Let's Play MotorSport Manager PC Career #144 Vélan Racing Season 9 Round 11 VANCOUVER

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Let's Play MotorSport Manager PC Career #144 Vélan Racing Season 9 Round 11 VANCOUVER

hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome to my let’s play of motorsport manager PC career mode with velan racing we will be doing race 11 of season 9 and yeah let’s do that last time out we did not really have a great result Surikov finished inside the points but Christiano ended up retiring in that race because the engine failed and yeah we not had the best of luck and at this point third place seems a bit difficult because katana racing have already gone ahead we have only six races to go and most of the races coming up are not particularly great for us I mean Canada we have actually won Canada but that was an under exceptional circumstances safety car and all that and yeah car isn’t that great it’s probably fourth or fifth fastest base wise so we are right about where we should be even if we finished fifth it’s not the end of the world and because money isn’t that much different for finishing third or fifth we what we probably lose a million or two but the focus should be for next season where we should get more money for higher placed finishes so that’s the main focus I’ve been building up parts as well in the meantime to try and improve things for next season so backers win school with groovideo state ok he’s got a rivalry I don’t care interview let’s see what the engine is about yeah I’m happy because Hashimoto is very bad on the tyres it crew okay I did not read your email any mistakes I think this guy must have made a mistake got one mistake oh maybe he did one before um let’s see okay from now on what I’m thinking is if we hire somebody we’ll have to get rid of one of these guys because maybe we need to get rid of one or two because these guys are starting to get expensive now so this guy is 77 on stamina and 20 on he’s also good at two things so we should put him on either the rear Jack or one of the tires so and let’s put him on the rear Jack because we got three people who are good on regex in fact let’s put this guy and do we have anybody food on the front Jack so the guy out front is he’s in good shape he’s actually pretty good he’s good on three things and he’s not bad on refueling either this guy is definitely worth keeping and what else 7277 Howell s just took a that drive the tire people first most important Juliet is looking a bit tired so 59 we need to give him a break we’ll get the most highest having a guy okay so this guy is caught the more stamina you go in for Juliet we have then two guys on 64 no 60 64 66 so we can swap all these style people so 77 is walking with 16 then we have 66 and 64 should we swap them because we have slightly better should be helpful I guess and 73 or 60 so at least everybody’s in the 70s and it is okay so about the fixing people now the issue with the fixing is I’m still not sure if it matters because they do get tired of for because I don’t know why they don’t seem to do anything because I don’t really send the cars for repairs or fixing during the race but they still seem to be getting tired so we’ll leave it at that for now and as one guy here we could hire okay he is good on okay he’s also good on three things but his stamina isn’t correct so money he wants a lot what we want is ideally about 20 grand maybe less something like this and the guy should be good on two things now he is good on front Jack and refueling but we don’t use refueling so if he was good on tyres or even fixing I would consider him so for now we’ll just stick with the guys we have sonic off has got neck issues again yeah I’m not sure he spends a lot of season missing out because of okay so let’s see yeah eight weeks he’ll be our see I’ve no mind will get more lean in

