Svarthålet Racing at Speed Weekend on Ice 2016

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Svarthålet Racing at Speed Weekend on Ice 2016

Hi mom! Day 1 – Friday You better build up some speed to get it through safety inspection Mobacken Racing (Speaker): As they say: You are what you have between your legs Svarthålet Racing (Speaker): As I understand, you built a completely new engine for this event

(Linus): That is correct (Speaker): How much larger is it? About 20% more thrust (Speaker): So I assume that means about 20% increase of top speed? Probably less. Our hope is to reach 200 km/h (125 mph) (Speaker): 200 km/h is a goal you have had for a while (Speaker): How close have you been to reaching it? We reached 183 km/h last year (Speaker): Just a little more throttle then (Speaker): Du you have a throttle by the way? We have a valve which we can adjust a bit (Speaker): Can the valve be opened more? Absolutely! And crouch more to make ourselves even smaller (Speaker): Or get a smaller and lighter pilot (Speaker): One of the girls of the crew maybe!? (Speaker): It can then be marketed as driven by women only when put up for sale (Speaker): “Only used for Sunday church commute and Speed Weekend” (Speaker): What’s the mileage? 10 – 20 km maybe (6 – 12 miles) (Speaker): As good as new then! Yes, hardly broken in We already blew two engines (Speaker): How is that even possible, they have almost no moving parts? (Speaker): Did they crack? They get red hot from the pulsating combustion (Speaker): How do you deflect the heat? We have heat shields to protect from heat radiation and then we keep our fingers crossed Last year, my brother’s MC pants got fused together with the chassis so we got some better stuff this year (Sponsored by fire department of Krokom) (Speaker): So there is no doubt it gets hot. Do you know how hot? Not really (Speaker): Quite hot, that’s it (Speaker): What are your goals right now beside going 200 km/h? We’ll just take it step by step My brother (Jim) is driving today (Speaker): What is your feeling about the new engine? (Looks at Jim) (Speaker): Thumbs up! 200 km/h is getting closer! (Speaker): Thank you Svarthålet Racing for this brief chat (Speaker): Good luck! Varberg Racing (Speaker): Linus, Jim, Lars-Erik and the entire crew of Svarthålet Racing are getting ready for the last run of the day (Speaker): Cover your ears! (Speaker): 218.97 km/h in speed! A big applause for Svarthålet!

(Speaker): Now that you have finally reached 200, what will you do now? (Lars-Erik): We’ll go for 220 km/h then! (Speaker): 220 it is. Congratulations! (Speaker): Wonderful! Congratulations to Svarthålet Racing (Speaker): 220, isn’t that a bit too moderate? They should go for 250! (Speaker): Coming up: Christer Nilsson Head cook of the Svarthålet Racing crew (Speaker): He made one of the best soups I’ve ever had last year (Speaker): Last run for today: Alx Danielsson with his Dodge Charger Hellcat (Speaker): Last car out on day one of Speed Weekend 2016 (Speaker): I tell you, the guys of Svarthålet Racing are a lot more talkative after a few beer (Speaker 2): They are definitely no numbskulls… ♪ (Deep Purple – Black Night) ♪ Day 2 – Saturday

(Speaker): Pulse jet sled coming up (Speaker): Hi, who are you? I’m Lina (Speaker): And you have brought something with you? I am a member of the Svarthålet Racing crew (Speaker): Yesterday you invited us for some coffee in your pit (Speaker): …something called Lämmelkaffe And my question to you is: What is it? It’s dark roasted ecological boiled coffee Preferably made over open fire (Speaker): Ecological coffee made over open fire! (Lina): I wish to add that Svarthålet Racing is now on Instagram You are free to follow us ‘svarthaletracing’ Feel free to tag us (Speaker): So, when are you making next run? (Lina): We are lined up right now We’ll run when you want us to,

(Speaker): How nice! (Cheap pick up line) (Speaker): Good luck. You made a nice record yesterday (Lina): Indeed, it was amazing! We are looking forward to see how this goes (Speaker): Good luck, and thanks for the coffee! (Speakers small talking, praising the coffee) (Speaker): Nice weather, there are hamburgers to buy (Speaker): Erik Barksäter just had an in speed of 149 km/h on his go-cart! (Speaker): Anders Johansson, Mobacken Racing (Speaker): You wanted to explain why your twin turbine kick sled is struggling (Anders): We lost oil pressure, but we have found the cause of that (Anders): The oil pump motor got choked by the wind as speed increased (Anders): Duct tape solves everything! (Speaker): So you are up for another run soon? (Anders): Full Pull coming! (Speaker): Let’s hope for a record. You heard Svarthålet did 241 km/h? (Anders): Must be a measurement error! (Speaker): Now it’s your turn to beat your record by 60 km/h! (Anders): We did 139 km/h yesterday and there is a lot more to give (Speaker): So you aim for 150 km/h? (Anders): At least! (Speaker): At least 150. Perfect Good luck! (Speaker): Svarthålet sound their alarm again. Put your fingers in your ears children first! Take dogs and other pets far away from here (Speaker 2): They have already made a few pretty good runs?! (Speaker): They smashed their old record with incredible 241.9 km/h (150 mph) (Speaker): And yesterday they told us they aimed for 220 km/h (Speaker): So 250 km/h sounds reasonable now then (Speaker): Very spectacular, and very noisy Cover your ears and enjoy! (Speaker): That’s how a pulse jet should sound!

(Speaker 2): The whole thing is just unreal (Speaker): At this point, where he gets into position over the afterburner what is he thinking? (Speaker 2): Does he really think at all? (Speaker 1): I doubt it! (Speaker): Checking the oil pressure (Speaker): There is a piston engine powering the pumps (Speaker): Now we are talking, several guys holding the sled (Speaker): Something happened Low oil pressure perhaps (Speaker): The black smoke usually means you should immediately abort (Lotta): Best entertainment ever!

♪ (Cornelis Vreeswijk – Mördar-Anders) ♪ ♪ This is my farewell song, farewell song ♪ ♪ This is my farewell song, farewell song ♪ ♪ This is my farewell song, soon the executioner’s axe gets red ♪ ♪ Nothing to do about it, hell no! ♪ (Lotta): I have a chili plant named “Hot banana” (Jim): Googling that would probably not be a good idea (Lotta): I already learnt that (Jim): Lots of weiners? (Lotta): Yes. I just wanted to know when to harvest it (Lotta): I was like: “that is no chili!”