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Motorsport Q&A | Einstieg – Lizenzen – Kosten | GTronix360° Team mcchip-dkr

Welcome to our new video which will address the questions from previous videos How does motorsport work at our place? And or what are the costs of operating our GT3? I told you in the previous videos that you can write what interests you in the comments and that we’ll check it out By our standards, and for a channel our size, this is the coolest video we have made so far Thank you for your participation. Very cool I’ll try to shine as much light as possible on the 5 most asked questions What do I need to be allowed to drive with VLN? The main question is how do I get a license? How can I get into motor sport? Or if I have money, how can I drive your Cayman or participate in motorsports in general? I’ll try to answer these questions from the ground up Let’s assume “Lieschen Müller” has an interest in motorsports but has no experience in it whatsoever So, how does he start? “Lieschen Müller” needs to get a “National A” license First, in google, search for “Lizenz Motorsport” (Motorsport license). You’ll get results of single events or organizers who offer courses to obtain the license They usually take place on airfields or road safety training centers You can arrive there with your own car, of course after signing up You take part in a theoretical course that you have to pass—for which you can find a catalogue of questions online Then you go through an advanced safety training workshop on a closed course for a half day You will have training coaches teaching and checking on you and who eventually decide if you are fit to have a racing license I do not know a single person who tried and failed this test If you pass this one- or sometimes two-day course, you receive a written certificate for both the theoretical and practical parts Then you have to make an account with GMA, the German Motorsport Association, at Under “Lizenz Erstellung” (license generation), you can find a questionnaire in which you put a request for the “National A” licence Fill in your personal data. Print this license request Take it to your family doctor. The doctor will check if you are fit to drive a vehicle Then you need to go to the eye doctor—I believe every 3 years “Apollo Optik” is a store that provides free checks for this [DMSB] license all over Germany You send the filled-out license request and the certificate obtained from the GMA [DMSB] In the off-peak season the license can be delivered in as little as 3 days If you do it in the beginning of the season, from January to March, the process can take 2-3 weeks Now I want to talk about the costs The license courses cost 300-500€ on average. Of course, you can also add fuel costs, maintenance, and travel costs since you are using your own car. So, let’s say that’s another 400€ The application fee for the “National A” license (paid to GMA) costs 249€ After about 500-750€ you have your racing license. Now you need clothes You need fireproof socks, fireproof long underpants, fireproof shirt, a fireproof neck protection, a helmet, a HANS (Head and Neck Support) device, an overall or suit, and shoes All of these should comply with current regulations. For that you might have to spend insane amounts of money. For example, carbon helmets that can cost 8.000€, like the Formula 1 Schubert I’ll try to estimate some options in a more reasonable cost range There are always more expensive options, but you wouldn’t find anything much cheaper

A complete set of reasonably-priced motorsport clothing, which complies with current regulations, will cost you about 1.500€ That means the simplest version of everything, but still meeting requirements Our goal here is to drive in VLN Now, with our acquired “National A” license, we need to obtain the “Nordschleife Permit B”, namely the driving license for the Nordschleife You must run in 3 RCN (Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring) races while being evaluated You must finish all of them. If you have a technical malfunction or an accident, that’s a shame. You need 3 finished races no matter what Driving the smallest car classes such as a H2, H3, V4, or V5 costs about 1.500€ per driver per race Of course, you can go bigger and drive a GT4. Here, the costs can go up to 5.000€ per driver So far, our costs accumulate to almost 8.000€ As I said, it cannot be much cheaper than that. But it can always be more expensive In regards to timing, taking into account suitable license courses, passing 3 RCN-races which don’t take place every week will theoretically take you half a year. And that half year has to be in-season For example, if it is October, starting to drive in January is impossible, since the last race takes place in October The events start again in March, so you have that time to achieve it So, let’s say you have finished 3 races and you send proof of the races to DMSB To receive the Nordschleife driving license, you must pass an online exam by DMSB with 100% accuracy. It costs 52€ After that you receive the “Nordschleife Permit B” by mail Only then you are allowed to participate in VLN… but only with Permit B vehicles As of 2019, current Permit B vehicles are V2, V3, V4, V5, V6. There is a possibility for people with thick wallets to drive a GT4 with lowered performance (achieved by adding weight) The reason is because the cars are not allowed to be faster than the VLN-version of 9 minutes You have to find a position as a driver, and then you must finish 2 VLN-races in the first 75% of your class If you have 20 participants in your class, you must finish at least 15th You have to contest 2 races and 18 rounds in the first 75% For V4, V5, V6 cars, the costs are 3.000-5.000€ per driver For GT4 with decreased performance, the costs are about 7.000-8.000€ But don’t be rash with judging if it is too expensive or too cheap, I have compared it with other companies and teams, and our numbers are spot on So, you spend on average 4.000€ per VLN race. All in all 8.000€ Then the Norschleife Permit B automatically upgrades to the Permit A. That means you are now allowed to drive every car class in VLN In the end, according to our reasonable calculations, avoid extremely high or low costs, it takes roughly 16.000€ to race in VLN Good luck, since we obtained these costs without any tricks. That is, we assumed that we successfully finished 3 RCN-races and 2 VLN-races in the first 75% on the first tries

