5 Signs You Might Need A Digital Detox From Cycling | GCN Show Ep.369

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5 Signs You Might Need A Digital Detox From Cycling | GCN Show Ep.369

frosty and Gary from Milwaukee Wisconsin welcome to the gcn show welcome to the gcn show coming up this week do you need a digital cycling detox we tell you how to find out and also what to do about it we’ve also got all the best cycling news stories from the past week more of your inspirational cycling photos and a triathlete infiltrating pro cycling it’s the best transition he’s ever made it’s gonna be good show this week this week in the world of cycling we learned that Belgium’s reign as top cross nation might be slipping that’s right celine del carmen Alvarado led a dutch 1-2-3 at the women’s soccer cross world chairmanships and in the men’s race matthew van de poele absolutely crushed it finishing a long way ahead a very impressive Tom pitcock was impressive wasn’t it first human something we describe a rider we also learned this week that being able to hop up a staircase makes you look really cool Carrie Werner the USA showing some silky skills on a practice lap the world champs they’re massive and probably didn’t do that did he pretty chose not to to be fair well yeah I think Ronnie was faster but still didn’t look as cool no no we also learned this week that people who choose to ride their bike to work or at lower risk of dying than any other type of commuter that’s right researchers in New Zealand showed a 13 percent drop in mortality rates over a 10-year period great stuff but finally this week we learned the cycling isn’t always good for you know a recent study conducted at the University of Ireland in Galway and published in the journal for information technology and people of that one well yeah I bet mate anyway it surveyed close to 300 cyclists and showed the uses of Strava could develop obsessive tendencies guilty really yes it’s getting back into riding my bike over the last couple of months I’ve recently become quite addicted at looking at Stryver KO ends nearby comparing my times to the current best times then targeting specific ones based on ease and wind direction with your track record I’m surprised you still feel the need to prove yourself you know Wessex divisional Road race champion by four minutes I won that solo yeah impressive anyway this is actually less about kom zand q ohms and more about social recognition it is the study basically says that if you’re the type of rider who only posts positive rides and photos up the Strava in the hope of getting loads of kudos and recognition then you’re quite likely to end up in a bit of a negative headspace did you get much social recognition from winning the Wessex div Road Race champs I think social media was a thing when I want it no no fair enough anyway bytes the original point if conversely you are the type of person that contributes to social media platforms supporting other riders or posting positive comments on your own posts then actually it’s likely that you’ll maintain that positivity through your cycling I hardly ever comment under maybe somebody else is right I look at them to be honest no but you are quite grumpy maybe this is the reason for it per guess finally got a reason well that’s it this is just restricted to fitness apps though ring cyclists we get obsessed by other social media platforms like Instagram to pressure to stop mid ride when you’re really enjoying self to take a flippin photo well that’s not just unique to size is it worldwide there are people that are getting obsessed with something like Instagram fare anyway if you are somebody who is getting more enjoyment from your post ride then your during ride maybe it’s time for a digital detox yeah well is it then what is for me definitely because I spend half of my ride trying to go for Stryver kom normally unsuccessfully and then the other half stopping trying to get social media gold also unsuccessfully someone say if it’s a selfie anyway digital detox how do you know if it’s for you but here is a handy five-point checklist by ready number one does your heart sink if you get home from a ride and realize that you’ve forgot to take a photo to upload with you right yeah number two do you spend 15 minutes uploading your ride to Strava and photos to every conceivable social media platform before having a shower and something to eat number three have you ever found yourself agreeing with somebody who says if it’s non Strava it didn’t happen number four do you feel pressure to ride as fast as you possibly can up every hill and finally number five is your name Phil diamond for each response which is yes you get a point and if you get more than three points in total it might be time to reassess the reasons you ride all right now we joke but actually there is a really really serious message in that some people do

