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This is a three lap circuit of 180 km that the drivers will have to do but it’s not like a usual circuit each lap becomes more complicated, more gnarly with almost insurmountable obstacles So this is a very complex track where our 450 riders are going to race today They will have to demonstrate strong skills and toughness, this is simply one of the toughest most endurance driven races in the world and you’re going to follow it on your screen Is Graham Jarvis going to keep his title ? or will it be dethroned by Wade Young, Mario Roman, Travis Teasdale or Kevin Gallas this is what we will see now ! Here we go for this 4th 24MX Alestrem A good start for Mario Roman taking the lead in the first downhill he is followed by his Sherco teammate Wade Young another South African is completing the podium this is Travis Teasdale Arriving in this first gully and Travis Teasdale yes in 3rd Here he is Graham Jarvis the Husqvarna rider already 5th, this is starting fast Here is a slightly more complicated part a muddy section with rocks and water and two different paths for the Sherco riders Wade Young taking the right side and takes the lead, Mario Roman taking the left side while Kevin Gallas and Graham Jarvis going on the right side of the track And it’s more complicated for other riders such as Paul Bury or the belgian Matthew Vanoevelen Now It’s time for others riders, pro and hobby to start by row of 20 every 5 minutes you will recognize them throughout the race with black, red and blue number plate on the bikes Ahhh, it’s becoming quickly more tricky for amateurs we can see # 369 Christophe Jean in the middle of the track, completely jamed while the # 111 Romain Taurel is trying to make is way the best he can The # 121 is still trap in this muddy rocky portion Oooh! and Antony Base trying to get out of this mess Anthony Base is really still stuck it’s very troublesome for him he fights with himself, he fights with his bike But obviously it does not work Ahh! finally He used all his strength to get out and there he goes out already exhausted it was very painful for Anthony Base Rocks, rocks last forever for our riders Here at the end of the first lap with Wade Young who leads, tailed by Graham Jarvis

We can see the riders who demonstrate their skills, it’s really nice to see, and there in third another Sherco rider Mario Roman the spaniard who nevertheless was first at the start And it comes out without difficulty for Wade Young as Graham Jarvis who rides extremely high in the turn and it also goes simple for him And we return to the race lead with Wade Young, who is still leading he’s followed by Travis Teasdale he passed Graham Jarvis who’s is currently 3rd the Alestrem title holder who plays with his brakes to perform this downhill It’s beautifully done and then we follow with # 2 Mario Roman Kevin Gallas the leader of the junior super enduro championship And here we arrive at the first big challenge of this second lap, Olah! # 201 Andy Beaucoud throws his motorcycle to pass And now back with the race leaders, on the second lap at the Pontil, we reach a very difficult part of this 24MX Alestrem Wade Young still first just behind Graham Jarvis the Brit’s we thought it was Travis Teasdale, but no Mario Roman takes the right side of the track which completely deviates off the main track and he returns yes! third position good tactical move for Mario Roman also for Kevin Gallas passing Travis Teasdale Travis Teasdale who is now in 5th Here we can see hobby riders in a curvy gully Vincent Laurent who is struggling to get out Oh he is passed by the # 438 it is it is Raphael Planquelle And there, it’s a terrible ordeal for the blue riders, this is the # 418 Jean-François Bernard is kneeling down to be able to push his bike, but but… then he finally manages to get out, not, this is still not the case yes !!! he puts the gas, passes and he is going to continue this 24MX Alestrem And we come back with the leaders Here is Mario Roman in this long rocky climb he really plays with his bike and with his feet to pass this rock scree henceforth Mario Roman took the lead in second position another Sherco’s Wade Young the South African is still giving us a good performance this year Travis Teasdale is third it seems a little bit more a chore for the rookie what happens with Graham Jarvis ? Here Kevin Gallas in 4th Graham Jarvis returned to the pits to repair and lost about twenty minutes Here he comes in 5th chasing the leader, Back with veterans, here is Bruno Chauvet # 417 desperately seeking for the right line, he is exhausted.., a spectator is showing him the way to go that’s it ! he finally managed, rev the gas! rev the gas! and it’s done They are very close, Mario Roman is leading tailed by Sherco’s teammate Wade Young the Spaniard and the South African are giving us a great fight it looks like a remake of Sea to Sky where Jarvis broke is clutch lever while the Sherco riders were leading

