SWM RS 300 recenzja najtańszy motocykl enduro? SWM RS 300 reviewed the cheapest enduro motorcycle?

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SWM RS 300 recenzja najtańszy motocykl enduro? SWM RS 300 reviewed the cheapest enduro motorcycle?

One, Two, Three, The witch sees! Welcome Welcome on Buli96 channel in the next episode from garage. It’s probably It’s probably last episode in this year, yes? Probably And I’ll welcome Your and our friends, guest will be in a moment So, Machette, Kary Adrian, whom you know And our guests, Adrian Senior and And Patryk of course, we’ve got one more guest Who is working hard Like me, over the camera Patryk with who, I hope, we’ll cooperate for a longer period of time Patryk helps us sometimes From today’s episode, with recording and also Assembling our movies, we’ll see how it’ll Yes Patryk Vega, we’ll see how it’ll look But the most important today what we announced You can see this motorcycle on the lift, SWM in a shortcut Super italian motorcycle Can I tell it like that Patryk? Fast, swanky and you can have it You must speak little louder, fast, swanky andy you can You must speak little louder because we’ve got Problem with sound always, and people complains about it So, tell us something about it What brand is it, who produces it How long is it produced? Exactly this model, what is this model? What components it has? Go for it! Adrian let’s go, Adrian Do I’m speaking loud enough? Little louder Adrian. So motorcyle’s in 100% Produced in Italy SWM is brand Which, you can say, it was Progenitor In producing of stricte enduro motorcycles Even motocross I can say Successful brand Now they’re making motorcycles like that They’re constructed on old constructions of Husqvarna Old, no so long ago constructions of Husqvarna Well known for everyone, because it’s proven construction It’s made in Italy in 100% With using, I’m signalizing it The best components, at the moment we’ve got Is it construction which was before KTM bought Husqvarna? Yes, yes, when they sold their mark I can say it in that way. It’s 2018 model And 2019 also, nothing changed And we’ve got 2 stroke or 4 here? I’m asking you about stupid things. It’s 4 stroke 300 of capacity 4 stroke 300ccm And what we’ve got? We’ve got, in short way Front KYB, rear KYB, wait, wait You said front KYB so are we talking about front suspension? Yes and it’s important Because KYB is really good suspension It’s working well. And I tell you honestly That I was riding on many motorcycles And to get suspension like this Which’re on standard equipment here, to other motorcycles In more orange colours I must spend about 10000 PLN and then it started work And here it’s working perfect And Adrian isn’t from first round up Wait, and here we’ll make little break Because, if we’re talking about Adrian, we’ll come back, and about Patryk On our channel there’s episode from entry to the garage and there you can Know the Patryk story While his father, Adrian Ate his teeths on motorcycles It’s long story Patryk tell us something about you dad He rode a lot of motorcycles. Rode yes? And disassembled So he has experience So, let’s back to That motorcycle, we were talking about front suspension. And rear? On rear is also KYB Completly adjustable, with fast damping With slow damping And it works very well, look Shock abosrber is almost in 90 degrees It’s on levers system On pro link yes? Yes it works very well And it isn’t so low It works tenderly and really you can feel that rear Feedback is really Riding on it’s really cool And there’s good position during riding In this set In standard there’re michelin tires This one is little worn because we were riding on it But that are good tires, it’s from top What brake discs are here? Brake calipers? Swingarm is nice

