Honda Africa Twin 2016 – Dauertest – Praxiseinsatz im Gelände – KRKA Enduro Raid – Doppelsieg

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Honda Africa Twin 2016 – Dauertest – Praxiseinsatz im Gelände – KRKA Enduro Raid – Doppelsieg

Hello there. 1000PS crew here, Arlo and NastyNils send you best wishes from the Dalmatian coast in southern Croatia We experience some awesome moments here with the Africa Twin, in awesome weather, in awesome landscapes and with awesome tracks And the best horse in the 1000PS stable, Arlo, is competing in a rallye here with the Africa Twin Stay tuned and watch the video of 1000PS TV on our website or our Youtube channel Really worth seeing, alot of adventures, emotions, adrenalin, great weather. Awesome video! We’re here in Primosten, I hope I pronounce it right, please forgive me, dear croatian watchers, it’s not disrespectful We’re guests at the Krka Enduro Raid. It’s a 2 day enduro race with different classes, of course a twin class as well We couldn’t resist, well, I couldn’t resist to enroll him with this bike Enduro raid, you must imagine so: You ride along the Dalmatian coast into the Dalmatian back country on legal public roads, like we show in this vid. Then there are timed special stages which you can ignite on So principally 2 days racing in tourist speed, meaning normal riding, then special stages which are done at racing speed Arlo, I registered you without asking. What went through your head when i told you Africa Twin, race, 2 days plus a victory. What was your thoughts? A(rlo): Well, I imagined it wouldn’t be easy. When you came into the office with a big grin and said we partake in that rally, I thought “he totally lost it now!” But I must say, in March we tuned up the bike and with every meter I rode it the trust grew Now I’m totally confident in competing and I’M really looking forward to the rallye N: I must admit, I’ve ridden the bike a lot. I wasn’t skeptical from the beginning, only the weight made me All the other stuff, I trust Honda, will work fine. But the weight is a bit higher compared to other enduros you’ll take into rallyes Strangely, whatever Honda did, the weight was cast away on the track, wasn’t it? A: Yes, absolutely right. THis was a point where I as well thought it might become a problem, the massive weight It’s double as heavy as a standard hard enduro. But I rode it on my own grounds at home It’s so finely balanced, it works perfectly and you don’t feel any of the way more than 200 kilos N: While ordering the bike I made a big mistake. I was skeptical about the hype Honda made We ordered it with ABS and TCS. But without the DCT. But now, afterwards we have to say all the electronics work fantastic, don’t they? A: I wasn’t keen of all the electronic helpers until I sat on the Africa Twin Especially off-roading I thought ABS is unnecessary, on the Africa Twin it works perfectly Most of the time I ride with ABS on. On the africa Twin you can turn it off on the back Which I only did very rarely What impressed me heavily was the TCS. It’s adjustable in 4 levels. Well, 3 levels and completely turned off I mostly ride it in the level it interferes the least, level 1, and I’m totally happy

N: If we talk totally happy and riding experiences, only off-road here. I think this bike hasn’t seen a meter of tarmac till today On our channel somebody asked if we did the 1000km break in before we tore it up Now I’m not sure if we even rode 1000m before the limiter was first touched It’s a Honda and it’s that way, we throttle up and we wouldn’t have taken any other It’s all fine. We only miss the dual clutch transmission. Because the Africa, 0-180 kph, I tested it myself, has seamless traction, a dream. This feature we don’t have, but fully recommend Well if the viewers watch this, they probably think it’s all rigged, the 2 possibly ride a fully modified rallye bike I must say, the first real rallye bikes based on the AF are already out I think Touratech rides right now, parallel to us, the Hellas rallye with a heavily modified bike Here it’s definately everything stock except A: Except, starting with the back. For better traction we fitted a different tyre, the Metzeler Karoo 3 Works outstanding. We must admit though, the very rugged ground combined with the high weight and power of the bike, it really wears the tyre. But I would wonder about anything different Then we have the Remus Okami fitted, surely it’s not necessary for rallying but I have to say – (N: For the ego!) First for the ego and second the sound it’s just fantastic Sounds brutal and looks much better N: Now we telly you why it’s really fitted. We assumed he would land on his face, the remus was free and the original costs a fortune. But the great sound is a nice addition What else? 2 more driblets A: We were suppported with an engine cover from SW Motech. It’s encases the entire engine and I can’t imagine riding into any rocks and taking damage. And if I really crash, which I hope not, we have a crash bar from Touratech mounted That’s about it. Eventually, I sadly overlooked it, handguards would’ve been usefull, maybe aluminum reinforced handguards. But else nothing comes to mind that would be sensible for the rallye N: So, solemn affirmation, with stock suspension ladies and gentlemen, we compete Apropos competing, We’re much underway with lots of new, great, expensive and powerful bikes But as we unloaded this bike, the masses came together. Unbelievable! It’s a normal stock bike and it’s out for some time now, but the emotions still boil. So many stories are told about the Africa Twin in the paddock. Wasn’t it lovely earlier? A: Yes. we unloaded it and not even 10s, the first 2 stood by and started discussing with us if it’s the new one and how it rides. What I also assume is, every participant over the age of 45 had an Africa Twin in his youth. Because everyone comes by and tells about his experiences with the old model One of the organisers told us he rode to the finish line in the Dakar rallye in 88, with his wife and lugagge on the back He recounted it very emotional N: Btw, the organiser who told us this rode from Algeria to Dakar and is a big fan of the 650 Africa Twin Now let’s take a look into the racing action, what we have experienced. We stay tuned And you have to watch the vid till the end, so many great scenes to come! N: We’re right before the start in Primosten. The nervous tension is almost unbearable

