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you’re my daddy welcome back everybody to a brand new GTA v last shape today we got some brand-new it’s a leopa bracelet plans with hardcourt street races GTA 5 open lobby racing and it will be open so that you guys can join us and all as always you can join our community right there or you can send me friend requests aphrodite right there and the answer I got runner what’s up wasteman hey J what’s up GT out some kind of idiot joke oooh not to eat 1100 these are street races so we kinda need a very agile racing vehicle so that you know we don’t crash I do shadow yeah here we go Thank You shadow hey Kylie what’s up GT are we have a TP watch already at 18 legs you guys good thanks so much what’s up shadow what’s up yo what’s up faceless hey are 12 hey hey AJ hey Harlan poor kid what are you wrecking you know what’s up pardon hey Kylie watching that nobody’s watching anything what’s up mouse i frickin 811 breath all right top to survive and I yo Calvin and I done to eat minutes hey Alvin Thank You Kyle oh my ah change how your exes Thanks what’s up Alvin they do an xx monkey gamer that did our cover I did Daria what’s up agent we got like four laps of this so get ready go take the odd and if I don’t hear and a monkey what’s up fish for sharp what’s up Dorian hey can a teacher all right yeah it’s not to catch our breath oh my god okay let’s go let’s go let’s go I fresh oh she oh jeez Brown everyone into the freakin houses like at the bottom round the monkey what’s up bitch oh hey Christopher sharp Oh weird comments and driving at 11:00 is very difficult I don’t colleague GTG for a bit alright that’s all cool hey don’t you real hey sharp sharp alright yo time to catch the frickin guy Scott 30 likes in the stream major says idiots on what do you mean you’re an idiot what dude come on eat 11 ketchup gang it 11 catch up gang no you can’t turn yeah I’ve been in that village since 6 months not every last shape I don’t believe have you last use of s2 in there okay bye sprout wish I didn’t pick this car hey Jo Jo how high can I join you of course you can yo I’m freakin tryharding I’m not trying anymore like I’m trying to catch up and you can’t bail yo its max max is in every freakin game that we play no no honey Oh Oh why’d you have to drop that poll of those close oh my gosh hey well hey doing well what’s up an hour dropping like thanks so much I appreciate that oh hey Jordan yo 1v1 me dawg Hey in what GTA they started subscribing guys would appreciate that stop hitting it twelve thousand three hundred subscribers alright guys I know we could take our road let’s do this if you press l3 take me oh you’ll simply see where oh you’re for it oh yeah I missed a whole week Hado mega you know come on come on come on we gotta catch up No can you stop freaking dropping poles like that’s a that was it who else dropped it big guy in front of

me in the Tempesta hiding ARMA what’s up hey shadow shadow Jana darkness bitch oh hey Henry oh hey Annabel what’s like how’s it going it’s awful oh I need something Scoob why is it random 8:11 in the frickin middle oh no okay house do you concern me I thought my videos replay running gun yes but our RMG bizarre G or ng I think I’m not even sure for all this so freaking hard to catch up man no let’s go how’s it going for that other while you shoot thank you so much Justin shout it says yeah I can I awesome jump in you hey Michael Brown no 4th position is me Oh Danny I spun out that you don’t understand out to break full speed all this 811 to like even take a turn I don’t add to plays Jordan jump in you join let’s hide Jordan and shadows break what you have to break like full just even slow down at all like normally you not to just top the break oh shut up where’s Jordan no that’s junior game I don’t know who the hell that is all shit removed from contacts one second guys removed from contact see Lincoln finished 90 Uriel what’s up JJ orden JJ or Dean hey doing wire answers 1v1 in tennis dude we should seem golf we should stream gone oh five so used to play conflict every night the four of us I knew what why am i hearing myself what am i tripping yes from one of your mics I’m hearing myself how I don’t know how would that make any second how would you here I am here yo it’s your boy nation what’s up bro I don’t hear I heard uh hiding flash on gaming what happened of you take L says what what happened of you take I think you can say what happened you took else but like English bro yeah you know what you don’t know hype this up traffic let’s do it no guys try getting 40 likes I know we could get 40 that’s good Massa Carol oh my gosh you got my fucking fat ass my right Oh suit Justin oh yeah dude we don’t have 40 people watching outside that Asylum is late bro yeah but normally I have over 100 people watching at this time for Cho stream oh dude they’re not a freaking vibrant group of cars right now hey dude Christopher sharp how are you I’m doing good how are you hey Dom No oh there’s the fresh traffic of the day honey huh how do you not know oh my god I’m glad I break their it faces how you doing buddy not to pay the skyline oh I didn’t I just I was looking backwards and I had a feeling that oh you’re dead no no no I did not me to take you out bro that guys are clean eraser to you I feel bad I waited for that guy I feel bad untouchable hey Kylie hey yo hey th oh hey Justin oh yo you always oh my gosh we got the nest but Nasir you know there’s a rap over here right I followed you freaking fools everybody came down everybody came down yo everyone’s going underneath geez y’all I did it smart I just went I just do it up the rap girl hashtag Troy why’d you guys just go from the rap at

