Hixpania Hard Enduro Full Recap | WESS 2019

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Hixpania Hard Enduro Full Recap | WESS 2019

[Applause] previously on the world enduro Super Series EPIK an explosive the 25th edition of the legendary espero do Red Bull hare scramble had all the thrills and spills you would expect the iron giant saw podium worthy performances from shirk O’s Mario Roman and KTMs Manuel lettenbichler but it was in journal icon Graham Jarvis taking his fifth win at the air spag rodeo round three of Wes the silent assassins first place performance allowed him to climb into third overall behind Mario Roman in second and lettenbichler is only a hundred ninety points ahead of him with the overall West lead we’re nearly halfway through the season as we head to Spain for the first new race of the series expand yo hard enduro welcome to round four of Wes expand your heart enduro it’s a three-day race with a prologue a cross-country race and a hard enduro third overall Graham Jarvis is gunning to repeat as 2017 big span yes title last year Spain’s Mario Ramon took the win here he’s sitting second overall in the West standings behind Manuel lettenbichler both are hunting for more less points and Spanish heroes Alfredo Gomez Paul tarus and Joseph Garcia are looking to make their mark on home soil here pros are known as Knights amateurs are Squires and archers 300 of them from 16 countries are hoping to raise the sword at the 4th edition of this race it’s day one and nearly a thousand fans fill the town square for the super NC arrow prologue final pros have 10 minutes plus two laps to complete the course their first chance to win points toward the overall the top 20 riders from the qualifier heats line up they explode over the first obstacle with Johnny Walker taking the lead immediately Billy bolt makes a pass until he comes to a grinding halt Walker is followed by Spanish writer Paul Torres into the Joker loop a mandatory section of the track that all riders must take at least once gomez decides otherwise and takes the lead he holds it for another lap and then takes the Joker looper maintaining first four and a half minutes into the race Graham Jarvis takes a tumble clogging up the track manual lettenbichler passes in the second place KVM Johnny Walker trails lettenbichler for several laps but finally sneaks

around him on the log section coming from behind Billy bulb also takes lettenbichler on the inside and the final lap bolt catches up to Walker and manages to gallop past him upfront the Spanish favorite Alfredo Gomez rides his home turf advantage all the way to the top of the podium he’s followed by teammate Billy bolt in second and K teams Johnny Walker in third I just tried to push it as high as I could but I kept messing there was one log turn and I just couldn’t get it right I made my way very good day I want to go into the Joker line at the beginning but I saw Johnny and Billy in sight and no crosses really happy and here the results for day one’s prologue super encierro final salfred Oh Gomez in first with three Hicks Ponyo points Billy bolt in second with two and Johnnie Walker and third with one point the starting order is now set for the day two compo extreme [Applause] we are in aguilar de Campo Valencia province North Spain one of the most beautiful medieval towns in all Spain is the poorest top of West Asian turf extreme race just time for me here in Halawa Campo and the place is really nice the landscape format here is different to all the other races because it’s a three day race and you get points for each day so if we for the prologue you get three to one for the win and then Saturday and Sunday race they pay the same points there so they both 25 points for win it’s a cool format you know it allows you to race smarter and die too which is a nice ride out pretty fast going but a few tricky sections as well long loop about 55 case wide open three laps or less every lap is one hour and a half so we have a mandatory service point at the end of each lap and the mechanics are allowed to work on the bike they tune from the difficulty I would say it’s medium the mix of of fast and the difficult parts I would say it’s going to medium speed from Saturday it’s gonna be fast some parts in between the hard parts is gonna be fast very fast yeah the endurance it’s quite a long day on on a day two three laps and it definitely wears you down Saturday the cross-country race we have like a little bit like rocky gravel roads but then on the other side we have like wide open fields over grass fields and elephant I didn’t look the conditions but I heard that it’s gonna be sunny and it slippery and rocky and super dry and hot and then in Sunday is the main event with two and a half hours of really hard neuro I start the day threes different all the other races we have to run to our bikes and we jump down this a cave kind of thing it’s only the top ten riders that’ll start in the cave so it’s important to try and get as good a star as possible because you know you’re gonna be battling against all of the top guys straightaway it’s easier to save time on a technical bit than it is to make time on a really fast bit so day three I would say it’s hard you know it’s super technical there’s not much rest only a four kilometer lap and yeah it’s gonna be really difficult it’s a probably one of the hardest race in the series from the difficulty there’s no speed on day free exception run into your bike for speed I would say it’s low you know I don’t really think we’re gonna get out of second gear on the whole track endurance for Sunday you need good endurance is just sort of half hours but Billington classic harder door technique highest level ever the still water and calm shores of the local reservoir are about to transform as Squires archers and Knights saddle up on their moto steeds while I want to have a good to start let see how it how it is and they after they took my rhythm on the first lap look how the work is going on the chosen one and I can observe after the first line in twenty five riders charge from the start Johnny Walker takes the holeshot on the first obstacle the modem ah bumped rubber stuck in the congestion is a struggling Nathan Watson the talk nights spread out following in two-minute intervals rows of archers and Squires take to the course getting pummeled by the rugged track out in front number 34 Manuel

