Let's Play MotorSport Manager PC Career #146 Vélan Racing Season 9 Race 13 SYDNEY

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Let's Play MotorSport Manager PC Career #146 Vélan Racing Season 9 Race 13 SYDNEY

hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome back to my let’s play off motorsport manager PC career and we will be doing season 9 race 13 Sydney and we are of course using Velan racing now the last few races haven’t been that great for us we’ve only managed a fifth in Canada and a seventh in the United States country Singapore last time out was pointless literally we could not get in that top ten so Surikov has once again got a dodgy neck he seems to have this problem once or twice a season he misses out in a few races so he might be back in time for the next race we’ll see ya says two weeks why should be okay I guess and so that would mean only missing one race and yeah so let’s get started our design center should be finally done this was the big hurdle which is what held us back this season like we spend all the money on this one my current pole coordination update hard-fought win interview let’s see Wolfgang Schmitz agent has been telling reporters all that interested in science sorry buddy it grew smashed every weekend ten slower I guess not too bad let’s look at the pit crew this guy is tired clearly anybody in good shape fresh okay these guys are fresh so let’s put him instead of him Weiss HOF is also double tire so we’ll put him and him so at least everybody is now in the 70s 75 70 this guy is wrong to mistakes but he’s fully fit fresh and all that so we’ll put him for him yeah I think that is it for now let’s see if there’s anybody good we can hire he’s good on fixing in tires good on tires and run check maybe this guy is ok I guess he’s good on two things and stammers pretty good so we’ll have to fire somebody to get him franchise and tires so let’s see who do we find check and tires that this guy is good on both the jacks this guy is only good on fixing rocket fire him because we don’t really need fixing that much thoughtful resistive OLS fire and yeah so what I’ve decided is I will not hire more new people without firing all the ones with we don’t want anymore paid members just get the best ones best ammonite sector etc ok let’s just quickly look at their contracts ten races just renew that this guy is good on three things so he I would keep him good on three things yes we’ll keep him good on three things again keeping good on two things what is your stamina buddy who was he anyway this guy right booty no not him Michael yeah magnif Tatiana I don’t look like a Tatiana anyway 20 on the tires fuel fixing he’s actually not bad okay we will keep you for now I promise Cola Martina okay redjac okay two things that’s good mailani you know fixing this guy is good on tires and this this guy’s good on so if they’re not in the right roles apparently my guess is all right because you’re not fixing stuff anyway they are a bit expensive as well I don’t know if they get better with time now I’m just renewing everyone to make sure we have a full everybody is at the same time okay I hope everything’s sorted here let’s head on to whatever needs to be done bar repairs done yes I think they have done that let’s look at the car so they are working on the new front wings that we

made getting the performance fully up to date ISM with some much much worse this is 1474 this is 1570 it has more than 100 points more whatever that means and yeah so what I wanted to do was make a set of rear wings but we ran out of money last time because the boss simply said no no more spending 25 – max high speed is 15 so yeah I’m thinking about building one for next season so high speed corners first 30 high speeds during qualifying now he wanted during every where 22 max this is plus 35 this is plus 30 risk level one risk and also red zone – Jen okay about this one this will be a very risky part 70 – max 50 on wet tires 42 my X 40 on high speed if we goes 72 max we can increase the performance and get them even better well now let’s see if we are allowed to make it because you have an empty okay what did we not select okay Lisa to select this reduce in addition I don’t think the boss will allow this yeah we need to get some money in so let’s look at the sponsors conveniently okay we only abreu two stars only hundred thousand dollars that seems bad okay we need a better sponsor and we need one for this slaughter sir yikes money is in bad shape suddenly stop stop stop okay please be a good sponsor somebody who pays good money per race No this is bad see Rooter styles are about responsive so you should go with these guys lam a bit nervous though so 400,000 per is 115 here and go with the best one how is the balance looking we are losing a lot of money per race I could have to do this we have no choice our per race sponsors have certainly become a lot worse 100,000 here 180 years is only 280 and 400 680 we were hitting a million before so you’re losing a lot of money more than 300,000 this is in this is seriously a problem you might not be able to spend money on the car for next season either because we already we have overspent the season let’s be honest so this five million will already be cutting into our next season’s excess savings any sponsors running out so so these two are also running out we need better sponsors otherwise we are in big trouble okay since we are in big trouble let’s try and build some more parts so our breaks are fourth our front wing is still the sixth so apparently everybody has good front wings and that’s why we were struggling engine and gearbox are divorced it seems yep worst on the grid Wow and I’m doing the engine gearbox just cause too much so we have no choice so we’re going to make this this and this this will be significantly better than what we have let’s see if we are allowed to make this no not yet you need to get some money in really quickly okay car repair finished what oh we finally built we got two buildings available theme park for a hundred million are you serious how will we get a hundred million yeah we’ll have to use our political connections and get some things done a porno company celebrates 3.62 miles 40% chance of rain now live on rent I’m pretty sure reliability worked and good woodford nearing end of his career test track I love the test track but with a few upgrades will be able to invest more into design engines engine designs and that means more take more possible prices okay I know I know what test track is up to level 2 of 3 see that’s

