Продаю Крузак. Опасный Спуск. Лавина.

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Продаю Крузак. Опасный Спуск. Лавина.

The guys want to do and go around the track But we`re not allowed to go there We`ve taken everything in our hands As a result we were forgiven Look,there are boots, something like galoshes I feel like we`re sitting at someone`s summer home Could you…forgive me please -You`ve spent all money? We have to give this money to Roma Look at your face hahaha Do you remember, I`ve taken a lot of this meat in LA Guys, I`ve decided to sell my Cruiser Maybe the hunting here is prohibited You can buy a Mini-vibrator in the toilet We were required to pay about 73 bucks There are conflicts arise Everyone screams to each other I am scared for Roma Well, New year Eve night costed 500 euro for 4 people But one night for 1 person costs 299 euro And we got this for half a price, but anyway prices are high Look, they are digging up the car And it is the park Rom, go there and ask them: “Are you going further?” Or we should wait for your digging? Such a liitle cute puppy This hotel is very nice It looks very cool, in this weather…ouh! -We made a right choice to come here Hotel is really awesome Yep, everything is made of wood Holy f*ck our room is so amazing! Nastya, come here As for me you`ve misjudged something It is beautiful, really cool This bathroom is just like my dream Let`s go to spa It is winter outside And we`re keeping warm in sauna. 3 nights here cost 1200$ And…in total we have 400$ for 1 night The coolest thing is that opposite to ski route We can leave the skis here, they are drying here Here we have a special room for it. But I don`t know why everyone goes to “The 3 valleys” We`ll go to examine it today, and then we’ll tell you what`s cool here.There is a resort Courchevel Everyone goes here, all friends say that Chamonix is so-so But Chamonix is for aristocrats For Europeans, they go there for 200 years Guys, look at this hardcore.The locals don`t remember such weather It is kind of a nightmare Wow, is that real? here we got some scrapes -it is a bullshit , do you remember that dent? Yes Guys, Opel is a gradually regenerating car Roma struck the snow as hard as he could yesterday There was a deep dent yesterday, but today it straightened They bomb avalanches, we can hear it Guys,I`ve decided to sell my Cruiser And all money I`ll get,i would try to invest it into 10 ICO projects And I`ll look how it plays out I`ll sell the car by cryptocurrency I`ll give you the link to my telegram channel, where the auction will go Who is interested in buying my car, go check the link in description Guys, my car is an awesome one, I take care about it. Well, it goes like Misha say from beauty salon to beauty salon That`s tuned. It is all in santec film The bottom of this car is elaborated too It always stays in garage,for which I pay 20 000 in a month And there are all videos about this car It is not a car, it is a present! You`ve changed the oil, the sparkplug and you can drive The roads are closed, including a common road and the ski one.And we don`t even know how to drive here We have to ride away from this place Well,I`ve come outside Our car is like…a big snowbank And they are screaming like : What a hell, dude dig out the car Ah, I got it. And how you`ve done it? By hands? I`ve started to clean it by hands, but than I saw a dude with shovel I`ve asked him a shovel, and we did it together I was all in snow, we`ll eat and then go there with shovels Well, Sanyok pulls out We have to dig it out

Sanyochek,good job! Well,what we`ll do .We`re being evicted tomorrow What shall we do? I have a plan just to wait you like a faithful dog It doesn`t bother me to wait you in hotel At first it is very You know, it is like..when you want to rest in a hot country , for example in Maldives If you want to chill in winter fairy tale It must be Alps It is just a real magic,and I really feel that I had a rest I mean, I have a good rest So,when we`ll come back to our city We`ll realize, how much we miss it, this snow -I realize it now -Yes, cuz And second moment is that there is a great traffic in the city You always have kind of work, you`re always busy. You are in hustle lifestyle As Roma says you`re in hustle You`re in hustle and waiting for new drops I think that the followers, who are on this will get it Guys, good morning. The rain may have stopped and we`ll go skiing . We`ll go to this big mountain by bus The road here is really cool There is a green one,which lasts for 7,5 km If you go there fast, it will take about 12 minutes. But if you go slow, it will take about 1 hour BMV in chains Every car has such chains Cuz of our living in La-Taverna we got 20% discount You can also take the skiis, or an insurance for it Lifehack, how to do so,that someone won`t steal your skiis You and your partner exchange skiis. One puts them on one side, you put it another side It is made so, because when a person want to steal it he`ll give a look at them and hes like: They are different And ofcourse he`ll get that he doesn`t need it There are conflicts arise Someone has problems with his ski Everyone screams, like how it could be in Russia Nothing new We`re not in a metro We`re on the hill There are a lot of roads, chilly places where you can listen to music DJs and stuff Well, guys the green road is not green actually At least it is blue And ofcourse, because of bad visibility I`ve liked the Chamonix more, but this one is more chilly There are a lot of restraunts By the way, what do you think about green road? -That`s awesome, but I see anything, don`t feel the speed just like a fly Well,what let`s move on slowly, Kirill will come to us btw. Look at this awesome view We`ll take this green road Actually, when we have such a sun the hills are perceived in another view It makes me want to chill here more We`ve come to checkpoint, and we have to save here We should drink a mulled wine or beer Finally,we`re going to the party, wooho! Look at this beauty People dance on tables, it is like…woho,that`s awesome They don`t care, noone cares about riding Everyone dance and drink Toilets are not free, it costs 0,5 euro But if you buy a drink, they`ll give you a small ball and you can go there for free We`ve ended our checkpoint on Val-d’Isère The view is gorgeous, such a nice nature! Everything for your good rest It costs 90 euro for one person to ride with lifts, all the equipment It is the best hotel, although it has 3 stars But, for real I can give all 4 starts to this hotel, maybe 5 There is only one disadvantage, they don`t have a swimming pool Just imagine, they`ve woken up us They called us at 9:45 and said : “Guys, you have only 15 minutes to have a breakfast, well please come to the dinning room” We were sitting and eating till 11PM, and no one kicked us out In general this hotel is very cool They didn`t pay us for an advertisment, just such things must be PRed for free Look,what they have here Hot dogs It is an Italian…De Italio It has no taste It is 4 stars hotel, now we`ll check it out Our route just killed us Bonjour! Okay, open our room