(Inaudible austrian shenanigans) And together with Honda Austria we sent Arlo with the Africa Twin to uphold the flag But Honda Austria wanted to play it safe, so they sent Josef from “Motorradklinik”, so Nah, you’ll do it, Patrick 4 or 5, or 3 times “Erzberg” finisher? J: 4 times N: 4 times “Erzberg” finisher. With 500cc 4 stroke? J: 500cc 4 stroke N: 500cc 4 stroke, the Africa Twin is his paddock scooter. Josef, we count on you for fat Africa Twin trophy. Patrick P: Nice that you’re here… N: Good luck, I’ll see ya A: Day 1 of the Krka enduro raid. We’ve done the first 70 km and having lunch break now Next to me is Josef from the “Motorradklinik”. I think we are the only starters with Africa Twins All fared well for me. It’s not a classic rallye where you have to rip through the country You can actually ride quite relaxed. Still we let it fly and were first at lunch How did you fare, Josef? J: The routing is an absolute dream from a landscape pov. You have to enjoy it, you can’t just race through, you must look left and right sometimes The Africa Twin is the perfect bike for this terrain The speed is a bit lacking in the rallye, in between it was ok, but then we had very narrow parts again But with the AF it’s also fun A: Well, you missed the speed. I also did partially. You have to say, the rallye is partitioned in a way, that especially twin engine riders got more of the easy parts uploaded on to their GPS I’d like to do a more difficult stage. Probably wouldn’t be a problem with the AF and the tyres And the tuning we did, it shouldn’t be a bigger problem. Maybe we’ll find a difficult stage to try N: Beside me now, Josef. At the moment, I guess we can say so, the fastest Africa Twin rider in Austria At least off-road. How was your day with your Africa Twin here in Dalmatia? J: First I have to praise the event organiser. It was a perfect organistion, the routing was heavenly,

you rode on tracks with sensational views. You had the sea to your right, you sped up the into the hills Of course, very rugged. The danger of flat tyres was very high You have to watch out and use clever tactics. Th AF with 100 hp wears it’s tyres N: Sorry, which tyres are you using? J: I took a Pirelli, the Scorpion Rallye. Because it’s lugs provide more traction than all other tyres It worked very well. We still have enough tread We rode with TCS level 1, so it’s a little more tyre sparing. But it’s so perfectly tuned you have enough acceleration and pressure on the back wheel You don’t believe how these bike rides in terrain. Sensational N: Also sensational was your devil’s ride on the beach. The entire rallye is decided here with the motocross stage And we must say, that’s terrain which doesn’t suit the Africa Twin, deep gravel Folks brought their children to safety when you came burning though with the AF How did you manage to be so fast here? J: Well, it actually was the bike. 100 hp, 2nd, 3rd gear, turn up on the right and you’ll gain yards, unbelievable Some single-cylinder can only gaze after. Of course you have to be clever braking into corners Keep it on the road or terrain, in the track, but else, the power is astonishing in the terrain And it accelerates dreamlike N: So the secret is just accelerate, so it’s won’t plunge in the front. Totally easy, just copy I believe Josef has earned the catchet “Africa Twin competence center” for his “Motorradklinik” in Leibnitz No talker, he knows his stuff. Fine tuning the suspension, accesories, everything available at your shop in Leibnitz Is there anything else? You want to greet somebody? Family is here with you I saw J: Yes, the whole family and a lot of friends, who also participate It’s a beautiful day and event. I can only advise you to come and participate next year N: Shhh… It’s already booked out so quickly! I’ll have to get up even earlier on booking day! Don’t come, it’s horrible here. And the places we will take next year. Stay tuned, day 2 coming! We stand next to Luigi. He is one of the main organisers Luigi, your events existed for 6 years now. How did it develop? L(uigi): 6 years ago we started out with 80 participants, mostly italian Meanwhile we are at about 500 and the greatest part of them comes from Germany and Austria Well, german speaking participants, about 70 %. Very joyful! A: Now, there are many types of rallyes. Some rallyes you have racing stress daylong You didn’t aim for that. You wanted a more enjoyable enduro adventure, where you can have fun almost without any racing stress. How is your event structured? L: It’s constructed with 2 tracks which link to each other. There is a green track, made for those who want to handle an easy gravel route about 120 km long. Those who want to have a nice day But the green route is also a road section linked to between 12 and 15 red sections, difficult stages Those who want can live it up there, live real enduro feeling over hedge and ditch but all marked So you can shift from green to red route which are marked easy, medium or hard You can riot there. These are up to 25 km long, over single trails, stone steps, hedge and ditch. After that you come back to the green route to seek the next red section A: But these sections don’t count towards the race? L: They only count partially. We have 2 sections per day which count as time checks There you have to stay within the time limit. If you exceed it, you gain a time penalty, when under you’ve achieved the goal A: But the limits aren’t too tight, preventing any stress. But I believe the real relevant rating is one special stage? L: Yes, the special stage, that’s right. This one is on the beach, around the peninsula It’s a motocross test. With light barrier and stop watch lap time is measured and the fastest wins