suffer from obsessiveness when it comes to social media and plenty of cyclists out there we do suffer from that kind of need for social recognition and competitiveness when we’re riding true but I think personally it might be the competitive aspect of cycling that is keeping me riding after riding those 1500 kilometers last December sigh I started to feel quite fit and as you know I did compete a local site across event we all saw it made that bunny-hopping was pretty impressive it’d be like another step to start the show anyway this will be news to you sigh I’m actually entered my first ever vet race this coming Sunday at gorrik mountain bike event you’re a veteran I am I know it’s hard to believe isn’t it give it how young I still look and the fact I’m not even middle-aged yet but I am looking forward to that race yeah what I’m trying to say is that from my point of view having that obsession it’s probably healthier than not having it because without it I might well have stopped riding again well yeah I think that’s a really good point isn’t it for a minority of people yes fitness apps might trigger obsessive behavior but for the vast majority of people they’re an incredibly positive thing are they but if you do decide you want to have a digital detox with your cycling how should you go about it Wow deadly or as psychology experts down with well places to comment on this I think go cold turkey to be quite honest nothing nothing so you’re not allowed to record it you’re not allowed to look at parametres heart rate monitors you don’t have to look at speed besides the other Sheikh we don’t go out right yeah you’re not allowed to take photos you just have to enjoy the moment I mean actually it probably isn’t a bad thing every now and then or if you want to take a shortcut just go ride with other people because then you’re not allow to stop the photos because you get left behind and you can also then see how close you might have got to a carry em down to their times from their Strava yeah maybe you should get involved at this point if any of this resonates with you that make sure you leave a comment in the comment section down below I’m looking forward to reading those yes now one man who is obsessed with numbers and his head unit at the moment with good reason is Ollie bridge word because he’s gonna stand no chance of beating any most our record without focusing on those numbers let’s catch up with him to find out how he’s getting on morning it’s 7:00 a.m. and in bed I was woken up and I’m about to get on the turbo and today I’m gonna do a quick vlog there’s a quick fire look a day in the life of what I’m typically doing help prepare him for the hour record so let’s go say just after 7:00 in the morning yeah on the turbo can I start my first session of the day I like to do an easier session first thing cuz I really struggle to be tough intervals first thing run out of breakfast in me and stuff like that so I’ll leave that to the evening but for now back on all my sessions as well on the turbo on a TT bike it’s getting used to the position so important for the core strength to be able to put the power out in this position 7:50 a.m. time for a bit of sufferfest yoga action Tim body loose duncan porridge I love porridge at 8:50 I’ll walk to work and nine til 5:30 is work I want to emphasise that I’m not a professional athlete and my training has to fit around my work life after work it’s about 6:30 now and back on it for my second session of the day this typically features intervals and it’s an hour and a half two hours long normally there yes it’s hard the trick is to when you get him from work don’t sit down if I sit down I can just lose two hours and then it’s eight nine o’clock let’s get on it do it straightaway thank well it’s nice doing it on the turbo you can be more efficient but also being in England in the winter it’s dark outside right now that’d rather be inside it’s also raining and at 10:00 p.m. it’s time for bed so I’m gonna go to sleep and the altitude 10 hopefully get some gains do it all again tomorrow at 7 a.m night do you think he’s thinking nervous it’s very nervous I think so well as he might be because the moment of truth is nearly upon us as I see weeks away well yeah with that in mind if you’ve got nothing better to do on a Monday morning you could come and watch Olli have a go you could Monday the 17th of February to be precise as a guarantee Thomas velodrome in Newport Wales you will need to be at your seat by 9:30 a.m. a.m. if you want to be there and watch him and the event is you to finish sometime between 11:00 and midnight depending on pad location okay yeah now if you want a bit of information about

