Marble Circuits 2020 – All Races – Marble Race by Fubeca's Marble Runs

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Marble Circuits 2020 – All Races – Marble Race by Fubeca's Marble Runs

hello marvel sports fans and welcome to race one of the marble circuits the seedings from the previous qualifier video half order of these marvels respectively at the beginning of this race fast cubans there at the front pink pearl just behind all the way at the back big dog pepper see who’s wheeling there towards the front as we pan over the track arrow frog in the middle Sparky all ready to take on the first race of this marble circuits 2020 this is going to be very exciting for these marbles all need to focus on keeping themselves as much in the middle of the track as possible we saw a lot of mistakes at the bottom they’re getting caught up on the left side hopefully that won’t happen and they’re off as I say that through the first lap fast q pins ahead pink pearl just behind black pirate in their loose wheel all of bundle of marbles right now not much separation yet fast Cubans still holding the lead Oh a little caught up there oh he’s gonna get caught up already move all the way to the back all the way to the back of the line of marbles look at this replay as they go up the elevator ad first place to almost the full first lap caught up on that left girder pushed all the way back no the marbles showed any mercy as he just stalled a little bit there and all the marbles took their chance and passed him there we are lap two pink pearl ahead black pirate just behind up the elevator pink pearl has quite a bit of a lead so far you can see this replay here a little bit of jumbling of these marbles here I think that’s a sea turtle they’re got pushed back a little bit lap three all these marbles rolling as fast as they can trying to take first place and the best times as well and Karla’s our leaders still black pirate just behind ooh cutting to a replay of the starting gate oh look at them bundle of marbles coming out the starting gate I’ll call it up there lap three still pink pearl in the lead still now much of a cello black pirate as I say that tries to challenge does not prevail there oh he almost gets passed her over there but I think pink pearl still holds the lead black pirate is no more than an inch behind ooh look at this replay a little bit of loss of ground Sparky I believe that was oh and one of the marbles falls off the course I think that’s arrow frog and he’s going to be out yeah that was arrow frog unfortunate so early in the race – so early in the season using out these marbles making the way up the elevator pink pearl still has quite a bit of a lead black pirate loose wheel Sparky all just behind trying to keep focused and keep good speed pink pearl and relax a little bit the front there but not too much as these marbles are still ready to give a good challenge still five laps left girl moving towards the final area keeping good speed along these curves not ramming into the sides too much oh cool Oh cup will mix up there so a little bit of stutter from a couple marbles into the 360 Oh we’ll see ya quick replay there I think that was black pirate gets pushed back a couple of places loose wheel Sparky passing by pink pearl still has the lead up by over three seconds right now black pirate just trying to maintain his spot sea turtle a little bit behind loose wheel as well pink pearl making it through the starting gate still holds a strong lead there are not many marbles even in the vicinity of her at this point she may take the first race black pirate loose wheel see them come through they’re holding good positions sparky right behind pink pearl if you call that one right behind he’s a good few seconds back a little bit of a top view there pink pearl through the gates first 2856 was her fastest lap

what a play lap nine good to give an update on the other fastest laps here get to see which of these marbles are actually playing off these best times turtle River only 0.2 seconds apart oh and one of the marbles will fall off again is that a different one oh it didn’t even notice but 4 marbles are now out fast cue pins who held the lead first black pirate as well that was unexpected that elevator certainly messes with these marbles a little bit pink pearl plus almost four seconds over Sparky here as the lead sea turtle river coming through cross the finish line with the win is pink pearl good first race for her best time 28 point oh five six actually River five seconds behind second place was five seconds behind Wow her owner victory lap some highlights here look at the way she made them her way around those loosened in her curves staying as close to the inside as possible gaining low speed taking most difference Knight rivers 18 points from the second place our key 15 sea turtles 12 paint Earl with our leave though 25-fold points it’s big dog loose wheel mamonas back their next event will happen on February 4th in Bahrain and call ec atop a podium along with night river you believe that Sparky top off this first race great performances from these marbles a little bit shaken up few of them falling off the course with the DNF so early in the competition hello marble sport fans and welcome to race two of the marble circuits we are here in Bahrain as these marbles prepare to begin the second race just coming off the qualifiers we have a new stratification of placements from the qualifiers we have arrow frog with this first seeding and black pirate with the second seeding mamonas all the way back from eleventh place at the top and the third seating so certainly jumbled up pink pearl has dropped to ninth fast queue pins from first to fifth from the qualifiers so certainly a changeup in the standings for these marbles this is the time for some of these marbles that got low placements in the previous race to come back and take some points look at the scoreboard here you see five marbles five of them have zero points because of the DNF in the previous race that has been rectified though in this circuit as there have been wood barriers added around the elevator to keep the marbles from ending their dream of winning the marble circuit only one lap end we can look at the times here from the qualifications era frog had an impressive twenty six point eight seconds and is one lap other marbles followed behind each one breaking the record from the previous marble very often during the qualifier that were frog with one of the last competitors to go just like from the first one the marbles are off here heading towards the elevator for the first time fifteen laps will be in this this particular race I think the course is a little bit shorter hence the higher amount of laps these marbles already about to make it through the first lap arrow frog is in the lead black pirate just behind no marble has really established a huge lead yet black pirate just passed passed up at Welles mamonas a replay quickly of the starting gate a look at arrow frog a little bit of a jerky starter just got in front of black pirate to hold elite at first but definitely Wow looks very very hesitant from the start that’s not gonna go well if you’re hesitant in the circuit you are going to lose black pirate has the lead by a couple lengths here a Mon is just behind arrow frog is certainly not given up yet peppers right in there Sparkie coming up from the back as well sea turtle a fan-favorite moving to the middle this is the time for these marbles to take some points there won’t be any DNFs at least not as many as last time a Monas just takes the lead of a black pirate good move through the

360-degree turned there a couple of legs head going up the elevator arrow frog fell back a little bit pirate and Sparkie right next to each other up there peppers trying to move between them moving quite fast Oh Knight River all the way in the back a good five to ten seconds behind the pack that is not looking good for him but we’ve seen better comebacks in the past Sparkie so far has the fastest lap lap two for him was twenty six point three three better than any of the qualifying times remember the fastest lap can gain you one extra point at the end of the race and the final standings so making good time in each particular lap as well as in the race as a whole is just as important mimouna still holds the lead black pirate trying to make some moves behind her not successful though especially with all the pressure he’s getting from behind arrow frog just behind pepper as well Sparky they are not given up on black pirate just trying to keep him from overtaking mamonas trying to take that second place bought themselves it is not going easy for black pirate kind of squished in that second place area not easy making a way around these 360s lap six of 15 so we’re about one third of the way there and these marbles seem to have lost none of their energy mimouna still has the lead black pirate only one length behind this is a very close race for them Pepper’s Sparky dropped back a little bit arrow frog has taken back third place oh look at that I think black pirate got in front of mamonas we’ll have to see how the leaderboard moves but I swear I had seen that odds ago oh yes they did black pirate has now held to leave he jumped to a replay here oh of the of the overtake black pirate moved along just as mamonas got caught up near the starting gate going into the seventh lap black pirate took advantage of that movement mamonas certainly not over yet only 0.002 seconds behind sparky arrow frog pepper still holding those three four five spots sea turtle have moved up to five as well just as I say that black pirate he might have dropped back I think I just saw that we need a better camera angle I think arrow frog mamonas have taken back the top two spots it’s hard to really tell we’re gonna have to wait for another maybe a replay wow those marbles a jumble of marble peppers in there it’s like a huge tie right now oh look at that three marbles in the replay here passing black pirate that black pirate has dropped back to fourth place he moved up to third here though during the time of that replay how is it going to shake out here going into the ninth lap Oh a little bit of a stutter there from a mamonas that’s not going to be good arrow frog right behind trying to take back the lead Oh another replay oh look at that one marble so far behind I think that might be Knight River it’s hard to really tell it got a pack of marbles up there and like a couple just lagging so far behind they don’t even have a chance mamonas has the lead still pepper now right behind in second place a lot of jumbling of placements here in this particular race pepper to the side of the elevator right behind arrow frog black pirate making his way back up there sea turtle a fan favorite now they’re in fourth place moving slowly but surely you know as they say about the turtle slow and steady wins the race but he’s certainly showing that they’re moving up one place at a time taking it one place at a time lemona still has the lead arrow frog just behind not wanting to give up that first place seeding had from the beginning Oh a little bit of stumble there one marble they’re going to the elevator I think that might have been fast two pins who has been in the middle of the pack for most of this race lemonis still has a lead our frog sea turtle now up into third all the way back from about eighth place at the beginning of this race sea turtle now has third place mamonas now second place he’s moved up into Wow we go to the replay here real quick not much doing in that one though mamonas trying to hold the lead couple tenths of a second in front of peppers sea turtle now has lost out second place to peppers a lot of energy from peppers in this race certainly see it kind of in bursts back and forth back and forth these marbles our frog has dropped back so has pirates Sparky all the way back to sixth we still see Knight River all the way at the end and pink pearl a reigning champion all the way in 11th place big dog is well down there loose wheel gold piston all the way down there in the bottom not great looked for them they’re certainly not given up though we got three more laps to go 12 out of 15 coming to 13 here mimouna still got the lead peppers just behind sea turtle coming up a little bit a few lengths more behind but still in the game around this 360 mamonas has stretched the lead a little more peppers coming just behind sea turtles now right up next to peppers