Also, there is a time factor. You can’t make it in a week, no matter how much money you have Earlier it was rather easier, someone who never was on Nordschleife before could drive immediately in a GT3 The permits came to be necessary after there were many accidents on the track For me, personally, it takes quite a lot of effort You need to lay a lot of groundwork to participate in racing series You should be crazy and passionate about it, because if you think about how much preliminary work you have to do just to be allowed to drive… Well, it’s exceptional Another important thing is if you have already an international racing license or permit but do not have Nordschleife-specific driving license, what do you do then? This happened last year when we had Japanese professional racers with international race licenses So in that case you come with your license here and you take a 2-day permit course One complete day of theory, one complete day of driving with a guide You drive 6 or 9 rounds behind a guide, after that you drive 16 or 18 rounds by yourself They don’t need to do license courses, as they have already done them. After the permit course and practice, they only receive the Permit B It does not matter if they won Le Mans or Daytona or Formula 1 in the past They also start with the Permit B and have to finish 2 VLN-races in the 75% using only small car classes That’s how it was with our Japanese professional drivers last year So the teams have to thoroughly consider which driver to take for the Nordschleife program because drivers have a lot of required background work Another example: we had an inquiry from a driver who participated for many years in the Sports Cup and who has an international C-license but didn’t have the Nordschleife license He has to go through the same process He takes the same permit courses that take place only 6-7 times per year And I also have to contest in VLN-race with a small car and end up in the first 75%. Can I even do this? And then I have no driving time with my own car that I want to drive It is a lot of groundwork to do For the 18 rounds of this license course you spend about 3.000-4.000€, depending on which car you rent It cannot be a common street car, but a race car complying with specific requirements like having a regulation roll cage or being a specific DMSB class, etc In conclusion, how do I get my license? Pay about 16.000€ and we’re ready to drive If you want to race in 24-hours Nürburgring, you have to get the Big Permit Namely, you must have Permit A to participate in the 24-hour race You can drive smaller cars during the 24-hour race, but not the same smaller cars that you qualify for with a permit B license. So, for the 24-hour race, you definitely need a permit A Hopefully, I covered everything about permits Another important topic, or what’s often asked, is insurance I can talk only for our team As an example, let’s take our Cayman. Its price is 75.000€. We have 50.000€ insured If the car was completely destroyed, we’d have to really stretch ourselves to make up for 25.000€ The price can be what you want it, cheaper or more expensive, but we have struck a deal with a serious insurance company where our rotating parts are also insured It’s a big deal since some companies offer cheaper policies which do not include rotating parts. So it means no tires, no brakes, no rims and so on

7 years ago I had an accident with GT3 Porsche, and our insurance company did not pay for it because they went bankrupt It was my fault not to get informed This company had insured many teams and the guy responsible tragically hung himself So the company was in over a million-euro debt because many teams paid the comprehensive insurance policy but nobody actually insured them That won’t happen this time with our current insurer, a large German company One VLN weekend costs us 3.500€ for the 50.000€ insurance policy, after taxes. It is like a normal yearly comprehensive insurance but per weekend Should you have an accident, the deductible from the driver (for example at the Porsche Cayman) 7500€ after taxes If the damage costs 1.000€, you pay 1.000€ If you destroyed the car completely, 50.000€ in damages, you’ll pay only 7.500€ That is per instance of damage. Last year somebody damaged a car on Friday for 1.200€ and damaged it again on Saturday for 3.000€ Both accidents are covered separately. That is normal What happens if someone drives into me? As soon as you sit in the car, as the driver, you take responsibility for it We already had an incident when we were driving in a fast lane and another team drove into our door Then it was Raeder Motorsport at the TT RS. Elmar Degener was in the car. Our TT then gets pushed into the jersey walls The doors are wasted, side skirts are wasted. The one who is inside the car still has to pay If you slip on the oil slick, you pay. Always the person inside the car. There is no discussion, it is the law At the 24-hour race, it is substantially different 50.000€ insurance, the policy is 8.000€ after taxes and the deductible is 8.750€ after taxes The price for Lambo is close to 400.000€. Here, the numbers for insurance are drastically different To my knowledge as of 2019, the maximum amount that you can insure is currently 250.000€ Here we have always 225.000€ insured, because the insurance for 250.000€ is much more expensive, so this additional coverage by 25.000€ is not worth it The insurance policy for a normal VLN-race costs us 12.500€ after taxes The first 30.000€ of damage are always deductible. For a 24-hour race the policy is 30.000€ and the deductible is 35.000€ There are teams that do not insure, but I cannot allow myself to save on the policy every weekend and wait for things to go sideways When insured. the client has nothing to worry about except the deductible per instance of damage If your car was damaged while you were driving it, the deductible for each new instance of damage is increased by 20% By the third instance of damage you have 40% higher deductible. By the fourth instance, the company does not insure the driver any more What happens during the racing weekend when the first driver had an accident and you did not get to drive yet? here are driver contracts, but not by us For example, say you sign this contract and the car falls while being taken out of the hanger on Thursday. You’d simply have had bad luck and won’t drive on the weekend We do it differently. You have to deal sensibly with people. I know that personally, as I’ve been a driver for unassociated teams before

