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CYCLING TRIP TO THE POND | GAY COUPLE | Biking & Swimming in Nature

And we will go for a bike ride There’s a nude beach here next to us If you’re watching this video, we were probably successful Hi guys! I’m Tommy. And i’m Peter Welcome back to our channel It’s weekend. I have to go to work in the evening because I have a night shift But it’s such a nice summer weather. So we decided we will use the time and we will go for a bike ride. Yeah We are really excited because we haven’t been for a year or so Yeah. And in the past years we went for a bike ride regularly So we have to make sure first that our bikes are operational. Yeah, hopefully they are And hopefully they are still in the cellar. Yeah You never know. So yeah We will take you with us Show you our basic cycling route and We’ll see what will happen. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go Good, the bikes are still here. Yay. Nobody stole them Okay, so we need to pump up our bike tires It’s completely empty, the tire, and I always do like 100 blows Let’s go. It’s quite a workout Okay, so all the tires are pumped up, we are ready to go We now connected to the main Cycling route in the city, it goes along the river and it’s really close to our home. So that’s great And yeah, we will follow this route and We’ll show you This bike trail goes through a city forest which is really nice But this part which is right ahead of us now is not our favorite Because it’s quite a big hill. Yeah. I remember first time we were here, it seemed never-ending And now it’s fine. Yeah You don’t see it, but it’s really uphill quite a lot So you have to be sporty to make it We’ve made it We are on the top of the hill And look at the nice views It is not as big as I remember. Yeah You went up like nothing You’re so sporty ‘Cause I work out Yeah, those legs, those muscles, everything is there And now downhill This is the best part We are close to the city center now so we have to get through these junctions and crossings and everything But it will be okay. Look at the church there We arrived at a pond which was along the way

So we might try the water, see if it’s warm enough for a swim How is it? Cold-ish I’m happy, it isn’t that cold. This is our first swim this year, right? Is it? I guess, I don’t know. I’m thinking. It is. I think it is Look at this, Tommy is in the water after all It was too cold for him, but then It wasn’t that cold after all. Yeah Nice refreshment And it’s not crowded here, right? Yeah, it’s nice for city So now we will relax a bit, right? Yeah, dry off. Yeah Mine is this one? Okay. Smaller one. Because you are smaller. Yes, a smaller body It’s sunny and warm today so It’s nice to be out again We have to use the opportunity. Yeah. Even though in the city you have people everywhere And so it’s not like at the country house, but still better than being stuck at home I like it Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a night shift so we can use the time during the day Of course, I will be tired tomorrow But yeah, you can be outside during the day and then to work. During the night. During the night. Yeah We have been here before and I remember this pond Was really muddy. Now it’s better which is interesting. Like, the water is clearer And there is not much mud, rather there is sand Which is quite pleasant And yeah, it’s a quiet place. Yeah, it’s my first time in the water here Last time I remember it was just Peter who jumped in. Yeah. And someone’s dog So Me and the dog. Yeah And you can’t see it but there’s a nude beach here next to us Basically, one of the shore, one of the shores is a nude beach But not officially, it’s just like an agreement between people that you can be nude at that part of the pond I guess nudity is not a big deal here. So nobody cares about it, even though it’s not official It’s usually older people but they are like whatever. No one cares. Yeah But it’s nice to lie down here and relax I like it Okay, i’m dried off so we can continue. There’s another pond which we wanted to check out Nearby, we’ve never been there. Yeah. But we heard that you could possibly swim there as well I saw that, I saw that on the map Yeah, it looked nice. We can check it out anyway, even if we don’t jump in. Yeah There are more ponds around here. But usually they’re not made for swimming So we want to check that one out So let’s go Sunglasses, the main thing, most important So we are at the next pond we mentioned

