Billionaire SNOW Fort Hotel 24 Hour Challenge! 📦❄️ Video Games, Snowboarding, Hockey & More!

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Billionaire SNOW Fort Hotel 24 Hour Challenge! 📦❄️ Video Games, Snowboarding, Hockey & More!

we go into the ice hotel wow this looks crazy while votes everyone is Volvo Jake and we are back with a brand new video outside once again in mother nature’s freezer Logan is sliding around on the ice right now but guys today I have had the amazing idea of creating the world’s first box fort ice hotel now if you guys have been following our videos what you should already be and if you aren’t already be sure to hit the subscribe button down below as well as that Bell button and common hash tag to join the squad you will already know that we have an epic igloo as well as snow fort with running water heat electricity all of the great essentials that you need to build a hotel now what we decided we can expand the snow fort even more making its very own hotel rooms or a nice hotel I gotta admit guys this is actually a pretty cool idea right we get out paying customers come we can give them a luxurious time we’ve got skating we’ve got a ski hill we’ve got a snow fort room service everything you could expect in a hotel except it’s gonna be winter themed so this is the entrance to the actual egg blue itself now we do have a regular entrance over there but you come inside like so oh it’s actually really warm and cozy in here already which is gonna make this thing sweet but we did get a bunch of really cool stuff for it like fur bedding and pillows to make it even cooler but as of right now this is the egg blue so this is the the chill area this will probably be part of the sleeping area maybe part of the actual entrance for the hotel mother nature’s popsicles must taste really good lovely don’t know where the snow came from but you do you now in here guys is the actual warm part of the fort this is fully heated it has a carpet it also has electricity and running water I’m thinking that that area might actually be like the lobby and then when you come in here this is like your hotel room so we can have a bed in here lighting you can also have fur pillows you’re probably sitting at home going Pappa Jake that is impossible but with the help of your likes I know we can do it how many likes well I’m thinking we need at least 20,000 likes guys use your fingers and click that like button with the power please place up we got to expand it we also got to make the lobby really sweet in there and we’ve got to add all of the cool stuff and amenities I mean we’re gonna have a ski hill I want to have like jumps on the ski hill so you can do cool tricks Oh Jake I call doing the ski hill I will take care of the ski jumps on a professional snowboarder but all right fine Logan you can take care of the ski hill I will get working on the hotel room and then we’re both gonna have to come together to get working on the shower but we got a lot of other cool stuff that we’re gonna add some secrets you guys but first things first we need to grab a shovel and we got to start building all right let’s try turning this into a luxurious snow fort oh it’s a little icy oh we got a big nugget Logan don’t forget do not try this at home it is extremely dangerous this could collapse in any second although it is a luxurious five-star hotel and we don’t say that our hotel will collapse but yes there is a chance of you collapse so absolutely do not try this at home I’m gonna get this I’m gonna keep digging in the mines okay here we go what should we use this for dig I don’t know I feel like this could be something cool no bomb oh really cool well now Jake is gonna work on nice tunnel oh this is really slippery and I’m gonna work on the snow health it’s not world-class conditions but it will do for our guests right now we’re using this water sprayer to freeze our little track we’re gonna put a rail right there things on the slopes are looking pretty good let’s go check in with Jake check it out I’ve been working on the accommodations here inside the ice hotels main room and here we have the lobby which is starting to look amazing it’s got running water power everything you want in a hotel lobby and now this is becoming the room check out how big this is it finally happened we finally broke through and now we have our ice window this is solid ice letting in a bunch of light it looks so cool I absolutely love this this is probably the coolest part in the entire room now I still have a lot to do I