lettenbichler is leading the pack he faced plants on the rocks though slowing him down as the Knights move into a fast section Garcia blows by lettenbichler to take first soon after a technical stretch the spaniard speedster loses control of his bike Wesley term annual lettenbichler overtakes him and moves into a narrow wooded corridor the other top Knights line up for the climb Alfredo Gomez cuts them up and moves ahead but not for long as a frustrated Billy bull aggressively takes back that position ahead of them the silent assassin lives up to his nickname moving past Johnny Walker with the engine off then catches speed demon Joseph Garcia in a technical section and hunts down manual lettenbichler in the woods to move into first gomez follows Jarvis in second place as the Knights make their way into the pits a bit of a bad start but then I picked it up and you know got some good speed did the technical bits good you know first that was good but you know long way to go it’s definitely a long way to go for teammates Joseph Garcia and Nathan Watson who struggle to find their rhythm in the first lap they’re hoping the strategy they put together from an earlier track walk will help them catch up like don’t make is that the track work or the prep in general you know it’s is massive you know we’re not in our spawn you know we don’t get to ride the track you don’t look you can still do it but you lose a lot of time sometimes even you have to put your bike in a tree and walk and look and then write it it’s just important to see what’s coming up and you know what to expect so it’s really important also to find some good lines or stuff like this I mean a few options as well especially with our riders on the track you thinking if somebody’s stuck in the track you take another option so you need to wire up all the lines and no try and know basically every rocket you can normally we spend like two days working before the race we are walking quite a lot of kilometres actually in the in the race week 20 30 40 50 kilometers depending on the race and it makes a little bit higher so you have to find a good good mix of racing and walk in it’s important to all together because everybody’s got different perspective on the track and you know one guy might spot one line and another guy another line so you can compare and and yeah go a wider view of the track so you always find the best line together it’s quite an important part yeah a few different lines maybe is faster more safe here but here you have to learn you are already at the top if you means yeah but every one of this hey you see that line you check on yeah it’s better so I think it’s important to work with your teammates and share the the opinion to walk the track once and I was pretty gobsmacked with how difficult it made and our technical it is I even walking it was really difficult to ride it it’s gonna be very tough for us it’s not difficult if you make like a mistake a small mistake you fall down to the water as race day 2 continues a few have taken a dive in the water third times nor another story meanwhile 44 year-old Graham Jarvis is full gas in the lead till his tire spins out he drops like he’s hit by a sniper at this speed this usually never happens to the seasoned vet this allows teammate Alfredo Gomez to close the gap running frantically along the steep shoreline he leads the charge through a rocky climb they fight for

first both riders come to a halt [Applause] gomez breaks away [Applause] he now leads the pack in front of Graham Jarvis and local hero Mario Roman but Romans position isn’t safe Billy bolt is trying to hunt him down in fourth this lakeside up hill has been the scene of many crimes it’s where bolt makes his move and steals third place well team Husqvarna continue to push their limits in the pits KTM are trying to regroup without a rider in the top three the best night on their team’s roster is current West leader manual lettenbichler he’s closing in in fifth but it’s not enough to catch the leaders in front Alfredo Gomes attacks the final climb to the finish line and takes the day [Applause] followed by his teammates Graham Jarvis in seconds and Billy bolt in third I try to push all time I thought I have be talked up when we start the third love but I had to keep pushing because the home cut answer so very copy for the win and also for the Dean first second and third is very important and keep it going for tomorrow Alfredo Gomez gets first with 25 points Jarvis is second and bolt is third rounding out and all has corner top three after two days Gomes has a comfortable six-point lead over Jarvis’s balls if either of them win tomorrow Gomes only needs to come in third to receive 20 points and still win expand a hard enduro welcome to the final day of racing here Knights archers and Squires hope to find around for glory on the lost road inside this cave the battle begins well today’s a very tough race it will be two and a half hours and the course is very intense and difficult so I will try to make a good start and then don’t make it mistake well 20 meters to the Caillou and then you got a top down get in there get grab your bike but it’s a little bit of carnage as you know arms and legs everywhere [Applause] the top ten riders make the Lamont style break for the tunnel circles Roman is first to emerge followed by a small army of KTM then Huff Lorna riders he breaks away from the pack early at the start the rest of the Knights archers and Squires take off roman passes fans over a rocky lakeside cliff further back 2017 to expand your winter Graham Jarvis struggle isn’t fit but it doesn’t last long he finds his rhythm guns at past second-place Gomez and then Roman [Applause] the circle riders follow the silent assassin into the pits it’s a frantic refueling a gargle adjustment for a man and more water for Jarvis Jarvis needs them out of the pits with careful precision they negotiate a sheer cliff Goemon takes a high line around Jarvis eager to reclaim the lead Jarvis makes a rare mistake fans rush to help their hero unscathed he’s still in second onlookers root Roman on as he extends the leaf Jarvis is still climbing his way back into contention over a minute back expand your points