And yeah, there are nice views here And I will try to go into water Hopefully it’s warm again We realized we’ve been here before actually But on foot, not on bike. And I think it was during winter, or it wasn’t in summer. I don’t know, maybe spring Yeah, maybe spring And you are not going into water. It’s not that warm now, it’s overcast Yeah, the wind started to pick up. Yeah We don’t go swimming that often Because there are not that many opportunities here in our country. I mean, there are not many lakes or ponds made for swimming And there are people everywhere But even then we go at least a few times a year Last year, I remember we went to different locations. We Went for a swim At a lake in Slovakia at the sea in Spain, Barcelona And many other locations, which was nice And this year it’s our first time because we’ve been so busy with the country house as well So this is finally a weekend With warm weather. Yeah, and it’s already August. That’s crazy. That’s unusual. But For me, it’s okay. It’s not like, I don’t love going for a swim because of all the people everywhere So Yeah. I am more of a swim person. I used to go Like every day during holidays when I was younger But yeah, it’s now getting less and less. Yes I didn’t go even as a child that much. I didn’t like people since I was born We also don’t like going to swimming pools or water parks because those are packed with people and you have the Artificial water or what it’s called, chlorine? Always better to find some places in nature. Yeah Yeah, and there are many lakes in Slovakia. Not so much here. There are more ponds here, but they are usually muddy or a lot of Like, grass and weeds and everything so it’s hard to access. Yeah Okay, so the water is quite warm, I already tried it and I’m going the second time Another stop on our biking trip is this monastery nearby We’ve been here before once Was it on foot or by bike? On foot And also on bike. So twice More times. Okay. Yeah, it’s pretty But I don’t know anything about it. So I don’t know what to tell you. Yeah Just take a look and we will continue We are now returning home, but it’s still very far. This whole trip is more than 30 kilometers, or maybe even 50 Our bikes Are quite old I have had this one for more than 10 years, maybe even more than 15 years, I think And we bought Tommy’s When was it? I don’t know, like maybe seven years ago? Seven years ago, probably

But We just go for easy cycling trips From time to time so it’s enough for us. We don’t need like, expensive ones Yeah, you can see our clothes are not made for cycling either. Yeah Unlike others. Yeah, we don’t need it. I used a bike when I was a kid or a teenager quite often But as a means of transport, not as a hobby So I used it to get to school, for example Or we went as a family for example to visit my grandma Who lived in a village which was like eight kilometers far away from my town, so Yeah, to get there And stuff like that. Yeah, we did that too. Yeah, it’s quite common here In our village we used that with friends to get to a lake, for example And then when I moved to Brno, I stopped cycling completely I left my bike behind in my hometown And it wasn’t until I met Peter and we bought this bike that I got back into it We’ve got a new camera that we bought to film better videos for YouTube Here, such a cool small device. It’s an outdoor camera And we were testing it today along the way But we found out that our SD card is not compatible And a while ago We received an error message and maybe all our files are gone. Yeah, hopefully not but, yeah We’ll try to sell salvage it at home. We’ll see If you’re watching this video, we were probably successful Because if we failed then this video will not exist. Yeah Because now we are filming on the second camera. Yeah, and we don’t have enough footage. Yeah So sad, because it looked pretty. Yeah You’ll see, maybe. If not, then you’ll see next time. Yeah And yeah, it’s an outdoor camera, so it should be really good for hiking and biking and stuff like that. Yeah We’ll see We’ll see but we hope it will be better. Yeah, we still need to buy a lot of accessories to make it operational completely But we are looking forward to it because then it will be much easier To film our videos as we won’t have to worry about wind And focusing and stuff like that. Yeah, no shaky footage anymore. Yeah We’ll see Fingers crossed. Yeah Guys, I’m so tired. This was indeed 50 kilometers Which is quite a lot Almost. Almost But yeah, it was a lot For the first time, first ride of the year But I can see now that I am not sporty anymore Because I was the sportier one and now in the recent years Tommy has taken over and I’m done So sad. I have to start working out and everything. I don’t know. Great, can’t wait Yeah, but it was a good ride. Right, honey? The good news is that we checked the SD card and all the files are there. Yeah, a miracle So you will get to see this video after all. Yeah. I’m, so happy about that Only the last file that caused the issue wasn’t there, but we filmed it again with The other camera. Yeah, but it was a sexy coming into water Me Yeah But, oh well Yeah But the camera looks good, I think We’ll check the footage. We’ll buy a new SD card. Faster one. Yes It was a nice day spent outside and now we are waiting for thunderstorms Yeah, again. Again thunderstorms, but I have to go to my night shift So this will be an intense night shift because Like, when there are thunderstorms, you have to watch it and issue warnings and everything Yeah, and Peter is not used to working Oh my god, It’s funny because it’s true? Not all the time But we have to have a dinner quickly before you go. Yes. Because it really took us all day And we don’t have much time left. Yeah, so let’s go to it So hope you enjoyed this video. Give it a like, comment below And Subscribe And see you guys next time Bye! Bye!