2020 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep.365

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2020 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep.365

welcome to the gcn show coming up hot or not we rate the 20/20 protein kiss using our high-level fashion expertise Alberto Contador’s launched his own bike brand and we’ve got a new presenter yeah another one find out who very soon this week in the world of cycling we learned that this iconic stretch of road might not be a part of approach sight in Canada this year that’s right now Lana san remo is under threat not from the intentional tampering with the legendary 294 kilometer long route that has been mooted in previous years but no from a landslide on the final decisive climb the podium that landslide has caused 10 million euros worth of damage and it means the road is currently closed to traffic and will be for the foreseeable future yeah you know this you dig down given how much Phillips your bear wants to and needs to win that race they should just ask him to chip in a few quid yeah or maybe get the top 10 favorites the chip in a million each sorted now we also learnt thanks to friend GCN Jenny Graham that it is possible to ride a cargo bike 1,000 kilometres from Edinburgh to Copenhagen leaving after Christmas and arriving in time for a New Year’s Eve party two teams of two riders from the adventure syndicate completed that challenge but there was a twist sigh in that when London wasn’t right and they had to be carried as cargo bonkers isn’t it aside from sounding like a good laugh that there was a more important reason for the expedition and that was to try and raise awareness of sustainable transport methods to try and basically change people’s perception of transport in view of the current climate crisis it certainly makes me see a cargo box in a slightly different light although I think I probably would have chosen an e cargo bike for that particular challenge now since there’s all this hype about it being in the New Year and indeed a new decade you couldn’t Reese Crowell for more than about a second could your social media without seeing a team or indeed a pro sporting their brand new kit for 2020 which did get bit boring by about lunchtime on New Year’s Day but nevertheless it does allow us to play our annual game of hot or not rate that kit that’s right I love this time of year Dan we’re gonna start with some of the big changes first up team dimension data has changed its name to NTT and with it is a change of kit out is the white and the green and in is this classy little blue and black number Dan hot or not sounds like you’ve already decided by idling in a classy but I will be in agreement with you on this one I like that kid so it’s a hot from me I know another team that has changed its name will be but not quite so much is barri Morita who are now barring McLaren they’ve changed a kit a lot more though this is their kit for 2020 which as you can see is gold black and red quite divisive amongst the public this one and I have to say when I first saw it I didn’t think it was that night on a mannequin all but seeing it in training camps in the Sun it does pop what are you saying hot or not well if it pops tan it’s got to be hot laughs or that well yeah I agree with use it the way you said it yeah no I think I think that’s probably gonna be hot in it yeah hot from me too all right LA so suit down next who incidentally just announced they’re gonna be racing the entire season on disc brakes which is quite interesting anyway back to that kid last year frankly average kind of white and red thing wasn’t it this year they’ve gone for white red and black in a cuff trickle or Dan hot or not I’m saying hot again fine I’m saying hot so the combination of retro and modern that one’s me and I really like you there’s three from there three hot for me so far the other Belgian seemed to Kearney quick stare pav also include a bit of a retro looking there’s sound like a omage – well almost did their own kit really yeah mm there it is really or perhaps early nineties Castorama which if you not familiar with it was was basically modeled on someone wearing work dungarees over a white t-shirt and actually when you look there is it there is a dungaree element to the new quick step kids yeah which would mean if it was like a ceramic ear I don’t rate cast ceramic it is hot at all but I don’t mind it I’m on

the fence on this one the thing about the curling quickstep is it’s largely irrelevant what their kid looks like it always looks cool because they win so many races I mean that picture of Boonen from the late-2000s like that’s not cool kit but is Tom Boonen so it is cool it’s half yeah in a similar vein there’s no what kit we wear doesn’t look very cool for some reasons exactly that right now back to the task at hand Trek sega freighter completely ripped up the rulebook with this one this was the last year’s kit and now this year’s kit yeah there we go you know what Dan it’s a subtle difference but it makes it super cool in my book hot or not Oh too hot just oh just really yeah yeah I think hot I think that’s cool cute I like it not much difference in the women’s kit between 2019 and 2020 but I guess they didn’t need to change it much because it was already hot last year and that again is a hot for me this year absolutely agree there hasn’t actually been that much for shake-up in the Women’s World Tour . i guess partly of byproducts of there being fewer teams in the first place but son web have gone for kind of a subtle change having a nice same for