the problem we just had our thing he upgraded design center and that is why our running costs have gone up so much so we need to better sponsors even if you’re not making the money per recipe from the performance we need money coming in every weekend so now this has suddenly become a problem because so far managing finances was something we were good at and now suddenly PR in picture well maybe you’ll have to get rid of a few of the pit crew as well how many have we got so on two three four six eight and how many backups six more so we probably need to get rid of at least one or two of them I think – we should get rid of – so this guy is good on three things you need to keep him so anybody was only good on two things will have to be sacrificed say he’s only good on Jax and will have to get rid of him sorry buddy money is tight okay and who else can we get rid of see this guy’s only got this so he swap him with somebody who can do the job a bit better than him and then fire him okay we give him one more dress and then we’ll decide okay that went yeah absolutely worried about the money yep if money is a big problem we’ll try and not spend next year as well try and save money factory stuff Idol hair okay see we will get about fifty million for the end of the season we’ll try and not spend all of it on the car and we’ll try and stay positive next season so hopefully that should be okay Nicola is back for my story neck we’d like to take some of Nikolai’s time foreigner is that okay he will reimburse you for the cost our money is tight we’ll take whatever we get seriously thank you thank you we’ll take the money only 100k if it’s more or less that bad we’ll probably leave him okay so Sydney it is and they’re saying is 40% chance of rain but I don’t think so so tenth or above tire selection high tire wear so we’ll probably focus more on the mediums 27 laps I think we can do two stints on the mediums you that thing the lab is a bit longer here why we should still be able to get two attempts in qualifying you you okay I think this is the right balance so even if you need the sort for one stent or something we have that and even if we need super cells we have that so I think this is about as good as can be expected yeah next season we’ll really have to keep an eye on the finances this season we spend about thirty to something around there on the car next season what I’ll do is I’ll spend about closer to forty can try to have like five six million in spare and use that for building parts he’ll try not going to negative because it spirals out of hand very quickly and also with the sponsors what I try to do is just keep selecting people with the better starts like the highest our sponsors even if they are not paying us enough money that improves the marketability and that in turn results in us getting better per race sponsors like people who pay fixed amounts per race if you can get four hundred thousand five hundred thousand for that then we’ll be in business we will be losing out money on the race finishes but what can you do I can’t have everything so first we start with the way it’s dripping so this is crucial so we’ll go 75 engine is useful so we’ll stay at 70 brakes will go at 60 reliability of T from raring they’ll go at 60 gearbox will go 79 and suspension will go 60 same to the other car 68 T we can go 75 60 60 70 to 75 okay that’s fine okay so Cristiano and Marlene God setup let’s see if we have something from last year don’t remember how well we did here now we did badly if I’m not mistaken and we have a lot of setups for Yokohama and let’s delete the ones from 23 because we did not save it this year at least we

