#7 Enduro Trip to Montenegro – Hiking in Durmitor: From Žabljak to Bobotov Kuk.

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#7 Enduro Trip to Montenegro – Hiking in Durmitor: From Žabljak to Bobotov Kuk.

So, it looks like the best time for a vacation 😀 Hey YouTube Adventurers! Today we are at the Black Lake (Crno Jezero), and we do some more hiking Today, hopefully we will make this track, to Bobotov kuk It is one of the highest mountains in Montenegro, I think it is about 5 hours of hiking From this Crno Jezero So, we are leaving this area, and we are trying to hit the trail, to this mountain Five and half hour to Bobatov Kuk Let’s go We are on the first crossroads we come this road, we are going this one Now we are here, at his crossroads, and we are going this road (Ice) We are at 1749m (5738ft) a.s.l, we still need to go almost 700m (2300ft) up I’m not sure, but probably we are going to that mountain We found a big hole, here … and it is interesting,

because it looks like rubbish bin It’s very not nice Marta does not approve Shame on you! We come from there … this way And here is some kind of shepherd house We found some kind of sign, there is written 8km (5mil), and almost 4 hours of trail Our second navigation tells us there is 3.6km (2,2mil) of trail After short brake we are back on the trail We are going this road … up there, and we are passing this mountain to the second side There is some kind of lake, but it is almost dry now So, we are leaving this valley, and we are passing now to the second side of this mountain So, we are almost on the second side, and somewhere there is our destination Probably it is this one We came this way, we were going somewhere here, and we are now here! And we still have to go up It is the biggest snowball … we saw today, but we didn’t see any, another 😀 We moved a little up, from there We are pretty high, and we are seeing all surrounding us mountains But still we have to go higher I think we came from this valley And we went somewhere, around We are here 😀 We came this road,

somehow this way, and we are going there This road is not easy, you can see a lot of big rocks And somehow we have to go up, there We are climbing on that hill, and I think we are lucky, because those guys told us, we can go straight, not going back to the lake And there is only 3 hours of road And it is funny, because they found a puppy, and they are bringing it back (from the mountain) I think it is pretty cute, isn’t it? You are good guys people, you helped the dog, and helped us 😀 We came from there, and we are going somewhere up there We are almost at place There is 500m (1600ft), with this trail, to that “hill” Now we have 4 p.m We were going *6* hours from Crne Jezero But luckily as those guys told us, there is 3 hours … I think to this road So, maybe we can catch a *ride*, and somehow go back to Žabljak And still we have enough time to reach this mountain as we planned We are moving from there … up there Look what we found here a lake (Veliko Skrcko Jezero) down there, and there are only mountains around As you can see this one is pretty high, it is straight way down

So better don’t fall 😀 You can’t see me … 😀 The view is pretty awesome here It’s easy I think the top is already there We moved down from the peak as fast as possible without filming, because we were afraid of night during climbing 😀 This last part took a lot of time and sunset in September comes very early We are slowly going back, there We will try to hit the road, somewhere there Slowly we are on the flat surface And we are going somewhere there Or across this I think we will try to hit this road, there Because it is shorter one, and we will hit the normal road faster So maybe we will try to catch a *ride* Sun is going to sleep, slowly And we will be walking in the dark We went from somewhere there Here is some kind of crossroads, and we will make decision where we will go We chose shorter trail, but we made a wrong turn So we are going back to the crossroads This is our road, it looks pretty amazing 😀 This is our trail, and we again are following white dots It is pretty dark now, we are using headlights And we are following red dots white dots in red circles We hit the asphalt road, and we have 18km (11 miles) to the Žabljak It would be nice to catch a *ride* There was one car going there, maybe you can see red lights But he is going in opposite direction

So we have to walk We traveled about 4km (2,5miles), and there is no other car So we can’t catch anything 😀 BOOOM! We’re in a car 😀 It is almost impossible, but this guy brought us to the camping 😀 This time we were twice much exhausted than last time, so after small snack we went to sleep Thanks for watching!