McLaren 570s! Quer durch die Alpen ! Der geht wie Sau! Simon Motorsport

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McLaren 570s! Quer durch die Alpen ! Der geht wie Sau! Simon Motorsport

Alright people! Alright people! Alright people! Alright Alright people Alright peop Alright people! Alright people Alright people! Alright people! uhm, uhm, oh, uhm woah, but uhm, that it doesn’t go like: *weird noises* Alright people! Alright people! Alright people! Alright people! I’m talking to you from Germany but I’m really close to the Austrian border at the Kempinski Hotel in Berchtesgaden There’s a really special reason why I am here and I’ll show you in a second The exact reason why I was invited here by McLaren Duesseldorf btw I can’t tell you yet at this very moment But you’ll probably see that in one of the next videos You’ll get to know the exact reason in one of the next videos I’m not here to record a video of it I basically do it so I can show you what I’ll be doing within the next few days In the beginning Iwant to show you something very special Something really sick Behind me there is a McLaren 600LT No single one of these cars has been delivered yet Shipping will start at some point in November they told me The McLaren 600LT is basically a mixture of the 570S, the 720S and the Senna And we’ll just do a walk around it 600 hp, 620 Nm They also did a cold start but I did not have the camera with me, I would have liked to show you that From the front it looks pretty much like a 570S with a little more aero parts But you can see the differences if you know the 570S The side skirt and the rear wing are new Sure thing Here you can see the carbon flaps. That’s really really sick 285/35/20 Pirelli P Zeros are on there Let’s look at it at the front too Carbon ceramic brakes of course I think you get them even with the base model, even with the 570S Here again an aero part. You can see that on the 570S as well Then exhaust-wise It’s really interesting because it is not down here, look at it But it’s up here, just like on the 918 If you take a close look, you can also see a valve, there it is Here we have one, there we have one All of this is made of carbon, carbon as far as the eye can see This thing really is an outright dream for me A really really sick car With the landscape back there that’s of course yeah complete insanity buuuut This is not why I am here, unfortunately I would really like to drive the 600LT but I’ll show you why I’m here in a second! Now I have arrived at the underground parking and now there’s the most important thing: Look at that! Oh shiiiit There they are, lined up, heaps of McLarens And especially, different kinds of McLarens And you know that I had problems telling them apart but by now I have looked so much into the subject “McLaren” and with the different models, the different options, so that I now know them perfectly well which I will show you now This, for example, is a 570S with the track pack You can identify it by looking at the wheels here These are the track pack wheels. They are one kilo lighter than the light weight forged wheels from McLaren This one also has the bucket seats as you can see With red seat belts and this small tail fin here is 15 millimetres higher than the one from the car over there which does not have the track pack Furthermore, it has the sports exhaust, you can see that by looking at the dark tail pipes We’ll continue Next to it: A 570S Spyder What I have never seen with that colour is this… can you see it, the effect? A bombastic colour! Complete insanity You can see: #McLarenSummerDrive and that’s what we do In fact, we will drive through the Alps for 5 days With a lot of invited guests Here is another 570, a 570GT by the way No S version, you can see that because it sits a little higher and it’s the comfort version So, comfort seats. The suspension is more comfortably balanced as in the 570S for example

So the GT is the comfort version, “Grand Tourer”, it does not come with the sports exhaust as you can see Let’s continue Another 570S and a 720S next to it And another 720S 570S 570S 720S, uhhh 720S And here one more 570S and there we have it. This one here will be as you can see Franz Simon my vehicle And here again by the way, a 675LT So, #McLarenSummerDrive, what does it mean? What do we do? We have around 15 cars here and these are all McLaren customers as far as I know The ones driving a 570S right now for example, get the possibility to drive a 720S The 675LTs are customer cars, so they have brought them here themselves My car has been arranged for me, just like for every other customer of McLaren Depending on which McLaren dealer you have bought it from you can take part in a drive like this one This is usually not for free, more information about it I can’t tell you right now but if you’re interested in it I think, it is a prerequisite that you own a McLaren, otherwise just ask, for example at the Moll Group, McLaren Duesseldorf You can ask them if you want a car or to take part in a drive What you have to do to participate 5 days through the Alps I haven’t taken a look at the exact route, it’s not a lot of driving though But it’s a nice one Also some nice accommodation and I think you can do some really cool networking That was the garage Now I’d say, I’ll get back to you tomorrow when we are about to start. See you tomorrow! Alright people! I wish you a wonderful morning This morning I have already been to where is it? Where is the Kehlsteinhaus, up there right? Yeah, up there. That’s where the Kehlsteinhaus is. Do you know it? Do you know what it is? I’ve taken a look at it this morning Now our little tour through the Alps begins This is how it looks like here Lots of McLarens We will do our first stage today which is almost 100 kilometres long In total we will be driving for around 400-500 kilometres through the Alps Good morning everyone Through the Alps and Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein I’m looking for my car. It’s over here somewhere. No, not this one Well, not my car, unfortunately not But…Good morning But the car that I’ll be driving for the next few days You can see that the cars have name labels Our first tour starts now, I’m really looking forward to it The cars really are super, mega, crazy sick You’ll get some onboard shots I even got a Spyder It’s perfect that you can open it in this nice weather And there it is Alright, here it is I will be driving this vehicle There’s also my name on it That’s the way it is. Yep, Franz Simon That’s the vehicle I’ll be driving for the next few days Exactly. Alright So that’s it from me I’ll get back to you from the inside of the car, I hope you’ll like it. I’ll show you as much as possible As much driving as possible and action and I’ll talk about the car a little Because I have to say, I can tell you again and again, I have really looked into the subject You have to drive a McLaren to understand it Ok, see you shortly So we have loads of 570S, we have 720S here, 675LT Sun is shining, we are in Austria It is going to be a blast Our first drive will be around 100 kilometres long There will be a barbecue, a lunch Then there will be dinner too and we’ll continue tomorrow We’ll do 400 kilometres in total I’m just looking forward to it We have got 14 cars All of the people are really cool Ok, starting the engine Very nice, so we have to put our seatbelt on too 14 cars, cool people, the McLaren Germany staff is really cool. McLaren UK staff is cool All in all, everything is super super sick