it then there is a link in the description beneath this video but good news is it’ll be completely free because we didn’t think anyone would pay to come and watch him there and what all you would particularly love is a course of chance going Olly Olly Olly oh absolutely loves that before you ask no refunds are available if he doesn’t break the record so he said it’s free it is free but it’s a morning of your life that you will never ever get back yeah you can guarantee it’s gonna start today that’s all it’s worth watching also if you do go don’t tell anybody else that he’s failed before the video comes out when you keep people in suspense that’s right for the rest of us and I can’t be there before see amidala day unscrew watching the video on Sunday it is now time for your weekly GCM inspiration all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of three great prizes is to upload your photos or videos to the GC in app and we pick out our favorite three each and every week so first up third prize this week’s I which is a pair of GC and striped socks is its rathi yes check it out from the east coast of Taiwan that is a cracking photo isn’t it and I’m not surprised having been to the east coast of Taiwan I can vouch the fact that it’s amazing yeah you’ve got a lot of good things to say about the ride yeah even though 100 kilometers of ride was entirely uphill it was amazing absolutely makes I got analyzed actually that cobbled climb that we featured last week 12 kilometer climb on Cabos in Poland somebody sent us the segment on a Strava 1% average not much of a client really is it no tough on couples but I could take that 12 kilometers of cobbles you fancy well you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen Lord he’s gonna take the kom on whatever that segment was yeah you enough of that moving on to the second place first person this week winning three months free subscription to the GSN Club is Jay Hall 0 7 a beautiful gravel climb in Virginia that finishes at a radio tower tower I would check this outside multiple pictures of 40 plus percent longest prime and a healthy 9% average grade it’s a cracking photo I’m not particular in spired by 4% gradients I’m not gonna lie but that photo that gets me going I want to go and Romney would my can be fun coming down with a 40% yeah very good point anyway the big winner this week who will be receiving the complete G since drive kit bundle is planet on pulse local climbing Germany called the eyes and a hunt wow that is an absolute burner of a photo if I’m being pedantic I’d say that doesn’t look like much of a climb I they’re a bit like our 12 kilometer long 1% but nevertheless that looks amazing doesn’t it well they’re the old spell and their climbs that don’t feel or look like a client yeah they make you feel very good Danny that’s like winter inspiration right now isn’t that beautiful Oh fantastic speaking of beautiful places to ride your bike seamless segue there nice we have been busy here at GSN working behind the scenes on our first ever global bike festival we’re taking place this year in Sal back over in Austria between the 18th and the 21st of June which is sighs birthday in fact there are early bird prices available right now but you’ll need to be quick because places are limited yeah global bite festival also known as Simon’s 37th birthday parts only 3 years till vet status yeah ok moving on you can join us GCN and also GMB NN e m BN for 4 days of amazing riding on road off road and we’re feeding man bike and gravel in that Plus in addition we’ve got master classes we’ve got training sessions we’ve got a special guest we got all sorts going on and then when the riding stops and you’ve uploaded everything to social media your point the party starts so we’ve got live music we got DJs we got parties and Lloyd he even gets his own pub for the week lines now I can’t believe it like life gold I can’t believe that was a good idea how did you get that signed off I did and there are no last orders right if you would like more information all you need to do is go to global bike festival calm where you’ll find everything that you need to know also let us know if you’re planning on coming over and when you’ll be coming from if you like to keep updated we have got the global buy festival on Twitter Instagram and Facebook as well it’s gonna be a surprise birthday party when I’m there or are you gonna like let me know how the planning is going for suddenly it’s now time for cycling shorts cycling shorts now I’m gonna start with news of the gravel World Championships not the proposed officially sanctioned UCI one this one’s more like the world series of baseball kind of yo check this self-proclaimed unofficial world gravel challenges which would take place in Lincoln Nebraska a 150-mile event will be on August the 22nd this year but the cool thing is this if you would like to take part but you cannot afford the entry fee all you need to do is fill out a special application answer a couple of questions from the organization and if you’re legit in your claim you get to enter for free leaving aside the issue of how you’re