their men’s team as well as their women’s Movistar again subtle changes and then the a layer BTC ljubljana team have unfortunately also decided to sit quite close to their roots what we’re thinking they’re down hot or not fat trio for that trio would be hot not not really yeah not for Movistar no I’m not that keen on the mobis dark in really cuz you but it would be a not a hot and then a not okay yeah well that’s clear yes moving on for many of you out there EF education first one the kit was in 2019 least an immense peloton and I’ve start with their bold colors but 2020 lest I die and more stripes kind of tiger stripes on the kid well yes or maybe zebra stripes our 2004 domina ver Kenzi I mean it’s a fairly loose tie in a very Lou they don’t actually look like zebras and I don’t think only them look like marriage Cipollini do they unfortunately they don’t know hot or not hot without doubt I still think that’s super cool well I’m on the fence for that one what I’m sorry well I mean I have no fashion sense but I’m still in the fence that one Yeah right what’s next what’s next is a brand new world tour team with the new name from when they were pro continental last is the Israel startup nation who attracted a light of Dan Martin on Drake rifle amongst others this is their kit so I’ve seen it before I’ve seen it before Discovery Channel 2005 look they go I can see the resemblance in that resemblance it’s a carbon copy does that mean you think it’s hot or not well I thought it was really hot in 2005 no not then Wow I don’t mind the Jersey and I don’t mind the shores but they don’t look like they’re a match made in heaven today the Sridhar Jersey for one kid in a pair of shorts and the other do they still waiting for delivery as I was again there anyway yeah yeah this was with the what’s with the random colors on the shores in fact I wonder where those shorts might be better suited to go with the jersey of this next team they quite often win this competition of hot or not you well they they win it every year 10 a they probably have actually yeah we are of course talking about canyons SRAM who will be wearing this kit in 2020 it’s a variation on a theme that’s been running for a few years now but it’s a bloomin cool variation in my opinion and it’s not successful themed as well yeah I think they they’re like superheroes in this new key where that kind of a lightning bolt across the chest there is wicked that kid is a hot from me again yeah and a hot from me balls dolmens they have stuck with their orange color Wayne primarily Nanae but they’ve now added some stripes on the shoulder and some kind of natty graphics on the shorts hot or not them well we’ve discussed this just now didn’t we we started and we’re divided I’m saying hot yeah I’m kind of saying not symmetry I mean not when you put in comparison to canyons Ram I like it anyway the other very successful women’s team of 2019 which was amazing because they’ve got quite a small budget but produced amazing results our Park Hotel Valkenburg and here is their kit for 2020 it’s it’s tidy and there’s this past of colors I’m on the fence again with this one are you I could see you carrying it often but personally it’s just a bit like me yeah of a pro cycling team kit yeah yes well I shall wait until further down the season before I pass judgment it might like quick step to connect where they go in so many races it ends up being cooked yeah can we have a quick shout out biota Movistar I know we’ve already mentioned it briefly but typically the kit for the Spanish national champion has always been a bit rubbish hasn’t it when those staff had it and they kind of always do it basically just looks like Movistar kit with a little bit of red and yellow in the middle for this year they’ve gone for gas for haven’t they look at that alejandro valverde looks chuffed to bits with it and I’m not surprised back in

white even though he’s no longer world champ yeah well done Movistar proper Spanish national championships Jersey this year absolutely now quite a few of the teams you have to say haven’t changed they kit much at all between 20 1970 amongst them you have to count Astana 82 up still brown shorts yeah Bora hands go see see see in us understand we’ll only got their kit in may UAE team Emirates and also yumbo bhisma they’ve done a little bit having a younger bhisma but not masses now as Dan mentioned earlier we don’t know diddly squat about fashion doing mate nor indeed style and so as always we need your help in the comments section to let us know which you think are hot and which you think are not but also let’s not stop there head over to GC and a half because all of the kits that have been released now I think we just wait for midgets and Scott in fdj aren’t we will be on there and you can vote hot or not and then next week we can tell you the results yeah my go through a top five yeah diddly-squat that’s right yeah now I’m fortunate one rider who is not gonna be donning fresh new race kit for next year he’s our new presenter that’s right hot off the heels of man on Lloyd who as you know announced late last year’s new presenter we have somewhat unbelievably nice persuade somebody else to work with assembly that’s right yeah come on in don’t mind your head there banging on their minds it is as you can see Connor done yeah well come along to GCN Connor thanks now he doesn’t need much of an introduction but Cornett has written Melanson Roma the der Italia and the world sir and he has been the national champion of Ireland hence the accent mr I see yeah you pro takes seat now yeah also