Kas yra Hard Enduro? | Gyvenimas GorilaZ Team akimis (EN Subs)

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Kas yra Hard Enduro? | Gyvenimas GorilaZ Team akimis (EN Subs)

Hello guys! Hi, nice to see you again My balls What do you think? That bike is heavy But this bike weighs like nothing Yeah, your bike feels like a pig Holy crap Is it 250cc? No, 200cc Pff, easy What was that? What was that? You have got a tractor type rear tire Trust me, you can reach the top Don’t give me hope and instead of theses little tires I’ll dig a landing and kicker because after this crash I understood what a mess we had made Warning! Vertical hill But there isn’t that steep Yeah, here is vertical What’s in your mind? Holy shit! How was the flight? It was awesome I’m looking up and I though “Oh shit!” Holy shit! It always happens Don’t worry, everything is OK That’s incredible! A small log What are you doing there What’s up? I forgot to push rear brake in time Pff, no need rear brakes You just could cover only front brakes It’s harder here You see? Too small A little bit too slow Don’t cheat, go ahead! Come on! Holy shit Everytime when we go out together it always been fun He felt down too There was an epic crash WTF? WTF? That’s funny That hill looks easy too Don’t overrate yourself Everything is OK? Fuck me What’s happened? What are you doing there? I tried to impress, you know? Yeah, that was impressed But you are lucky how well ended Overcooked Where’s your speed? What did you say? Maybe show you? Yes, please That was sketchy There was sketchy too Your oil

Leaking oil into cylinder again Sinking! Your cylinder is sinking! I know, I’m lifting up Okey, after fail (when engine works upside down) we’ll try to start 4T by this way Fuck me, he started the engine by kickstarter It was enough wheelspin to dry the cylinder Do you have the problem again? Yeah Seriously? Actually I had fallen down the bike I have the problem Maybe do you know how to start Jawa? Because the battery is dead Hello What’s happened? My bike doesn’t want to start Holy shit! What’s that? My chain just fell down I don’t know what to do Maybe could I fix that? So would you reach the town? Yes, of course Thank you very much! No problem I’m mechanic actually I”m just saying that you should fix that And also that kickstarter because it has an issue Front brake pads also doesn’t work properly There’s a lot of fixing but I think after a week you’ll have the beast Wait! Need to remove the fork guard Theses bolt are different What’s burning there? What’s happened? No fucking jokes Hot exhaust gas from the pipe Fuck me Fuck, if fuell just explode Need a fire extinguisher It took a long time to wait [sarcasm] No need to stay on throttle for a minute Fuck theses goldhanded mechanics I knew that’d happen Oh boy Fuck that It’ll blow off You think so? Let’s start The piston-rod won’t come out? If it wants Pull out the leg What’re you doing there? Fuel is coming out heavily Fuck no Because of full tank Fuck you It’s coming from headlamp Because you put fuel tank cap there Where should I put? On the exhaust pipe? To explode your bike? You’re throwing a new bike! Don’t use my riding style Stop! Fuck Where are you runing? Hey, you just lost your goggles I deceived! F

Watching the bike is coming Fuck you I was thinking the bike will crash into me No no no I don’t do that I can teach you I don’t need to teach Holy shit! Fuck you I reached the top And you just broke my headlamp Let’s watch what he did learn What a looser You beat it! Your crap hasn’t enough power Don’t be drammatic Wow nice! Nice! Nice diving It started accidentally “Accidentally” Fuck me ♪ “Dude, there’s no kickstarter” meme ♪ How he found himself in the ditch? What? How he found himself in the ditch? You will see that on YouTube Come on come on come on Screw you That was so close Turn off I need a shovel, you know? Holy crap! That was insane Why you are breaking up? Well done Show me the rear fender Fuck you Are you OK? What’s happened? The tree isn’t in its place Turn off! By the leg Fuck me Watch out! “Watch out…” Why you are throwing bike like that? *He’s telling a story* *How he met a strange women in the woods* *But she wasn’t alone* *And in that moment she just had got a laid* Don’t jerk off the tree

Come on! Oh shit! Fuck me There was 2nd gear No, it wasn’t 2nd gear Where’s your brake lever? Wait, what? He just broke the lever Fuck that, front brake didn’t work before Why you need non-working brakes? There wasn’t aftermarker lever? No, only China shit Fuck you Don’t be nervous He says “Thank you” Holy crap! Did you see that? You’re sick Don’t kill me My clutch lever Where did you fall down? A little bit crashed Everything is fine? And he’s checking a brand new gear lever Oh look, the clutch lever is broken Right now? Yeah You didn’t overtake him What was there? Look, his tires got wet and he just slipped here There just looks easy to reach We have got riding experience in wet condition But after swamp we don’t have any hills There was a beautiful river And how I would reach another side? Maybe I should fly over? A beatiful landscape Of course rednecks want to do a dump here but we won’t let them go What the hell is that? Where it came from? Something is in your rear wheel Fuck you What’s happening today for me Really, what’s happening today What?