the right side check was Bosley joy doesn’t that the guy had a car about care about his Katy in GTA that out Oh freaking truck almost took me out you know those you know those ones where they’re like freaking plowing through the street everything of course untouchables back in first yeah this guy racing no one was ahead everyone respond Oh everybody like you legit from the time that I went around and went up not one person figured it out hey Kyrie hey dude Kyle what’s up Tom gaming hey shadow I’ve been Minnesota that’s pretty freaking dope all right back down ass I was reading the comments like I don’t know why didn’t think about you could like see the checkpoint it’s not that far away are they okay maybe you should pick one and some you know being on your phone hey Jeremy how are you gonna be on we’re gonna be out for quite the wild what how did that even happen where I don’t even know how that happened bro that us yo you guys have an advantage freaking skylines beasts are taking turns hey teacher I live in a lot of noise okay yeah I think the skyline for every reason every sports party I know but it’s much retarding except picked it that’s energy yeah I will be playing tomorrow I went to a full day of streaming guys I’m gonna get back to doing two streams I’d be freaking I mean three streams but gonna be pretty freakin hard with no content out you know there’s like zero content to stream ah yeah I think everyone’s just bored of that stuff too I see but let’s go I’m kinda – oh my gosh no man I was in the freakin air the car came and turned there’s no record of turn Hey Joe can I check it probably even showed my car dead-ass you have to stay right side oh I respected this guy sorry Oh oh shit that was intense I didn’t want to hit you guys say oh my gosh come on come on come on come on that was so freaky clothes without Connie tough shadow yo oh gosh you don’t understand watch the freakin oh yeah second that was so close oh my gosh today later faces that you’ve become my buddy rap 14 people watching more one leg away from 40 likes thank you so much just finesse those cards though right Justin did not see the finish line bro you don’t understand mess me up bad my stream yeah cuz I was right behind you oh my slipstream I do not know Pierre hey shadow cut dude you know you gotta see that freakin chain that was insane like we both take the train and he had the inside so you had the faster way of going hey cuz damn Oh No thank you that’s a comet that’s a good car I don’t know why you don’t like you that’s a Porsche hey Kylie hey Todd hey face is very very shit just like the wheels but yeah you’re actually choosing me dog yeah actually cheesy me right now like that ass yeah actually cheese me like stop talking about the house hey took your time Fernandez your weather been hot lately actually has it been hello hook eye shadow hyah hyah hyah hyah hi shadow hi shadow hi shadow shadows guys please do smack that subscribe but stop Elijah hey Dan this is an intense race Justin it was y’all at that last freaking 300 meters I stopped talking I stopped talking for the last 300 meters I was like shit I didn’t know what’s happening

let’s go supercars I’ll leave it at for last these are actually sick races we have 15 people racing hey keep up the good bits thank you so much buddy as always if you guys want to join us send me a friend request at 495 days I’ll accept it right now traffic sick bro chop it makes it look traffic makes interesting it separates the shit it makes it fun that doesn’t matter if you can if you can get away of the beginning that you keep doing just do it bro hey cam Fernanda you stupid a yourself okay thanks let’s go gotta go Nero because it’s strong and it’s good I’m good to go at this one because why not stay for the full Street awesome GT I appreciate that Holland says dude GTA 5 wanted levels dream 55 degrees at this is calm down 55 degrees at 3:30 a.m. that is crazy hey didn’t want to pick no I bet you he was on his phone like the last couple seconds you I’m pretty sure he was on his phone for the last couple seconds and he’s like oh shit I need to pick a card that’s not a bad card okay yeah it’s a good car oh my gosh people do not know how to race oh my freaking gosh I saw that oh it’s oh my god this freaky cars flying over me Oh what how did that happen ever just whoa what the hell y’all jump oh my gosh guys this kids in a back on leggings in Ibaka bro go go go go go oh my gosh I ate 11 she’s lying yeah I definitely did not wake that tape did you shit in your row at the left side that didn’t make the turn if you did that was me it was blocking it up okay oh we got a super shot from today $2.00 us says how was your day my name is great buddy and you just made a bit better thank you so much great really do appreciate that buddy Thank You Man really appreciate all the support he has been giving hey Justin go go go go Adventure why do you not focus when you know you’re kind of picking the most important thing of the race come on I need to catch up aren’t you though thank you so much to Jay oh they’re good I’m just gonna let them do their thing I’m kind of scared I don’t want to mess it up I’m just gonna go this way that’s how you turn boys okay you go that way yeah I don’t protect the eight eleven that’s good I see it yeah damn it that she was the whole roller dude real ride yeah I was sick I just didn’t stick around here booth yeah we’re getting facecam in the next two days they ate each other which is insane come on that have been so sick yeah I was driving on the sidewalk right next to cheese and shit and I forgot to turn the one word what the hell yeah a little bit that’s signal that makes it intense bro otherwise it’s just boring we’re not on the front yeah the guy’s stops racing every time what’s the point of you join in what’s the point so that’s your dumbass fault like what oh shit I’m doing it again oh I made it this time let’s go all right if you’re really gonna take someone now go take our own hey Kevin that’s why he should take you yeah don’t worry about the game right here check out a room I’m not I mean come on come on

