【GoPro】海で人用ちゅ~るを食べる | [Eng sub]Cycling in Okinawa, Japan with Churu(POV)【沖縄サイクリング】

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【GoPro】海で人用ちゅ~るを食べる | [Eng sub]Cycling in Okinawa, Japan with Churu(POV)【沖縄サイクリング】

Hello Thank you for watching the video this time Please enjoy Today I’m in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture Since the sea is nearby, we will head while shopping for human Churu In this video, I will not cut the signal waiting Showing the same atmosphere Since the traveling speed is slow, if you are concerned, please use the double speed or skip function The north is cloudy, but you can see the beautiful sea later without problems I bought Churu and other sweets

Let’s go to the sea It’s an outdoor stage Similar to a bullring The lawn is soft and comfortable I eat sweets here The first is this jelly Jelly will come out when you bite the protrusions I don’t know the name Probably a member of “cherry jelly” It’s closer to juice than jelly Next is this The famous Okinawan cookie, Chinsuko Really delicious I got it as a bonus I will eat with appreciation The last is here

Human Churu “Konjac jelly” It contains some percentage of apple juice, but I think it is 0 kcal because it is made of konjac (Citation needed) It’s delicious, so I ate it in a second Let’s go to the beach North is cloudy The south is sunny It’s a strange weather I smell the sea The wind feels good With the lawn shining in the sun

The clear sea is beautiful Let’s get down on the beach Let’s listen to the sound of the waves Sorry for the poor sound quality Let’s go to the place where Tour de Okinawa is held Tour de Okinawa is one of Japan’s leading cycle events called “Hobby Rider’s Koshien”

Blocks car roads in all races Compete with professionals and amateurs, children and adults, different people Actually, cycling is also substantial Satisfaction for cycling lovers like me This is an event that anyone who likes bicycles can enjoy No expensive bike needed You should be able to finish even in the city bike I plan to ride a city bike at the next event (TBD) A rest area (?) will be set up on the lawn over there A trademark arch will be built across this crossroads Usual theme song and voice of narrator welcome us A goal is made on the big street on the left Spectators gather to see the goal sprint Many bicycles run at speeds exceeding 50 km/h There are many branches in the main venue This whole area is filled with tents

Many bicycles are placed in the bike rack Athletes and spectators gather on the lawn This facility has a numbered reception and party That’s all for the introduction How was the video? It’s my first video, so maybe I wasn’t good at it I will make the next work while improving Thank you for subscrib and good button Thank you for your viewing