here on the track Oh peppers made a move on mamonas but it did not work more has blocked him very well peppers like one length behind one length he has been one length behind most of this last couple elapsed mamonas coming through the starting gate peppers there as well I think black pirate might have gotten back up there no sea turtles actually they look so similar out there in the race when they’re moving so fast it becomes a blur sea turtles trying to make a move on peppers been trying for the last three laps no moves though no successful ones anyway look at this jumble of marbles here in this replay I think black pirates been trying to move around arrow frog for quite a bit of time but it has not been working peppers black pirate moving up the elevator fast cue pins and arrow frogs right next to each other Sparky and fourth place now move back up a little bit lemonis final lap in the lead Pepper’s just behind doesn’t want to give up here looking for the win trying to make some moves when Moniz continues to block every single move peppers have made everyone has been some sort of strategic Bluff lemonis right here look at that another so and peppers have you to get ahead he’s gonna get ahead at the final part of the lap he has the final part always siege arrows are gonna get ahead of him as well around the final curve they’re neck-and-neck across the line at sea turtles will take the lead the fan favorite from third place back from eight at the beginning of the race will take the win in this race peppers drops back to second at the final tenth of a second mamonas who had to leave most of the competition will lose out Wow one of the most exciting last laps I’ve ever seen I hope we get a replay of that insanity look at this last part at the starting gate area peppers just right into one of the girders on the side sea turtle saw his opportunity did not pass it up and he will take race – Wow I cannot believe the excitement of that final lap I thought mamonas had it from the third lap when she had taken a big lead a Monas ends in third who had the fastest lap the fastest lap was sea turtles as well so sea turtles will not only get the 25 points of the wind but the extra point from the fastest lap netting him twenty six points sea sea turtles taking his victory lap 38 points for him overall pink pearl just behind with 27 not a great race for her this time but certainly the first one worked out well for as well mamonas with her finish it’s a 21 sparky 21 is well tied for third night rivers who had done well and race one but not in race two will hold fifth place dropping back a couple of places peppers shot up a couple of places now with 18 black pirates who had been up there at the front for most of the second race had lost a bunch of placements and is down now in 11th place overall look at the podium here for this particular race those marbles are sweating what a race those three all the whole time neck and neck and neck the sea turtles was able to make the move at the right time and take the victory hello marvel sports fans and welcome to event three of the Marvel circus race three the China circuit you can see here their standings from the previous two races sea turtles holds first place overall with 38 points pink pearl mimouna still up there 27 and 21 respectively fast q pins the fastest qualifying time yet again here from the qualifiers in the China circuit he has now won two qualifiers so far loose wheel just behind him as well Sparkie arrow frog starting in fourth place this time mamonas back there quite a bit and they’re off fast who pins starting out in first place can he maintain it remember in the last race at least on the first one actually he dropped back all the way to last place on the first lap neck-and-neck him with loose wheel right now around the 722 the first non narrow track area look at this all the stratification of marbles happening you almost can’t even keep track of it we’ll have to see later in the race is how it will shake out certainly going to be

some tough battles between marbles there loose wheel has a lead right now sea turtle just behind fan-favorite coming all the way I think from starting in seventh or eighth they’re making his way to second already we look at the replay here the starting replay maybe we can take a look at sea turtle sea turtle oh yeah coming out in a full seventh eighth place from the starting gate so made some quick work there to make his way up in the second loose wheel first place sea turtles in there and second fast koo pins not giving up yet two halves third arrow frog as well holding his place the same as a starting position big dogs making his first appearance in the top five so far this whole marble circuits in fifth see pink pearl and black pirate all the way down at the bottom they have some work to do sea turtle has taken the lead over loose wheel coming towards the elevator certainly looking good 40-0 loose wheels gonna take it back around the 720 towards this larger area loose wheel way ahead at this point fast koo pins now takes it in front of sea turtle it’s a good move by fast koo pins loose wheel just behind fast koo pins here just in front of a mean sea turtle now dropped back to third arrow frog still in fourth big dog and now moves up to fourth loose wheel fast koo pins big dog now dominate the top three sea turtle now has it back actually big dog trying to make up some ground make his first appearance in the top three I think that sea turtle take it back the just in front of a loose wheel here going through that larger area again a lot of changing of placements in that area loose wheel has a lead fast kou pins I think tup has sea turtle over there and retakes that always drops back to third as I say that as well sea turtle now in front of loose wheel the placements are changing so often so quickly it is almost impossible to keep on top of them good the dispute here fast kou pins had first then loose wheel then sea turtle back and forth back and forth back and forth and back man it is it is crazy out there in the tracks sea turtles now in front of loose wheel coming through this area for the fifth lap we are about a third of the way through and no clear winner has established their lead no winner no marble has been able to hold a lead for more than one lap sea turtle battling for the lead in front of loose wheel fast kou pins just behind sparky now up there in the fourth big dog there arrow frog dropped down into sixth but these top three still battling for it sea turtle now has the lead still loose wheel trying to make some moves but get caught up on the girders there on the side not gonna make the moves he needs to fast coupe ins still a little bit behind though big dogs I think actually is in fourth now as well trying to establish himself as a some sort of contender here in the marble circuits sea turtle still with the lead loose wheel fast coupe ins same top three marbles all battling up there for the victory it’s gonna be which marble can pull away oh loose wheels gonna get a front of sea turtle here take a lead oh and actually gain some ground through that one turn as blue as a sea turtle stalls himself a scoop ins also a little bit slow not living up to his name there big dogs back into fourth place Sparky Oh big dogs up into third now in front of fast koo pins taking back that top third spot arrow frog now in fifth loose wheel now established a pretty big lead here sea turtles gonna get knocked back a couple places through there and big dogs gonna be up in the second place fast coupe ins now into third our frog still in fifth but sea turtle has lost a little bit of ground here about halfway through here eight out of the 16 laps have been completed loose wheel still has the lead big dogs coming just behind fast coupe ins in third still been holding third for the last few laps now look at this oh wow look at pink pearl trying to make a move there but actually loses out three places she’s now in seventh still in front of black Chiron mamonas back there at the bottom black sari peppers all the way in last place not where we saw him in the previous race so just goes to show you all these marbles are pretty equally matched to some degree loose wheel now still has the lead big dog trying to make moves to take over and first not successful so far loose wheel still has that lead big dog not