or Lena’s always done a good job if you had broken your neck earlier I could have given Marlene a chance at her home race but now mine will give her a chance at her neighbor’s race neighboring country Canada okay so factory stuff is idle and there’s a new port water in the wood terney surplused so ever known I don’t see the point okay anyway we shall look at the factory stuff first then we’ll go for voting so these guys have done everything that’s sitting doing nothing can we possibly improve anything not really we need to build a new part so let’s go and take the vote so what is the word about faster race length a allowing chance for more chaotic results benefit low quality teams low quality teams you call me a local entity we are a good quality team look at our facilities I take this personally this is okay if you call me low quality teams and I’ll just not vote me up me rejected see low quality tea yeah take the break low quality okay front wing epic front wing has been built so let’s check out their big wing but one great one code now the epic part will need to be a bit more reliable with or we can use it we needed for Singapore now what I was thinking was in Singapore is so terrible for us why don’t we get a legendary part see if we use this we can make two parts for the same price no extra time no extra money then we try to squeeze in as many good improvements as possible cuz this is the current part we need it to be slightly better than this 14:07 hang on what is the current but let me go and check the current board okay let’s see so this is the best on 1474 or 40 74 so 1474 is the maximum what that is a epic part so we need to improve of that if we can so if we say because we can make two wings I am surprised they’re not many risky parts here that we can make so low speed corners let’s say we take this 25 then we go with 40 – max 25 30 and 22 max let’s say we go 42 max because then we can upgrade it fuel efficiency improved during race minus 20 reliability we can always fix the reliability risk level -1 slow speed waters 40 reliability minus 10% but here we go here we’re up to 14 32 he can’t see with this for all the things 1489 1489 a belief and we have one more slot we can use low speed plus 100 not that sounds interesting okay so this will be up to 1432 maximum of 1489 during race okay plus 90 oh now we are talking so if we go with the plus 90s this will be much much better than everything else we have had s build up please let’s hope here we are investing heavily in two front wings now because we are weak on the front wing so I’m excited with this part we’ll only have a good front during next season but it’ll be one of the best I hope Gabe stop please we might even be able to use this for the next race maybe not here but Singapore what did you do man caught speeding yeah it actually improves over okay she’s happy with fourth which is better yeah Vancouver is 29 laps three point three nine miles 40% chance of playing okay I like that no I don’t see that no it’s not going to rain when it shows raindrops here in the predicted then it rains if they say 40 it doesn’t mean anything that’s that’s what I’ve noticed um Cora allo I’ve no idea who she is but

she or he yeah she yeah big concern about poor Francois Carmen comes to loss and don’t worry you getting a legendary wings done factory stuff Idol I thought you guys were designing the thing it is so this will be done after how long till we go to Singapore because I’m hoping we can use this for Singapore might be difficult okay Quincy Quincy 18 this the part we’ll take it is so he’ll still have ten days I think they can get the reliability up because it’s crucial as well okay they said factory stop idle did they to the yeah they’ve already sorted that out so yeah we’ll give these two to the guys so they can be happy about the front wing at least they have something to be happy about so yeah we have good front see that’s the problem we need a lot of money and a fully upgraded factory to even start making all these parts and if we start making the parts from the first race itself then we could probably be able to come up grade all the parts otherwise we are just struggling like we’ve only met front wings we’ve only managed to get them to legendary but we have made a one rearing couple of breaks here that’s about it so we need a lot of money ok leave at home yeah stay at home buddy get better soon Marlene I’m hoping you can do the usual and come up with a decent result boost our cruises let’s hope we can do that see this is a bit tricky because the super softs the nor the suppose of the purple ultra sauce they are pretty useless they are good very fast but they wear out very very quickly even though we have a good car so we will be trying out the soft tires and hoping to do two stints on that for Marlene at least and I think the middle tire is pretty much useless here so if we do to students soon so think three would Lena ultras beekeeping just in case it rains or something enemy needs save five laps of good high-speed so we will do so we’ll work on the source for the race and we’ll have two sets other race and we’ll work on the ultras for the practice and we’ll have two sets and in case we need another we’ll have a spare here car looks alright Marlene yeah I’m nervous we need a good finish we are more worried about panther catching as then us catching katana because we have struggled if it rains we tend to be okay in Canada but otherwise it’s a bit difficult you okay Friday is dry I think this will be a traffic and although they said 40% chance of rain I’ll be really surprised if it rains so far I’ve noticed like when they say met rain and is not predicted performance is purple this is the best part we have right that’s that what does that mean I’ve no idea somebody told me that purple means your part is the best on the grid I doubt that would be the case with the front wing I said purple as in best on the field of purple as in best we have nothing is more likely to be best we have you keep at 64 rear wing make it at 75 crucial now we need to maybe make another craving for Cristiano assis yeah we can’t blame him completely because we are not giving him the best parts so revolve gets the best for specific of is our number one driver is pretty we are pretty clear about that we’re not treating them equally we made it clear and yeah that new set of wings if we can get those done those are slightly risky but yeah I don’t want to risk them although chance of risk is low those we’ve spent so much money on them I