Connor stage winner of the Ross in Ireland as well are you may and that is no mean feat sir many of you will know yeah now Connors just two days into being an official GCM presenter have you found it so far yes been a it’s been great actually thanks guys yeah I mean and get a few scripts written I’m off to New York for next week could be out in the rain getting chased by some Spaniard up a climb we did ask you to ride at four hundred forty watts for as long as possible this morning so yes that one probably that’s probably easy for you actually isn’t it right yeah the thing is I got to do it in a blonde wig so welcome along yeah now one important question of course at corner famously the world’s tallest professional cyclist at two meters for who now has the accolade you know so I feel kind of sad a little bit here at the mantle boat I’m glad it’s gone to a good guys a Danish kid 220 years old and that is North Scott Prize for movie star it’s only two meters but yeah well it is yeah four centimeters different tell you what Dan can be a good wheel to follow all right I’ve come to Castle Combe to do a time trials part my training today just the 10 mile I’m gonna see where I’m at after Christmas and train in and BNL let’s give a go [Applause] [Applause] so my time trial went quite well and the good thing is it suggests based on the power numbers that I’ve got back to about where I was before I got ill so nice and I managed to complete of the goals that coach Neal and Max set me which would sustain the try bars the entire time did also do a high cadence over 100 average for the ride did that and then the other thing was to do a negative split on power because it is like essential pacing skills that I need to learn for the hour so riding a negative split really good so I managed to do that as well doing way more power in the second half than it is in the first half if anything I might have done the first half bit too conservatively it’s all good because I’m feeling good looking forward to continuing on the training right I get back to it do you like that next up it is time for your weekly GC and inspiration which is your opportunity to win one of three prizes they being this week ten pounds a third forty pounds a second and 100 pounds of the jackpot to spend on anything you want over at the gcn store come I get stuck with the cards every week I feel like this is now my thing oh you’re really worried the going good I don’t know get away it gets damaged doesn’t it right two ways to get involved you can either use the uploader or you can upload directly to the gcn app in third place this week is JMB f10 the Pacific Northwest woke up January 1st at beautiful skies moderate temperatures and leftover wet roads which made for some beautiful riding yeah they do look like wet roads they donate before I kill you’ve got like a very wet road is that yet no I’m their mommy at Lake Ashley but anyway nevertheless glorious picture

that glorious I am 40 this year so I expand my vocabulary into old-fashioned words yeah no I do fare as I say yeah a fantastic paycheck and inspiring too personally I don’t really like it when it’s sunny and wet roads find that really annoying but but when you take your phone like that it’s gonna affect your vision sight in your old age no it doesn’t I just don’t just don’t like wet roads and it’s even worse if it’s something just feels like or maybe a lot the next one that got him it comes in from love low cycling part of my big ride you in the festive 500 on the lookout for reindeer in a Dubai Desert oh I do like that one I mean it doesn’t look like my perfect place to ride but there is something exceedingly pleasing about that photo well there is for me you know like my mathematical brain side it mildly mathematical I love the symmetry of it yeah that is fantastic first do you need a warning for deer when you can see that far well yeah it’s not like anyone taken by surprise about a mile to the east I can see a deer coming oh my goodness hit me give me some warning but a sign oh yeah yeah now I kind of see what you mean there but at least you got somewhere to lean his bike anyway there we go forty pound badger cuz that is there’s a cracking phone it’s inspirational inspirational that will inspire you to get on your bike wherever you are because it cannot be as Tory is riding down a dead straight road with nothing in sight for miles anyway 40 pounds on its way to you yeah but the winner side this week is it is flute or and this photo is just bonkers there is no description there isn’t but perhaps it doesn’t need one so I don’t think it does a picture tells a thousand words well yeah I mean this could be any time of year Dan with the kind of it could be like summer hazing it could be winter mist it’s just or it could be another photo shot one that’s falling us I did check with one of our graphic designers did you yes he said there might be a bit of a filter on it but it doesn’t look photo shot so sadly like you’ll see and you would put on it so let’s see yeah we’re doing they’re doing better there aren’t we well that to me makes me look forward to spring which is a long way off isn’t it but nevertheless inspiring to look at and get out on your bike we’re due tomorrow continue to ride my bike why don’t me anyway don’t forget to get involved for your chance to win one of three prizes next week they’ll be slightly different prizes to stay tuned for them it’s now time for cycling shorts cycling shorts now I’m gonna start with news of more new cycling shorts because whilst not technically a World Tour team basically anything