even a second behind less than a second about a 3/4 of a second here going through the 720 turn through this irregular area loose wheel still has the lead big dunk trying to make some moves it’s not going to be enough right now he needs to gain some more ground so he can try to push past him he’s wheels still a good probably 10 marble lengths in front of a big dog just not not making the moves he needs not making the drafting he needs they’re using the speed of loose wheel to his advantage arrow frog now up into third sea turtle has lost a little bit of ground fast cue pins now all the way back in the sixth half way I mean twice as a far down as he was a few laps ago now a lap 11 of 16 12 of 16 as I say that we are almost done with this race the last quarter of it coming loose wheel has the lead big dog just behind a bundle of marbles there take a look at that over back to a replay into lap 12 here big dog sea turtles our frog having those two three four spots loose wheel still with the lead he’d lead out in front there he might be able to run away with it four more laps to go it’s gonna be can he keep steady can he keep control through these track parts cuz any marble in any lap can just hit off the wrong part of the track and lose all the ground loose we almost did that there through the starting gate but kept smooth coming around turns there big dog just behind sea turtles now back up into second place arrow frog Sparky big dogs all the way down to six now not looking good for him he had second for such a long time but he’s losing the ground OCT removes back behind arrow frog right through that curve you can see arrow frog right there and second trying to make moves on loose wheel but it’s not gonna work oh sea turtle goes back in front of arrow frog taking back second place trying to challenge loose wheel here only two more laps to come like three more laps to come and loose wheel has yet to be dethroned that’s now a our soul apps that loose wheel has maintained this lead as we know from the previous race mamonas had the lead for quite a long time and lost it in the last lap hopefully loose wheel will not face this unfortunate end through these final curves here the regular area coming arrow frog trying to make moves but it’s not working it’s not working sea turtle the same thing keep getting a loss of speed on the side of that area that’s the wall they’re loose wheel is not suffering from that area at all actually gaining a lead every single time they go through the elevator has been a little bit of an equalizer during this race but not enough look at that our frog using the elevator to get in front of sea turtles there in a previous lap 15 at a 16 loose wheel still has the lead is he going to be able to maintain it Oh gets a little bit caught up on the side there and actually see Turtles gonna take first place I think sparky’s now up there fast cue pins move up a couple of places our frog is now I think still in third and loose wheels gonna lose out sea turtles has the lead again just like the last race Sparky just behind loose wheel just in there – it’s gonna be very close these marbles none of them want to give up at this point even arrow frog is still in it they’re all these three all close together who’s gonna have the lead sea turtle saws that leave at this point our frog tried to make some cuts not gonna work Sparky just behind there as well coming around the final curve who’s gonna take the victory sea turtle over the finish line Sparky just behind sea turtle will take the victory Wow I cannot believe that sea turtle has taken two consecutive victories so far in marble circuits and it not established himself at as the leader of the race in either one gratification you really did that great weeks here a little bit from sea turtles there is my mechanic his coach a lot of excitement unbelievable I think sea turtles himself is a little bit surprised there how did he do it started all the way back in eighth place in this race made his way to second very quickly was behind for most of the time loose wheel had the lead for like ten laps but it was sea turtles in the end to take back to victory to shoot in front of him at the right time get the speed get into the slipstream in the right areas and not back down not let himself be challenged

or be hesitant when he finally took the lead sea turtles now 63 points big lead over all the other marbles Sparky a far second 439 loose wheel atop the podium third place in this circuit best for him so far sparky is best so far second in this race but sea turtles now that’s twice hello model sports fans and welcome to race four of the marvels Berkut circuits we are at least Spanish circuit today the standings here sea turtles 63 points way in front of Sparky he has won the last two marble circuits the defending champion starting in fifth this time it’s actually one of the higher places he started and he has won both of his circuits coming all the way back from 8th place once and I think 7 plates the other time the race is about to begin here and there off pink pearl in the head position at the moment the pole position trying to reestablish her lead in this competition she had the first race in spades but this one between the last two not so good for her but she is making some sort of comeback here hopefully black pirate in second place big dog leading up there a little bit we’re seeing a little bit more of him recently he was lagging behind in the previous circuits back in one and two but he’s back in a fury hoping pearl chopped back a couple of places there I think black pirate took back the lead I think sea turtles I see him up there already I think maybe in second place jump back to third now so far pink pearl has the fastest lap black pirate up the elevator pink pearl just behind a bundle of marbles right behind them it’s hard to really tell who has the lead at this point beyond those two sees her all I think all the way up in the third at this point making another run for that first place spot will we be able to do it I just don’t know it’s hard to tell these snake Gila seas here a different track piece – for the marbles to deal with and the wider track here definitely gonna change things a little bit allow marbles to pass each other allow marbles to make some more moves some streamline we’ll have to see how they go right now the marbles are still bundled up a budge I think I see Knight River are fast ku pins up they’re now in third finally get that replay of the starting gate look at pink pearl making a good move out in the front what is that Knight rivers I think in second out of the start he is now in fourth but still making some moves black pirate now takes a huge lead a good couple of seconds in front of pink pearl and pink pearls a good couple of seconds in front of the rest of them who the snake he’ll he sees pink pearl loses some ground there but Knight rivers can’t get in front of her Oh another good cut there but pink pearl just stays in front my Monas now with the fastest lap but she’s not showing herself up I think she’s only in fifth place at this point black pirate big lead here I think Knight rivers might have gotten in front of pink pearl there through the elevator switch yes but can he hold that lead I’m not sure that Rivers is the first time we’re seeing him up here so he’s certainly gonna try not to hesitate and keep that lead black pirate big lead still to the hip snake he’ll loose he’s taking them very smoothly back in for a little bit of a clip there Pearl’s gonna take back the lead his night remember stalls quite a bit in that last divider sea turtles now with the fastest lap 30 1.75 one black pirate now still in front pink pearl neck-and-neck with him though all the pig pearls gonna get in front of them past the elevator good move by pink pearl well here’s a quick look at his speed in lap 4 it’s barky I think got in front of pink pearl there for a fraction of a second but did not hold that point mimouna is back in 7th place but currently has the fastest lap pink pearl in front of black pirate here through the snake hey let’s see Oh pink pearl using black pirate to get a little more momentum keeps in front of him and actually distances herself a little bit good move by pink pearls now taking a couple of second a lead a good 30 marble lengths ahead of black pirate pirate moving up the elevator a couple of seconds behind CT rolls now back in the third place Knight rivers dropped all the way back to fifth and big dawgs is about to drop to the bottom house fast Q pins loose wheel arrow frog big competitors from the previous race all the way down at the bottom at this point will they make any moves to the front hard to say at this point through the snake hill is seized again pink pearl has the lead got a little caught off there but so did the other marbles oh I think it’s gonna be sparky who gets in front of black pirate they’re gonna take second place back from him Knight rivers now back in fourth sea turtles drop back