But I’ll also state we keep a watch how it develops and we might adjust time limits on second day so not everybody makes it A: The rallye is 2 days long, Friday and Saturday But some participants already arrived Monday or Tuesday. They can ride around freelly here You already mentioned by now there are around 500 starters. You have no problem with folks riding around, but you try to channel it. How does this work? L: Right, we try to channel it by offering more meetings. This year it was the Krka Discovery on Tuesday and Wednesday The Krka Discovery is a GPS route of 180-200 km length over the tracks of last years Croatia rallye, which will be organized in 2 weeks. It’s just the old tracks Not boring but nice routes over nice terrain and a great ride This way we can offer something guided, but by GPS, letting you choose your prefered speed and riding style You can fix photo appointments or whatever. But we got folks on a controllable route I must mention we also offered trash and emergency services so we can offer help whenever something happens If they ride every which way, we can’t forbid it, but we might get problems with the authorities and citizens in the long run if more than 2 or 3, more like 50 or 60 ride criss-cross There is a risk we might not get any more permissions for the event in the next years then This would be unfortunate A: Thank you for the short interview. So, your focus is on enjoyment riding, 2nd place is racing And you want to offer a nice time here L: Offer a nice time and some harder tracks for those who want but not must N: How was it till now? We have been underway here with the Africa Twin and are more than positively surprised how it works We already knew she rides well, but what surprised us was it’s endurance and sturdiness Something you only notice after… well, we rode estimated 2-3 hundred km and some counted, estimated 3 to 4 thousand stingers of huge rocks into the Africa Twin, the back and front wheel and also our bones and washers We checked the bike thoroughly yesterday and there isn’t even a single screw loose. No washer missing No problems, nothing bent, loose or flapping This bike is really robust. We have 2 bikes here and we don’t hold back They’re not caressed, they have to swallow rocks, but no problems at all The astounding presentation was also provided by our superstar expert Josef from the “Motorradklinik”, who is also starting for 1000PS. He set a staggering stage time yesterday on the beach – in that rugged beach here He left altogether 380 hard enduros behind, Beta’s, EXC’s and so on Unbelievable what he has done in the motocross test here, the crowd cheered frenetically, the fountain he sprayed backwards was staggering. And todays evening is up for another round, the crowd has been warned to leave hundreds of meters of open space when he engages the clutch Arlo Auer underway as well. Those 2 will fight it out in the top. There are many 2 cylinder riders here, but the Africa Twin is a very special machine We saw only one actual difficulty for the Africa Twin here and that’s deep gravel or sand There is only one solution – it depends on the weight, the front is diving in, there is the solution of heavy acceleration For inexperienced riders which don’t have the knowledge of Josef, a 4 times finisher of the “Erzberg” race, it’s quite difficult. But else, surprisingly easy to ride ’cause of the very good balancing, the smooth traction,

the well functioning TCS, the entire terrain here in Croatia very easy to ride with the Africa Twin Where it get’s deep you have to be an expert to go full attack and then it’s nice to fully enjoy the power This year we of 1000PS have the harshest and most intense testing programme we ever had with a bike Our long distance-monster, Varahannes is travelling with an Africa Twin, and I believe he has the highest mileage on his bike, around 10 – 15000 km He does the long distance testing and he wants to break the 100 000 km milestone as fast as possible Zero problems until now 2nd intense test is at our 1000PS roadshows, were we will do 400 test rides with 400 different riders. Another 10 000 km for the second bike. We want to determine how various personalities manage the Africa Twin And us here with our rallye bike probably didn’t even do 3 km on tarmac. Only off-roading and it’s tremendous fun. Who thinks that’s it: We’re going to take this bike for a big gravel trip trough the “Mühl-” and “Waldviertel” (Austria). It’s going to be exciting, we’ll enjoy the AT and it’s abilites Last but not least we are roweling her on the race track, of course with different tyres Bridgestone road tyres.We’re laying her properly, till the foot pegs are squealing This way will examine the Africa Twin from every angle. She mustn’t disappoint us and she hasn’t so far As we see in the comments there are many Africa Twin fans out there. And those who bought it because of our first test all give thanks. That makes us very happy, that we didn’t abuse your faith and make you back the right horse We work like horses this year, in the saddle of the Africa Twin If you don’t want to miss out on any videos, you have to subscribe to our channel And eminently we’d be happy to get some feedback from you, about your Africa Twin What did you experience? Post a comment and stay tuned There is going to be another 10-15-20 vids coming from our test bikes. Thriller season!