gonna get there got sailing this is great fair play to the organisers absolutely brilliant initiative because let’s face it the barrier to entry is quite high in cycling events full stop said to waive the entry fee I think that’s brilliant brilliant piece of news yes I’m gonna go over to Ireland now because of 57 and a half kilometre Greenway with Greenway is Irish for gravel we’re presuming something like that yeah anyway this section of Greenway runs between Ross Lara and Waterford now apparently they are going to raise it so that the walkers and cyclists that are using it are able to see the sea well yes so we saw this article on sticky bottle calm and basically the problem is there’s a railway line that runs parallel to the Greenway that obscures the view of the ocean for walkers and cyclists and so the solution is simply to raise it up yeah brilliant stuff although actually I quizzed Connor done about this because he’s a resident of Waterford he wasn’t even aware there was an issue yeah this goes riding down there all the time and he just pops up on a tell about this and he can easily see over the railway line to the sea weird and funny that isn’t it now right in other news it turns out that a scooters might soon be legalized here in the UK apparently is taking a while to get the legislation through as it has with many things because of brexit it has yes they are already available to buy here in the UK in shops aren’t they but the person that’s selling the bike or the e scooters the case may be has to inform the purchaser that they’re only available to use on private land they interested most people seem to flout those rules well yes now how is this relevant to you sightless well basically seems like the problem with a scooters is mainly around safety concerns and they’ve linked that to infrastructure what does the esq to infrastructure that like bike paths so fingers crossed that means we get a few more I thought we have to share our bike paths with these scooters which I never liked the idea that but anyway no we’re going to get on to a bit of racing news now because a triathlete has entered the World Tour did do that big background to this basically Vasil kiri Anka has unfortunately had to announce his retirement from the sport due to ongoing cardiac issues his team in eos are then faced with a question how do you replace arguably one of the strongest riders in the professional person and the answer they turned to was hiring a triathlete when were you mentioned him in the show a couple of weeks ago that he can’t work because he joined team in EOS for their 320 kilometer training ride around me Yorker after which he went out for ten kilometer run yes yes Fairplay now you got to say actually that Cameron Werth is a former world tour rider already he just spent the last few years dabbling in Ironman and getting fifth place at Kona and then you also have to say actually prior to that he was a former international rower so I guess he’s just sickeningly talented all-rounder although I couldn’t help but notice aside that listed amongst his biggest achievements as a cyclist on one website were two participations at the Giro d’Italia and second overall at the Tour de Qinghai Lake see sickeningly talent is exactly what I’ve done I didn’t get a call from sadaiva no nice wait did you give me a new number no there you go maybe that’ll be why how did works debut or is he really turned there Evans great ocean road race on Sunday and we beasted it on the front of the team anyone he does his job he pulled out at the race but rather handily team in EOS his hotel was located exactly half Iron Man actually half marathon distance away from the finish so he ran back he jogs 21 kilometers back to the team hotel 13 miles serious Jackie right moving on to more racing news actually the you see I have finally announced the venues for their rather controversial new world cyclocross series 14 rounds okay so it’s pretty punchy one of which is Dublin in Ireland which priciple presumably that will be on greenways I guess for some of it but also a ski resort in Switzerland valer yeah Anna Patton is very good reason for the latter and that is because the IOC and the UC are in discussions about whether or not to make some cross and Olympic Winter Sports discipline which be pretty cool witness yeah in effect it’s gonna be a bit of a test event because they’ll need to be riding on snow and other cold stuff nice that’ll be cool the ones dr crosswords I did was a frozen ones great really good anyway last point in cycling shorts Israel startup nation the world tour team are going to put their money where their team name is so according to The Times of Israel eight startups have been chosen out of six and a half thousand applicants that will help support the team’s athletic ambitions basically and one of my favorites from there is the elegant monkeys which basically helps the user to understand their emotional state based on physiological data from