actually either let’s go Makapuu hey buddy I’m so mad bro are the high berries I don’t know what happened I really forgot oh that little tree area that’s what happened hey block I hate Acharya Justin hey g-force thanks so much for liking guys are almost at 50 likes a blue wolf I think I missed half of the stream no you didn’t you started on good twenty ten twenty minutes ago okay dude I’m so pissed man if I didn’t mess up that tree spot you remember the 61 people watching that you so much sir everyone came by reason to smack that subscribe button if you are in you appreciate that I’m not a hater at night but just time me out do you really want a night by the time you know it’s about emojis Wow when are you going to watch Justice League when it comes out no I don’t any watch those like like what’s the point of joining a race if you’re not gonna recycle please hey Justin yeah it’s like the past 10 races Blake what hey Charlie hey Johnson hey keV Shinji Jeff found PSD some day once my back ball coach thought my name was Kyrie uh-huh hey Kyra Green where she Viet don’t even know oh thank you can you add me on PSN sure sent me printer Chris I was in your rainbow succeed sheer awesome pet Dino how do you untouchable get five and he’s still ahead of me because you got first for two races straight like that they said hey teacher no translation well this is very short race let’s do five laps do super that’s put on traffic let’s go no it’s gonna be sacked traffic’s so much fun I don’t know why you guys don’t like traffic so I’m going to near a custom for this one you need you need bare turning capabilities yeah I sent it my pass on his name also accepted right now lankey were you able to pick the right car you special-ed yes sure who’s pretty homo how long do I get Monica oh just wait till around to lunch subscribe to my god crazy we’re gonna get a face cam soon sometime vxv well can’t wait to finish neh oh whoa you’re gonna finish it okay oh no the time you’re talking about Oh Justice League back is back all right go oh I missed it frickin boost what kind of ugly car is that rule are you really the shadow are you really the hydrate you actually did I get that oh yeah I’m trying to dead finish dip boy oh it’s peaceful paper like that ass rover yeah buddy look for that pole a high drop down for you no oh laughing people oh my gosh I that’s about that keep clapping let’s go let’s go let’s go ahead Chris Frick this is actually short answer age bread you’re lucky cuz a cat shop oh shit oh shit do not children why is that person way back oh no we’re better life yeah yo that I do not want to go to that part again freaking crossroads and shit

oh go go go go go hey there Nate and Dan Oh get exchange buddy just oh my gosh you wasn’t that oh my god that party scared us up Yomi oh please oh no oh no shadow rip Shadow Realm Shadow Realm no I had two legit stay on the right side on the sidewalk just like you know I was protected rub your face boys this is the last one our life with that dumbass go he goes enjoy I did a 360 in the air that’s a lot bid I’m still gonna go I’m right behind you no this is the last freakin lab guys think about I waited I waited I thought bad hey Justin what’s up on my bike oh shit doesn’t last mom even try that I oh my gosh that guy legit just wanna take me out that’s all you wanted to do okay okay we go we go we got we got guys hey junior what’s up ghost ninja y’all Wow oh we go we good we good we good I don’t know how I’m so going I just went through those trees away from taking my ass oh hey a cake hey there Judy my dad’s gay how’s your day guys at each other okay Dre yo what up let’s watch rope he didn’t beat those intense days it was we’re almost at 60 lights look he’s getting stopped by some Toros hey yo looks like it’s the finish line boys oh the trucks are getting in his way they just jump right out well he gets six yes he will be safely secured savories a key says I’m hopin ps4 trust me you don’t want to we didn’t get any a paragraph so who saw that car become a tram no traffic is so much fun like Rises boring other than bringing Birmingham the time is 3:00 a.m. is London your shitty monkey thank you for Nana for a demeanor problem take that look at that look at that goal on the card Jie Jie’s we lit this race socks fast that’s a secret me and shadow shadow almost freakin just like destroy me at that last turn not you didn’t you have full bars out usually sideways at the back end of my client what do you need try taking yeah I know I know you didn’t touch me but I waited when you got taken out boom traffic is very better it actually makes it fun we’re at 60 lakhs think oh my god client standard for laps night let’s go three put the super confirms that exams play hey Justin streamers let everyday

we late yeah yeah yeah let’s go near constructing dude traffic is so much fun everybody I’m not sing in my car – Jeff he’s playing babbling I mean Christopher but yeah admit it it does make it more intense you’re rocking it message thank you mom keep Pogo you shoot that little rape my outfit though I’ve seen it before Hikari alderman soda and the time is 953 it’s 1053 for me I’m going at twitching 3 – fine that bag fuck your run bro run for your life I break oh oh no we’re good we’re good I just slowed it down and I took it like any I’m a mess you up first time you’re in first fine fine can’t even pass this kid this one is sick I love this road I’ll I know I know banks yeah I love this frickin track or not know this oh really yeah I like it almost took it you oh my gosh some of our body slams are what make it’s very you an idiot you how the road doesn’t go Street dumbass the road is a good Street how do you want me to go straight I don’t su splash private senior and ages upon ages you seen Apple I love that I just have the buddy to do that there’s another poll for you guys can we get seven people watch it has 65 legs that’s what’s up here we go what’s up Daniel oh my gosh dude with the tech freaking dollar super chat dude keep up with a great work for that I did guys I tried to put a special notification service announcement but one say Thank You Darren guys he’s been supporting like crazy in the past couple of days everybody’s put hashtag Thank You Darren he has my support crazy really appreciate it there really do appreciate it buddy oh wait did I forget to turn it on I think you think no if you did turn it on nobody’s eye dead eyes thought I turned it I shadow you good did you die taking me out yo god I said wait let you type take every other guy work full speed if I didn’t move left you gonna take him yeah he goes into you hey hey official tape no you hit me you hit my car in its web life yeah you did watch rescue that ass on my stream you hit me you know when you hit someone from the back bumper of their car and like Serbs left or right that’s what happened that I hate today Justin hey wolf doesn’t even guys that I statues sick ass track Oh fags oh I’m looking back too much I love any road that goes downward and that has turns they’re so nice oh my gosh man but this got to freaking overtake me yes yeah I’ll take that chance Oh shitty come on understand I’m freakin hard I pressed my Lodge stick to the right I jammed that shit I joined that shit let’s go let’s go hashtag winning it