I’m looking forward to the drive and I’ll be back for you in a few moments, when we’re on the road. See you in a minute Oh my god I hope you can hear me with the roof open This is pure insanity so far This is complete insanity! Woah, look at this The tour Is the camera shaking? I think it’s not completely stable So far, this is super sick, no joke The scenery is amazing. We’re driving through the Alps 14 McLarens It’s insane Let’s talk about the car 570S Sypder, I don’t know if this one hast the sports exhaust But the cars, the driving characteristics are just awesome We’ll just quickly push it completely, 3000 rpm. Let’s go Just now is when something starts to happen Next gear The gearbox, how fast it shifts is insane You know that I hadn’t been that much in love with the brand before but in the meantime You have to have driven a car like this You notice that in the lower rpm range, it is a little restricted Because 540C, 570S, 570GT and 650S, they all share the same engine This means, you can turn a 570S, or a 540C into a 650S easily, performance-wise You can really feel that Below 4000 rpm, it’s a little restricted, in the upper rpm it pulls and then it pulls some more V8 biturbo After I have touched it, this thing will go really well What I like a lot about the car is that the brakes are really good, the pedals feel nice The way this car turns into corners is pure insanity as well The handling feels the same as in a go-kart I really have to say: I have fallen in love again I would not have expected it but I have become a real McLaren fan I think the cars a really sick, also the way they are built It’s really spare in here You’ve got your centre console with the big display Everything you need is in there. Connecting my phone via bluetooth was really quick It only took me 60 seconds With other vehicles that takes a little longer The optional carbon fibre bucket seats feel super comfortable to me There are comfort seats too, which are a bit more comfortable but the bucket seats are a must have for me You can also order a sports exhaust and a titanium exhaust I have to ask what’s in this one If this is the normal one, sports exhaust or titanium I think it’s the sports exhaust because of the tail pipes Because the tail pipes are dark It sounds really nice in the upper rpm range and goes really well We have just pushed it a little, I have not recorded that Again, handling-wise, absolute insanity The only visual thing which is missing to me is a rear wing but there are different manufacturers that offer rear wings for this car I was told that McLaren will offer a rear wing ex works in the future You can either order it with the car right away or buy it sperately afterwards for the 570S or 540C Short updad, that’s it from me. I’ll be back soon “Short what?” Short updad. That’s it from me. I’ll be back soon “Short updad.” Alright people! Day 2 and we are at the beautiful Tegernsee lake, who knows the Tegernsee? Somewhere here is Uli Hoeness’s house by the way Tegernsee and I’ve got my sick McLaren vest here, nice Really nice We’re just setting up the cars, we just had breakfast and now we’ll continue Today is said to be the best drive, a lot of tunnel runs Maniacs!