a little bit again definitely not out of it yet though we see Sir Charles make most of his comebacks in the final couple of laps even in the final half a lap so I mean as long as he’s up there in the top five he is certainly a threat pink pearl now ahead of the all the marbles here but not by much sparky making some moves but not making it around Oh pink pearl good collision there’s gonna lose out and Sparky’s gonna take the lead black pirate now is gonna take the lead across the starting line Knight rivers in fourth so a little bit behind them but pink pearl has lost out black pirate and Sparky now battling at the top two trying to get a glimpse of some of these other competitors here I think mimouna some gold pissed in her and they’re in the back battling a little bit oh look at that black pirate using the wide track to cut in front of these other two marbles taking back the lead sparky in second place pink pearl losing a little bit of ground can she make up that ground I do not know it seems like she’s still up there in the top three battling Sparky keeping her back black pirate now gaining a little distance with the Healey she’s all bounding a little bit of spark he’s trying to get past but it’s not gonna work black pirate in his hesitation was able to keep Sparky back not gonna work at 8 out of 15 here in the lapped about halfway through a little more than halfway through actually sea turtle still up there towards the top five he still has a chance in this race who down to six though big dog in there as well Knight River still making a decent performance gonna be a better finish for him as long as he can just keep consistent these top three though they are going at it black pirates Sparky just behind pink pearl I mean they’re neck and neck and neck I could not tell you who’s gonna win from this situation pink pearl getting a little caught up they’re losing out a little bit of ground can she make it back up though Knight rivers now starting to catch up with her black pirates still a few lengths in front of Sparky pink pearl now with good 10 to 20 marble lengths behind the lengths are quite short singularly though don’t let don’t let that number confuse you Knight River still lagging a bit behind marbles past Knight River 5th and beyond are quite far away from this this battle at the top black pirate hesitating a little dare and Sparky not gaining any more ground pink pearl now making another head at him not gonna work these three marbles are locked in this three triple battle who is going to make that make that push and take that lead take that establishing victory arrow frog sea yet release wheel they’re battling in the back black pirates still with the lead sparky not giving up that second place – pink pearl pink pearl again trying to make some pushes but she’s not working everything she does sparky is able to keep in front look at that there Sparky uses the momentum to his advantage pink pearl just not cannot make a pass here Sparky losing a little bit of ground to black pirate and pink pearl is well consequently a bundle of marbles back here I think that’s peppers in there see turtles not looking like he’s gonna win I mean but you know why we’ve seen bigger disputes from ctrl c ctrl says v at this point guttin for the big dog in in front of peppers and I think that’s mamonas in there as well black pirates still with the lead sparky now losing a little bit of ground to pink pearl pink roll right on his tail touching him even just not able to get past since Sparky has a good old black bear’s gonna get stuck on the helix he’s lose a bunch of ground has not lost first place yet pink pearl now in front of Sparky things have switched up a little bit here tonight rivers I think is still in fourth but still not gaining the ground necessary here trying to get a good look here black pirate now in first place still he’s had the lead for good I think now eight laps pink pearl second place got past Sparky but Sparky not giving yet Oh pink pearl push for black pirate not gonna work do the Gila sees black fire still has the lead still gonna keep the lead this every movies making every move is just impressive he’s not able to give up that lead he won’t give up that lead pink pearl was able to get past sparky but black pirate is just not giving it up he lost out in race two going from second for a long time down to like six and he does not want to let that happen again black pirate just in front of pink pearl pink pearl is going for the win here trying to get her second victory oh she’s gonna pass black pirate here in lap 14 this is gonna be insane going through the final lap fastest left from pink pearl as well so she finishes in first she’ll get the first place points and the extra point black pirate only a couple seconds behind pink pearls establish a little bit more of a lead the black pirate moving quickly not giving up yet sparky seems to have dropped back a little bit Knight rivers still way back there pink pearl making away very smoothly to the HeLa seas oh she’s gonna take the victory good move by pink pearl what an

amazing play Wow that was a head to head to head battle for most of the race Sparky pink pearl black pirate all neck and neck and neck going for that top spot but it was pink pearl in the end you had the head point from the beginning of the race now holds what a great outcome for pink pearl she’s very happy about that as well as her coach pink pearl now gains 25 points plus another point Knight Rivers has his best performance so far with a plus 12 Vaska pins again another terrible performance in the actual race now last place in the points gold piston even above them big dawgs moved up a little bit Knight rivers all the way up into fifth place with 32 points so a little bit of a chip there in pearl top the podium black pirate is second once more and Sparky with third take a look at one final time that has been the Spain circuit guys we will be seeing you first circuit five hello marbles sports fans and welcome to event 5 of the marble circuits yes that’s right the monaco circuits last time pink pearl and took her second victory this time who will it be cast your votes now pink pearl will be starting in the 12th spot pirate black pirate will be the pole sitter here Vaska pins right behind him so I think it might be a different winner this time we’ll have to see panning over the course here a bunch of hair pins even the tunnel there look at that it’s a good 30 marble lengths worth of tunnel followed by a couple hairpin turns and a long back stretch with a lot of speed if you see up there towards the starting gate starts off with a huge drop countdown is up and we’re rolling Wow look at those fools all the way up to the side of the river I think it’s good five of them already up there and now we’re getting rolling here to the first time through the tunnel Sparky is in the lead loose wheel just behind black pirate has already dropped back to seventh after the first stratification of marbles this is going to be a crazy race the pole-sitter has moved back in the seventh and we have not even a half way through the first lap one of 15 this time so a little bit shorter of a track we have a few extra laps loose wheels second place sea turtle the fan-favorite up in third pink pearl has already jumped up to fourth place that’s gonna cause a lot of upset all the way down from twelfth that’s a good eighth place jump mamonas now in fifth just taking big dog over there and loose wheel will now jump onto the first place each hurdle just behind him trying to make some cuts behind him it’s not gonna work loose wheel kind of moving quickly staying in front of turtle when sparkies can get in front of them just over the elevator we’ll have to see how those lead changes happen when they come out of the elevator onto the narrow track a little bit slower rolling here across the newly widened finish line steep drop to the s-curve loose wheel now still in front now into lap three Sparky making some moves behind trying to overtake sea turtle but the drafting is not working sea turtle keeps him back onto the hairpin here to the backstretch and lap three pink pearl pressuring Sparky quite a bit it’s not gonna work though rocky has a huge lead right now over him but she come out of the elevator slow rolling here in the narrow track and I don’t lot of passing going on either a lot of marbles just bunched up at that point it’s all gonna happen here in the white parts this s curve here stratifies a lot of marbles look at all that a good five marbles kind of just stopped motion for a second pink pearl now has the lead over loose wheel after that moving around the hairpin loose wheel trying to make some moves good couple collisions there but it’s not gonna work out for him as he’s not going to change the lead yet through the elevator always gonna overtake pink pearl here now widening the lead a good 10 marble lengths down the drop keeping it up to the s-curves pink pearl trying to put some pressure on it’s not gonna work yet now Knight rivers up in the second place look at that through the s-curves Knight rivers was able to make a couple move now pink

pearl through the tunnel another switch-up not letting Knight rivers through black pirate now give him that River some pressure kind of streamline passing me does up the elevator here a little bit of rest for these marbles now we jump all the way back to the start for the starting replay look at all these marbles coming out here kind of moving to the left side they’re a lot of lead changes there in the first half of the second pink pearl now has the lead to the starting gate into lap five about a third of the way through this race loose wheel just behind now that sea turtles I think now up into third through the tunnel and Healy changes through there no slamming the girder their loose wheel trying to put pressure on but every time he tries pink pearl is just right in front of him pushing him back even through the back stretch here the wider track is just not seem to be utilized here for loose wheel he’s just staying right on pink pearls tail kind of draft behind gained some speed but at some point you got to think gotta make that pass and guess he’d go pissed in there back in eighth place coming through peppers as well back in ninth black pirate the pole sitter from the qualifier still in seventh place he’s gonna have some work to do if he wants to prove himself as a worthy pole sitter pink pearl now still having the lead loose wheel trying to make some moves but now is losing some ground sea turtle catching up two of them a little bit take a look at the replay here going in the back stretch pink pearl moves ahead of loose wheel once again using the wide track to her advantage slow rolling here to the wide track out of a narrow track no short passes in there and will be pink pearl still into lap 7 we are about halfway through the race and pink pearl is just widening her lead through the tunnel here some time to stratify these marbles but not this time Sparky now moving up into third place just behind ctrl-c Turtles gonna take that lead back only by a little bit Sparky’s gonna try to get around the outside of him but the girder will keep him on the inside well I think sea turtle black pirate they’re stuck in the elevator pink pearl Widing in her lead even further loose wheels dropping back a full 1.5 seconds here going into lap eight not gonna be good for him all the way from twelfth place that’s got to be the biggest overtake we’ve seen so far jumping 12 places so far to have the lead since lap 4 is pink pearl loose film out 2 seconds behind it sparky with the split three seconds behind it’s all about using the straightaways to your advantage and it’s just not happening for these other marbles pink pearl definitely taking them with ease and loose wheel who got caught up there a little bit on the side of the narrow track that’s not gonna be good maybe a little bit of problem with the track there I don’t know we’ll try to find those marbles once more that s-curve there we’ll be playing pearled now stretchier leave – 3.5 seconds ahead it almost seems like she’s not gonna be able to be overtaken five laps to go still some room to move around here I think we’re gonna see black power trying to make a move on Knight River here back in the lower half of the competitors I think that’s arrow frog a good 13 seconds behind pink pearl five seconds behind the 11th place marble Big Dawg that’s not gonna be good for him pink pearl Knight rivers make it a couple moves they’re hitting fast Q pins I think that was slamming him into the side of the s-curves it’s only gonna be maybe injurious for him I hope not loose wheel putting pressure on Sparky here drafting behind him but it’s not able to make the overtake Sparky just staying in front of him I think pearl got stuck in the elevator and that’s gonna cause a lead change now Sparky up in the second place loose wheel now into third go to replay here the the beginning again look at all that stratification now that’s the key sorry fast Q pins they look so similar out there on the course they’re both a blur but it will be fast q pins actually up in the second place first time we’re gonna see this competitor make a run in the real race as opposed to just impressing in the qualifiers the loose wheels not gonna have it he’s gonna try to make an overtake slamming into fast Q pins not gonna work out now it’s gonna be sea turtles just behind trying to make some moves as well kind of take advantage of this third party situation loose wheel to the outside gonna keep the lead fast who pins keeping second place big moves for him here we have not seen him up this far yet loose wheels kind of nudging and pushing into him a little aggressive out there on the course I don’t know if that’s allowed