hashtag winning in the comments where’s the girl oh you boys gone your boys gone oh shit oh shit I just did oh whoa I read that jest that’s pretty nice GG Blaine hey J said did he meet you no way I’ll tell you who got it hey just see you no no it doesn’t tell you it doesn’t tell you properly hey Carrie hey teacher I don’t know who I got it ro got it by 9/9 of a millisecond we had 71 people watching natural stuff thank you so much guys really do appreciate others 400 Christopher sharp what’s up guy what’s up Avery welcome back everybody as long as I start getting seventy likes you guys are appreciate good night once again Darren thank you so much attend our super chat also to Jason aim for your super chance without roll along I know that was a crazy wind you know what happened to you guys are you you took that turn before the Los Santos and you guys are going real ease and then by the time you corrected yourselves you were too wide and both of you were – yeah it isn’t like one of the best attorney not so happy to me shadow you freaking hit the back of my car and I went left like my car just one left I don’t know how to happen I don’t understand how that happens your boys killing the playlist you already know 13 hey Justin Canadian boy I read it I read it I read the Petersons let me add you up real quick linebacker says you’re the best no you’re the best you’re the best yeah mm-hmm hey Reggie Reggie I’m not sure you see them sorry we do a long we will we could are we hit something like thank you so much guys hey Kingston’s your videos is fake in fact it’s just a replay of DWD thank you for subscribing I had to start playing on my own he lost so bad okay yeah what time is it daniel says uh here in Toronto it’s 11 11 p.m well place week on it sudden even eat the freaking dinner hey Jen a balloon dagger I’m not hate mangos alright yo the main goal of the start of a race guys just type a obey I’m Canadian boy bro like your avatar Raptors for the win I mean I wouldn’t say for the win but there’s a pretty cool of I think they have one of the best levels by what a tip that I can give you guys at the beginning of a race is especially with this many people and these type of racers it’s to get away from everyone if you can yeah otherwise just rip yeah I don’t want to talk about it I like this finger pad oh okay I need to jump properly here sorry guys I have to focus on this little track here that’s actually in a tent oh my gosh I didn’t touch it though what car you turn now I mean Osiris yeah that’s it the 8:11 untouchable thanks for the cold buddy okay come on let’s go let’s go full speed hey Justin I read the outfit too though I lie it’s lit everyday real it can’t tell me shit oh here we go right away five g’s nero shining so as they deliver it’s a Street around a heart yeah but I think two seconds feet I know but I’m saying that stuff makes a difference Oh oh my gosh no freaking touchable

messed up lankans in a tree okay that’s cool thanks Adam thanks Adam thanks buddy appreciate it man you know you’re just like smack the side of my car and left I’m going so fast tear this is not safe oh I know buddy stuff I did this same thing last time know what touchable I’m sorry Wow you’ll keep the stream just some random legs come on come on come on come on here we go here we go here we go here we go I don’t wanna I don’t want to hit this guy guys oh he took me out Oh a touch of blue wine what why man oh wait no you’re right no that’s like him this guy then I moved out of it he never left the tree leg Alice you don’t get what the point of New Jersey so thank you why you just staying there bro like he’s not even racing and he’s not even talking he’s probably on his phone just doing some other shit like he he asked us can we play guys can we play now this guy doesn’t even play so it what’s the point no no what’s actually what’s the point of you joining there is no point the blue Vagner took me out untouchable took me out no I’m so sorry I’m terrible I did not see coming oh I’m not fit in this race I mean it’s a cool race don’t get me wrong guys sake I agree and you need to win I tried can I hop in your place of course but he just sent me a friend request for nothing but they can join up with us are you freaking kidding you know every traffic like intersection vehicle at that intersection turn into that little corner that I was driving through a car just spawned beside me and that blue bag nietzermann take me what’s up well go go go go oh oh yeah there’s not much law I sort of put that up there come on if I can catch up to shout out take that as a wind just dead ass bro oh he missed a shape come on come on here we go bro come on no y’all are way too far third place I’ll take it also love the stream oh I appreciate that Justin hey guys come yet shadow shadow with it your shit your shit this guy should I take you people are that’s my makeover you said that taking people and it’s like that thank you guys thank twelve thousand two hundred and eighty oh that’s awesome Luke well I’m watching a guy on top of really that’s cool what’s so cool well I saw entertaining oh my gosh G bird hater and G Barrett hey