With us, if something happens on Friday and we withdraw from the VLN race on Saturday, we return some the money. So you save on tires and you save on fuel, but this isn’t insignificant You will have a small compensation, but you will not get a full refund because of the enormous costs that have already been incurred. As I already mentioned, the 300.000€ insurance policy is already submitted, car mechanics are paid, the lounge, the transportation and logistics, etc What we can do is give back the costs which were not accrued If something happens on Saturday and the race has already begun and you already paid for everything—for fuel, for tires, etc., it is difficult We have very transparent accounting in this regard. If you spent 1.000€ less on fuel or running costs in the end, this sum is divided by two or by whatever number of drivers who didn’t participate So you have a small compensation, but it does not depend on whether you have driven or not Do you build these kinds of cars yourself? Where do you get car bodies from? Or do they come so from the factory? There are 2 clearly defined ways. The SP cars, like SP6, SP7, SP8, that are cars from series converted to specials Like the BMW 325i here, a series car, you buy a new or used series car and rebuild it according to certain regulations, like here (to the left) a to V4 class, or here (to the right) to a SP5 class It is special, not really a series car anymore. It has a 2.8L displacement and bigger brakes There is less rebuilding nowadays because there are always more race cars being manufactured GT4s, TCRs, and GT3s are produced completely by manufacturers Every screw, every brake disk, every fin, everything is regulated and you are not allowed to build anything additional You cannot develop it heavily but rather you use it as it is This applies to the GT3 (SP9), TCR, and GT4. Those are cars ready for a race directly from the manufacturer The topic of Balance of Performance (BoP) is really VLN-specific People ask: isn’t it unfair that for the last 3 years the big classes keep getting refined but smaller classes like Cup Porsche and SP7 do not? It is difficult, time and time again I get upset about it like during VLN4 when due to the accident we had to turn the car and the whole start group was in front of me With the smaller car classes in front like GT4, Cup Porsche, SP7, it is extremely difficult to overtake them with this car I am not a full professional and there are fast drivers on SP7 cars that take over on the straightaways or uphill We are considerably slower, as you can see from the GT4s that pass me on the straightaways It’s a big risk to overtake, not because of the shrinking difference between car classes, but because of safety aspects As an amateur racer I have to take a lot more risk when I overtake now than I did 3-4 years ago because back then I could overtake anywhere Of course, when one says that these cars are too fast, Cup cars and SP7 cars should be considerably slowed down. Currently their performances are quite close It is not the way of showing our ego, but it should be understandable that unfortunately accidents happen One has to take a huge risk with our cars to come anywhere close to overtaking, and that really only happens when others are at cornering speed As a team owner and a driver, I cannot affect it much. And screaming about it in social media does not make it better We want to stay at the great Nordschleife and in VLN. It is our home So we’ll take it for now. Because this way I won’t let myself let go of the Nordschleife, but there are also limits to this

The last topic. I found very cool that people are interested about it. One of them wondered what we can offer if he decides to sponsor us What kind of incentives are offered to sponsors in motorsport? I could talk about this for another hour, but we don’t have the time Basically, we offer benefits ranging from a small sticker to VIP-service with your own lounge, taxi drives, driving by yourself, putting cars on display during the open house day in companies, fully planned weekends For example, on Thursday a company presents its product to its best sales employee, or best customers, or best clients On Thursday sales training, on Friday morning employees do a safety training on the track with us, on Friday afternoon we move to Nordschleife Then we can offer them taxi drives with our Cayman The employees can experience the whole racing weekend with us, join us at the pit stop or ride with us on the track As I said, between races we can offer these cars up for exhibition at events and open house days We try to give our partners an opportunity to get exposure on our YouTube channel and our website The options are plentiful In 2018 we had long negotiations with a big company that wanted over 100 of its employees to be supervised by us from Thursday till Sunday at the 24-hour race We can offer many services. Hotel bookings, product trainings, driving on a racetrack, bike tours beside to the race track, etc Depending on the employees’ motivation and interests, we can provide you with entertainment and unique experience It’s not just putting a sticker on our cars and “thank you goodbye”; it is not like that anymore I hope I covered all major points. When you have more questions or wish for better explanations, leave your comment below We’ll need a bit time to go through them and will gladly address them in the next video We try to give you the insider information in as much detail as possible so that we can shine a light on the world of motorsport for you Thank you for watching and see you next time!