so the best out

there without paying hundreds and hundreds for some fat sharks like I said you could probably get some fat shark just the goggles for more expensive than this whole kit together so you really get a great deal here now I was a little concerned that because of the prices kit maybe some components would not be as high quality but these goggles are truly really exciting in you know some of the professionals prefer the goggles because they have the two lenses and well that may be true if you’re going on a professional level if you want a really immersive fpd experience and I race and these are still perfect for me I mean honestly a very surprising just real high-quality so you can see you got the nice screen there you got the face pad around the whole thing very cushy you got a nice comfortable strap as well and you got an anetnna the screws right onto here you got buttons here on the side to adjust picture quality such as brightness contrast stuff like that and you’ve got a easy push-button up here to change channel and you’ve got a little green LED indicator there the battery just mounts right in here on the goggle strap see sits right in there and you just plug up you can see now the green LED indicator is now on and the inside is now showing static and the fact that includes such high-quality goggles is amazing it’s also got you can see there the battery a battery percentage indicator i am now down to two and another big feature about this besides being comfortable included battery and everything is this screen is curved hard to see the video but it actually does have a curve to it so it eliminates the frustrations of people are having when flying with just a screen because you don’t get the full immersive peripheral view kind of like goggles do totally eliminates that just curves this beveled this out and then you are able to see just like you would with some goggles except you have one big screen which gives you more of that kind of IMAX movie theater feel it also include some wipes to clean off your lens when you get and a USB cord to charge the battery super nice feature that the battery doesn’t require any balance charging should be charging that battery while you are charging your drone battery you don’t have to use the balance charger for both it just plugs right into any USB charger now one of the most essential parts flying a drone is the controller because it’s what you control the drone within the quality that determines a lot of times quality of flying so we already seen the very high quality drone but now this 89 radio link is one of the best controller on the market i think one of the rivals with tranis and it i’ll open it up here for you you can see nice image of it there on the back but it actually has the highest resolution controller you can get right now which means that every little movement of your thumbs on the sticks will translate into very precision controls on the drone so you see very nice packaging there when you open this guy up you can see very clean very nice really just smooth feeling sticks there’s not clicking at all it’s just very smooth very fluid on which will allow for some really nice flying you’ve got 9 channels available like i said as you can see you’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 channels available to choose from for those nine I’m and because this drone uses s.bus protocol you’re able to use all nine of those if you so choose a lot of that is some more advanced stuff i do have a video out on how to set a switch to arm and just set a switch for different speed modes which allows you to learn on easy mode such a self-leveling then advancing to Horizon motors has a little bit less self leveling in the full racing acro mode which has no self leveling and it’s all your control you see there is a plug here if you want to use this controller for a simulator also one nice feature about this is it doesn’t require that you purchase a external lipo you can just put into 2 4 6 8 double-a batteries right here and it plugs up right here with just a jst cord right into the controller and there’s a indicators there as to which side is positive negative you can also use a rechargeable lipo of your own if you so choose so you see turn this on and you’ve got a color LED screen something that’s unique about this model is the drone right there you can see that is not a lot of controllers on these models and it allows you to set this controller specifically for a drone not a helicopter or place you don’t have to do some guesswork on the controls which then allows all the settings to be changed accordingly and I had a lot of i have a video out on what settings to change when you’re first setting this but you have all the essentials such as sub-trim endpoints model type model select aux channels as well as timer which is nice you can set a switch so when you flip it starts a timer easy

way at to maintain your batteries drone also has and internal beeper so when the voltage does get low it will beep at you so you know several screens here yet and it toggles through you can see you gotta live readout on your screen of what the drone controls are doing and also if you use telemetry you can get stuff going on your receiver screen for information on the drone and then you got a nice screen here again the drone timers controls trim and your receiver and transmitter voltage the receiver that comes with this is already in the drone but it’s a little blockier so if you do need help getting that in your drone feel free to send customer service at force1RC an email for a link to the video or just go ahead and search for how to fit the receiver in this drone model and i made a video on how to get that in there it’s really easy to pop off the case plug in the wires sit the receiver in the casing and then it just pops right back on so that’s the controller you can see full trim full customizable whatever you want this control to be it will work and if you do end up purchasing other drone products in the future this will work you have to buy another receiver for that drone that works with radio link and they sell a ton of of them and you can use this control for those models as well which is really nice that this kit allows you to have a great starting point as well as expanded to further things you might be interested in that’s a great reason to purchase this packages because it’s so comprehensive allows such growth but also such a great starting point and a great not even base kit i would personally use this drone to race even now that I’ve experienced I’ve learned so definitely easy for beginners but very expandable for those experts out there so if you’re gonna fly you’re going to need a battery and this the tattu batteries tattu are some of the best currently on the market there’s some more expensive which again makes this kit great value for you but it makes this kit really powerful you know you’re geting high quality drone battery it’s rechargeable lipo three-cell three 1300 milliamp as you can see at 45c that’s three cells 11.1 volts you can see on there and so these batteries really are the sweet spot of where the drones going to fly out so a little bit more weight and it would have weighed down the drone too much in any less of the battery it would have not flown for very long so this gets you depending on how hard your fly probably around 10 minutes maybe 8 to 10 minutes of flight again this thing’s got a xt60 connector as I showed you earlier on the drone and a balanced plug which is important to both a checking the voltage of your drone while you’re in the field with a likely checker which could be bought separately and i would highly recommend that as well as charging each cell individually it so all the cells are balanced and you’re not ruining your battery so this is good for hundreds of hours of charging and flight really safe battery really nice battery like I said some of the highest quality on the market right now and that is for good reasons high-quality the wires feel high quality connectors and this balance charges even got a little plastic protector there in addition to flying with a battery you’re going to need to charge the battery so that’s where this imax b6 balance charger comes in you can see nice instruction manual that will tell you how to charge the drone and that will tell you what milliamp to set it at what voltage to set it at and if what setting to use see you got to start stop buttons to change the settings you can see they’re also all the balance plugs just plugs right into there so you can balance yourself overall the design of this drone is just amazing i mean this frames got everything it’s even got beveled edges which is a sign of a really nice frame got these bumpers on the motors so you don’t ruin them as well as just really nice integrated electronics really nice frame nice feeling I’m nice components nice CCD camera like I said which is superior to the CMOS sensors make some really nice it overall with the goggles the charger the battery the controller you’ve got everything you need in this kit to get out and get racing right away with only minimal setup which is easily explained through videos and the manual so thanks for the awesome generosity of force1RC i’m able to offer you guys a ten percent off coupon which is over fifty dollars off this package which is insane they really just want to get this get out and see what people think so if you guys are interested in buying this product again click the link below and use the coupon DRONECAM all caps drone cam for me and that will give you guys 10 percent off and that is good until january 31st but the price may go up after the Christmas season of the package due to high demand so make sure you get it now while its at a low price at their opening rate with the awesome coupon DRONECAM awesome because

my name is in it obviously and because it’s ten percent off this amazing package like I said really getting the full meal deal here with everything you’re ever going to need as well as the very important support behind it like i said several videos made by me a custom manual as well as this custom package for you great customer service honestly what you for what you pay you’re getting way more out of it especially with the support comes behind this drone