It looks, commonly than other previous one Yes, but anyway it`s good So, listen that looks good, very good That`s cool, I like it Good alpian morning, look how it is beautiful here There is a casino in Chamonix, but we didn`t go there And there are a lot of lambs Or mountain goats? I don`t know I can always see,that someone eat there and jump It seems like goats Maybe the hunting here is prohibited And there are a lot of them, cuz of this It is almost a center of Chamonix There are few people in the afternoon, because everyone chills in the hills From my point of view, the most optimal is to come here for the weekends You should fly here on friday You ski here on monday,on friday and fly away on monday It is a place with great atmosphere, it would be wonderful to come here with your family The wonderful weather, lets go on ride! Again? Yes! You must ride so much,that you won`t want it in future We`re going to ski again I already understand that you tired of our skiing But what else to do? The first thing on my morning is the wine The restraunt`s name is La Bergirie Well, here is the most delicious food, we’ve ever eaten Maybe it is cuz we eat in the hills? You should understand in what atmosphere you eat food I mean, do you remember how it was in Georgia? We were drinking the wine, fresh air is everywhere Yes, David if you watch our video We drink for you! You are the best, dude! We drink for you, brah! And hello to Oleg You`re the best friends with David, and you both are cool And ofourse say Hello to Natasha! For the guys! -I think that they will be happy to see that What about the girls? Lobster from the cognac, and with whiskey sause They`ve brought me *trickot* with double blue You already regret, that you didn`t order a Lobster No, I don`t regret I wanted to eat some meat Guys, this lobster is the most delicious i`ve ever eat This one has beaten a Cuban lobster Bon appetit! Guys want to ride on a prohibited road So…we couldn`t ski there I am not afraid I am scared for Roma Okay, god bless you -Sanyok,let`s meet back downstairs But be careful, i don`t want you to come at this f*cking thing Are you scared? I was riding here alone -Are you scared? -No And I`m not scared too, give me five It is gorgous! Danya, look at our back Look at this attractive view. There is your daddy, right? Roma! Why you`re without skiis? The trace was avalanched and we had to put off the skies and just go through this snow There was a part of route,where the route was smooth We were skiing and relaxing But at the beggining it was like Could you,please forgive me I don`t know how you could figure to give me your purse Record your face please, ahaha -Did you waste all the money? I had to give some money to Roma Sash, I`ve just woken up, when Are you kidding? That was Roma`s money Look at your face ahaha Here we go! An unboxing of souvenirs I`ve bought a Swiss chocolate In France? We`re at the crossing of France,Italy and Switzerland You can buy here a swiss chocolate I`ve bought here our favourite treat What is this? It is Macaroni. Sasha likes pistachio and Vanilla There is a wonderful store,where you can buy one for 1euro and it is really huge What`s next? I`ve bought to you…Hoorah! Look at that I know you like such t-shirts And I`ve bought one to myself If you don`t mind! It is beautiful, isn`t it? It is as I like! Everyone will fall, who has children, because I bought

