The Queen Of Racing? | Ep. #5 SPECIAL FANS ♥ | Transformice

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The Queen Of Racing? | Ep. #5 SPECIAL FANS ♥ | Transformice

Hey guys, it’s Kimberlly (and Aeon) And this is the fifth episode of the best serie in the world, Queen of Racing! If you lost any episode, take a look in the channel and you’ll find them Guys You have to forgive me but we couldn’t bring Zangw to this episode, again I thought he was in vacation but he isn’t and the episode had to be recorded today I hope you will like, it will be very cool I hope so I never know what to say at the beggining Say what you have to say I wanted to say that I am sick So if my voice is ugly Poor you What did I do? Can you please explain the map, teacher? You were talking So explain to me, for the people that are watching, at least for them Fuck, look at this guy Go back to the start Damn… You look very cool Is it a penguin? Yeah he is! A penguin with badass blue sunglasses This guy Is very cool So guys, I wanted to tell you, that Irwin and me, we had an idea, that While we are recording The Queen of Racing, if you want to send your questions, right Irwin? Like, I always activate my whispers you know, when we are recording So you can appear in the video too, and we can interact with you sometimes So if you want to send us your questions Like, things you get curious about Yeah I think it’s a good opportunity To ask your questions A good opportunity for you to appear in the video and get answered Your questions I don’t like this map Look at this, everyone does it except me Why did you go to the right here, at the ice? What do you mean? You went right You went right for a few seconds Because I wanted to take all the ice I know, but Just keep going left, you will take all the ice anyway This guy here is very nervous Look at what he said But it’s because People are complaining a lot about the noise of my keyboard, so I am trying To not answer too much while I record, so you don’t hear that sound, like For you guys Don’t jump between the ices Just run No, just run What do you mean? Just run between the ices, you don’t need to jump Yeah like this, it’s faster So I wanted to share with you my collection of Furs! Furs. Now I almost have them all guys Only this one is left Buy it No it’s ugly! (Buy, it’s the last one!) But it’s ugly! (But it’s the last one!) Only this one I think that of all the furs here, I only bought two of them, the rest someone gave to me It’s ugly Okay so someone, please gift this fur to Kimberlly Yes I’m accepting She will be very happy I will be I will be the happiest person in the world because, it will be finished I don’t have excuses today guys, I am playing bad because I am really bad It is not because of Betinho this time Betinho is gone, I wanted to talk to you, guys I already told people, but I got an other fish We replaced him His aquarium was empty It was very sad Every day I woke up and his aquarium was here Empty, dirty, I was too lazy to clean it So now we have a red betta fish Yes and his name is Rouge Rouge* Rouge? Hit the corner of the ice, very important And jump directly Go directly to the chocolate And go from this tramp to the hole Almost! I could do it! But here you don’t have to go right you can directly go to this chocolate here After this tramp you can directly go to this chocolate Damn, look at this guy! Look this one My God I have to tell him *Writing* You are pretty beautiful like this