They really need to use the torque here it goes easily for Mario Roman as for Wade Young Nooo…it’s a bit more complicated Mario Roman takes a small gap here and here now with Travis Teasdale in french we say ‘jardiner’ meaning gardening when you have a loose terrain traction he is passing too like the Sherco riders He’s adjusting his turn for a pivot secured by the marshall Go, and it works for Travis Teasdale And here he is, Already in 4th is now Graham Jarvis who passed Kevin Gallas The legend of the hard enduro, passes this sector effortlessly always very smooth and keeping his energy Well done Graham Jarvis ! and now the # 18 Estonian Uusna Rannar in this no traction section and it passes …. tries to pass to go around to get it going he’s stopping, the rear wheel blocked between rocks he has to lift his bike to get his way out Look at that Eddie Karlsson going through easily the fastest in this part, impressive Here is Yannick Marpinard the long time french hobby rider a regular at the Romaniacs and Erzberg 8th last year he’s looking for better ranking this year Here we have a bike drivin’ his rider, how far will he go ? And here is from the red category # 242 Rémi Charmant using his body, pushing trying to get out Here comes the 3rd Lap No, it’s not the quiet the house by the lake but an extreme steep slope of 50% and a short run up with loose soil they’ll have to put full gas to reach the top And first in this highly anticipated ‘climb of the lake’ with yes !!! Mario Roman, who goes ahead and puts full gas full gas to pass this up without too much difficulty is followed by his teammate Wade Young Travis Teasdale in 3rd also puts full gas but it’s a little more complicated, he’s helping with his feet And here he comes Graham Jarvis now to tackle ‘the climb of the lake’ he puts the gas and it should also go for the Husqvarna rider the brit’s experience talks Here is # 8 again Yannick Marpinard the french Beta rider He’s in, ‘the climb of the lake’ but it is trickier than for pros factory riders, he has to stop to find the right line for him He is crossing the track to find a new line and some traction Now! it’s time to tackle the most technical sections of lap 3, this lap which only a few pilots will participate The best Jarvis, Young, Roman and only few others This painful lap includes, the Pontil climb made of very large rocks mixed with coal that will put into trouble even our best riders Now! at the Pontil passage With yes ! Mario Roman keeping the lead ! Drivers must not pass on the black coal, the coal is pretty slippery there He’s risking to loose traction and topple riders must be very careful Oh look at that! Wade Young in trouble! Can you imagine the energy you have to have He’s getting back on is bike we can say it’s a long way to the top it’s time for Wade Young to tackle the pontil he also passes the second part easily The rider’s caviar This is a super important sector of this 24MX Alestrem 1 km long it is an extremely slippery rocky vein due to lots of moisture in this portion And we start with Mario Roman the leader