Alberto fuck free money drop spikes no no all right I’m watching Adam I’d add more votes Oh all right here he goes here he goes oh yeah he’s going head Kentucky wad CAD so Jake Davis y’all for Nana can i play with you bro of course I’m your friend request shoot it I won’t accept it right now now kind of salty I took that up like everything in that race went wrong for me everything you can think of don’t worry no I didn’t hey Jay all right let’s go third place isn’t bad I mean I’ll take it I try to go best slop okay your boys got first place let’s get it it’s like real life you know traffic Street Racing’s traffic you know they block out roads no I like it you know fashion fuse type of shit yeah they didn’t let’s go to our custom here we go even in the beginning of the last one didn’t block it out only like that beginning section heed the bikers went and they like they stopped everyone yeah the bakers days after the Microsoft er the bikers died there was no one blocking them yeah exactly hey HFC was playing he would get best lot what is he shit every time I said that to doubt him to doubt him right now they would have raged Jose says I’m gonna take out row next shot for heating that yeah do that I mean if you want to but you don’t have money understood hey dick yeah I’m looking back again it’s good could I join it come in your party for now now it won’t be loud because my parents are asleep I don’t know not any part of it oh you boy made it for now did you do it yo guard oh because I got the night sword I saw the car just like slowly creeping up as I was going up as I gosh dad eyes that fight is pretty cool I don’t like these roads where you have no control and you’re going like in the air they saw the lightning oh my god no yeah don’t take him out nothing that is it hey learn back a teacher their way oh I didn’t want to I wanted to leave you space good night oh oh oh my gosh where’d that guy come from God not taking about actually is that was it yes XM no he’s coming for me too what are you talking about yeah gosh there’s two of them here and then it stopping me thanks back so you have no control to because it’s not a high jump stupid Ian hey Johnny Daniel oh my gosh you wouldn’t take those names down a block out to meet them not delete them kick I didn’t even sugandha

okay are you good I’m just gonna break we were my bad as a sniper I got body slam go go go before they come in hit us we get out like what the hell that shit scared me hey I read it okay coming free shatter take their names bro remember their names what are their names laughter oh my gosh they just literally not Cory oh my gosh now people are catching up in the take him out shada is so lucky he’s so lucky bread you shouting bye I’m gonna cash this guy if it’s the last thing I do hey Damon say what’s up sniper say is loose we’re too fast way to oh I just touched three of them I just dodged three dumbasses that are trying to take me out your Maxim is in surah Noor again I read a magazine oh I get you yeah I’m joking there now like legit I’m expecting them at this point to kiss ass shadow there’s one more lap a lot and this is shot you should be complaining okay we’ve been being taken out from the beginning of the we got taken out from friend’s place a Kentucky says you’re a good race you appreciate that no we’re not oh it’s the finish line okay good DNA is one of them no there’s one more guys if you can let me know in the comments um who would what their names are everybody else had to research hey we are sending for people watching I thought what was that sorry let me know once we go to the once let me know once we go to the other screen you know I mean so I can check them staples people the top three yeah I have the same logo or that character the mask okay so those are all there in the same crew okay that’s bad and blah call them yeah the two faggots that’s that’s better and how do I be profile SMX I sent you a friend request awesome buddy hey earnest you lame and your shit okay geo XD is blocked he’s gonna get kicked why I get timed out I’m not sure I’ll be I think maybe you’re advertising modded accounts no advertising because without no more leaky si magner or Nero Nero s GH near all the way man guys are almost at 90 like someone once at 230 subscribe I mean 280 subscribers let’s go I’m so hungry I have freakin barbecue chicken waiting for me you’re not freaking sad that is Oh Darren just added me is that you doing if that is awesome bur buffalo sauce red barbecue okay I’ll have ik is one of them right

yeah he’s name is Randall still streaming yeah dude you super got to in traffic yeah she’s gonna buck although geo X did I than him let’s see hey well finished sorry guys I apologize we just have to we have to battle these people there were Edwin that’s all good all bit everybody makes mistakes okay that’s good DNA this is the figure that I like it’s that the cheer the fact Rios weird 280 subscribers let’s go we can join their party to everyone that’s too much work I can’t I can’t kick them so they’re gonna be able to do that one more time we all have to bow afterwards let’s go neither come no I can’t what’s the people we’re gonna same outfit as me to once the player starts you can’t I mean they were in the same position it was not me what’s I mean what’s your what’s your gamertag Sal’s our Fernando kick shadow for me why I made oh that’s insane Auriga preciate that he goes car Thank You a some extra subscribing I did accept your friend what’s up Auriga alright so they’re gonna come after me one more time alright so after us look it’s the two faggots are in a line at the back what is this is this long long no okay the same freaking start you let I missed that checkpoint hard bread there’s just a freaking spinning bumper no DNA max didn’t turn running backs to good DNA’s wrecking you shadow oh my gosh I don’t Kentucky thank you for subscribing buddy appreciate that their rendition of in its original sharp give me some space you dumb shit oh my gosh come on freaky taking by myself yeah this bad kid just like flip me into a little freaky you know this guy had me uh I got legit carries like I’m in lemon place I’d have been near first but that’s okay that’s life such as life this dumbass just keeps alright hold on I’m gonna I’m gonna take moment out of my time to go to players and love to kick their dumb asses bro – good he’s funny should I join their party and look all three of these dumbasses are here yeah look at these sped kids they’re all wearing freaking Princess Peach outfit too look at these spirits maybe these red kids what’s up spent kids live for nano gotta go I might be back okay hey Kentucky kick that with your I wish Livengood second hey V I VI says you mad no not bad you just you know you’re just freaking don’t understand you’re thirsty for attention that’s all hey gta5 ask me questions in the comments guide do apologize for these dumbasses we have 90 likes appreciate it thank you so much we wanted to kick back a bit