don’t know if we should use them I made any mistake see engine might actually be useful so maybe we should keep it a bit higher okay let’s set up the cars okay so 19 to 21 this is the 29 lap race if she can get say 17 no 17 would mean she’ll have to go and super sauce yeah we’ll see how the first team goes if she can if she struggled to say get 15 then we’ll put her on another set of sauce otherwise you’ll use super sauce and see how Cristiano is counted to 18 so he’s also likely to get 1516 yeah I think with him we’ll be using two stints on these let’s see if we have anything saved up Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver okay there it is so you’ve got a few three Arlene Christian no question Oh see now what one of which one would be the more recent one it’s not much difference okay let’s go with desert perhaps apart from the tire pressure everything else looks similar I’m guessing this might be the one and with Marleen just got one set up I think Marlene so yeah hopefully this is a good setup okay cars are all set for practice I’ll see you after practice welcome back practice done interesting practice session we got to excellence and auth great on both the cars with Christiana we got excellent downforce and excellent handling and great speed balance with Marlene we got excellent on the downforce and the speed balance handling was only great so we had a bit of an issue getting the handling right but at the end we managed to do that quite easily so yeah let’s proceed okay yeah this is going to be a drive week and I’m pretty sure about that so yeah tantor Buffy I’ll be happy if you can get Tantra book because yeah our car isn’t good although we have a good front wing but this track isn’t crucial that we have a front wing as you can see good setups yeah let’s take practice I mean qualifying keep saying it okay I’m gonna see lap is about a 120 so we’ll wait a bit just a bit okay that should be enough Marlene you go out first pit exit isn’t very long in fact the pit lane isn’t too bad here okay Cristiano you can go off from Marlene as well he’s got a car in front his back off a bit make sure you have clear track Marlene doesn’t look like she has a clear track now she does she does yeah that’s pretty clear he has a car bad thing it should not affect his times okay let’s see what Marlene can do one second off the pace I guess it’s not too bad one second off the pace okay he’s a bit slower at tenth snow okay at least they’re closer together so 1.3 off the pace okay one of them is okay both are outside or no guys we need improvement twelve and thirteen isn’t good enough okay let’s see we I will try and go at the last moment so you can get some grip Schmidt is already going out on super sauce so one may twenty and other 25 seconds for the pit exit 45 okay you can go now you wait now we go go go go buddy go don’t waste time now he should be fine that car is on a fast lap it seems it’s blending into us okay this is bad