This one is the best The badass penguin He isn’t a penguin. Oh, no, he is Damn, only cool people by my side Look this guy, all in black, with black badass sunglasses This one is a penguin, with yellow Goku hair, and And blue sunglasses Zica (*Something very cool*) You need to train your walljump You need to never fail it It’s very important to never fail it This room has 40 mice You want to change? Pause to answer some poeple… Let’s see if there are some interesting things here *Reading* Can I be your child? *Reading* Adopt and love me… Okay I don’t want a child I don’t want a child. (Why not?) No, I don’t want. (He will be good, he can clean the house for us) It’s very annoying to have a child You have to take care of him everyday You don’t have time for yourself anymore We can’t have sex anymore It’s annoying Kina (*corner jump*) this ice Go to this ice here And very important, kina this ice No, you can take your time, like Go on this ice, jump again, and… You understand what I mean? Look I do everything wrong You were first So, I’m thinking, like If with 40 mice I almost first It’s good. (It means that I’m not so bad) Guys, I love to play with you… I love you more than everything in this life, but If I don’t play with “Sônica” I’m not lucky And I need alot of luck because when it comes to ability, I have none, 0 ability Just kidding This map is very cool Let’s see, let’s answer Some people The map didn’t start yet *Reading* I’m very sad with you My God! *Writing* Why are you sad? A psychopath (*Writing* Don’t be sad) So, for those who were complaining about my old avatar I’ve put Peppa Pig avatar now You can’t complain about it Saying that I’m not with Jesus, of course I am The peace of the lord Nothing satanic in this picture now You can’t complain about Peppa Pig I want to see if people will complain It’s the most pure thing in the world Yeah, every child watches Peppa Pig Which music do you like? I listen to this, it’s very “grown-up” She, she, she sits on the white dick She sits on the black dick She, she, she sits on the white dick She sits on the black dick She wants two pussies to sit at the same time on the white and on the black She wants two pussies, two pussies Leave your like for Peppa Pig because now I’m with Jesus and Irwin will be soon I hope so Jump Where? (To the right) You don’t tell me anything (What did you want to do?) You don’t tell me anything No, seriously, what did you think? What is this? Jamaica’s flag? Why did you jump to the left? What did you want to do? (I don’t know, I’m confused, I’m tired) Okay, I’ll take the mouse now But you don’t like when I take the mouse Wait, I’ll try to concentrate *Trying to concentrate* I did… Just kidding I’m fucked up today Not fucked up, I’m… Tired Because now I’m with God I don’t say ugly words anymore, I just say words that are, in the worst case, rudes I don’t say ugly words anymore Because lord Jesus doesn’t like these ugly things 46 mice, My God! Júlia, the star Shut up, boy Soon I’ll slap your face and you won’t know why I’ll change room again (You’re more famous than me now) Shut up, boy I’ll go to Racing 12, because there’s nobody And that’s good, when there’s nobody You are first *Reading* Hi, do you want to be my friend? *Writing* I want *Writing* Let’s be friends Things between brazilians Brazilians and brazilians, brazilians are brazilians and that’s all

Brazilians are weird Honey, why are you talking shit? Because they’ll lose the tournament Poor you Poor you. I’m the queen and I am brazilian, so you respect my people Jump Try to go up here Okay, you couldn’t. But you saw what this guy did? Try to do the same. (Hmmm so so) No, don’t jump I love when you say that you guys love me *Writing* I love you too! (No, only I love you) In fact, I love you all… I love all my rabbits I call “rabbit” people that watch the serie and who likes me, they are my rabbits You can be white, you can be black, you can be yellow If you watch my videos and you appreciate me, I love you And Irwin too… And you are a rabbit (Of course) Official rabbits The room had only 12 mice, Irwin You don’t understand How can I play like this? Guys, please I need to play in a room with 9 mice to be able to first Look this shit I never try it I did! I fell… :/ Let’s see the cool people in the room There’s one here that is black with Goku hair Congratulations, Ternam is his nickname Congratulations, Ternam! If you are watching this video you’re very cool *Writing* You are beautiful It seems he knew we were talking about him This one Where? I can’t see anything Look this one, Guerreirolx Black with pink sunglasses, it seems like a “funkeiro” (*Search on Google*) It seems like “funkeiros” from São Paulo. Just kidding Let me see other cool people. *Trying to read his nickname* I don’t know how to read your nickname but you’re also cool *Writing* There are only beautiful people in this room, I liked to see that *Writing* You guys want to dance to appear in the video? The dance of rabbits Dance of brazilian rabbits. Because it’s “zika” here (*Favelas language*) I don’t even know what I’m talking about O bagulho é doido! (*Favelas language again*) Go up the ice, don’t touch the wood and kina What did I say? Don’t touch the wood? *Arguing* I’m confused! I’m speaking wrong Speak How can I walljump if I don’t touch the wood? This is the point, don’t walljump Just go up the ice, and slide it You teach me everything wrong Of course not You’re a bad student Only today, today I’m sick *Reading* KIMBERLLY HOT This guy is screaming (It’s very funny) I really wanted to say, that This question here, “did you ever give your pussy to Aeon” it is starting to get boring guys, it isn’t funny I read this and it makes me want to slap your faces Not your faces, only people who asks these questions, because it isn’t funny It isn’t funny Look, guys I was talking with everyone And I didn’t answer 1 PERSON and this person insulted me in every way possible Just because you didn’t answer him? Yes, just because I didn’t answer 1 person guys Poor you I answer everyone You have to answer to 100 people, and if there is only 1 person that you didn’t answer, this person will insult you How do you want me to answer to all this? And after this people will complain in the comments, saying “she doesn’t answer to anyone” What if it was with you, would you stop and answer one by one? Yeah, tell me this Oh my God I’m very tired guys, my eyes are closing I’m yawning But you’re making “Queen of Racing” for your fans I can’t let you guys without a new episode Every saturday, every week, there will be a new one and you have my word 90 mice *Writing* I’m recording the fifth episode for 30 minutes and I still didn’t first