none of the officials are saying anything though and fast coupe ins will hold second place pink pearl still has first place but is certainly more interesting back here in the second place spot left 13 of 15 were on now a couple more laps left for some lead changes to occur and right now fast two pins is staying ahead of loose wheel now widening that lead well I think that’s gonna be Sparky trying to come in to loose wheel but it’s not gonna work sea turtles is now back into fifth place loose wheel not making any moves on fast coupe in to the rest of the Marvel to your black pirate who’s trying to stay ahead of peppers they’re not working out for him just gets a head of gold pissed in there pulls ahead of them into eighth place let’s see how our leaders doing pink pearl only about a second in front of fast two pins Vasco pins now gotten some clearance from these other marbles be able to show his speed here is showing it well sea turtles now up in the third place loose wheel kind of tiring out there on the course I think that’s not gonna be good for him pink pearl moving through the slow part of the track was staying ahead consistency now we’re on the final lap and pink pearl is in the lead and no one seems to be trying to overtake I think sea turtle slams off loose wheel there’s gonna take back third place but no move to the lead spot pink pearls are stretching her lead even more now two seconds ahead fast two pins trying to make moves but everything he does pink pearl just seems to widen the lead into the back stretch here sea turtles now losing a place out to loose wheel I think that’s gonna be but I’m going to midnight rivers pink pearl still with the lead to the last part of track I think pink pearls got it for the third time this season pink pearl has won the marble circuits VAS Cubans crosses in second Knight rivers in third sea turtles taking fourth and peppers all the way back from ninth place a couple laps ago will take fifth place what a move up loose wheel performance you were so fast that there he was so focused hearing from the competitors there look at that pink pearl 25 points loose wheel was the one with the fastest lap though he’ll get that extra point so anyone who placed their bets on him place them correctly pink pearl now three times has taken the first place in the circus but it’s not enough to overtake sea turtles in the overall standing sea turtles up by only just two points 86 I think is because pink curled a couple really low performances and circuits one humming two and three looking at the podium here and curl on the top of course fast two pins and second and night rivers another good performance for him staying in the top five taking now third with mamonas in pole position and black pirate in the fourth position this certainly will be an exciting race hi everybody Brendan here coverage of the marble circuits the Montreal circuit coming up right here we are just about to get started you could see those marbles anxious to get onto the course today anxious to race will it be pink pearl will it be sea turtles for the third time or will a new champion come into the scene we are about to find out looking at the scoring here sea turtles and pink pearl both up there at the top of the standings 86 and 84 points respectively close battle between those two but will any other marble show their head here 15 laps in this course the countdown is on the way and we have gotten rolling peppers a little bit hesitant off the start they’re already dropped back a couple positions that’s not gonna be good but I think that’s black pirate already out into the lead you can see the ferocity in his rolling he really wants to take this one Pepper’s shooting up a couple places there after collision with Sparky to the elevator we go I think that was fast coop ins dropped back a couple places into the elevator black pirate just ahead a fast coupe in I mean Knight rivers Knight rivers takes the wide route hitting off black pirate almost losing a position a good dispute there but Knight rivers were not able to overtake black pirate oh when he does there though around that straightaway black pirate slows down a little bit gets caught on the side and Knight rivers now has the lead peppers now up into third sea turtles just behind him as well

blur of more marbles behind them I think that’s big dogs last place right now I fortunately night rivers still in front of black pirate here good moves by him staying in front peppers moved up in the third as well see Charles now dropped back to fifth place Oh a little bit of a battle there with Sparkie not working out for Sparkie right now job moley back to sixth place as we go into lap three rivers doing a good job staying in front of black pirate black pirate trying to gain some speed drafting behind him creating some sort of a stream line there oh when black cars gonna shoot ahead of Knight rivers could use some momentum they’re opting for the inner line I think rivers is not gonna be able to catch up to him through the outer line and peppers is now giving him some pressure coming through the starting gate here Sparky now moved up in the fourth place sea turtles a little bit slow out there right now but it is black pirate with the lead did I not say black pirate would certainly be retaliating with this race and he is in first place right now now peppers moves past Knight rivers off the elevator but Knight rivers takes it back promptly Sparky now moves up a place into second and that rivers takes it back quickly but now loses it out again and Sparky’s moved up into second place peppers now into second place a good move by him and Knight rivers is back to fourth over you see a sparky just hit off the side of the railing there lost a little bit of seconds and Knight rivers gonna move in front of him but not before the elevator jumbles them up a little more and I think that rivers might be able to take back second place here if he’s quick off the elevator no pepper still has it black pirate still establishing a good lead here hits off the lip there will opt for thee for the wide route with a speed boost which he grabs Knight rivers putting some pressure on him on the inner route and you’re not gonna take back the position though peppers is going to move up back into second place a good cut by him through the one curve trying to put some pleasure on black pirate sea turtles holding fifth place at the moment and holding it for most of the race here six out of 15 so far about 1/3 the way through this course and black pirate has not given up the lead yet trappers trying to put some pressure on but everything he does has not worked yet I think peppers can up for that outer line trying to chase down black Pirates Sparky opting for the inner line sing in front of sea turtles at this point Knight rivers losing some ground here but still holds third place peppers right on black pirate they’re touching each other black pirate will jump ahead a little bit more the peppers very fierce out there today bring in all the energy good qualifying race good qualifying time and now this literally touching black pirate trying to push him out of the way but it’s just not working out for the Internet out of the line with peppers and peppers is not gonna take it we are into the golden lap guys this is a new situation added to the Marvel circuits where the fastest lap time situation will be decided by the golden lap a singular lap chosen at random for the course oh and peppers are gonna move fun a black pirate there who will then stutter at the elevator and lose some ground but peppers also drops Becca one placement in the elevator there but the golden lap is where marbles can get their fastest time only on this lap lap eight can marbles get that fastest time point so certainly want to be fast when the golden lap buzzer goes off now peppers Widing is lead by a good couple of seconds and then rivers back up into second place taking black Pirates down to third the black pirate says no crosses them up and moves up back into second place now trying to put some pressure on peppers but not before he stutters a little bit on the elevator again Sparky up into fourth place well yeah it’s gold piston actually sigh didn’t expect that gold piston ah moves ups in the third first we’ve seen of him in the top three this is quite a weird race sea turtle still up there in the top half a no sign of pink pearl who’s having one of her less fortunate races and I think gold piston is up in the second place hard to tell some of these marbles do look very like out there I got to be with you now that’s peppers up in the first and gold piston I think now and forth sorry for the mistake they’re peppers now still too good two seconds in front of black pirate who’s trying to make some moves buddy yo hung up a little bit on the wall they’re not gonna take back any sort of time there tonight rivers just staying in front of sea turtles who’s putting some pressure on him and passing him now in the fourth place good move there and sea turtles is certainly not out of it yet