still a lot of snow to get out of here because there’s a lot of snow and this thing is really big it’s been a lot of digging but I also got to make stuff like shelves a place for the bed and obviously a place for lighting I’m not sure what Logan’s up to I’m sure he’s having a lot of fun out there on the ski hill but I got some work to do anyhow it’s going great Logan I got you the snow yes we’re straight from that o mine no but that helps out yeah right up there deep in the snow mines brother this is fresh snow pack down like that and blah well it’s not quite done yet but we have a little jump that goes onto a rail and this is the bunny hill okay all right yeah this looks good dude I mean I’m almost done inside we have an ice window going I mean I still go get the LEDs and a bunch of other stuff in there but Suns going down low again we’re gonna have paying customers so we gotta be quick heading back deep into the snow mind a ka the luxury room lot a snow in here that we gotta get the bed should go right along here and then you kind of have like this wall over here maybe I could make a table out of a block of snow go got a nice little shelf there looking pretty good snore some stuff on there now I’m gonna clear out the bed area I like how the bed is right beside the window so when the Sun comes up look at the nice little Sun through and there we go guys just like that we’ve got ourselves a nice little snow bed now of course we’re not gonna make you sleep on snow we have some really comfy blankets as well as like fur pillows to put on here but I wanted the bass to be an 8 out of snow and not the solid ice for just so it’s a little bit softer and a little bit less cold carving out the back there but we pretty much have maxed out the size of this room so now it’s really just upgrading it and making it look awesome check it out the Train part is officially done we have our rail right here and the bunny hill so you just fly down and hopefully you don’t hit the hotel there is actually one more thing we got to do though we are going to stylize our train park with some blue paint check it out our jumpin rail system is complete and it looks so awesome alright guys so the ice hotel is officially complete and up and running for business we are currently standing on the ice hotel’s complimentary ice rink which comes with the hotel and as you guys can see even from the outside through the ice window you can already see the LEDs that I put in there to say Logan hasn’t seen the room yet and you guys haven’t seen the final room it either I also haven’t seen Logan’s ski it’s pretty sweet we did a lot of work on it today well I don’t know if the hotel is nightsky so that might be something we have to do in the day but before we can even get out here I wanted to test out this ice hotel for ourselves so I went ahead and hired a butler so we could have the full ice hotel experience starting from the moment you enter to the moment you leave you go in the end main entrance here we are guests whoa dude that looks so cool okay here we go guys inside the ice hotel oh my goodness Jake you really did hire about as you guys know shoes must come off inside the snow for it wow this place is swanky ahh welcome gentlemen to the ice hotel how may I be of service well we are brand new here looking to book a night stay and in the Ice Hotel ah very well you’ll be our first guests uh why do you guys have a trophy oh well you didn’t hear we’ve been voted the number one ice hotel Wow pretty good this is pretty top-notch and look they even got bail please don’t touch my bail well let me just get you guys checked in here we’ll be your ice room key I like it get it cuz it’s a nice room it’s a nice room key okay and with the ice room comes a complimentary fur jacket to keep you warm I do I like it I mean it’s already pretty warm in here guys and it’s like negative for out so that I think we’re gonna need our shoes for the ice room okay it’s an ice hotel you don’t wear shoes in your hotel room so you don’t wear shoes in the nice hotel this is correct oh wow I see there’s a restaurant here oh yes dinner will be served at 8:00 p.m. sharp okay well I guess we’ll get inside a room and check it out and then we’ll be back out of it and don’t forget there will be night activities all right great Logan let’s check out the room here we go into the ice hotel wow this looks crazy this is probably the coolest snow fort I’ve ever seen – this is epic

it’s actually really warm in here – oh what’s this it’s like an LED fur blanket all right well it looks like this will be my sleeping quarters for the night over here we have the actual bed that I’m gonna be sleeping on and you might be wondering Jake it’s really cold in here isn’t it aren’t you gonna be able to survive well guys first of all it’s actually really warm inside here because snow is a natural insulator but we also have this generator over here which is powering all the electricity and one of which is my mattress now the mattress is heated and it’s actually turned up too well right now it’s at 86 degrees but it could go up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit which is really toasty warm ah nice and toasty and warm Logan’s over there chilling relaxing over in his area we’ve got a complimentary snacks I’m actually really excited about this because this looks like it’s gonna be nice ice-cold Gatorade for later wait wait wait wait do we have to pay for the snacks snacks will be charged to your rooms oh well good thing we got Logan’s credit card on file Jake no ah guys let’s get 35,000 lights if you think this is the best snow fort you have ever seen yes it is time for your first activity tonight’s activity will be ice hockey a great tradition at the Ice Hotel sounds are like an icy fun time inside the ice hotel so what’s this first activity about I think I can see what the activity is oh hello there boys uh hi not too bad first little minigame for you here at the ice hotel all right what is it well you can win yourself a complimentary dinner I love dinner I love that but you guys scored three goals on me three goals in five attempts think we can do that let’s go I got one goal Logan you try all right one more and we get ourselves Jake did you just cost us a free dinner I will give you one more shot all right let’s see you Logan you got this we need that free dinner so some free dinner before dinner it’s time for some one-on-one hockey you got two little mini net set up since I’m on skates Logan has to score on the big net I got a score that little once one longer Jake we got this alright guys we just finished playing ice hockey glad to be back inside the ice hotel because I am pretty exhausted from a very long day of building a snow park building this place and playing hockey yes dinnertime it’s dinner we are now at dinner inside that hotel I mean technically not inside the iceberg but inside the lobby which is really nice this is very nice gotta say we got a plan it’s a plate this is not a plan get the plants it’s some sort of fancy plan well gentlemen your two complimentary dinners Oh Jake here we go beating me in sake wow this looks amazing what is it beer custom chipotle chicken wraps tasty guys right there this is pretty sweet enjoying a nice dinner inside an igloo can’t say I’ve ever done that in my life well guys we’re gonna eat up here get some nice warm food in us and then we’ll go back to a room alright guys so we just finished up our dinner and now it is bedtime so we are gonna be heading to our beds and sleeping inside the ice hotel we still have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow like actually going snowboarding and having our ice breakfast but right now I think I’m gonna get cozy in my warm bed and this