wearables unfortunately I won’t be able to use that if there aren’t digital detox though will they know the irony of needing more technology to overcome technology results in visit them emotional you know I mean next up hack forward slash dodge of the week you’ve been voting for the ones who put up on the app last week to determine where they are hacks or budges we’ll find out shortly whether or not you are in agreement with us number one this week came in from rallentando helmet sing today broke into and Bob back together with glue and a zip tie don’t try this at home well I very much hope that you’re all and agree with us in this one because we are gonna deem it a what a massive budget why would you even bother wrapping a zip tie round a broken oh just take it off that’s an absolutely insane absolutely insane well maybe if they were in Australia and they were just trying to make sure that they were not stopped by police for not wearing him oh I see but there is an irony in the you’re allowed to wear a broken helmet I don’t know mark anyway I’m just speculating but anyway how many ninety-seven percent of you are in agree with us that that is a huge bunch there you go you guys are on it today brilliant right next up we’ve got this one sent in by Keith thirty-five are the rusty bike cafe in Swain B North Yorkshire in the UK has this toilet roll holder made from a head tube from an old bike well as a couple of people pointed out beneath the poll there on the outside it’s not happy and it’s not a budge it’s a product yes Park Tool product judging by the head tube match but yeah well there we go we would have gone with HACC and 88% of you went with hack as well predict that you could very easily create order a holder just by getting our bike and sawing off the head sheet really I feel like weld it neatly back on to something they don’t just carry on my standard bolt roll holder to be perfectly honest like well that’s it if you if you’re sat on the loo looking at Instagram pictures of bikes then it’s gonna be relevant what you taught it right hold it looks like check it out my next sacrum no it’s hackle right this one thembut on your bike presumably came in from Karen’s Keith whatever found in Krakow looks the part but if you crash you’ve got a good few years of bad luck coming your way it’s that mirrored disc wheel yeah add a mirrored central segment I’ll do the triangle down I’m in love that looks amazing I mean presumably that’s not actually glass on its wheels well I don’t know I presume not exactly that’s very polished aluminium or something but nightmare a crosswinds I can see which way you’re gonna go on this one side oh yeah which way you’re gonna get Wow okay I’ll go with you hack hack hundred-percent hack that’s the coolest thing I was trying to find out what the public said 55% went with hack just about that isn’t about in agreement yeah ass well maybe people didn’t give the better for the doubt in thinking that you know actually was at iminium and that maybe he’d strapped a load of glass to it by but anyway okay now this next one slightly confusing one from nico van der Meer and he said he google the gcn shots wanting to order the plant-based cyclists book excellent move and he came across this GC and tech presenters and there’s a picture of your face with your way with my name on it yeah i mean i’m quite salted by that to be perfectly honest also take me that is a budge site yes well it’s it budget for me as well yeah anyway are you all in agreement it turns out there’s 77% of you say yeah that isn’t the debauch how do you go about fixing it when Google believes that you and me why I don’t know anyway the final one the fifth and final one this week came in from Jamie T in New Orleans saw this on the ride in the quarter of New Orleans Connors new bike I better still wouldn’t be tall enough for its coronary or something that’s the only need to drop the cranks down except it’s never bottom brackets but well I presume it serve some kind of purpose but I only don’t budge for that one so I ye that’s a hack clearly they’re just trying to make a really tall bicycle does he see who the public are in agreement with shall we 89% agree with me sire he’s a big budge all right thank you all for taking part in hacks and budges this week there are nine for you to go through ready for next week’s GZ and the show I’ve been looking through to actually there’s some pearl is in there nice to make sure we head over to the GC and app download it if you haven’t done so already go across to shows as you scroll across the top right menu and you’ll find all of the hacks and budgets for next week’s show in there it’s time now for caption competition that part of the show where you get to try and win a GCN elite water bottle all you got to do is caption a photo they were about to give you and we’re gonna start with results from the last week handy if you’ve never played before we are last week’s photo was of Jackman