I think Sparky is right behind them too so Knight rivers is losing some ground here but still a decent performance for him so far nope got a podium last time peppers trying to stay quick there through this area marbles tend to slow up there and that left curve before the speed boost I think there must be some sort of lien there are you say sea turtles now moving past black pirates up into second place happen while wasn’t even looking levels are so quick black pirate you can see how ferocious he is out there on the track hasn’t given up yet putting pressure on sea turtles to the elevator loses a couple of marble lengths though but it’s peppers right now nobody’s challenging them up at the leaderboard to lap 12 now and peppers has the lead I think that’s gold pissed in there caught up right up the lip there between the two paths and he’s gonna lose a little bit of ground and now black pirate is back in the fourth place as well separated by gold piston I guess that was porky would had that unfortunate hesitation before peppers now a good seems to be three seconds in front of every other marble nothing is working for every other marble to challenge peppers I think now gold piston is up in the second showing a podium possibility here no no if sea turtles got him back because he turtles got him back home keeping them in his place right now marbles are a blur out there everything black pirate is losing some ground back to fifth now so many races we’ve seen black pirate come out strong into the top three sometimes even the top two and even leading but then just loses ground later in the course we saw that in race three and we’re seeing it now in race six we’re now in lap 14 going to the final lap and it’s beginning to rain out here horse is getting wet look at that the marbles are skidding out there that was an arrow frog a lot of skid there from him I don’t know if this he can affect the race but it looks like peppers are slowing down there and sea turtles he’s gonna have a chance to come through and maybe take another victory I would even an opportune him and sea turtles but I mean pink pearl but give another team a chance right marbles are slow right now you know what the track has peppers coming around to generals giving some challenge but I don’t think sea turtles gonna guide I think peppers are gonna cross the finish line and take the victory finally a new Victor six races in peppers is your Montreal circuit champion sea turtles coming across the second piston and third first podium finish for him and black pirate a respectable finish in fourth pink pearl the other important racer down fantastic a fantastic you would be the bigger program yes okay friends okay friends all right there you have it peppers is very excited about this win and actually took the fastest lap on the golden lap for an extra two points so he is quite happy look at the final of standings here sea turtles with his second-place victory now up 14 points on pink pearl with 104 pink pearl 90 peppers moving up to fourth place overall black pirate now in 6th overall a little bit of a jumble the standings there one more look at the starting I thought Peppers was off to a bad start because he got slammed of the wall there coming out of the start but did didn’t seem to faze him he was so quick to move between the marbles look at the cuts he makes there between fast goop engines Knight River tour Sparky and Knight rivers I think that is and on the golden laughs look how fast he is against black pirate even touching him like I said a couple times coming right up behind him and I think putting some sort of stress and and look there to the collision not only gave him momentum but put black pirate down a little bit here we are looking at the podium first-rate the top sea turtles likewise happy with his continual adding to his points total 104 first marble break triple digits gold piston an unexpected podium finisher halfway through the marble circuits and it is sea turtles by a wide margin

holding first place oh by pink pearl the only one in his vicinity all the way down in third place huge gap between second and third Sparky currently sits there will anyone challenge sea turtles up in first overall I don’t know we will just have to see the Silverstone circuit race seven here we are will a new marble take the scene here looking at the overall standings once more sea sea turtles up first marble to break triple digits followed by pink pearl and like I said Sparky countdown is going five and we are rolling big dogs immediately out in the front followed by night rivers then Sparky the drag reduction zone big dogs is gonna take that lead widen it over night rivers gold piston up in the second place now in the first place after that cut right there through the rotator a couple marbles back there Pepper’s moving out of eleventh place from that as well that that is a tough feature for these marbles to get around gold piston widening his lead at the moment and in his big dog in a second with Knight rivers right there behind now black pirate up in the second place as well shooting up on the right side I think that’s Sparky moving his way up towards the top now taking third place and challenge black pirate smacks into him there some good contact around that hairpin but it is not going to be working so far black pirate holds second place gold piston and first still sparky couple contacts with black pirate right there through the esses black pirate makes some good moves widens his lead a little bit to the drag reduction zone sparky takes the right side and will grab the lead back now in second place he is gold piston wine the lead even more a good couple of seconds over any of these other marbles I get a good look at it here the split is huge for gold piston Sparky a couple of seconds behind now almost three seconds behind he takes a slower route here in the drag zone sale same as Sparky black pirate now able to move up give him some pressure right behind him here through the curve down the drop to the rotator enough to see what happened over the air oh that smacked in the rotator and drops back a place black pirate and I believe fast cue pins is making his appearance up to there into the top three big dogs has second place I think that fast cue pins in third now into second place through those s’s but it is still gold piston good three seconds ahead at the split what is that gonna be a couple of contacts there I believe Sparky now makes a move and shoots past him into third place Vaska pins has second still always tough because Sparky fast key pins and gold piston have a very similar Sheen to be close eye on this one I think Sparky’s the one who third gold piston is still in first of course and fast cue pins making me parents in second one of his better performances so far in the real races after a not so good qualifying outing for him certainly a surprising turn around so far mamonas now moving her way up into fourth so now we have four marbles in the top four that look all very similar how is that going to turn out as far as far as the viewing experience goes we’ll have to see gold piston holds at first place pot fast q pinch trying to make some moves trying to close that gap he does buy a couple of seconds but no challenge yet takes that right side the faster side of the drag reduction zone will gold piss and get stopped up a little bit in the rotator I think that’s mamonas giving him a little bit of a challenge passing him and now a new marble has the lead I think it’s mamonas that was unexpected but gold piston could not make good moves around that rotator moving around towards a drag reduction zone again both of those marbles take the right-side mamonas yes indeed is in first place gold piston now down to second lemonis widening that lead to the rotator moves past it without any

problem same with gold piston and same with fast q pins all the marbles in the top very focused right now Knight rivers down and forth trying to make another appearance black pirate is dropped all the way down to eighth oh it is the golden lap again at number eight this is indeed for the fastest lap no sorry 9 as per the fans voting beforehand so who will grab that honor we’ll have to see certainly all these marbles moving very fast it’s gonna be how they approach the rotator getting stopped up there’s a huge loss of time but definitely the placements are more important mamonas I believe still has that lead spot through the starting gate the golden lap has come to an end gold piston has a grab back that top spotted it but it is mamonas with the fastest lap thirty point three nine six very fast one of the fastest times even as far as the qualifiers went rotator being a little bit difficult for these marbles to get around try to slamming into one on the sides you get pushed forward but it’s not always easy to do that sea turtles all the way back in 12th place I even saw him on the screen only a little bit ahead of our leader gold piston there might be the first time that a marble get slapped this whole season Wow mamonas down to a crawl here in the drag reduction zone followed by fast coupe ins Knight rivers gonna make a jump through to the to the second place from fourth past both of these marbles taking that faster side but mimouna says no and so does fast coupe ins both of them repass and that’s the rotator Knight rivers has had quite a difficulty handling that rotator so far and continues to costing him a couple placements gold piston a good six seconds ahead of mamonas here at lap 12 a couple of laps left it is gonna be a battle for second it looks like a knight rivers a little bit of a collision there in the drag reduction zone but no passing arrow frog now up into third place couple cuts there it’s all about that drag reduction zone so many marbles have made jumps from the back of the line just by taking the right path they’re taking the faster Isle through the esses here our frog dropped back to fifth place a couple of movements there up in the fourth place how is he gonna do around this final s will he put some pressure on fast two pins through the drag reduction zone no cannot pass him fast coop in stays ahead gaining speed and widening that lead here to the rotator slams off it arrow frog loses some ground it looks like fatzke pins will be okay for a little while left 13 here gold piston now first one in the lap 14 in first place it looks like he has this in spades unless he really encounters a difficulty in the final lap gold piston has not showed much in the first couple of races but certainly has made an appearance here in race six and now in race seven first place by a full five and a half seconds up this elevator it looks like he’s got it it would take a miracle for any of these on the marbles overtake him I think our frog up in the third place now go piston across the finish line is gonna take the win a great time for him five seconds in front of any other marble we’ll have to see the other placements here I believe that’s fast two pins you know that’s mamonas coming in second followed by arrow frog then by fast two pins Nate rivers and fifth pepper six pink pearl seven black pirate now and eight big dog loose wheel followed by Sparky and twelve and sea turtle was able to grab go Pistons checkered flag simply fantastic a fantastic if friend does to the pause there to hear from the cheering a gold piston what a great move to Turtles was able to grab twelve back I mean eleventh back from Sparky but what a finish disappointing for sea turtles but certainly not for gold piston mamonas or arrow frog all contenders who have made a jump here and now the gap has shrunk between sea turtles and pepper the pink pearl was now only about nine points behind look at this replay the starting gate certainly a bundle of marbles up there look at that some of the past is here I think that’s a Sparky coming right up on the big dog a bunch of contacts there moves past him with ease to that rotator goodies avoiding that another move there believe that might have been gold piston making that overtake on the side and over here to past Knight rivers using that curve to his advantage and that high impacts that high-speed area