is gonna be the first time I’ve ever slept in an igloo so I’m pretty stoked alright guys heading to my bed it’s so glowy it’s amazing Oh Jake how do we turn off the lights night Oh check it out my blanket closed I guess I’m just heading to bed now I can see out the ice window it looks really really cool it’s kind of a nice little nightlight I’m actually really cozy I’m still gonna wear my coat just in case but it’s really warm in the is really hot so I’m gonna get some sleep I’ll let you guys know if if we do wake up but I think we’re gonna sleep through the night is going on everyone it is a brand new morning inside the ice hotel I just woke up and I a pretty good night’s sleep honestly not the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had in a fort before my only complaint would really be how hard this bed is because well it’s made out of ice so it wasn’t really soft at all Logan’s been up that’s another thing when you sleep a night inside the ice fort you definitely don’t feel super great in the morning that’s for sure let’s warm the entire night in terms of keeping on all the electronics it made a little bit of like a humming noise all night so that kind of kept me up but other than that not bad again wake up good morning get them in okay warm in here my body got accustomed to being in the cold breakfast time I’m hoping for some warm scrambled eggs maybe some bacon ooh a nice cup of tea would be nice as well very oh I mean I would prefer something warm but I mean hey it’s a nice hotel so we’re gonna eat I see food why not I’ll go what’s going in fancy I guess I’m just gonna go pansies this food is exquisite the ice cream I thought it’d be kind of cool inside an ice for but it’s actually pretty good it makes me think Logan you could have an entire ice cream shop inside this ice hotel and you wouldn’t even need to power it because it refrigerates itself are you saying you want to do an ice cream snow for it does ice cream taste good because if so then yes I think we do ice cream snow pork comment hashtag have you just been there the whole time yes hope you boys enjoyed your breakfast and if you follow me through that door behind Logan take you to your morning activity I like the sound of that we got hockey last night I think I know what this one is right onto the slopes all right oh no all right guys right out of the hotel ah and right onto the slope see what he’s got a grind rail you like Tony Hawk on snow all right here’s your complimentary snowboarding goggles enjoy the activities I’m gonna hit the bunny hill but by all means if you want to do the grind rail you go for it man uh well I’ve never snowboarding in my life before so good luck Jake it’s a bunny hill yeah okay all right watch your eyes on these branches why they’re branches Oh hit the grind rail let’s see you Logan I have no idea what you got over the jump guys Logan completes this rail right now everyone watching you have to like the video it is it is an obligation you’ve signed the contract let’s go I’m pulling that it did it guys that’s like the video that’s a hashtag he did it hashtag dick well now that we have completed skiing at the official Ice Hotel we are just chilling here on the ice rink we have had a ton of fun surviving inside it I hope you guys enjoyed it and thought it is as cool as we did it was a lot Logan you’re just fucked man it was a lot of fun it was a beautiful day guys wanted to continue adding on to the ice hotel continue doing stuff with it smack that like

button down below I think we’re gonna head inside and get some hot cocoa don’t forget to hit the subscribe button but this of course has been Papa Jake and Logan I will see you guys next time for another awesome video