Marble Race Tournament 2 (Team Racing)

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Marble Race Tournament 2 (Team Racing)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another marble elimination race. This time we’re not doing brackets; we are doing we are doing a team racing game. You can kind of see back here the brackets. By the way, we have a new marble race track set. This is the, um, Pipeline by Meland… something Got me an extra four funnels because last time there what I felt like there weren’t enough funnels. There’s a marble in the end section right here for some reason. I don’t know why but there is. I’m just gonna throw it away. stuck. Um, these are the marbles. I don’t know what this is doing over here. But, yeah, this is going to be like a funnel competition, funnel spinning stuff. So, now that I’ve shown you the track, without further ado, let me show you the marbles. These are the teams that are competing in today’s race. You may have seen them in the past minute and a half so if you have I apologize for cutting the video. So, the teams names from top to bottom respectively are: Lava, Sun, Aqua, Snowball, Nature, Universe, Ocean, Fire, Caramel, and Leaf. So, the way this team racing will work is each round, one of the five team members will go down the track here. Yeah, let me put an extra hand on it. Um, sorry about that Oops Lost my balance. Yeah, each time, each race one of the team members will go down the track. Six of them, six of the, six, of six, BLAH! The top six marbles, sorry about that The top six marbles will stay and the bottom four will be eliminated, and it will continue like that until each… until one team is eliminated, and once one team is eliminated, it’ll be six and then three, top six, bottom three, and once another team is eliminated, it’ll be top four, bottom.. Top five, bottom four, so you can kind of see the pattern going here Without further ado, let’s begin the race You can see I’m gathering the.. these are the team leaders. Each of the other ones are the team members. So, without further ado, we will begin the first race. Let me make sure it’s in the right spot. Okay, we’ll begin the first re.. oops, the first race 3, 2, 1, Go! Sorry, have sweaty hands right now They’re beginning the ra.. ooh. Got stuck there Let me get them going. All right, they are now in the first funnel. Part of the Aqua team now comin’ in All right. Already getting on into the third funnel, you can see here. Three now, comin’ down. You can see them going into the fourth funnel. [Marbles going down stairsteps] We are now entering the second to last funnel [More marble noises] Remember, it’s the top six that move on. [More marble noises] You can see Snowball’s gonna make it. Now, just the question is, who’s gonna be in the bottom four? Alright, so the rest are eliminated See them now coming in. I mean coming in now. Okay, so one.. so one team member of the Ocean team, Aqua team, Lava team, and

Caramel team has been eliminated So, let’s now gather the marbles for the Let’s gather the marbles now. I’ll be right back. Alright, these are the standings of the first race. You can see those are the extra marbles. Lava, Aqua, Ocean, and Caramel now have four marbles remaining Let’s get the… Oops, be right back, again Alright, the marbles are ready for the second race, so we’ll begin in 3, 2, 1, go all right there now all in the first thing rather move it on to the second fuddle the drop it down pretty quickly you see a log over there Russia through the third funnel getting visas very low I’m gonna pardon you’ll right here so it’s hard to get it’s hard to get a pretty good view of it sorry I’m never mind we just hold the camera better there are no finishing the course all right the last of the market all right the rest of the marbles are eliminated sorry about that probably doing my legs right there if I was I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was holding the camera right these marbles are eliminated sorry didn’t melt legs again all right so the second race is now over lava ocean and caramel only have three marbles left but Sun was that team snowball nature universe and sorry and fire have still have a full team let me now get the marbles up for the next race all right now that we had the marbles up we will begin the next race in three two one now the marbles on the first corner what’s written let’s watch six of them now do them for all right this is the so we’re now on the velocity that’s five bucks all right last three bottles we have our first novel first two novels those three marbles in the last one you see there are still two up there which means they will most likely be eliminated unless something happens that’s a Morocco’s but that’s not at the met the rest of the marbles are eliminated

all right bless marbles not finishing these marbles are eliminated all right now that the third race is over we have the standings lava excuse me ocean and param L if they don’t finish in the top six and they will be in danger of elimination all right the fourth race is now underway or I thought it was right we’re now in the first funnel and second funnel it seems it it seems to happen then when I say they’re in one civic well they just move on to the next one it’s safe we can already deter we can maybe already determine who’s going to be eliminated only meet this back on the is only on the third funnel no snowballing caramel are now in the fifth bottle looks like a couple others to join them hello wins the battle – they’ve lost funnel will he be the first one to finish or will someone ever take them looks like he will be the first one to finish or will he oh yes you will looks like Suns trying to cats up but he doesn’t need a touchup he looks like he’s already gonna advanced on marble the three Marv is it a funny alright the rest of the marbles are eliminated it’s like food looks like we have some baubles or didn’t really need these are the marbles that are eliminated be right back looks like we can determine whom well who might be eliminated first ocean if OSHA doesn’t finish at the top six then T motion will be eliminated race 5 is now upon us all right the marbles are now entering the second photo oval the stickers are now entering the third funnel Lisa’s go back in the I really like the staircase looks like it’s like snowball got tripped up go did universe all right let’s it caramel help them you already have nature and Sun in the third and the second last one don’t love it as well except team motion doesn’t want to get illuminated leap now now just coming out of the third floor lava taking the first foot Oh second place nature’s in first looks like rocks are falling behind looks like the color marbles are gonna finish first okay looks like Team Ocean is falling behind them they don’t want to be eliminated this would be a huge embarrassment for them if they lose out this early on rolling in the sixth race another yeah we’re only in the fifth race at race and harbors are eliminated I don’t really know need to know he’s gonna finish last dirty do all right be right back all right after the fifth race it looks like aqua I mean sorry