leader Alfredo Gomez is trying to catch the frontrunners then KTMs Manuel let Bickler makes a break for third Gomez’s fourth place position is now on the rocks as teammate Billy bolt closes in showing technical prowess pull beeps in front as it stands right now Gomez is sitting in fifth and Jarvis and second if these positions hold they will both be tied with 44 points total in this case though Jarvis would win the event for having a higher position not with the Spanish rider is hoping for at a race on home soil we were reading this time my Roman Joseph Casilla Alfredo Gomez and Paul Jarris so we’re going full Spanish edition this time we will start with Mario Roman speak I will give him 8 and runs now looks strong so I give 70 technique I will put 6 we have like more endurance than technique risk-taking I think he’s a clever and like not a super aggressive rider so that’s why he’s also not taking so much risk so I will give him a five year Oh next rider now we continue with the Alfredo Gomez endurance 7 now he’s coming back from his big injury from last year in speed I will him in 7 we pretty much raised together many times and motocross in Duran he know how to write fast for sure technique I will put an a because you have the real skills he’s a junior world champion and risk-taking is heaven that’s all mine next one I’m gassy yeah the speed I can put 100 10 out of 10 for sure aggression for 10 for sure risk-taking I will go for 8 I think it likes to throw his bike sometimes so now we start with one of the tallest guys of the worst serious hold the race speed oh he’s not the fastest guy he’s child skills are amazing but he has to work on his speed five five technique Tim I will give 10 his front trial is one of the best in the world in trial as well and his technique is unreal and risk-taking I will put 9 because like I said with the technique sometimes and the social media put crazy risk and technique sections I like to take this that’s it that’s pretty much it back to the lost road the sword in the stone who will wield it Mario Ramon inches the final section of the race he’s lost the lead Graham Jarvis is picking up the pace and second Roman hits a rocky downhill and he loses traction and his bike is damaged will it cost him the race fans are capturing this unprecedented moment as Jarvis narrows the gap in the final lap during the last hillclimbs after 2 hours and 30 minutes roman keeps losing time is this the stone that costs him the race the silent assassin takes advantage and believe as they climb the cliff Roman takes it back the crowd loses it as the Knights enter the push to the finish Roman ferociously speeds up the final climb Jarvis only seconds behind but it’s not meant to be Mario Roman pushes through him first he’s found his wind on the lost road [Applause] with an impressive day three race Graham Jarvis comes in second I was like 40 or 50 minutes in the lead and in the very end graphing catch me and I was fighting with him until the end and I can believe that I had the chance to pass him in the very last field and get the win it’s unreal but the race isn’t over with lettenbichler coming in third there’s only one position left for the spanish hero gomez to take the overall but it’s billy bolt arriving next coming in fourth he secures the win for

his fellow countrymen one of the toughest races I know we always say this but like he’s right up there I never came here expecting to win with it no the point system you know it’s like my favor but yesterday was where I want it really the first day today he was saying that just do my own thing they want an army there we get the win after winning two of three events Alfredo Gomez comes in fifth he’s blown the six point lead and lost the top spot on the podium unbelievably he’s tied with Jarvis both have 44 Hicks Ponyo points but because Jarvis finished in a higher position on day three he takes the top of the podium path expand you hard enduro tough for me because I ran out of gas myself and career Hall d’Ivoire nothing rescues is just that they were better and after three days of racing expand yo hard enduro has found a new comfortable home in the West schedule here’s the podium Graham Jarvis is first Alfredo Gomez is second and Mario Roman is third halfway through the year with his second west win in a row the legend Jarvis is now 120 points ahead of lettenbichler romance it’s only 30 points back in third behind them positions are just as tight at round five were once again in the wilds of Transylvania for what is sure to be another epic Red Bull Romaniacs till then I’m Troy mattering saying keep the rubber side down you