did not come up with the naming scheme that we are using now so we have four setups we’ll use these for next season then we’ll take it this so where is Sidney Sidney okay what three what Cristiano Cristiano Marlene so this is Cristiano I believe are we looking at Cristiano when you’re looking at one lean so Marlene so I only have one komali so just pick that it’s already looking a bit – okay that should be it 19 to 21 laps so this is a 27 lap race so if we can get 19 to 21 on the hard we could do two stints on the soft actually but we don’t have two sets you do medium and soft that makes more sense like everything sto no Sydney which one would be the better order less aggressive on the wings is probably what we need okay this time it seems the speed balance doesn’t need to be that short and the tire situation he’ll get 18 to 20 so let’s say get 16 so another 11 yeah I think he’ll be fine even him okay cars have been set up for practice and I’ll see you after practice welcome back pretty uneventful practice session we got to excellence and a great on both the cars one missed out on handling and the other missed out on downforce level threes on the two tires so super soft sand mediums and level threes on the race and qualifying trim so yeah pretty uneventful no rain or anything like that so let’s see if we can do something in qualifying now what I’m worried about is that the Panthers are also quicker than us and maybe even the Windsors are faster at this point so we may have a hard time holding on to fourth and Sydney is a very interesting track when it rains we do well here but now we had a better setup for him so yeah when it rains it’s good but when it’s dry is not something that suits our car because we need a good front wing although we have a good front wing this time apparently everybody does okay so we’ll wait a bit and then he’ll send them out okay I think this is sort of the best we can do Etsuko Kristiana we’ll wait a bit more we’re trying to give him some clear track now that think this is about as clear a track as we can give him oh yes stay away from bourguignon just step back because hopefully when he starts his lap there won’t be anybody coming out of the pits see surah kahf has just got car number 20 in front of him hopefully this isn’t affecting his times too much s Tiano has got car number one in front why is boring in you in car number one historic opera is definitely getting compromised 1.4 of the pace I don’t know if that’s good or bad CDI villa and barton and both are quicker yeah so my guess was right and Cristiano 1.7 off the pace yeah if you’re lucky we might hold on to mind if we are lucky yeah so if 9th and 12th if it says like this I think that’s okay I guess okay so Rico maybe it looks quite clear so maybe head out Kristiana we’ll just give sandy Molitor the last moment the Contras candy more silikov should have a clear track and so should Cristiano actually we might have actually managed to get them in a clear track yet surah kahf has a very clear track in front of him surah kahf we need to improve body Cristiano same for you nobody in front of you nobody to mess up your times just try your best see surah

kahf is not improving in the first sector new tyres clear track and still no improvement near what the hell is wrong with these guys no improvement he’s actually dropped nine and thirteen yeah you’re right to be swearing clear track grip on track new tires yeah I don’t really know what we did wrong there by anyway at least we hit our sponsor targets so we get some money coming in and yeah realistically point or two is probably what we’ll expect you know the ad I don’t think we can get any better than this medium made him oh it’s very cold so we will have to push on the tires to get heat as well if you keep pushing the tire then will not get many laps out of this okay let’s just worry about that later okay yeah 15 is I think what we managed with the strategy you will go really aggressive the reason why I’m doing this is it’s just to call two degrees so temperatures and medium tires take longer to heat up as well so but the problem with attacking is they increase the chance of crashing so very risky but what can you do I think the frontrunners might be in a good position okay good start good start the stone crash digressive start Cristiano is in traffic so just buddy don’t crash somebody went wide okay now the Racine is are coming obviously they are much faster and all or faster tires as well I’m just doing this to get heat into the tires okay maybe push on the fuel as well and maybe he’s up on the tires a bit and push on the fuel it is good to just see if you can stay close to these guys because they are on faster tires so staying close to them is a good performance and we can also stay out longer we just don’t crash we are fighting the Panthers basically trying to make sure they don’t score too many points more than us like if we can score more points than them that would be excellent so so recoveries behind Parthenon and Dia Villa is ahead of Cristiano so both the Panthers are ahead of us yeah he’s not getting out of the way you need to get past him they stay close because he’s on the super sauce they will pit sooner and then they’ll go on the mediums we can either go on the softs or go another set of mediums and push more because I’m thinking maybe the mediums are better because we can be more aggressive more of the time super sauce they will they’ll heat up a bit quicker but they’ll also wear out quicker if we push them see Hamilton and Schmidt are also quite close but they are also soft a tie so faster tires so our job is to just hold them as long as possible so they wear out their tires and pit so they will be out of the game then but we need to make sure they don’t get ahead of us CDR villa is in the points now having gone passionate no rain they said 40% but I’m not sure yeah I can see you’re struggling but he has faster tires so our engine and gearbox are the worst so it seems that it is very very important to have good engines no matter what they say so next season I think at the start we will just invest in gearboxes and engines we have invested in ok somebody crashed who crashed on our couch I believe so we are in lap 7 we can’t pay – too early we’ll just save up the fuel maybe he’s up a bit on the tires as well the stars need to be cooled ok one of the red cars has crashed so one of the frontrunners lap 7 if they had crashed around say 14 15 there would have worked out perfectly for a spot I think for now this is ok I guess see Hamilton is pitting why is he