that Dutch wonder kid Matthew Vander pol does is big news in our world and so it is that his team current on circus are changing to Altos in Phoenix and with it of course they get a new team kit which Dan I think is quite nice hot a believe so hot on me as well as been lots of speculation so as to why Phoenix is spelled incorrectly yeah but the rumors are the reason behind it is due to the British club Didcot feet links established in 1973 whose shotgun the correct spelling off Phoenix which means that no other team can now use it no Incredibles net and really lucky that the co-sponsor of that team Italian furture brand Phoenix were able to change the spelling of their name in time because I would hate to see what would happen if a huge legal battle ensued if Didcot Phoenix brought out that the legal big guns yeah yeah anyway sticking we start across briefly God say it was mega to see a few rope pros turning out over the Christmas period his den HD bar of course no strangers suck across multiple world champion he was there well they’re not doing as well as they used to know but Heinrich ouster morena hofland Fairplay to those guys for starting that was awesome yeah was great to see wasn’t it it was also great to see what man art back in action yeah for the first time since his injury took him out of the Tour de France and he finished a very credible fifth place in his first race back which was the ours and Ross yeah was also sorry Gosei great to see Paulie for unprovoked back in action cuz well she’s no longer a roadie in fact she said it’s my Stern she she’s not racing on the road again it’s always great to see her take this darlin isn’t it it is yes now got a stick or we’ve pros for a little bit longer because hot off the back of releasing that fly bold statement he was going back to the Tour de France to win again in 2020 again bernau no doubt ruffled a few feathers lap but he made another bold statement in Colombia over the Christmas period just with his monster training ride absolutely including this one a call 240 kilometers over seven hours with five and a half thousand meters of climbing run off at an average speed of just 33.6 km/h which sounds impressed hey Dahlia but there have you looked closer sigh didn’t take a single kom so lots of work to be done before July absolutely yeah I mean any us like we say ruffling a few feathers or seeds through Thomas and Cara pairs there’s only yeah any for you got all riders who’ve won a Grand Tour before that’s all yeah absolutely no wonder they were trying to get some more firepower later on I think got Amador yet nobody he has been spotted out in in your skit

whilst the lawyers do their thing behind us yeah there we go then every croute some of the Didcot Feeney’s boys yeah probably right then how about this for you sticking with pros or need x pros Alberto Contador is launching a new bike brand and it seems like he’s actually launching it with even Basso now details a pretty guess at the moment but it does look like the name of this brand will begin with the letter A they might wondering how on earth we’ve managed to come to that conclusion that maybe it’s because we’re in the cycling industry of inside info but it’s not that we deduce this from the fact that their new Instagram account starts with a blank blank blank bikes official yeah that’s right any guesses I’m going for Albert I think there’s actually no baby move there’s one that’s a too many there Albert Albie ah anyway one thing’s for sure this news gets me exceedingly excited because what I love the new breed of do it all super capable bikes the fact they’re thoroughbred bike racer like Alberto Contador who was something of a tradition est├índar touristy picky about his own equipment is developing his own bikes just gets me really excited I love the idea of an out-and-out race pilot man Dan also seems that although he never raced on disc brakes in his time this new bike does have this one indeed yes and actually is another traditionalist from that era who appears to be moving into 2020 in terms of equipment that be alejandro valverde and indeed the rest of the most are men’s and women’s teams they are now officially going to be using SRAM and zip equipment for the 2020 season something which is much rumor at the end of last year yeah now that might sound like he’s being a bit mean to campaign yellow but we’re referring to fact that he may well be on disc brakes for the first time ever and actually he’s speeding Calvin yellow can’t believe that team was on that campaign group sets for 35 years long kiss isn’t it absolutely bonkers now from pro racing to something which affect all of us that being air pollution from traffic and some good news from here in the UK tentatively at least because York City Council have announced their aim to cut all traffic from the city centre by 2023 which is not far away now okay now with the aim of being completely carbon neutral by the time we gets twenty thirty that’s right now as a by-product that you’d think that the beautiful medieval centre will become even more of a tourist attraction plus it will be even better for getting around by bike here when the weather’s nice well it’s not that often is it it will also have the knock-on consequence of course that will have a much healthier general population in fact that reminds with this piece of research which I saw on the bumper Christmas edition of the BMJ site which medical journal well that’s right one of our favorite journals full stop but the Christmas issue ah always wanted to look out for isn’t it anyway this particular