oh yeah got good DNA GL Gi Oh and I’ll have accomplished yeah and I’ll have a look that follow me wherever I go I’m gonna go oh the forward oh no the falling that ass look at these niggas bad kids just following Fox lock me I mean I already did on PSN so it’s not that serious VIII arrogant says what happened last China plane what’s up with that actually you want to check his channel we should do that NASA hold on let me let me see let me check his channel I don’t have to this is the real dumbasses trolling me son can’t confirm oh he’s ah he doesn’t even speak English she doesn’t even know how to properly speak English okay not with my time it man hey Theresa Martinez a day salty no I’m not sought to you just use just your craving attention craving for word touch it I can’t even comment think so I must suck well yeah well that’s all good that’s a race side that waiting box boys I don’t really mind I mean it’s it’s fun you know they they have to have something to do too no friends no friends hey Jay Jay they gave me no I sub no shout-out yeah that’s because you probably everything muted you’re it’s not a it’s a troll I’m not good DNA troll English what I do appreciate you subscribing though that’s just you probably have your subscriptions private it appreciate it though Jay dab on the heaters I can play your streams right now if you want on my stream probably probably a Jake parlor now that I’ve got that icy spot one of those kids that go to Jake Paul’s house and say Jake five jackpot I am from Spain jackpot dick pile it faster hey it’s a Bella do tarsus long haul we will eventually towards the end alright let’s do this next race I’m gonna come first I brought oh yeah I just lost my first place dang how do you know that’s actually them because if you go to a subscription you see geo and there whatever oh so that is the faggots that’s it oh you know you I’m gonna play one of their videos on stream you guys want that should I do it let’s do it let me go ah stream did you okay let’s play his uh let’s play his thing okay here we go Travis Murch oh geez the following video is not done by a professional oh no not a Travis Scott that eyes the freaking fog probably just went on lies that all of our he’s training let’s get this hoodie Travis in court yes mhm why did kick me out of the lobby is that game that’s what he looks like yeah exposed doesn’t offense so we’ll start applying uh lots of no like that’s attorney a Travis Scott in any no eyes I got the Travis Scott Rudy you know I

want to shirt after you guys cuz I think I’m very quiet Travis Scott gang gang note side he got a baby shirt too that’s pretty cool bro you so thick oh my god Joe I think you need a thousand subscribers something for super chat expose – yes I’m like that alright so I’m gonna write you guys I said that’s how did you meet I met I met like do phenomenal friends from last job good party it’s okay there won’t be able to join us again actually I want them to join this again I mainly do there’s no joining along that ass like I think it takes everything rocket joining Wow look at this snake no he’s not what do you see missing oh my gosh look at this freaking snake he just Loki joins yes guys this guy’s watching the stream to sneak expose alright that’s good he saw insecure now he’s like now I wasn’t even me lol he’s just spamming that all like they joined again they joined again dude I want to take this over I would take that so bad man really gonna be snake not tell us how you join trust me we noticed I joined like one race ago so I saw spectating 811 boys are you that’s bad how are you that bad why I get kick I just straight up take those IRAs like my racing car whatever saw about that it’s not that bad told the more you so beautiful I’m still involved okay I don’t think those people can even keep up with us Fox alright let’s go oh no it’s gos channel like it’s his shot apparently valises brother hey how’s it brother oh there he is oh I could I could play that after it’s okay I’m gonna play that after it Jesus lit elite that’s elite I know I’m gonna play his video it’s a welcome to my channel video so hey Rodney hit thank you so much brain for subscribing guys can we get 300 subscribers yo I couldn’t he has a welcome video with his face and all that tranny that was his brother why why did you truck did you try to take him here oh my god oh yeah let’s take this peasant now he’s an entity don’t kill him trying to save speed but trying to save the energy world reconnaissance he cares about his kids rugby you know you boys are first you know he’s sighting the other shit we should have reason why do you think all they do is take people out their crew of shits about to expose just gets so hard like I’m about to play this kids video so hard I could not control my car yeah I’m gonna play really hard really hard oh no my brakes applied how did that happen that didn’t work out at all I didn’t – I bet you this kids try so hard to take his video down but you can’t cuz I’m already hot already have

it open mm-hmm that’s why stop chatting guys thanks so much Isabella Rio for subscribing appreciate that hey there brand-new Roxanne Kentucky battery low alright buddy baby come back my chat stopped working I mean I doubt he’ll make it but yeah he’s just he’s just racing and try to take people out geo and havoc let’s put three spent kids yeah I I you know what I want to do ought to be in the same ruin them i room as them and like freaking smack my hand down their freaking throat thank you Jim Howard grab their esophagus and just pull it out wait we’ll just yank that shit out ya know his brothers apparently he was his brother his brothers Travis Scott hoodie but I find his channel but that’s how I took his ass out for no like no tomorrow Brad if Robbie didn’t take me out I’d be in the first place you know hey Ryan thank you subscribing throughout your games so how’s the freakin Wi-Fi extender bro you’d actually play without lagging out here that’s amazing but but now someone lagged into me struggles of Wi-Fi pretty much it’s out of this world if you know what I mean Oh chip we almost took me light felt like you’re young whoa I don’t want to mess up a statement no no let’s all make fake count and say the same swear words at the same time Kate hey lucky Bo’s no don’t ask that we are the same thing too so you know they hey like all three of them hey lucky bro vlogs we have a hundred likes you I didn’t even notice that I think thank you so much guys you guys are busy appreciate it then the traction based cars get fixed yes they did oh no oh no GTR I’m so sorry I drifted and I tipped this guy on his two wheels and I took him even more and then he went into the water there’s a siren your acted so late I wouldn’t you would have taken you out of that point by the track yeah we’re getting so freaky close to 300 subscribers you guys are counted today thank you so much everybody for the support thank you daring guys don’t freak out roll no no shadow shadow shadow that was not my fault I’m so fired it was my Buffy satyr I’m so sorry bro like I I legit looked away for one second and that was a fatal error motion I mean he can take me out is it is it happy vibes hey Stephanie you College that’d be me iCarly they don’t even up they don’t even know where the freaking race ends yeah going on the left he’s not even gonna catch up thank you what that is a nature spinach yeah we’re 290 subscribers