pitting this would put put him at the back or maybe not because there is a bit of a gap let’s see where he comes out because I need to understand how the safety car works because that’s one thing that I’m not really good at they did not lose a lot by pitting maybe we should have pitted bys was too early and see if if you had gone now we would have ended up with two stops which I don’t don’t want come on get closer to the front on us come on come on yes Cristiano joined the party come on so yeah Hashimoto and I think Hamilton know Hamilton and somebody else pitted with with him Hashimoto probably here so now the thing is and those guys will have to pit again because they’ve gone onto the soft styles so they will get ahead so they are clearly going for two stops and they might have been if they were but they were on super soft so know they were on socks the yellow tires yeah I don’t know what strategy they are working with but we should focus on our own wrists temps are dropping so we’ll have to push the temperatures again this might make it easier for us to switch onto the super sauce no the sauce yeah I keep mixing the tiles up the yellow was basically a safety car we’ll go inside so we have to get ready to charge now charging on the fuel or charging on the top I think charging on the tire makes more sense I don’t want to risk see surah kahf has got people on faster ties in front so his job is to hold off Schmidt and Schmidt might fit anyway Cristiano has to make sure Parton and doesn’t get past him okay safety guard is almost in the pit and yeah attack let’s see what happens please don’t crash see the red car has gone past Cristiano is fighting as well by his losing speed he’s losing places is losing places he’s lost to Hashimoto which is okay I guess not to worry not a bad thing because Hashimoto is faster on a faster tire in a faster car so that is fine surah kahf you can push on the fuel to stay ahead of Hashimoto if you can yeah I’m so worried about crashing that I can’t really ask them to push on the tires too much Hashimoto is on the soft soft so she will pit and she’ll pit again so I think we should probably not worry too much about her with crystianna we should start thinking about beating him seedy Avila is on him it push a bit on the tires see seventh place schmidt is pitting okay come on Schmidt is making it worse for us okay come on clear track try and see if you can stay ahead you know okay back off back off sonic off is doing fine is going serenely and fifth not selling me is what Hashimoto already but we were not expected to be this high up anyway so this is good now the longer we can hold on he stars are going he stars again okay I think we’ll pit him and we’ll give him another set of mediums because we need another 14 laps 14 including this he is he’ll struggle so yeah medium it is sorry cough if you can see out one more lap we can put him on the mediums on the sauce maybe back off on the tires come on people good pitstop needed no mistakes please good job good job okay he’s worried about tires so yeah will fit him as well I still holding on to fourth now 13 laps remaining this might be tight but let’s give it a try would be a big risk but we may need to be risky to get something out of this keep Hashimoto behind until the pits not bad good job Oh safety car oh this might work out perfectly does it no I don’t know