couple of good overtakes there in the rotating area but there you have it gold piston first victory of the competition followed by a podium finish wetter race welcome marvel sports fans to race eight the Belgian circuits here in the marble circuits atop this positions this time we have gold piston in the pole-sitter position followed by pink pearl and the fan-favorite sea turtles this is going to be quite an exciting race all of these these three marbles have taken a victory so far couple of them even more than one and they are all starting at the top you can hear the elevator is freaking away gonna need some oil in that tube and the starting gate readying itself up these marbles are anxious to roll see Pepper’s down there and spot seven but he is third overall so if he makes his way up to the top he could maybe challenge pink pearl for spot 2 – countdown is beginning here all the lights are on and we are rolling lap one of 21 today this is a longer race as far as lots of concern but a shorter course already see Turtles out into the lead going to this elevator pink pearl right beside them coming out of the gate now pink pearl has the lead peppers up into third place already moving up now into first place already some moves from peppers who has won race six and coming back for race eight around them straight into the back straight here across the finish line through lap one and already Peppers has to lead widening it and gold piston is now moved up into second place pink pearl has dropped quite a bit far back still in third but now a good at three seconds back coming up the elevator here peppers still holding that lead see fast two pins now challenging peppers taking for a third place that pepper says no takes it right back now putting some pressure on gold piston around that curve to the back straight no place change there though look at back positions here sea turtles and big dog battling it out right there but sea turtles right now holding that lead nope black pirates gonna get in front of them now peppers still having that lead through these s’s into lap three the drag reduction zone pulls back on pink pearl and gold piston getting peppers more room to race here she Turtles is now all the way in the last place way far back behind all these other marbles is not going to be good for marble these fans expect to see at the top of the standings right now es first overall another bad race that he could be losing that position peppers taking the slow area in the drag reduction zone and rumble strip gold piston as well and pink pearl is gonna move up into second place at that point we now see faster pins mamonas and fourth and fifth place battling out I think I saw a black pirate making a move at mamonas they’re about to see coming around here yes black pirate did get in front of her shaking things up a little bit see loose wheel now back in seventh place and move his way up to the top kind of put a challenge out there to the rumble strip peppers slowing down almost to a crawl gold Pistons gonna contact him they’re not gonna move in the first place quite yet could right on his tail moving to the back straight losing a little bit distance though is pepper hits it back up in pink pearls now he have something to say about it moving up second place slowing down here as a move towards the elevator the big drop and it’s still peppers where these marbles going our frog back in 11th place that’s still in the race sea turtle seems to be out of it at this point peppers slowing down to a crawl and pink curls gonna take the lead good move by pink pearl taking again that fast side of the drag reduction zone avoiding that rumble strip allowing her to swipe first place which streamline position for her Pepper’s not happy about that trying to make some moves the gold testin already with some contact there trying to eat him up and push him back down in the pack pink pearl is trying to make a statement again trying to pull herself away from the other marbles in the standings quite quite further peppers now jumping above gold piston after that drag reduction zone catching that rumble strip makes it very difficult see back

here arrow frog still making some moves but still an 11 place and sea turtles still all the way in the back you can see at the time split 13 seconds behind the leader that’s up half of the lap we’re gonna split peppers about a second behind pink pearl at the beginning of lap eight gold pissed in about two seconds but now look at peppers right up on pink pearls tail gonna try to make a pass the contact does not work the inside line was not quicker they’re down the backstraight peppers will not have the lead to add it for a second but lost it out through the lap change pink pearl now jumping a little bit ahead to the elevator it’s just gonna keep it you saw there for a moment peppers was able to grab the lead once pink pearl gets to the front of the race she sure is feisty up there again using the contact to push herself forward back in the 30c gold piston so makers moves mamonas now losing out fourth place as big dog moves back up to the top here marble who have not seen take the podium place yet but still throwing away the part as hard as you can kind of keep speed it looks like the top three positions are pulling away and he’s my old paint pearl to a crawl in that rumble strip as well as the other marbles pink peppers trying to challenge her but that’s not gonna work all three of these top competitors took that rumble strip but the placements remain the same peppers a lot of contact on pink pearl trying to scare her out of second place but it’s not lurking as the old piston now take second place peppers moving a little bit down Big Dawg rolling slowly in fourth place quite a bit behind look at the split 7.6 for four behind the first place player old piston holding second place for the moment some of these other marbles seem a mones still totally mess misplaced box followed by Sparky now right tonight rivers moves up in the second place they’re just a second ago but it’s these top three we got the ion I don’t know what’s going on with sea turtles but look at him he’s still back in 12th now 15 seconds behind first place as we are in lap 12 sea turtles is not having a good race today pink pearl you’ve been a head of gold piston but not by much there’s contact there and I think gold piston yes gets in front of pink pearl right at the change at the lap and now widening the lead a little bit going into the elevator but pink pearl jumps right back over him going into the elevator what a move using the elevator to her advantage but can she hold that lead down the front straight through the rumble strip and the esses pink pearl still has it the back straight just continues to widen that lead pepper still holding third but I think big dogs is making a sort of a push now grab some sort of podium spot oh the elevator did not work in pink pearls favor who is now dropped back behind gold piston and then another lead change here at the top that’s we’ve been a battle for these top three marbles gold piston takes the rumble strip and pink pearl with some contact is going to come back in a fury taking back first place around these couple of curves here to the back straight the other marbles flowing up there in the rumble strip Knight rivers now had a chance to move his way back up from seventh place but did not take advantage of that big dogs is kind of a lone marble out there in fourth place all the marbles behind him are lagging a behind dull marbles in front of sure established pretty hefty lead pink pearl now of a tasteful piston again through that rumble strip that has been a big place changer for these marbles Knight rivers now moving up into fifth place look at that by Momo nice and fast two pens as they slow down on the rumble strip so much momentum is lost there we’ll right there pink pearl off the side of the course slams into that girder loses some momentum now only a couple of marble lengths in front of gold piston as we moved to the esses back and forth she goes trying to avoid the rumble strip takes it and so does gold pissed it a little bit of contact they scroll to a crawl they almost stopped full motion on the ski on the on the course here now gold piston just in front of a pink pearl through that curve there into lap 17 and it is gold piston but now pink pearl switching so often here these two are locked in this head-to-head battle who will take race eight Knight rivers now moves his way up into fourth place you see they’re right behind peppers putting some pressure on him but right now all eyes are on the top – but pig pearl why does that leave been a good couple of seconds as gold piston slows down on that rumble strip now peppers right behind him being able to challenge him here Knight rivers moving in from fourth place right behind him a Mona’s