that’s awesome thanks so much guys is a hate to Jay yo let me know in the comments if you guys are enjoying the stream does always cuz I do alright appreciate you guys being here alright I’m sliding down starting now one all right yo let’s name our junior bro Congrats on the transfer that was insane freakin 255 million that is crazy bro – just give me one minute I’ll be happy dude that guy take me out so hard that was other pop love bad rocket me that guy took me out so bad that I just flew into the a they’re plotting something but I don’t think they understand where this race girl oh my gosh yo I flew I freaking flew oh my gosh Oh bitte bitte de datos uh-oh yo you know freaky cold Bauer see how did check with your catch up what the heck taking it now this guy was taken out and now he’s back in first yeah yeah they messed up real bad like we got far back their beds are yeah I just can’t wait to watch this kids video here we go where is it okay here we go yeah ready yeah let me just say that it’s switch yesterday died here we go all the flying a drone oh shit savages silages oh he’s about to catch the John oh shit oh shit please hit him please hit him please hit him Wow nice welcome video buddy nice welcome video really really know what your challenge about that’s pretty cool because I can do that now right this is a shadow guys if you wanna go leave hate messages don’t do it I wouldn’t advise it I don’t advise that that’s he can I hear talk I’d be awesome Wow oh yeah like it was six sniping skills oh yeah yeah all right well that’s his shitty China and we’re back on my it’s a welcome video it was a walk-on video Fox still not you yeah that’s why it says your gamertag on it right that’s why it’s badass you upload like your sisters videos was that a girl knows I don’t know I can’t talk to Jason dude shut up oh yeah to him that eyes name are this is ps4 buddy Neymar jr. fun sock used to be my favorite soccer player used to probably still are I mean I watch follow soccer that much anymore you know okay pick watch or follow like which one waffleh waffleh waffleh oh no oh I want to see what he says stand up for like 700 no 900 minutes no seconds everybody talked about like everybody time down like P times 900 minutes eh no that’s right hey Rox day you say dad ask too much I didn’t even say it like I don’t even remember saying that’s 15 hours yes 336 subs 5 yeah it’s probably all his gay kids from school bro like that ask freakin all the way in the same

uniform and shit in GTA V your sock for now we’ll have a FIFA sighs listen I I tried it like I love FIFA right it’s just we still do it’s not fun for you guys to watch but it’s not something you guys should watch that ass baby get a new trademark clothing now something that’s not that ugly shape that can you so I broke a real Thank You cat oh he’s eating all right so are these your story oh yeah oh I’m very last in perfect okay ones in a Nero DNA being back yeah he’s in first place – at the load nerman oh my gosh chipper I’m sorry oh my your mom works fine he said yourself up an hour like get you to that to your Soph you dumb shit this guy legit hit me and my car it stormed into him yeah yeah that’s why my car swerved into you just give me some time to get my stewardess treat only eight subscribers away guys from themes kid trotters like you wanna grow like you actually want to go okay so why you keep letting me dumbass this guy keeps enemies I no no thank you he’s bed slept she me I was so shoots up to them when I got the line Johnny you know what the hell this kids gone oh my god oh he’s got the speed boost oh my gosh this kid is God he was flying Lankans my leg is legit flying bro yo if you see him take him out if you see him take him out go go go thank you Roxton remember Lincoln has a speed boost so if you see him just take him out bro it’s the best I know why is this guy trying to take me out I’m not shaking years ago what we ought to carry if we are just annihilated truck havoc bro why can’t I catch up to you get back is the shit 11 I’m like behind you guys back there aren’t at all do not block its it’s white and black dumbass Fernando don’t call anyone sped you won’t like it if someone call you sped actually I would enjoy that like I feel like that’s compliment you know thank you did they make me I work hard to gain that name you know it’s not a easy title to get letting you so I was like a little teddy bear if anything you’re gonna hit them bye welcome back history oh that’s the Rebbe

we know I love that’s the referee no I love is this the giveaway student giveaway videos coming out tomorrow around just coming out actually at 5:00 Eastern they didn’t hit one person are you that shit are you that shit Hey and you what’s up hey what’s up rock star I I didn’t see it I saw the aftermath yo it’s crazy kid with my old Fernando logo from my only cow yeah you suck yeah remember my face logo from my old channel why every ticket yeah cuz I didn’t know what you know cool was kidding kidding let me know in the comments what’s a good way to win oh that’s a DNA kit by the way yo I said do you naked already messed himself up man I feel like oh hey CLO no it’s the Stila sit still my bad I was you didn’t call me how do they spot oh they didn’t get the checkpoints from there so it’s easy yeah they’re like shit go go go yo that guy to the right he’s like shit I need to get there fast shit shit shit I need to get fast and then the other guys like come on bro I need your help and I know I can’t make it oh there he is I take the avocado hit Teresa oh my gosh that was juice no but they didn’t even take us out right that’s the thing shadow that was whoa shadow that was your farm shadow I know those your part you freakin hit him sorry shattered shattered dirtied out of that you’re like a new user they got popping I work out nice that’s all that matters yes all of you to KZ any chance is gonna have your stream key yeah bro we shake it treat it up to that reapply it but I’ll see why y’all my channel username and password – when’s that face cam coming in I stopped looking at the freaking Road did it has a dollar energy catch me news man come on we could catch them you watch this team rock me rock me hold on hold on I know that raka be on my stream on my stream you came full-speed going backwards flying backwards I was like what the hell watch the stream you not have a little hump in the road you came full-speed backwards I was like wow that is jokes do you see that yeah the five star social I just want to let you know that you actually shouldn’t racing and

