Need For Auto – GTA 5 Street Racing Machinima Movie Cinematic Film (4K)

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Need For Auto – GTA 5 Street Racing Machinima Movie Cinematic Film (4K)

Ah shit, here we go again What’s happening homeboy? Hey partner I’m working man, what you need? What you need, dog? Dog I got quality shit right here I can drive as well as CJ, man, I’m telling you Hey, homie, whassup? Hey, what you saying about me, fool? Wassup, man? I’m saying that the East Coast made you drive like a idiot, fool! Man, you always crashing cars and shit All it is, is ‘CJ drive here, CJ drive here.’ Bullshit! Man, why don’t you take it easy No disrespect, man, but you can’t drive for shit Thanks, man. No, no, no, say what you really mean You such a good gunman, homie, you gotta ride shotgun Show CJ what’s cracking Hey, you know something – you’re right. Yeah, CJ, you can drive, homie Holy shit! Look at that! What the fuck? Fuck them Grove Street fools! Grove Street’s going down! Ey ey, what you said, nigga? You dropped the soap, sugar! Come on, honey, I’m losing my patience Head up, you and me come on! Come on, show me what you got! You dead motherfucker! Come on bitch! Hey, show me how to drive on the East Coast, homie! Man. I’m shocked you didn’t get us killed, CJ! Let me check myself. Am I Dead? That mute asshole! That fucking snake without a tongue! Nobody punch CJ! I’m hungry!

Oh, man! Shit… Hey, what’s going on? Man cannot live on bread alone. I know. I’ve tried that shit Carl, you look a little thin, man You gotta be hungry, man. Yeah, I could eat Man, what you fools trying to eat? What about some tacos? Tacos? Again? Hell no Chicken, man This is the Los Santos Police Department. Stay where you are Get out my face! Move it ! Motherfucker! Don’t block me homie! Who you think you judging, homeboy? Ey, you don’t know about Grove Street? Put it down before I smoke you I can drive as good as CJ! I got with them motherfuckers though – showed them niggaz who’s gangsta. Ryder nigga!

So, you must be Sweet’s bro’ huh? Well i owe him big from way back, so here, this should do the trick Hey, Sweet! Whassup? It’s time for street race Alright let’s roll Johnson brothers gonna take that fat fool down! It’s your funeral, asshole!

Come on asshole let’s fight! Toe to toe fool! You gonna back down soon? I’m man of peace, baby! Oh you ain’t gonna win this! CJ! Yes! Look at that I won! Your mama must be proud of your driving, fool! Time to hit Grove Street hood Yes! I won! You need this no more Carl, you motherfucking piece of shit gang-banging cocksucker! Ok, boys! Go Go Go Go!

SWAT team coming in! Tango in sight! Hey! Carl Johnson! CJ! Oh, shit Come on over here, son! Ding ding ding ding ding! Ding ding ding ding ding! Oh nice work CJ! That’s my homie, CJ! Ha, ha ha ha, homie, you ice cold, baby! Grove Street is king! Say it with me niggas, Grove Street is KING! GROVE STREET IS KING! You drive, CJ – seeing as you ‘Mister Driver’ and all

Aw, not your shit again Don’t give me a hard time about my driving. I ain’t got the energy for it, man Well don’t go roll the damn car over and blow us all up in flames then Aw, I ain’t risin’ to your shit, man Good! Means you’ll concentrate on the road, then! You love to give your homie a hard time Just trying to keep my soldiers alive, nigga! By nagging them to death? Watch the road, motherfucka! The Road! Another classic piece of driving, huh? Move it CJ! You embarrassing us, nigga! Shit Shit Shit! Aw, this fool! Move, homie! Come on man. Let’s go! Let’s go! I ain’t got all day! Move that piece of shit! Come on, man, move! I’m not in the mood for this I got places I gotta be! Move your asshole and go already! Ay I gotta meet some very important record people! The music disk waits for no one, chump! We got ourselves that Johnson kid! I swear I didn’t do shit! You going to jail, McDaddy! We got you now, CJ! You are in LSPD hands now! No one escapes my crooks rocket. You home wracking gangster! Mr. Johnson, you are under arrest! I got money, officer. Take it, make your wife happy Oh shit I’m gone! Oh I’m outta here! Oh shit! Run! Ah No! My car! My fucking car! Easy, CJ! Easy! Watch what the fuck you doing! So sorry. My bad, honestly Let’s storm the place Hold up. Let’s creep in, grab the car and bounce out Yeah, yeah, I got it – ninja style! Right OK, fool, in you go – I’ll keep watch Get in fool! What you waiting for, fool? Take us back to the Grove, motherfucker! I don’t see him!

We lost them! Damn it! Where did he go? Don’t expect me to kiss your ass or nothing You still a buster to me Same old CJ! Busta! Straight busta! Hey beautiful! Whassup? With CJ, your wish is his command baby Whatever Let’s drown out this awkward silence Whats cracking, G? This is kinda fun! It’s time for street racing

Sure, let’s get the car