A little bit through the mountains of course Our view here is amazing I have to say that the boys and girls from McLaren have really thought this through Beautiful weather. Just bombastic, look at this Really really nice Yeah well and this view is even even, even, even, even, even nicer Feedback about the car – I have to say: The thing is just nuts! Really, I’m falling in love with this car more and more with every driven kilometre You can’t describe it, I’m telling you over and over again and I’ve had this conversation with lots of McLaren owners Most of, or all of the people here own a McLaren themself Either a 570 or 720 or another one You have to have driven a McLaren to understand it That’s just the way it is You look at it and… Good morning No, but maybe soon Maybe he’ll get a McLaren soon, at the moment he’s driving a GT3 I’ve talked to him too Here on the tour he’s driving a 720S Short video-bombing That was Danny Where did we stop? I’ll get back to you from the car in a minute. See you, peace Just listen to this A symphony This one also has the sports exhaust ex works There are 3 different exhaust systems that you can order with the car: The normal, original one The sports exhaust and the super sports exhaust system made of titanium It’s not on this car but we have the sports exhaust and this one sounds really good already It could be a tiny bit louder I think It only starts to sound really open and voluminous from 4000 rpm though That’s also where the real punch sets in So far, I have already said it, I love this car The Spyder is really really sick but I believe, well, I’m not too much into convertibles but the 570S Spyder looks at least as awesome as the coupe But I think, if I had the choice, I would choose the coupe for the purposes that I need it for Otherwise, the bucket seat I think it’s super comfortable. You can’t adjust it, it’s a manual bucket seat You can’t adjust it to the sides but to the front and back In the beginning I thought the full carbon fibre bucket seat might not be too comfortable but it’s really good I’m sitting in here perfectly Ergonomically speaking it is perfectly shaped Just sick! We are a big group and we have just been separated a little bit by traffic So the first group is further ahead and I’m in the second group, we are maybe 8 cars, 5 or 6 are ahead of us and we need to catch up. now I can see that the VW bus is just letting us pass We are on a really cool drive right now We’ll drive through Luxembourg, make a stop today Tomorrow the tour will end in Basel, Switzerland So far, all in all, a super well done event, sick cars, great weather, good atmosphere, the people are cool You can’t expect more than that, I’ve got some cool music right here A lot of you have asked me, they have seen my instastories I maka a lot of instastories of events like this one So: franz_sim… Woah what’s happening here now? I have to catch up Instastories, you know what? I’ll be back in a minute Alright, I’m back again, we just had a little acceleration orgy For instastories, visit: @franz_simon_drift It’s my private Instagram account where I show you some stories and pictures You get to see lots there I’ll turn the camera around in a minute, so you can see what the scenery looks like here

Just awesome! I’ll talk to you again shortly after lunch. Peace! And another tunnel Woah, the 720 is in front of me INSANE! Just insane! Sick, the Alps, there are tunnels There are 14 maniacs It does not get better than this, that was just a little bonus We are in the middle of the Alps now, the scenery is, you can see it over there The scenery is breathtaking You can see what happens in the tunnels You can’t hear how loud the cars actually are when you sit inside one But they actually are The sound is also really really sick. I have never noticed that a McLaren sounds this sick. But it does! Hey, this is insane! They are crazy! The cars sound so good You don’t even realise how amazing they sound when you sit inside the car Insane Alright people, you might be able to see the scenery here now We are in the Alps. Oh, there were cows It is beautiful Day 2 is getting close to an end We had a great drive. We did approximately 200 kilometres Autobahn, a little bit of normal road, oh, is it raining? A few drops right now Autobahn, some country and city roads A lot of tunnels, we had tons of fun, it was really great Talking about tunnels, there is another one, we’ll directly go for it Simply an amazing day Super sick day The guy in front of me is already closing his roof but I’ll leave mine open as we are there soon I think there won’t be too much rain Everyone is closing their roof, what? No we’ll leave it open There is a 720S As you can see All of us are having fun We’re just arriving at the checkpoint I’d say that I’ll see you again tomorrow, I hope you like it, my little compilation I’d say: See you later Day 3 We raced through Liechtenstein yesterday Through Switzerland as well We had a really nice evening We have lined up now to drive to Bern The weather is unfortunately not as great today It has rained a bit, it’s a little cold, 16 degrees So it’s rather going to be a nice cruise today The roof will stay shut Maybe I can then tell you a little more about the car Hats off! The event is just really amazing

At this point I want to greet the Autohaus Moll Group They do Lamborghini, McLaren and a lot of other things in Duesseldorf McLaren Duesseldorf belongs to the Autohaus Moll Group I don’t want to romanticise about the car again because the people are going to think: “It can’t be that sick, he’s just talking.” But I have fallen in love with this car Ok, so we will hit the road now and I’ll talk to you during the drive again I hope you like it. VLOG style this time without car porns The next time I might have someone coming with me so we can get some nice shots That’s it from me, see you! We have just raced through the Alps again You can see that the weather is not too nice, but the roof is still open We’re having a really good time What I have come to realise is: Even in wet conditions the thing has no traction problems That’s great Usually you would think that it would shake a bit but That’s Manuel’s 675LT, maybe you know him, he once had a yellow P1 Just google it, Manuel and P1 yellow We have our line up here, it’s beautiful, where did we stop? The car handles the power really well in these conditions, McLaren has done a really good job with the traction control Because I already wondered that it didn’t go like: *weird noises* It definitely works really really well We have a 300 kilometres drive ahead of us today That’ll get a little exhausting I’d say But still really fun I’d say that was the first update We will stop soon again. We just stopped here because people had to pee, me too We will stop again for a coffee soon and then lunch at some point It’s 10 to 11 right now I will leave tonight at 18 or 19 o’clock and get back on my way home So far this is really… I have rarely had such amazing days like the past few days It’s absolutely insane I’d definitely like to do it again That’s it from me, I’ll get back to you later We have arrived in Basel which means that this is the end of my tour Everyone is just about to park We had a really sick tour. We have to hand back our cars now unfortunately Too bad. I’ve gotten so used to it Here we have a 570S, this is a 675LT with a lot of aero parts He’s also really exhausted already. We have driven almost 300 kilometres today, which is a lot Nice, ah that was the loud startup It was the loud startup. That’s why it bangs like that, understood, cool That’s it from me, I hope you liked it. 570S, what a car! Definitely on the bucket list, let’s see I’d say, see you next time. Subscribe, like, share and see you next time