Because it’s welded Like how it used to be Before they want to cut costs, and it’s really nice for me Because they don’t using it now, it’s expensive in production We’ve got Brembo brakes, big rear brake disc Floating I’ll tell you honestly it’s really effective Ventilated it’s know but it’s very effective Rear brake in that is really I always says that in a few of which motorcycle It’s such dosed and brakes effective Wait, what you said? I had Husqvarna 500 From second hand, and there was specific sound of Husqvarna Everybody knew that I’m going Because floating disc always makes Knocks, it gets resonance with the engine And it makes little noise, but it’s positive Of course if it’s worn in short way talked But it worn often on that coins And it buzzes. It isn’t minus. No, no, of course Floating disc is cool. What’s up Patryk? It has been good rider that he brake on front brake What’s more On front wheel is also Brembo.Yes, speak Patryk Turn it around Speedometer cable is like in KTM We won’t run it, maybe at the end We’ll run it in a moment But if we’re talking about This light is cool Can we turn it on? Everything on LEDs? Yes. Rear also? Yes, and when you start engine it starts shine Yes it lights harder, now it’s Such a parking light, to riding at day Patryk can we register this motorcycle? And ride in on road? It has approval But I I saw pictures when it has 2 exhaust pipes On rear There’re 2 pipes because it’s Euro4 motorcycle And it has to fulfill all standards, exhaust fumes etc We can buy tuning pipe like this This is tuning one yes? Yes it’s Only Arrow makes pipes for it You can get only arrow on producer site We promote it also. But it’s nice pipe From the end. To where? Carbon end And how much it costs? It costs 2500PLN. Okey From that I remember Before unblocking with 2 exhausts it has 30HP And after it there’s 38HP And if you said You mentioned about weight Did you weight it? It weights 104KG, without fluids So it isn’t much It isn’t super heavy Okey When it comes from factory it’s blocked It has Athena module Which is programmable, you can change maps in 2 minutes It’s cool. We just need connect wire, connect computer and we could change maps Unblock it. Okey but how your’re doing it? We’re disassemble light, it could be only one side There’s connector which we must connect, very simple thing With interface to the computer, it’s normal interface for 2 wires For USB, everybody can have it Very simple thing And we can upload maps, upgrade maps if there are any new Change it Okey, I’m understand. What is the capacity of fuel tank? 7.7 Litre 7.7 so almost 8 litres But it burn as much as nothing. It’s economic, 300 on fuel injection Good thing is that there’s fan in standard Yes, yes Fan is in standard. So, so tell us So tell us what’s in standard Fan Fan and for example, cover under engine It’s all covered in standard, also for free Without any surcharge You don’t need to buy anything additionally We’ve got KYB in standard So we can say This radiator covers are also in standard? Every motorcylce got it I’m only asking. There’re no strengthening of the radiators You can buy it, but none of motorcycles has it in standard Maybe I tell something about engine? Important thing Engine It’s 300, this engine has Its story, and really it’s Husqvarna engineers created it Very durable engine Camshafts are on ball bearings

In both sides. It turns on RPM willingly Turns more than 13000 RPM It has strong compression because it’s 1:12.9 Of compression It’s very durable engine and it’s the most important Maintenance of this engine isn’t like that You must adjust valves clearance, it just goes And generally if you don’t drown him Etc If you don’t make any serious damages it’s really it will keep For a long time Is it with decompressor? Yes, it’s nice thing Because even if we fell into the lake Such things happen We’ll stand it up, pour out water from pipe And clean air filter Then we’ll press decompressor and blow it And we can start engine and it goes I see here tip from KTM with lack of kickstarter Can I buy it? You can, let’s say, assemble it Because there’s everything inside And you can buy it even from second hand Kickstarter system and assemble it without problems How often we must change oil here? It depends on us, but it’s standard period 10 or 15 motohours. And how much filter costs Patryk? Like for every motorcycle, we’ve got conventional filter Like in Husqvarna, they ‘re on the market Air filter is also like in older Husqvarna Any pistons Valves or The connecting rod, everything is on the market, and prices are Like in any other motorcycle. So everything is available You know what about people are scared Availability of parts, besides of traditional Spare parts Anything for engine from producer, there is no problem 2 or 3 days. Okey I understand Or they’re available at shop Access to the air filter is under seat from top I like this solution. Battery goes up We’ve got here light battery And we can take it whole And we’ve got nice access to the filter We can do it quickly and without problem Is light battery in basic price? There’s normall battery We put here our battery To unweight it If we’re talking about Enduro units, so on the market There’re 2 capacities I’m right Patryk? So? RS500 and RS300 RS500 and RS300 And now the most important thing because we praise it only What, 43000 PLN? How much it costs? You wrote price there But what are the prices? For this one 300ccm is for 25900PLN. New one? Yes, like this one And 500cmm 26900. How much? 300ccm 25900PLN And 500ccm 26900PLN, one thousand more So take 500ccm because it’s worth And for members of our school, our team We’ve got discount of 900PLN And for All of viewers Buli96 channel Will be 900PLN discount Tell them about it, negotiate It’s important, I’m negotiating all the time Even during purchase kilogram of oranges In the shop or market I always ask about discount So price is attractive I’m asking Machette. I had 500 Husqvarna, and I remember that I never used kickstarter In this motorcycle Due to decompressor This motorcycle starts with half of turn I kept decompressor and it started Do you remember, because I sold it for you And you sold it again, and then 5th or 6th owner wanted something from us There was about 20000 milage And it runs perfect, and there was never Nothing done with engine Because this are very durable engines Adama what’s your opinion about it? I’m walking and looking It’s sentiment, sentiment for this engine for sure Because engine Like Adrian said is very Durable unit Tested before all I can’t tell anything bad about it. I would tell maintenance free But I won’t do it to you But But I’ll tell you It’s great Alternative on really good components For those who don’t have big amount of money Because let’s say it