you manage your time spider-man I can’t do anything about that from here you are the one in the car a good job good job this channel got himself some clear track now come on improve Marlene hasn’t improved in the second sector yes Tiana has on the other hand no Marlene good job Christiana good job at least he stepped up today and crucially we got our money for the race okay so Marlene is way down we’ll have to do a different strategy here Marlene so far hasn’t let us down at least in the race so let’s hope she can do something but mr. Yano has got us eight on the grid so that is good now our strategy has always been to stop fewer times than everybody else and then get the results so problem is Kristiana in eighth place he’ll fall back instantly if we do that but if we leave him on the super sauce he will have to end up quitting twice and I don’t see any rain here so we’ll have to go on the soft tires and try and do a one stop that is our best bet and even though that is our best bet we still not I’m not confident that will be a good idea because the pit lane isn’t particularly long here so now as usual I keep forgetting if this is the high tire wear circuit if it’s a high fuel consumption no clue I think this is high on both so we’ll just push a bit on the tires to get them warm right temperature and then we’ll just ease up see everybody else around us is on the ultra soft so they will just breeze past us quite easily okay bad start my guess is alright the Marlene has got people passed on faster tires around her so she is not going to succeed there miss TIA know has got Barthelemy was on the faster tire that is not going to help him they push on the fuel still holding onto it because it’s crucial that he doesn’t fall too many places because Barthelemy is on a faster tire and probably the car would be faster so all the winds I haven’t scored a lot of points so I’m guessing they’re not that great but they are on the past attack so he is just all over us keep pushing buddy keep pushing Marlene is still fighting 14th 15th okay never mind Marlene just see she is ahead of two guards on faster tires so that is good in the long run that is good she’s gone past Jones tortilla because Jos tortilla will be pitting very soon trust me but dia Villa on the other hand and Hamilton they are not going to do that so Cristiano has done a great job because he one two three four five five cars behind him are on faster tires between him and Marley and so he’s doing a good job so back off on the fuel maybe even back off on the tires same for you miss he’s up so we get these tires to get us at least half distance they’re actually heating up we left them on for too long see John storage has already gone see Molly Fox our tires are 34% let’s see she’s already pitting so these tiles are pretty bad I think they drop off very quickly after about 20 percent she’s in the place because she can’t even two six laps on that I don’t know if she started with a used set of ultra sauce so now he’s a bit further ahead of par tell him it’s not a bit Marlene is up to 14 so she’s at the Q front of the queue on people on the soft tiles so she is doing a good job temperatures are just right against push a bit on the fuel stay ahead of Barthelemy that is crucial because if you can hold on to it place that is good Marlene is fighting with Hamilton no worry you’re doing a good job he’s still fighting with Hamilton yes good job good job Marlene good job great job Marlene keep trying keep trying it’s not bad this is not bad come on come on come on what car is Hamilton in resort to Corsa okay Marlene back off on the fuel you’re doing a good job I’ll see the

thing is people on the supersoft they are now starting to pit maybe not yet see Hamilton is still ahead so these two are just swapping places okay we leave the action for now let’s go back to Cristiano see now people in front part Ihnen and these people look at how slow they are there 1.8 seconds off the pace now because they stayed on longer this would hurt their performance this channel is up to two Hashimoto Hashima traditional to start on the super sauce she’s still going at a good pace Kristiana has got Donna Pucci the Taniguchi will get past because he’s in a much faster car in a much faster tire not much faster but definitely faster tired Marlene push on the fuel as well so our guys are doing a good job so far even he’s trying to fight which is good see Barthelemy look at him he’s three times slower and his performance is pretty bad now he’s losing time for sector not badly okay anyway where is Marlene Marlene is up to nine she’s still behind Hamilton al-sadat is behind her you know pushing on the fuel and we have to make sure we don’t have stay on too long on these tires as well so Marlene is a bit better but it’s not by much might be better to just stay on the super sauce because we can push these tires a bit longer she’s up to eight he’s up to second he’s still holding on to second behind Taniguchi and yeah let’s see when bourguignon fits because he is still doing a good job he’s got 25% tires he’ll fit this laughs we should probably pay the slack they push on the fuel tires yeah let’s do no hang on hang on let’s see temperatures are good all he was too paid okay no get real with you good call good call good timing as well okay fast pace stop needed people okay hurry back to the pits and easy people good pit stop thank you push on the fuel push on the tires okay you can’t get past parts Annunaki will pit us all beat you and will give you a softer so just let’s just not take any chances okay push on the fuel to the pit lane push Marlene come on good job you’re doing a good job holding off de Graaff great job actually okay Marlene get ready to pit people we need a good stop here thank you again push push no mind 18 isn’t that’s terrible but don’t worry about it we should be fine see Elsa that will pit crystianna we’ll get that place back so he’ll be behind the graph cristiano has done a great job so far because he’s been the main guide today with Chris surah kahf at the dodgy neck now the garbha hind Pergamon the Burgman will pit we don’t have to worry about Berkman Berkman cannot possibly to go Bergman is sparking at the back see the graph will also probably fit okay this is interesting because their tires will be very worn if they don’t pit I’m guessing a part from Hashimoto everybody else will hit again Marlene is down to 16 why are you struggling ok she’s struggling in her cell said that so should be a clearly quicker than these guys the winds are racing teams you can look at Marlene he’s all over him come on inside line inside come on get past him try and get past him come on Marlene good job good job two guards in a row not possible careful careful Wow good move good move and you’re back behind Hamilton once again or the back off now because the tires are too hot and we won’t have any fields Cristiano you can push on the fuel let’s go back to Cristiano you’re Berkman is behind Marlene life el-sadat can hold off Bergman for a bit that can make our life a little easier Marlene your tires are too hot she’s losing time ok maybe ease up a bit on the tyres ok Berkman is behind so I think Bergman will get past us because he’s on the faster tires Cristiano back off on the

