Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

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Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

Yes And Alignment How do you find it, how do you get to that point where everything seems to work together and you’re at your best Easier said than done, right? Snowboarding and fishing for steelhead are hands down my two favorite things to do They bring me so much joy Yet each gives me something completely different the ones full of adrenaline The other is where I rest But I’ve never spent an entire season pursuing both This isn’t just a story about fishing and snowboarding well it kinda is But really it’s a story about searching for alignment in my favorite place on earth. I Was introduced to northern BC thirteen years ago while shooting with standard films Being the kid on the crew riding with people like John Lando and mods that was crazy those guys were my heroes Riding with him really opened my eyes on what was possible and how to look at terrain. I Feel like those three years women and terrorists really shaped the type of rider I am today That was a very influential time for me Then I started coming up to fish and realized this place has the best of both worlds epic mountains and wild rivers

So now the plan is to post up for the entire winter in northern BC This journey starts at home But it’s mid-january and it hasn’t snowed up north for the last three weeks I’d be lying. If I said I wasn’t getting a little anxious But we’re gonna start the drive. Anyway do some board and on our way out What are we doing where we headed Our Open up with steel pony Yeah, look at Mike time is right Whistler meet up boys man, boys big that Zero You know what that means what does the main sound of party Yes Lay down Man that was so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better warm up with a better troop But now it’s time for the real journey to begin It’s time to head north Up to tears

We got word that it’s snowing in terrace The fine folks at skein is Bay welcomed us with open arms This is an ideal location to set up home base for the winter It’s been 10 years since I’ve read in these mountains There’s so much unknown. We got some serious figuring out to you. It’s crazy Abbi conditions are through the roof. So we’re gonna start slow get our bearings Wait for things to settle out Beyond the clouds an ancient grass Many made of dead chicken made it big nor Fed up with the my comparison I’m gonna share knowledge with us. What are we doing? We’re just using all our toys we’re using our sleds By bringing snow shoes For our tour We found it it looks and say to me an attack dog Decided that we’re gonna go Possibly three No In the big rock candy mountain Land the a/v reports looking way better and the best way to learn these mountains is to sleep This is exactly In the big rock candy mountains of all The cops have wooden legs and all the Bulldogs all and rubber teeth and the Hinsley sabor legs and the farmers There’s a lake up there when a whisk or two you can paddle all around the bed a big canoe when the big box In the big rock candy mountains You’ve never change your socks and the littlest dreams about the how come we’ll check Curtis Curt, dog Cesar Longtime friend man. We’ve been talking about this project for a while now He’s a perfect addition to the crew dude. This is sick. I’m so stoked. You’re here, too Baby

They blow Hey, brother what’s happening? Dude Kurt and I are just tying some flies. What are you doing? Man it’s been pretty insane. We’ll beat down though I think we’re gonna take a break from boarding and yeah do some fishing recharge Right brother sounds good much. Love dude. Be safe out there. We love you later For the trip, yeah Welcome I’m a leader back swine. I’ve been one so long I Can tell by my songs brothers You don’t usually see it in the videos but snowboarding gets hectic for me

this is where I reach our We got the whole crew firstly we had John Aaron Vertices here man. It’s so fun We’re all doing this megafloat today, I’m Skeena a lot of Fish as much water as possible. You got to think it’s gonna happen any day now Just to save them from We They party And straight sitting open Now Stay Thank you awesome Wow Dude Kurt and I were just talking about Now like what are we doing here is snowing in the mountains there’s probably snowboarding I catch any fish Save them Your name Oh and I can’t be Hey, Brittany, yeah, buddy don’t lead to It I pray see me Get youth Here we say we laughs to play It’s just Every single thing Now just get up Yes, yeah like flame Obey You Industry It’s not about catching the fish it’s not about the act of catching a fish That comes secondary that’s a bonus it’s about standing in this river and Letting everything go and just being at peace Simple as I’m black I Could see my damn And the only me motherfuckers are me Tessa water through

seven I was kicking up leaves I could frustrated schoolboy Tell never notice that house upon that Okay Truth Okay good Got a big one this house is huge it Yeah, what do you think the odds are for landing you got On the bottom push it fairness is going first what Yes, fuck let’s just call it first god Sick Not turn black

I can feel it in my breath Once again This Store This winter I was able to combine my love for rivers and mountains and I found this beautiful alliance between the two Alignment can mean something totally different for everyone It doesn’t have to be about fishing or snow But for me, that’s how I find it Easy Mommy her spunky Easy You know Mantasy Such an epic trip So stoked when we first showed up here Connor asked me what the lake is that? Hike, oh hey, but that’s the Pacific Ocean. See? Oh, yeah Valley dad Lines your arms and all the blind she about eat up Say you try This is not hittable right now, I mean if the boys in the Olympics with it We could do it It could be Howie it could be out Oh But stick her in over my board on purpose. Oh fuck me Then we ran into these crazy boarders eight of these Red Bull helmets Americans beautiful beards, I must say To do scar Fah boys what happened

Buddy behind the camera right here Tried to follow John’s line into the filming spot over throttled down himself in this tree turns out this tree well is actually Bottomless and now this let’s kind of just hovering on air like weird