Adi said a moment before, to buy New KTM You need pay more than 40000PLN. In 4 stroke We’re talking about basic prices 45000 we’ve got KTM Here, basic price is 26900 26900 so it’s. Almost 20000 300ccm 25900, 500ccm 26900 Yes Different people comes to our garage And they say different things, but those 2 men We know them. And then know about it Yes of course. 20 years ago when I sat on first motorcycle In rubber boots. They hugged me I hugged you too Yes, exactly. You was little like that Adrian I’ve got question for you What that motorcycle, we said it a little What makes this motorcycle stand out from more popular brands In Poland It’s distinguished by the price It’s plus but what’s more? In your opinion If you can tell it in this way? For me? Yes. For me I like desing of this motorcycle Figure of it? Yes, yes I’m not Specialist of design You’re conservative. And it’s really Dynamic And it looks like italian construction, it has This shape, when you’re ride on it It’s really For eye It seems that guys from Italy are thinking, because there was problem in Husqvarna That, this plastic was in 2 pieces One was here, and second was screwed By two screws to radiator. And it was missing after first 10 motohours Yes, mounting were damaged It was wry It was blocking often, leaves Fell there, branches also, and they changed it Why they have to change something What’s good And if something is wrong, they change it So they get old good construction, improve some details And it’s cool, and Italians are saying that red is faster There is something about it One more thing It seems to me That this is motorcycle Which Turn it around. It isn’t overrated All motorcycles on market now, they are doing it on patent And motorcycles are overrated Overvalued yes? Too expensive And when I’m withdrawing money for this bike I can sleep And I’m calm at morning But when I have withdraw 42000 for motorcycle Which isn’t worth this money Because material value, intellectual value Never will be bigger than 20000PLN Adrian I said it a lot of times I don’t know if on youtube 42000PLN for motorcycle, what car you can buy There’re 4 wheels, engine, airbags Glasses. What amount of steel But you know it This motor is distinguished by the fact that It’s solid motorcycle on good components There isn’t any tricks And it costs, how much it should cost And it seems to me that people in Poland who have it Or for example can buy it They can change it every year Yes. Listen, important thing Aftermarket when it will has 2 years It’ll be fresh motorcycle, but for really good cash And there’s option that he come and buy new one After season he give it back, pays something and taking new one And if somebody has some money, can stay on new bike Availability of motorcycle increases Because if it costs 2/3 of price Patryk, if on this brand If there’re Any riders race on SWM? With successes? If they’re racing? There’s no team in enduro but in supermoto it is There’re 2 riders And they have successes With good results. They had successes in 70 years It was top Of the world, and I know that this brand Is 47 years on market Okey In Poland Patryk will be racing. Did we say everythig? Is it broken? What’s that? Here? It was bomb in forest Adrian tested it We tested not one motorcycle, no one brand, some time ago I was riding on Husqvarna on competitons, as the only Mr. Andrzej Recz always laught of me That I’m riding on a saw And now everyone’s riding on Husqvarna, it was new also

We tested gas gas also Okey guys, listen At the end I want to tell that Patryk With his dad Adrian Run a enduro school, it’s name like that, www.enduroszkola.pl And on this site you can, what we can there? There’s form, you can join to our school Write there, what’s your name, how old are you If we have motorcycle or no And what we want to ride, motocross or enduro But we’re talking about young adepts. Yes about young And you’re just teaching. Yes If someone want to improve His skills, he can join also Patryk with his dad lives near Rybnik It’s a information At the end of episode of course Question. There will be 2 questions And 2 prizes also Please send Your answers on Well known email [email protected] And also for Patryk email [email protected] And what are the questions? And what prizes Patryk. First question What means shortcut SWM I told it, super italian motorcycle You won But officially Okey, what means Shortcut or this name. It was first question. Yes and next? Prize for the first question is T-shirt And second question Is next shortcut, we’ve got it here on cover Of powerhouse What means bialbero Here, this name Okey And prize for this question will be gloves Winter gloves with sheepskin From fox probably yes? I’m kidding now of course In my opinion it’s everything, we won’t lengthen it Stay here together, Patryk you too You too because you actively participate also We wish you we wish you a healthy merry Christmas Because that’s it, happy new year It’s last movie in this year What’s more, don’t break your bones, ride as a whole Buy motorcycles which you want Especially this one which is on lift, thumbs up guys Take care, Hey!