Rider’s caviar is the longest hardest parts of this 24MX Alestrem, and that’s clear, it is hard to go through even for the pros category Our # 2 from Sherco he’s trying to crawl his way out and he’s succeeding Mario Roman, by giving some gas and playing with his bike It’s not finished, it’s not finished he has still a long and very rocky part to go through It is now the turn for Wade Young the South African, 2nd at the moment He is almost throwing his bike to pass this step Now each meter you pass is an obstacle We see it in his eyes, he’s looking for a good line This is another South African who complete the podium, it’s Travis Teasdale No !!! Graham Jarvis cuts him off and passes “the silent assassin” in all his glory He’s now 3rd, despite his pits stop The actual title holder, here in Ales Here it is complicated, both try to find the right line and there it’s Graham Jarvis who takes over and manages to escape Go Brit’s ! He’s falling, Jarvis fall We can see here even the pros having a hard time to get out to get out of this mess Go Wade Young ! too much reving Wade young always using his body to get out Ah! it seems that Travis Teasdale is stuck the South African rookie of Beta’s Look at Jarvis! how he is handling loose rocks And he’s out, he is finally out Travis Teasdale Oh no! when it’s finished, another obstacle comes The Couture Hell’s Bridge is a new technical passage of the lap 3 of this 24MX Alestrem it’s actually a 300 ft dried creek in a very hostile big rocky environment with a final 4 feet brutal step under the bridge so it will be the justice of piece of this 24MX Alestrem Go ! Couture Hell’s Bridge ! with Mario Roman who is leading this 24MX Alestrem the spaniard give us a great performance today and he tries to find some grip he tries to find a good line stop and then go again lays on the gas Go Mario Roman He’s backing up to get a runnin’ start He is inticing the crowd with his gas Here we go! is going go, it’s gooood, no, stop loosing traction, he’s having some close calls yes it goes for Mario Roman Still the 4 feet step at least we know it is very difficult but we know he can do it and it’s passing for Mario Roman !!! Now he must leave quickly because Graham Jarvis passed Wade Young is now 2nd only 5 minutes behind and Jarvis is going to demonstrate is skill here Here he is… in full chase the defending champion here in Ales He show his experience the brit’s in this very difficult part the justice of piece of this Alestrem Pivoting his bike, he gets back into the right line It’s great! here we are very close and it goes much quicker than Mario Roman Go! only the 4 feet step to pass remains yes passes for Jarvis !!! Great performance for the Brits He’s continuing his pursuit of Mario Roman Graham Jarvis has to hurry now ! Now with Wade Young Wade Young ghosting is bike ! and so is Travis Teasdale who throws his bike as Wade Young We see them in a lot of difficulty in this part one of the most technical of this 24MX Alestrem the # 4 of the Beta Racing in great difficulty He tries to get out somehow, but it is very severe do not flinch, it remains a few kilometers

and behind there is Kevin Gallas coming Back in the top fight Mario Roman the spaniard who struggle like a madman to get out his bike there is only 2 kilometers to the finish He must hold Mario Roman Graham Jarvis only 3 minutes behind keep going Mario behind you there is a rocket coming And he is blocked, Mario Roman is stuck He’s loosing his grip he has to get off his bike and push to get out of this mess and he puts too much gas, that’s bad but it is very awkward for the Sherco’s leader now Wade Young be in 3rd now and he seems to have found the right line he discusses with the marshall to ask where tom pass of course the marshall show him Go! go! Mario Roman he’ll run to the finish line now there are only a few meters now Graham Jarvis coming this is the turn of the British title holder here Mario Roman, who will perhaps dethrone him and he uses a better line Graham Jarvis look how he is handling this difficulty the experience of the enduro legend a little push, it is almost done for Graham Jarvis that passes between the rocks and the tree just left here it’s done, Graham Jarvis passes Wade Young we see the South African the Sherco’s rider in this very steep climb with loose soil we have been scouting with the riders and it’s not as easy as it looks it is And easy for Wade Young Come on let’s go straight to the finish line with Mario Roman, it’s just above He has never been so close to the win here in Ales I don’t see Jarvis close enough to steal the victory This year looks like Mario deserves that win And is not going to lose it like last year Check point # 6 done for Mario Roman So there you have live images Mario Roman is applause by the public Mario Roman passing these two rocks without difficulty Almost there, he can see the finish now Go !!! there it is First rock is passed without difficulty trying to see, he’s asking the crowd to encourage him He is very confident He knows that this year is a win 3rd rock is past Crossing the finish line, victory for Mario Roman Here is Graham Jarvis, not that far 2nd for Jarvis Ah! that’s good news Graham Jarvis will be back next year We had a great 4th edition of this 24MX Alestrem It was amazing from the start to the end with the final victory of Mario Roman He dethroned Graham Jarvis the Rockstar Husqvarna rider who finished 2nd

And in third place, we have Wade Young let’s allow Sherco Factory to have two podiums Followed by Beta Racing represented by Travis Teasdale and a fantastic Eddie Karlsson 4th for is premiere hard enduro race then we found Kevin Gallas and Sony Goggia and finally Yannick Marpinard the last finisher our french finisher is only 15 seconds before the race closure this shows that the 24MX Alestrem has always surprises thank you and don’t forget to like and follow the Alestrem account on facebook to know all the news until next year