Oh is Cristiano is crushed over the Lord seriously Cristiano what the hell is wrong with you I did not even pay attention I was just so happy to see a safety girl I thought this might work out for us and it’s early Christian why can’t he drive in Australia he crashed last season as well if you guys remember we’ll save the fuel Surikov get close to the frontrunners they are all in the pits and they took advantage of the quick safety God he’s only managed to get up one place yeah the frontrunners really so the Kristiana really helped on the front famous sheep are turnin in seven dia Villa might have to pit but he’s on the mediums he might not have to so at least try and get close to him and then we can push everything was going so well for him and he crashed maybe won’t even one overtake mode I am seriously tempted to consider giving Marlene the race seat or maybe start looking for other drivers because we mess up his race sometimes and then he just decides to crash in others so yeah what what are we supposed to do safety guard is heading in yeah I saw Surikov coming out and safety god I thought good he might have just been today’s might work out and then I looked over at Chris Chiara and I saw crashed seriously he has cost us a few points here and I hope surah kahf doesn’t do what he did in Australia in Portugal when he completely messed up the restart as he is in a good position here his record was ready to attack that’s too early yeah we are going aggressive he might crash as well who knows and notarized buddy please don’t crash get the tires up to his temperature and don’t act come on please don’t let these slower cars get past few man is not listening yeah I can see you are struggling to let struggling to hold on to your place basically come on come on inside inside come on you are on aggressive fuel mode everything is aggressive here he’s having a hard time with CS Finster racing both the Panthers have gone on medium tires he’s on faster tires as well and he’s chewing up the tires and he’s having a hard time with ya Berkman is obviously going to get past him yeah again another disastrous weekend see even people who have pitted twice are in a better position than us somehow I mean the frontrunners are so much faster they can fit even more if they wanted stay with them stay with them yes showing some signs of life oh yeah the guy behind you is just oh my god these guys are just so close they’ll hit each other the two white cars on the Windsors they are now causing a small problems oh wow that’s good that’s good here seventh place de ávila Bergman partner come on just just keep this guy behind you okay he’s managed to get past part in him good good one Panther down see if you can get the other one as well we may run out of fuel here we have a lot of fuel should we go even more aggressive we may run out of tires who knows okay let’s just go for it yeah I rarely use this overtake option well you’ve had safety car so maybe we might have saved opportunity come on buddy we have the worst engine we can see that clearly yeah you can use overtake I’ve just told you to come on come on yes the red job swerve great job see the

frontrunners are also very thin on that tire so this is fine this is fine come on Circle this has been a great performance don’t mess it up now Bergman might be slowing down as well their tires are really gone we are being aggressive on the tires and the few temperatures are good finally the Birdman is still two three seconds ahead yeah we’re not going to catch Birdman or Hashimoto for that matter but these tires completely will go off very very easily oh come on brilliant brilliant surah kahf what a performance great job Wow we were at one point after the pit lane we were looking 10th was hard looking hard and now he’s managed to get fifth great performance great comeback as well dodgy neck and I don’t know if Cristiano actually helped out sort off in the end maybe crash deliberately who very intense for a handful of coins but we overtook up and two Panthers and a Kotaro so actually the strategy worked out much better than I thought safety car gave us some fuel that we could push who where was a test and Bergman also got a yeah no wonder they were doing so well they’re using dodgy parts but we did the hard work on the anyway we’re happy with that 10 points this was a hard this was we worked really hard for these checkpoints Oh so 108 the 19 ahead ok not bad three races to go Wow whoo you have yeah he has done this was this probably this was better than his performance in Russia where he won the race yeah I knew that the soft eyes they go off very quickly and you can see that Bergman at the last corner pretty much the Tarsus gave up the rear trestle I’m really happy with that and I don’t really know what’s going on with Cristiano he scratched in Australia two seasons in a row and we weren’t even on overtake or anything so yeah let’s see he’s a specialist at this track Brazil so hopefully he can redeem himself a bit because I’m really tempted to give Marlene the race seat even though she is lacking a bit Iran is a contract running out three months for both of them we might all three of them are should we start scouting should we his 28 to recover his 30 and let’s just start thinking about this his smoothness has always been a problem he’s good on overtaking but he’s not consistent the main two problems with him are smoothness and consistency with Marlene is tapas that she’s good old smoothness and consistency and she is weak on everything else tempted I think what we’ll do is yeah okay I’ll do that in the next one what I’ll do is I’ll come back and start scouting some test drivers and maybe consider giving Marly in the red seat because we need to save some money as well so Marlene she will be cheaper to hold on and with Cristiano we are probably paying him a bit more than Marlene definitely and we can hire somebody young upcoming driver as a reserve it could smoothness hopefully and yeah we’ll have three smooth drivers that will also help us with our strategy and yeah this is pretty much unless he turns this around Cristiano man wins the race or something I think yeah I think we might let him go so anyway thank you for watching interesting race not great overall but still very exciting for me at least and if you enjoyed it thank you for watching see you in the next one