piece of research that was conducted with an American and Chinese team looked at statistics from Beijing relating to car ownership exercise levels and body weight the conclusions of which Dan yes it says these data indicate the vehicle ownership in a rapidly growing global city led to long term reductions in physical activity and increase in weight continuing increases in car use and ownership in developing and middle-income countries could adversely affect physical health and obesity race yeah so car ownership equals less health population yeah now we are unfortunately gonna have to leave cycling Shores on a sad note this week because John ronsley the organizer of the legendary three peaks cyclocross race the founder in fact unfortunately passed away on Christmas Day this year yeah John not only organized the first error event back in 1961 he also rode it and won the theme in total he organized fifty three peaks events and rode in forty five of them so safe to say he’s a bit of cycling legend he is indeed our condolences of course go out to his family and friends and also our thanks as well go out to John for everything that he did for cycling in his country hack forward slash bunch of the week now don’t forget to get involved with this using over the uploader or indeed the GC an app as indeed Mike CL 4d did and put me as a going-away gift for a co-worker that’s pretty cool isn’t it it is nice I don’t want to say about that other than very tasteful and pack yeah as long as your coworker was a cyclist otherwise they’d be a bit like well thanks for that but anyway I hope I get something that nice if I ever leave gzm already get good riddance I was go saying yeah no mate alright next up we’ve got this from bike sprinter actually this would be a present for you down wouldn’t it as long as the kegs were full it looks like an absolute death trap but there we go said how do you describe a bike you can drink from and flatten the lawn terrible way to start 2020 so we’ve moved quickly on budge anyway I would say mark Mickey said wanted to get back to cycling to improve my health and out-bully is getting older so doc doesn’t walk is far anymore

so I built the sidecar so that she can come with me it adds 80 pounds apart with her in it but still turns like an aura buyer because of the hinged frame and she loves getting out for a ride with me that is super cool I love the VW campervan I love Billy the dog as well yeah a bully I think it was bullish yeah especially the mask just genius absolutely genius can we have a video actually I said I mean I think I just want to see an action shot of it yeah that’s it now it’s quite arrogant to think you’re gonna go fast enough that your dog needs those goal was to put it on I mean I don’t think my dog Rhonda would need any kind of eyewear cover the speeds that I would be going no all right next up always it hack of course it yeah isn’t it yeah Peter melech he said he saw in a bike stand in Bratislava Slovakia someone has exciting commute and yeah I mean that looks like looks like quite a hodgepodge of like a bunch of a chopper doesn’t it it does was definitely bought you Maureen yeah I always worry about steerer tubes that long doesn’t it doesn’t it like it’s just one pothole away from bending so the power doesn’t worry about them cuz we don’t got that any big box around it’ll be alright I’m sure anyway this one came in from Martin in Warsaw 3d printed cycling trunk the commutative work it’s my own 3d printed design the pipe is from aluminium license deal Wow looks very neat and marcin actually as Carney said in a furious 3d printed designs but they all involve zip ties I feel about a zip tie particularly in this instance if you got something weighty in your trunk and you go around any corner it’s gonna end up round by your handlebars isn’t it it’s well color-coded lovely but I’m still saying body yeah this might be Marcin of psychic is your 3d printing is been brilliant but but but the zip ties they’ve got to go can you have an alternative to zip tie please sorry about that moving on to this one from de vivre aunt pod yeah my prototype fixed gear chain ring which lasted eight kilometers I wonder why I see I can’t believe that Ida thought it’d last at least nine yeah still looks kind of cool Dan it it does look cool yeah might be good to hang up on the wall but Sir don’t try and ride it again definitely don’t try this sprint like Opie on one of them know if I’d not even you or I could sprint on that I don’t think well I think that might not even be able to withstand all these sprint right anyway please keep sending in your hacks and bages using the uploader or of course the gcn app so we can all get stuck in and comment directly on them right it’s time now for caption competition that part of the show where you get a chance to win a GC an elite water bottle all you got to do is write an incredibly witty caption to a photo that we’re about to give you first up some results though from Ashley Christmas Eve yeah absolutely yeah this was the photo that you had to caption from a particularly muddy and cold cyclocross race and the podium and our winner is Zaid and sorry who put they look very unhappy they are cross riders hey see very witty captions will will be plucked out as witness so anyway get touch and you’ll get your GC an elite water box yeah so there’s a mr on Facebook your address as indeed it should Alexander Thompson bonus prize this week for the caption of me wearing that rather small rainbow jersey he puts caption the closest dad ever got to wearing a rainbow jersey and emotions might ever