I have to tell them, right? But with 90 mice it is very hard So, I’ll make a room for my 100k cheese It’s already 98k My God I’m like Lylys, it was Irwin who got these cheeses for me I did nothing I’ll change room, okay guys? I hope nothing will happen There will be nobody in this racing, 19 mice I hope nobody will come, because Guys, I need at least 1 first But I have to be honest with you I got some firsts before, but I wasn’t recording I think I only first when I’m not recording Because I put myself under pressure And when I look at you, you don’t like too Like, when we’re recording you have ten thousand people that are looking at you Yes, it makes me nervous guys With these spectators Okay, next map you first I believe in you (Kina here) One, two, three jumps Very fast, you can walljump very fast Go here Almost Is it black magic? Is someone giving me bad luck? I’m nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous Maybe you don’t see it but I feel my mouse very “heavy” Someone give me the link of “rato leve”, please If you use “leve”, send to me in the comments (No, never) Let me explain, let me tell the story My mom bought Betinho, 2 days later she bought 3 fishes She said she bought from a drunk guy that was selling in the “Animal’s store” So, okay Betinho died And everyday I had to feed the other fishes And then I noticed that there was one fish that didn’t let the other eat He kept attacking the other when I gave food Because I think it was two males, and male betta fishes always fight if they are together So I asked my mom because I wanted a fish Now he is here (And he is very happy) Let me read this comment, it seems very nice. By: Vini23 *Reading* Hi, I’m here to say that I’m very fan of your serie with Aeon, watching your videos made me want to play again, I’m not so good but I think I’m learning with your serie. Success for you! I love when you tell me these cute things And thank you very much, Vini It makes me very happy (It makes me very happy too) People like you Make me want to record alot of episodes I like to see comments like this Try to jump just before the ice Ah, okay Júlia the singer (I like this music) I think I’ll not do it, anyway I give up! I’m very happy It was an episode that gave more importance to the fans People showed me that they really like the serie (They all followed you) And I love it, I love you guys so much I don’t like if Irwin loves you, but I love you, I love to talk to you When you guys say that you like me, it makes me so happy I want to say thanks for everything That you’ve made for us Following the serie, commenting, leaving your like, all this makes me very happy Everything you say, everytime you say something nice about the serie It makes me very happy and motivated to continue So, thanks very much guys, you’re the best fans in the world And we’ll continue, I’ll continue teaching Kimberlly and one day she will be the queen I hope! One day I’ll be the queen! Ah, guys, this morning I was playing and there wasn’t so many people in the room

I wasn’t recording, I was just training for today and I wanted to share with you Some maps that I was first I just wanted to share with you, because… I wanted you to see my progress Because right now… It isn’t possible, it is really not possible The mouse is a little “heavy” Please, don’t forget the “rato leve” (Just kidding, of course) Guys, of course it wasn’t the best episode ever but it is very good to have your affection like this If you enjoyed this video, leave your like and tell us what you think Don’t forget to send us your questions, and we’ll answer them in the next episode! I hope you enjoyed and see you in the next episode. I love you guys! <3