20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout

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20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout

Welcome to this 20 minute, intense, indoor interval training session If you’re wondering what I’m doing creating a training video – the answer is, of course, coronavirus If you’re blessed enough to have an indoor trainer, at a time like this, hop on your bike and start warming up – if not, stick around for the music and the gorgeous views This is how we’re structuring our session today We’re currently in our 3 minute “warm up” phase – look at the bottom left of your screen for a suggested cadence, and the intensity meter on the right for how hard you should be pedalling After our warm up, we’ll get into our first set of intervals – 30 seconds of gentle pedalling, followed by 30 seconds at your maximum effort, and we’re going to repeat that five times Then we’ll pedal through 4 minutes of recovery, before the next set of the same intervals We’ll end the session with a 3 minute cool down You should follow the effort level throughout the session, but use the cadence as a guideline We’ll be shuttling between 80 and 100, but do 70 and 90 instead, if that’s what you’d be more comfortable with Now – we’re riding in Pune, India – doing a fantastic loop on the outskirts of the city, taking us through two climbs, locally known as Pabe Ghat and Kadve Khind These are clips from our ride during the peak monsoon season last year and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this lush and very wet landscape we’re cycling through For the most part, the clips are in the right order, so by the end of this, I hope you feel not only pumped, but also like you’ve just had a lovely ride through India’s famous Western ghats We’re coming up now to our first interval Ease up and pedal at your least effort level Our rest phases are at an effort level of 1, so pedal gently, but maintain your decided rest cadence Okay, 10 seconds to go, time to start making your gear selection so you can hit the first sprint hard … aaaand – here we go! Try to maintain an even intensity over the next 30 seconds … allright ease up, remember, go real easy right now so you can give it your all in the next sprint If you found it hard to maintain your decided cadence while at max intensity, think about changing your gear selection before the next sprint We’re riding now, through some villages en route to Pabe ghat The views more than compensate for the crappy roads – and you’re riding indoors, good for you! Okay, coming up on our next sprint again in a few seconds … … maximum effort, but smooth and even intensity through this sprint If you’re riding this route for “realz”, you’ll find quite a few mini climbs en route

to the ghat – sort of preparing you for the final Pabe ghat ascent The sprints are going to get progressively harder as we go on – also, if it’s not obvious already, I’m not recording this while doing the session I tried, but gasping for breath after every word was rather embarrassing Remember to get into the right gear a few seconds before the max interval starts – not after Okay guys, max effort – I’ve had to jump forward in time to the Pabe descent, so imagine you’re barreling down this beautiful ghat at 60 kilometers an hour! We’re skipping back in time a bit, to start of the climb … this is, in my book, one of the hardest climbs in Pune First, you get all these mini climbs before getting here, and finally, while this climb is short at only 2.5 kilometers, the damn thing averages at 12%, with short sections that supposedly cross 20! Remember to keep drinking water throughout the session If each 30 second sprint seems longer than the last one … you’re doing it right! Getting to the top of Pabe ghat is one great feeling – I reached this point after being forced to stop at least half a dozen times, each time after riding shorter distances between breaks I never walked though … and we have just one more sprint in this set … get ready to give it your all because you know you’ll have 4 whole minutes to recover after this If you’ve made it this far – congratulations, good job! We’re going to let our heart rates stabilize, but not plummet – so keep pedalling at your decided cadence, but note that we’re at an intensity level of 3, not 1 This is a good time to get a drink of water in, try shifting your position on the saddle, or even ride upright for a bit We’re done with Pabe ghat and we’re now on our way to Kadve Khind this is such a lovely stretch, the road is in great condition – especially after coming off Pabe ghat and the mountain and field views are simply gorgeous I’m going to shut up now and let you enjoy the music, recover, and get yourself prepped for the next set of intervals if the first set hurt, you can imagine what you’re in for next Remember, intensity level 1 so you set yourself up for a successful sprint in the next 30

seconds For the max effort intervals coming up, I’ll be showing you clips of the Kadve descent – the clips for the rest intervals will still be taking us to and up the ghat, just thought I’d clear that up, in case you’re confused about the ordering of the upcoming clips Also, you know the drill, the timers and the music will guide you through the next few intervals, so I’m not going to be saying too much Your heart rate is going to climb with each successive interval – make sure you’re drinking enough water and not overdoing it in the rest intervals Alright guys, I know it’s probably hurting right now, but you have just one sprint to

go – so empty the frickin tank on this one! If you’re still watching, you made it, well done! Don’t get off the bike just yet, because if you stop completely or jump off right now – you might feel dizzy or even faint, so keep pedalling gently for the next 3 minutes and give your body the time to wind down gradually Get your heart rate and breathing down to resting levels and spin that lactate out of your legs, so stay on the bike and enjoy these chill vibes as we bring this session to a close When you do get off your bike – before heading off to the shower, leave a comment and let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this However, if you like to watch videos while you’re dripping sweat all over your keyboard or phone, I’d recommend watching this playlist

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