fuel see managing both the cars is a bit tricky see Martin is going to PDI is fitted Balthazar is just in front any rain or something no see the cars de Graaff will pit yeah yeah de Graaf should pit barthélémy probably not bourguignon VI shipit’ the availa should be ok yeah Marlene is looking a bit difficult for money to score any points today but Cristiano I think he could stay fifth fifth is possible here this would be a great result and there’s plenty of tire as well now see Balthazar Becker hashimoto maybe Hashimoto might fit or she might struggle towards the end even Barthelemy behind us even though his clothes his his stars are a bit more used up than also okay bourguignon is behind Marlene but he’ll yet boss yeah Marlene ISM in a bit of a tricky situation and she’s getting warnings as well I think if you are struck behind other cars you get your engines are more likely to fail I think that’s how it works see how she moto a second and she’s getting mugged by one of the Steinman’s Becker she’s still doing a good job speed is good we need Hashimoto to fall back because she is katana racing but is she going to pit that is the question here 27% I think she might struggle towards the last lap even Becker would probably start slowing down I wish we were a quit closer to these guys Hamilton has crashed okay that should help Marlene because he has been a pain that he has been a constant pain for Marlene so see the 1 2 3 & 4 are very close we wish we were a bit closer to the action Marleen we can risk with Marleen simply because she is outside the points and unlikely to get any but even if she retires it’s not the end of the world she is 13 now so yeah unlikely and with Cristiano he is in a good position so he can keep him going final lap as well yeah he should finish a solid fifth here I wish she was a bit closer because if you had been see our car isn’t fast enough otherwise we could have even managed to get past these three cars two or three and four but those guys are very thin on that as I mean well cos our is okay but the others are in bad shape so here we come fifth place a good result I would say Marlene she did a good job I can’t blame her it was the qualifying that caused problems because I think we had a good strategy maybe we should have tried putting her on the super sauce but I doubt if we would have managed to finish the race yes that’s that’s been our problem like getting both cars to finish good points consistently that has been the big issue haha as long as we haven’t lost points to Panther Racing this should be okay scrutineering done yep we don’t use dodgy pots so fifth place is a good 10 points the availa got four and Parton got six so at least we match them Caetano got 18 and to 20 so Caetano are just getting ahead so 61 for silicon 42 for Cristiano 14 for Marlene 117 so we’re 23 ahead of Panther and katana are just running away now further ahead 55 I had actually so you you

can be made some money 320 you so I think overall at least with Cristiano there was a solid performance Marleen failed to finish inside the points no rain expected in Singapore okay yeah we’ll see hopefully our new front wings should be done I’m not planning on using them this season because they are a bit risky and I don’t want to get them banned because we spend a lot of money on them so we will be looking at them for the long term but if we have time we might build another set of good wings the epic wings for cristiano or one of the cars and yeah okay thank you for watching I’ll see you for the next event in Singapore not our favorite event but we’ll see what happens