ocean I saved itself from elimination it looks like Leif is known the danger is now in danger as well let’s see what the the of the six race brings us sorry having trouble with grammar stop right now oops all right so the six race is now upon us Oh aqua we’re already getting into the second funnel let’s take her up into the third funnel all right here we go the third funnel Oh son makes a nice hit on nature that makes it counted it when she’s not going in there beneath the yellow one the separate yellow fuck the first yellow for ocean trend doesn’t want to be eliminated you can see is intense overtake everybody like nature gets to the fifth one will first follow behind crying snowball that son Oh caramel takes the lead to the final corner followed by nature nature is very intent on keeping a full team right now he doesn’t have a 14 that’s it but to the rest of the marbles are eliminated back tastes getting stuff into the marbles that are staying I don’t know what but it looked like t motion wanted to get eliminated I don’t know why but T motion is definitely eliminated all right and after six embarrassing rounds excuse me t motion and team leaf are eliminated we just had a double elimination so that means the top five teams yes the top note stars the top four teams the top and sorry the top four marbles stay on the bottom three sorry I was thinking the bottom three I mean I’m just count one two three four sorry sorry the top five stay and the bottom three leave so we will now bring the marbles up for the next round univ team universe is in danger of elimination and caramels they do not end lava if they do not finish in the top five all right seventh great so let’s go here you go kind of a hard beginning in nature kind of getting stuck there but they do want to keep a full team right full for members I guess feeling old now going into the third funnel looks like snowball they’re having trouble but they do have a little bit of but they do have some spare marbles after this caramel so if you see jiggly mess of the camera I already said that but I’m sorry about that looks like there’s gonna be lava reaches the final funnel first many of you in the audience or keep an eye watching this video please don’t start singing the final can done I dare you singing the final countdown over Karen often seen it all the rest oh wait wait man via CBS the

booth all right there marbles advancing yes they’re eliminated all right so now that the who’s that the seventh race is over the only team in danger of elimination right now is the universe so we will bring the marbles up for the next round once again if universe doesn’t finish in the top five their team will be his team will be eliminated so now let’s begin the eighth race Sun got stuck there this would be a wonderful opportunity for another team to capture Lucy we’re now entering the third funnel right now well not like now now like now now now if you know what I mean now in the third bubble I can’t speak today I’m having a problem with my words no we’re going to school I’ll stay enough oh well looks like I have snowball in nature moving on to the sorry this may be a longer video than last time apologize that this video is cutting my path that’s my bug does something weird is the first five to finish it it’s one two three four five so the rest are eliminated you see the ones that are eliminated on the top alright so after the eighth race lava universe and now caramel are in danger of elimination you’re going to begin the ninth round soon it’s like a movie trailer it’s like for example when I’m recording this Han Solo Star Wars stories coming out tomorrow so that means today’s Thursday mmm as I’m recording this leave uh leave a comment down below by the way if you if you’re going to see the solo movie I don’t I’m not really thinking about saying it but I’m sorry to you Star Wars fans who are like what or like got to see the movie that I just not a very big fan of Star Wars if you wanna me me not everyone has to be a fan of the same thing don’t start look don’t start like hate comments in the comment section the truth not everyone has to like the same thing alright we’re now into the last the second to last funnel so you know I’m sitting I’m not sitting right here sitting right here we’re in the last funnel now it’s like we have flame and aqua and the last oh you EV are deciding five marbles in the last funnel let’s see who will move on the tickets aqua flame lava nature and ooh caramel last three are eliminated as usual I don’t know why it took so long to stop rolling alright after that race we have had an elimination team universe has been eliminated but that law right spot alright so we are now ready for Round four race ten if any of you even

haven’t been staying this long comment down in the comment down in the comment section and I’ll probably you know mostly we love it not love it but like favorite it you know I mean alright so we will begin tenth race and three two one no balls right now into the second first and second funnels now moving into the claret funnel being nature’s fuck up there I think this is an OK view alright so looks like aqua is gonna go first into the second-to-last nevermind we’re already in the second to last one oh no I think ID said that it looks like it’s gonna be caramel it takes it first into the last one oh oh no no it’s aqua to my surprise it’s actually someone different they’re not then nature like we already have our first finishers oh by the way I didn’t mention but the top four are staying on the bottom three arms we have seven right I don’t know what’s going on right now hold on sorry about that but the previous race has just been aborted because of confusion with the marbles because there was more there were like a bunch of marbles on the course so I apologize if any of the standings are different it should have seven marbles yep I just counted we have seven marbles so let’s retry the 10th race in three two one sorry about that jerk in the camera right now I’m in a bad place to be filming right now Paul just if I fall over or something also I have zoomed in the lens it’s like these ones are gonna be eliminated we’re trying to it’s like you’re trying to best to be a happy fun your best to be able me nature is like always it’s forced into the little sucker the last funnel we’re now into the second last bottle nature’s first into the last bottle no one has fold up no one has pulled off a victory yet and such nature takes first like always