❄On the Budget Complete Men's Decathlon mountain trip Outfit for a Skiing Resort by #EasyLifeES @ 4K

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❄On the Budget Complete Men's Decathlon mountain trip Outfit for a Skiing Resort by #EasyLifeES @ 4K

Hi everyone, Today we have a new video and it’s about “On the budget outfit for snowy places (for men)” And we start with the first item This T-Shirt is 100% Cotton It was 2,49€… so very inexpensive All this items that you see today you can find them in Decathlon store This blue jacket is used as a second layer for skiing All the prices they are here in Spain (at the moment I edited this video, so… at least few days back) They are in € And this jacket was 44,99€ (maybe less in other countries) I think that this jacket is very well made for the price for less than 50€ I think is a good quality* Never felt cold with this one (along with the rest of the outfit*) As I said this a second layer, so you will have it under the 3 layer * Not as a exterior jacket As you can see has very big pockets with zippers I did my test with my phone which is a Lg G7 and It get it inside without any problem is more than enough space for a phone inside In those pockets I manage to store my car keys with many other keys and I didn’t have any issues Is plenty of space inside *Here I think I was trying to show you that can be washed at 30ºC On the shoulders and arms we have a different material which is a bit elastic slightly It has internal pockets, as large as the ones from exterior* *Even though my size is a “S” in general, in this case I chose “M” because the “S” was a bit to snug on me and I wanted a bit more relaxed Is saying that was designed in french Alps which is quite a good thing* For the thickness that it has, is much warmer that you will think About the design I really liked this reflective details Around the frontal* zipper, pockets, wrist and neck This logo, the same is reflective Now the pants

This ones are resistant to water I found them on sale They were 47,99€, so less than 50€ This trousers are in black color I really like how they are made They have this material inside “down the trouser leg”* Has some elastic and a hook* That hook will grab your laces from your shoes And it will prevent entering* the snow under your pants* This trousers are Hiking trousers, they have on lateral some zippers Those are allowing you let the air get inside when you feel to warm When you are moving a lot (we took them for sledding NOT ski*) Is very useful if you don’t want to get sweat The pockets again they are… let’s say a good size Your smartphone it will get inside without issues As you can see it in the video I’m using my hand just to let you know more or less how much space has inside The waistband will help you to make them a bit snug on you if you want or more relaxed They have this velcro as you can see This trousers are in size “42” (here in Spain) and that is a bit unusual for me because I usually have “38” “40” sometimes and in this case I had to choose “42” I guess is a good idea to try them in a store if you can Because I feel that are a bit to small (I don’t know) You can see the fabric* from inside Very warm… very nice to the skin Next we have this downhill ski jacket The price of this one was 44.99€ , again very economic price On the left* sleeve has a small pocket very useful if you want to store small items

As you can see has that protection were the zipper ends on your neck Designed in the french Alps which great thing Inside we can find a chest pocket The phone it will get inside with no problem At the lower end this jacket has an elastic very useful if you want to secure it a bit on you and prevent snow getting in *Washable Even though my height is 1.76 meters (68-69 kg) this time this jacket I choose it in Size “Small” , the arms they were a bit to large in Size “M” (being meant for ski and a lot of movement) This jacket is waterproof (not for rain though) It’s a bit thinner that I was expected but I didn’t have problems* with the cold Around the neck has a soft and warm fabric*, very cosy (and useful) Being waterproof* it did well enough in the snow The front* pockets they are quite small to be honest It is space for a smartphone* but they are small (your hands won’t have much space) This goggles for ski and snow cost me 24,99€ I did not end up using them because I didn’t need them but I had them just in case They are in Size “Large” I am using glasses all the time so I had to be sure that they fit me well even with the glasses on so I have try it them and no issues Other thing that you have to keep in mind is the drawing* that have each of them because it can be with sun, clouds (or both*) , they are 3 types basically So, if is sunny day and you want to use them with a lot of sun outside, pick the one which is corresponding Here in this figure* i can show you better what i am saying

So, mind that this were made especially for the Sun This goggles they are basic They are not expensive, they are NOT professional or anything just something to protect yourself… at low cost This gloves were 12,99€ I will check before I edit this video… and… did that 🙂 This gloves they are waterproof, they are very warm as you can see the fabric* The thickness is quite good, never had problems with cold On the palm, this material I think is rubber or it looks like anyway One thing I will like to mention about this ones… the one that finally fitted me* is in Size “XL” That was strange for me, I did not expect to have that size (in Zara years ago I bought ones made with leather in Size M) But this one fit me correctly* Another thing about the stitching is that* it did open just a tiny bit After 48h* or less than 2 days of use For 2 days I had them and already open a bit… I don’t know… 🙁 I do have mixed feeling with them Because my girlfriend have the same Different color and size (of course) but she didn’t have any problems (in those 2 days at least) So I think I had bad luck… I don’t know And finally the last item this cap for skiing* it was 9,99€ I don’t usually like to wear hats and I was afraid that this one it will itching me but I didn’t had that problem It has wool 50% (I’m guessing that is the exterior), the rest of it is acrylic so I think I should point* that About the sizing, is unique Size and it is in between Sizes 56 to 59 For me is a bit large for my head* *And I do have a short haircut… this doesn’t help… I kow Next you would see how they are looking on me everything I did pixelate my face, because I think I’m NOT ready for the F A M E … 🙂 * My height 1.76m /68-69 kg 3rd layer – Size “S” dark blue with light blue 2nd layer – Size “M” electric blue with reflective details 1st layer – T-Shirt Size “M” dark blue Hiking winter pants Size “42” (ES) Winter boots Panama Jack “Panama 03 Igloo C 11” Size “41” They are reflective

On my feet I have Panama Jack with natural fur inside Very warm boots (I only need 1 pair of medium thickness 100% cotton socks daily*) I have a review of them, I’ll leave some links somewhere If you want… or if you care Here you can see how my trousers fit, they have really high waist I remind you that my height is 1.76m/68-69kg and this trousers are Size “42 ES” Please notice “the hook” that I was showing you before It can grab those laces from boots and secure you from the snow In this shot you can see how they are looking this goggles and with the rest of the outfit And the Size of the hat (Unique size) the same you can see how it looks more or less with my head And now some shots from the place we went* this is Formigal here in Spain Nice place We stayed 2 days This was* a spontaneous trip If you have any questions Like always Ask me in the comments section* Thanks for watching! See you next time! 🙂