To my bunnies nephews Look at this.It is hand made! It is a natural Lama, and here is the sun, rain I mean, when you show it to children Where is the sun? It points “Here is the sun!” Guys,we`ve come to a cool restraunt It is made in old style, look there are Hanging shoes, the bells It is like you`re sitting at someone`s summer house! I didn`t regret that I ordered the same as Nastya Do you remember, I`ve taken a lot of this meat in LA I remember how I ate this, when I was a child The portions are so big here! -Oh…It is delicious She has even more than me It is very soft It is a perfect dish! Bon appetit It`s time to go home We`re moving out slowly to the Geneva`s side How is the mood? It is excellent! We`re indeed fortunate with weather We`re going away,everything melt all the trees are clean Do you remember how we were knees deep in water? Yes we were about 2 times after avalanches Roma, in conclusion. Where did you like more? If you say about ski, I liked to ski in Val-d’Isère And in Les Houches It is so, because The coolest thing is that you can go down to the first lift You can do it on every difficulty If in Brevant we can only do it on black Only for proffesionals -Yes only for them In cor Mayor only blue, red routes to the downstairs But here you can ho wherever you want The newbie can try to lift to the 1st the hardest level We gave the car for 5 seconds And no one saw the damage of the car It is just dirty, the cold helped us a bit Can I go? -Okay! Good bye! You can buy a mini-vibrator here The condoms It costs 4 euro I see a mini vibrator first time in my life The tickets were 100 euro by low coster If you fly by low coster, cheap airlines, please be ready with You`ll get some fines It is wonderful,when you have no luggage And you do it in advance Guys,they will take our tickets, because 1)One place, and we can use only 20 kg , but we`ve bought things for 30kg 2) We have 2 bags instead of one 3)We don`t have a printed boarding pass We`ll pay about 230 euro 🙁 Guys, more than 32kg for every airline is a huge number Gotcha! You did it! We have to pay 15$ for 1 kg 15$ yes I have a noverweight for 10, right? You must have 23kg You have to pay 150$ What the heck Our overweight for 4kg We took everything on our hands And as a result they forgave us Well, EasyJet is the best airlines Fly by EasyJet I make sure every time that you can break the rules sometimes We`ve paid only 74$ I`ll show you the Swiss business lodge There you can eat, if you have a special card a SkyPriority card To be honest, the food is not various But in this way we have a red wine! And also Vodka, martini We sat in the sits,where is the emergency exit Here we have most of the space Only I sit here, by the way. EasyJet you`re the best Nastya wants herself to sit next to me, they gave her a sit here I wanted to fly alone -Nastya, why did you come here? She’s taken the headphones It is a bomb! I did it! That is mine! You`ve taken them from me It is my headphones, she took it, and these headphones are very cool And it is cool, because when you fly in the plane, you hear nothing in it. It is cool to sleep with this headphones You can watch films, listen to music . It is great for the flights It has the best soundproofing, i`ve ever met You feel like someone beat your ears Rom, what does it mean? I don`t know,maybe checked luggage It is written so. I feel that they`ve opened it or something like this Cool? It is not the best feel to think that someone broke into your suitcase And you know,that stuff is very sticky

It will be very hard to take it out Are you upset, Roma? Yes ofcourse, this case costs 1000 euro We want to take car sharing We have an argument with Roma Can we get into I3 with huge cases I say no We can try to do it No way, Rom You think that it can? We need to do it Look, my system works Can you sit together,Nastya? Try it We don`t even have a salt Someone goes to the shop and don`t buy salt It is a good practice in Russia to go and to buy a salt Let`s look how it is real in Germany, will they give it to me? Do you have any..this thing? Salt,yeah? One second! That`s enough? Yes,that`s enough. Thank you so much! The most pleasant is to eat a homemade soup after your trips To eat this homemade chicken soup! Girls are cool! They fed us! I`m eating a second portion That`s all Nastya! Okay, Rom we`ve shot it, now I can throw it into a trashbox -I`m eating my first portion! Haha, it is very ridiculous! Good Hamburg morning to everyone It is cold here unlike the Alps It is cold like in Moscow, but without a snow We`re going with Roma to take a car sharing -Halo fruinde! Car sharing for us to drive to the airport It will be cheaper than by taxi and in this way we`re going to look for our car It is somewhere here We`ll have this BMV, look Oh, I`m waiting for you When you`re booking it, you have about 15 minutes to go to the car to unlock it To sit in it to discharge your things and just go That`s awesome That’s how Hamburg looks in January, it is cold, clean and there are no leaves on the trees Everyone working…Oh it is a school It looks nice, tidy and like a square Look at this stadium, clean and nice It is just carved And Roma`s phone is old and it always turns off It is so, because…kha The phone turns off,cuz of the cold, we didn`t take a car sharing And now we`re going home, we lost a lot of time We`ll order the taxi There is Russian song in german taxi We`re late for our departure Guys, we did it! The flight was delayed a bit We`re flying to Moscow,so our video comes to an end You should like this video, subscribe to the channel Good luck And bye!