you can hit one of us out throughout the whole ten-minute race you should probably kill yourself and never like talk to anyone again probably hang yourself to arrange it I want was it yeah I think we went hardcore I reached fury other no like no one I mean even though we messed up we caught up real fast let’s do one more I think we can do one more freaking shadow I thought I would have enough time to let shadow go in front and it’s lucky my friend and then I realized I can’t I don’t and I tried taking around but I didn’t know where he was going from so it didn’t work out you have facts take perfectly in the middle of the frickin two pink ones at the top I mean the two white ones at the top and the bottom I’m a rock star I would do one last tour that was pretty sick the whole resource find jobs account for now no sorry last video about the new China update which is this channel right crazy you know I need to should I play that video on stream though it’s so creamy not the concept you guys want me to play watchdog I didn’t even watch sighs doesn’t even out then or is it black ops 3 or to my dream with that video where you found all of ya better not play can you add me on PSN of course Rochester if you guys aren’t joining us you’re more than welcome to people raising their mouse I thought you the judge said yo got time join us on long my bro there we go it’s a really quiz I will play it every one second yes play I will play it guys I forgive you so cringe bro yeah yeah like okay while we’re waiting I’ll play I’ll play a while we’re aware that he’s gonna send one he’s 9 legit some around the sharing yes I know it’s so ugly ok listeners that’s enough of that you left the race right well that was yeah it started you honestly I want to take that channel down but then again if I ever make it to a billion subscribers I could replay that tunnel gee I’ll talk about grow up no but I can’t I changed it to around an email and I don’t have the money like probably I could probably call you all my head up for YouTube and see if they can do it like you know them support no Canadian boy has a sick freaking Canadian car that’s white it’s white and red and he’s got neons underneath – hey spike Oh

shout out of Oh think that’s gonna work for you is not ready thought I got hurt he didn’t even have anything to do with the thing I have Rock stay hey that’s my accident thank you sadly dumbass nothing were united loving actually think I was 11 I’m not sure remember a road to a kilt cab road to a kill cab we had a serious guys Todd road to a c’mon mwt Angie I just thought like a rock bro [Laughter] there comes the faggot Pegatron there are start games oh shit are you guys in real rockstar games wait oh we lost bear people we lost over it yeah we lost over like 11 people all right be so dog oh my gosh yeah I’m gonna take your sword that y’all freaking taking out fuck you sauna fires you see that like a freaking plotted plan like tricky we don’t do anything good people are doing the math 17 minus 12 equals 15 Fernando is 12 17 that sucks but you can’t shout first I’m pretty far as EDIUS answer was Fernando is 17 what on earth 17-2 Colorado says we’re crazy JJ says what on earth 13-12 turn into 15 crazy says what idiot 13-12 because 50 probably confident tears like shit I’m right oh shit I was even looking freakin Oh cavity wait let’s catch up together am I gonna do rainbow after this I mean it’s pretty late go Oh actually yeah we don’t don’t we cut tomorrow I wouldn’t mind a rainbow you want to her a stream stream right now not now after I mean you did say now rocky on a John shouting engine grab you

to suds it inside study be my gosh I can freaking cash is good oh wait what yo I can’t freakin guys okay that’s the scene watch our rock beat oh no oh my gosh I’m third he missed the checkpoint he missed a check for it here’s the check for this better oh my gosh body-slammed and shadows good alright time to catch up real watch right street oh my go ahead side Oh bro that on my screen you went through the freaking the roof what was that room watch it watch it it’s crazy and you yeah we’ll do a rainbow stream after this the man went into the fucking sky turn into a ramp car for a sec yeah got some drop your lagging oh my gosh there’s so much space to the freaking left you spent kid why would you turn to the right like are you dumb yo that was your fault oh my gosh I’m gonna freakin lose this shit but you rock me you good yeah yeah okay okay those are my Elsa here’s a very minuscule like spikey Kasturi King that mess me up so hard grab I hope you get taken night freakin shit to catch up is it possible y’all can you all just like smack that break boards no it does on your spectating row when you’re spectating it looks like everyone going slow like it’s so it’s like a visual tractor social – that freakin spot for me he went backwards I’m freaking fine now I don’t even think it’s just racing I think it’s just overall connectivity to rock star or a GTA Rock be finished in first place yo you got to take a sec whoa well alright guys I think we wanna be here thank you so much everyone that came by really to appreciate it it was a pretty cool stream thing so shit three faggots and thank you such a rock be Rev row and shadow for journey as always it was a pretty cool straight thanks for the support and you’ll see yes maybe at the Ramos year after we might just chill and play we’ll see thank you so much coming about until next time happy my god what