will what an Alexander get in touch 12 your address and we will send that out to you this week’s photo comes from the presentation of blah blah d’espagne this is Alejandro Beverly talking to Alberto Contador’s that’s a–fun sad or a mullet well exactly he looks massive he looks like some kind of like for TLC please I think I might be the CEO or somebody behind it anyway I’m going to get you stuck on you no I said go right away India rain not in the rain brilliant absolutely plenty of the end rain in the background ah worth pointing that one out yeah Miguel Indurain yeah yeah anyway if you think you can do better than that and if you think you might be able to win yourself an elite water bottle usually the comments below to put your caption or much stumbled on that one the the bars pretty low this weekend at me we will shortly be letting you know what’s coming up on GC and over the next week but first up a few of our favorite comments we came back into the office to on January the 2nd as some brilliant ones actually first up underneath Jeremy powers versus Tony Kanaan this from Anders Karason which sums up a lot of your thoughts these interview videos where GT meets and talks and train with athletes are great and would love to see more of those Tony was brilliant in that video he’s a bundle of energy oh my words yeah yeah talented guy underneath weird things cyclists do a fair few of you picking up on the fact that well Chris didn’t really have tan lines zipper suited Sun God I’m confused where they’re supposed to be tan lines on Chris’s legs is that a UK tan line Meredith Capone Chris tan lines me where and then Dennis DRC are those tan lines British I have those at the end of winter thank you very much for rubbing those in

speaking of tans and rubbing inside where’s your fake tan Wow no need to rub that out very quickly well it’s you fair I did it like a bit of a twerp over Christmas the worst bit was was my torso actually because normally that’s completely white having never seen the Sun but when that goes orange and then I just had a white pair of hamster pants basically well I look like a treat my poor wife ever ever long-suffering but anyway the rest of you is gone back to normal a lot of people commented they didn’t hear a single word that you said on that GSN show because they couldn’t take your eyes their eyes off your orange face now right under the worst New Year’s resolutions for cyclists we had this from shadow new year resolutions are not easier to maintain in warm southern hemisphere weather giving up cold beer when it is 40 degrees C plus is just never going to work yeah I did suggest maybe that the weather was a reason why we fail so much up here but but no apparently not and then Simon Pernod said this is really quite Sheehy’s resolution in 2019 was to quit smoking start cycling and he’s done it so in 2020 he’s gonna ride up more Vaughn – Wow yeah that’ll be an accomplishment that’s a Brazilian line and finally underneath our how to boost recovery video this from Bob Froude the mental image of all these flapping legs are burned into my mind they are mine too actually well I didn’t watch the video because I heard about it yeah I didn’t want anything about all your birds it’s in my mind anyway coming up on the channel this week on Wednesday we are going to give you some tips on how to improve your FTP and then on Thursday we’re gonna go over 9 bikes that change the world of cycling oh yeah they might be and then Friday as ever we’ve got content from Jeremy on gravel that’s right and then Saturday just before Christmas actually Chris went over to visit the people that mipz up in Sweden I believe it was and anyway that video is coming out on Saturday which I’m cannot wait and scummy absolutely fascinating and then on Sunday down it’s a big one isn’t it it’s a really big one it’s the Patagonia buy packet emic here’s a little sneak peek [Applause] at a war damn I cannot wait to watch that one either although I am still gutted that I didn’t get to go hey what key do alright we’re getting towards the end the show army but it’s still time for extreme corner and we’ve got a little bit of a compilation of some cyclocross whips Matthew Vander pol appears to be getting serious in his old age so had to leave it to Tom pitcock to do some stunts Mayerson dimensional reflect on physical having fun as is lawrence way that’s all we will have to see it [Applause] that’s extreme noise extrema stomp it Carnot some whips are they extremely hungry yes I know you sent some whips I mean it kind of pales into insignificance compared to what you get on GMB n every day Wow true but you know he’s in the midst of an hour-long race flat-out and he’s good able to pull off some fighting skill was like the only that I noticed what was particularly ting is he kind of skids around the corner and as well yeah but Matty Vanderpool is being a bit more sensible let’s hope that is a continuation that will see throughout 2020 Wow more style less speed magic to be fair he’s got quite a bit of time to actually you know be stylish doesn’t he yeah he’s still got a couple of whips at the end of races when he’s been assured of taking the win but so yeah anyway there we go alright that’s the end of the gcn show for this week isn’t it thank you very much for watching and please give this video a big thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it and if you would like to see some more content we’ve been trying to figure out how long different levels of riders are able to sustain a world our record wattage you can find that video just down here