it Zola at the Tour Down Under and the winning caption came in from doing the mean washed caption no that’s where the petrol goes in yeah I’m sorry that really did tickle me pink that one okay Daniel yeah that was a worthwhile effort if you’ve not seen Dan so then make sure you check it out oh yeah – I like that it is yeah it did yeah unfortunate it’s not fit for repeating on the gcn show so yeah it’s a family abroad alright get in touch averse during and we will send that out once you give us your address now this week’s photo is this one of Mattia Vanderpool celebrating rather coolly and calmly on why yeah hats off that’s gotta be the greatest finish line photo of all time when winning a World Championships isn’t it I’m gonna do that when I come twelve on Sunday anyway I still get you going I’m afraid Matthew that is a nice because you’re valved a not at twelve o’clock there’s quite a bit of mud on the frame and also the crank is up horizontal sorry it’s a good point I see damn it’s a catchy caption as yeah very catchy and also you’re right that’s not going to be a super not though anyway leave your caption in the comment section below or pick a winner this time next week before we get onto what’s coming up on GCN over the next week we’re gonna go through a few of our favorite comments from the previous week starting with this one from MC swagger flayer I don’t even know what video this was under sausages under the gcn show last week Wow okay they put I’d say something is still not as dangerous as it was back in the good old days when riders rode up mountains with no gears in extreme conditions whilst doing cocaine yeah I thought you can’t argue that it’s probably true at least they’re not coked out their eyeballs these days or on tramadol anymore cuz that’s what’s illegal right next up we got this one which was underneath all these induction to track riding with that with man honors our expert coach it’s an actually Poorna of it if you don’t watch it yes Mary joy raised points out though that at one point man on says how much track Ronnie have you done switch Ollie replies yes richer you know when written down it doesn’t look quite right but it didn’t appear did it so Ollie how much truckroid nimidam yeah pretty much not he hasn’t got a PhD for nothing see under the same video Daniel put Malin says she’s never been a coach but she seems excellent as a teacher or some addition to GCN yes making it rather look drama so easy for my liking yeah I’m not gonna lie know what I mean the hair on Conor as well they’ve made our early videos just look even worse than normal yeah knowing how they’re fine yeah and speaking of their videos check this one out as well if you haven’t seen it how to ride in the wind mat bucks and says what is this mysterious tail wind you speak off and well yeah it’s it’s not for an easy mistake to make that isn’t it you know those days where you feel really good on the bike you feel like you’ve got an extra couple of mile an hour you don’t know what it is you just you just think I am on fire today that’s a tailwind yeah yeah that’s the point at which you realize mmm there is there’s a gale oh sure I’ve got no sympathy for Matt you should just go on wind finer like I do before I go 34 kom segments now anyway coming up on the tooth dogs now down details now eternal this week on Wednesday we are going to show you how to ride 100 miles out Thursday we’ve got five rules that all cyclists should stick to and on a Friday is cross-country skiing the ultimate cross-training for cyclist obviously not with me although my arm still are aching yeah what’s gonna be ski I tempted you wouldn’t believe how many top cyclists use cross-country skiing for training bonkers yeah anyway Jeremy goes and tries it out on Saturday we are as we said nearing the end game for Ali’s hour he’s now getting fitted up very super slippery skin suit that’s with no pants we should be quite interesting apparent he’s gonna get 3d scanned I’m not sure I wanna watch but anyway and then on Sunday Jeremy has been over in Los Angeles where apparently it totally sucks for cycling except that’s not true that is Sunday’s video basically LA is like the ultimate cycling playground I look forward to watching that Monday we’ve got the race new show over on the GT and racing challenge they were back in here for the set but talking of racing but quite a lot for you on the decent racing channel this coming week now with the Jayco herald-sun Tour men’s and women’s live and highlights world wide not excluding anywhere and watch I’ve got the next rounds of the easiest cross the DVD trophy and the super prestige series as cross winds down for the season well that is all from the gcn show for this week do make sure you give it a big like if that’s your bag if you’ve enjoyed it hmm and if you’d like to see how I get on my race on Sunday make sure you check out my social media Instagram Twitter Facebook and Strava at Daniel Lloyd one shameless