as well we have hit the golden lap on lap 17 fastest lap here in the golden lap a lot marpa the winning marble two points this is a semi certainly that battle between Pete pearl and the other two marbles both Kristen and peppers rage on pink pearl has established a huge lead Knight rivers trying to make some passes into the podium top three but nothing’s gonna work there but peppers will get in front of gold pissed into the back straight another move and go piston take back the lead yes he does moving around the hairpin here through the 1s they’re trying to make some distance black pirate will take the golden lap with a score of twenty nine point four four five and lap 18 extra two points for him pink pearl taking the slow end of the rumble strip go into a crawl I almost thought she was gonna lose momentum and gold piston now has first place back unbelievable how this race has turned pink pearl is a good couple of seconds in front of gold piston and now gold piston steals it back pink pearl point seven two five behind him rolling slowly here in this big hairpin before the elevator and it is gold piston still coming out into the esses gold piston trying to keep the Li China ridin it through the rumble strip good momentum through it Oh pink pearl to almost to a stop again and peppers is now gonna have the opportunity to take back second place pink pearl now starting in second place and move up to first now back to third place we were on to the final lap this is 21 gold piston is our leader followed by peppers followed by pink pearl Knight River trying to put some pressure on pink pearl trying to pass from the outside line not going to work up the ladder here the elevator it is still don’t piston peppers just behind to the rumbles Jeff pepper try to put some pressure and gold piston only a couple more bro links behind to the straight here a curve a curve again gold piston still has it on the back stretch to the finish line and it is gold piston Wow peppers only point over five seconds behind but it is go piston for the wind pink crowing at third Malone us past leg rivers will take fourth net rivers in fifth Sparky big dog sea turtles making up at the beginning great performance great performance great performance you were so fast out there he was so focused ok specs hearing from the victor gold piston there another happy victory for him that is two victories in a row as I was saying before sea turtles moved up to 8th place from 12th where he started black pirates in 9th loose wheel fast koo pins and arrow frog round out the 12 their standings have shaken up a little bit pink pearl now within four points of tea turtles but the actually but takes first place back from him overall peppers has moved up a little bit in points narrowing that gap it has to close is quite yet look at the starting line sea turtles dropped back so much during that starting replay get that finished photo finish for these marbles see a lot of chances where gold piston and pink pearl will boat chasing each other here one of the relays here for lap 13 shows that gold piston passed there and the rumble strip a huge stumbling block for many of these racers today slowed them down made it very difficult to look at this finish again look how close it was I thought Peppers might have been able to do it but no it was both piston by 2000 five seconds that’s five thousand of a second which is insane it has been a roller coaster ride for pink pearl up and down the standings throughout the whole marble circuits overall she stayed at the top but not so much in the qualifiers look at her now starting in 12th place today how will she respond it is black pirates having the pole position today followed by mamonas and the fan-favorite sea turtles when an underwhelming late race last circuit and wants some sort of retaliation looking over the track here looking at sector one with a bunch of asses and that hairpin turn a couple of attenuator sticking out there along that straight as well a more difficult course

slower through those s’s a bunch of barriers to deal with these marbles will handle it pink pearl atop the overall standings rousting sea turtle by a good 4 points after that last race and is starting great the lights are lighting up and we are rolling look at that black pirate out into the lead first followed by sea turtles and then mamonas around these first couple of curves for lap one it is black pirates who had a difficult time last time he had that pole sitter position dropping back to seventh immediately but this time not so much he’s holding the lead so far she fiddles right behind him trying to put some pressure on him a Mona’s putting pressure on sea turtles a little bit of contact there as to the first time of the drag reduction zone black pirate and sea turtles both take the fast path that time that’s gonna spell good things for them but mamonas has something to say about it jumping in front of sea turtles early in the race here in the lap 2 black pirate widening the lead a little bit bundle of marbles in the back there look at peppers now into sixth place we head to the elevator kimonos followed by sea turtles followed by fast to pins and gold pista now they can click up here and sup in the fifth the big dog is holding that right now the drag reduction zone black pirate taking that rumble strip with fast two pins moving up in a second pay place through that good move by him taking advantage of that quicker side and he will establish himself at the top good qualifying two times from fast coupe in so far but not the best race performance as well to see how he performs here head to the elevator a little bit of contact there but black pirate holds that lead for now to the elevator black power coming out of it fast widening that lead mamonas trying to hold off sea turtles behind him as they draft behind him Turtles trying to get past her but every time Ramona’s just keeping him back we head to lap four and it is still black pirate sea turtle sneaks in front of a mon us they’re now putting some pressure on fast crew pins a little bit of contact there around that hairpin mamonas just grabs the lead away but they are neck-and-neck up the elevator how would they come up the elevator mamonas now we’ll take the lead from black pirate look at that from third place now up into first around the rumble strip black pirate slams into her but no lead changed there couple of other contacts and I think that’s sparky move it up in the third place sea turtles needs a good race here finished eighth in the fight and the previous race not looking good for him the standings if he has another bad performance I just saw him slip back another place there before the camera so she look at that stuttering on the elevator losing some more time only a few laps him so far so he has time to kind of recuperate black pirate to a crawl in that drag zone and mamonas will grab the first place spots UBS’s around the attenuators which are stopping up these marbles a bunch and fast coupe ins has the lead in the lap six and just grabbed it from mamonas after that difficulty on the rumble strip for the ladder here up we go black pirate has third place right now sea turtles in sixth big dogs making an appearance up here into the top five as dwell marble who was in middle of the pack for most of this marble circuits that black pirate moving back up in the second place after that rumbles took difficulty heading through the hair pins and the s is here in the lap seven we are almost halfway through and fast coupe ins is your leader black coupe black pirate not giving up here though we’ve been quickly behind him trying to put some pressure on no contact Bongo marble still between places four and eight around the hairpin here around the hairpin again and fast you can just continue to extend that lead but hits that rumble strip gonna lose a little bit of time and the monist is gonna take second place from black pirate because of that because he hit the rumble strip there cross the finish line into lap eight but it is still fast two pins mamonas shortening that lead trying to close that gap around this hairpin cking curl all the way back in 12th place right now that’s not going to be good around the hair pins up here because anaconda like part of the tracks black pirate has second place with Mon us with some pressure on and hits them on to the to the barrier up there and we’ll take back that lead through the Lupron rumble strip at some contact very high aggression from a mones right now very

slow to these curves here fast q pins but still holding that lead big dogs into fourth place now and a few marble lengths behind the Moniz black pirate moving trying to put some contact a little bit but not gonna get past sir to the rumble strip black pirate takes a faster angle but not actually gonna take it back to Mona’s Mona’s is able to be very quick through that rumble strip even though it’s supposed to slow you down through these attenuators right now it’s bonus on fast coupe ins tail but no lead change there as we head around this hairpin to the elevator lap 10 of 16 that golden lap is not showing up yet we might be back to the fastest lap this time askew pant holding that lead trying to hold up two marbles behind him I don’t know how he’s doing it but black car it’s gonna grab the lethal mamonas but lemonis is gonna move back in the first place look at that whether those marbles taking that rumble strip then the spell some difficulty the black cart and fast keep in from omona sticks back to lead now we hit the golden lap at a lap 11 a chance to get the fastest lap pick up a couple points look at that black pirate with an agility move of brown mamonas taking back the lead to the elevator here very quick to that curve taking that inside route the Anaconda section here sneaking back and forth these hairpins black pirate holding that beat Mona slows down the lap 12 is gold piston who is a 9th place who was able to grab that fastest lap so a couple extra points for him but it doesn’t look like he’s gonna get a third victory in a row as he had a lot of places to move up and only to do that but this elevator here and a la in lap 12 and black pirate is back on top with mamonas a good two feet behind it split about 1.8 but making up some ground through that rumble strip aw hit off that attenuator it’s not going to be able to challenge black pirate for that lead as you go around the curves here into lap 13 through the SS both marbles flowing down the monist trying to see that opening cut to the inside and to the outside not working to the inside black pirate still has it around that curve a little bit of contact and they’re neck-and-neck to the elevator someone’s gonna come out of here the leader who is it gonna be it’s black pirates as mamonas jumps on the elevator a couple of places a little trip go a long way sometimes with the marble look at that bellona’s to the rumble strip very fast to the rumble strip this whole race so far taking that leap from black pirate now I think that’s fast two pins making a statement and moving up in the second place yet again no it’s Sparky it looks so summer look at those two marbles basket pin Sparky right there they look very similar out there on the track I think fast begins a little bit darker you see them right next to each other right here black Pirates separating them in third place holding off fast two pins behind as we go through these hair pins lemonis just keeps on writing that leave of black pirates moving up in the second place and now shortening that lead closing that gap here into lap 1415 mamonas around this hairpin here black pirate putting some pressure on some contact not gonna work though mamonas he’s able to play it off well and keep the lead second half a lap fifteen to the hairpin sexer only a couple marble links behind coming out here black pirate behind mimouna a little bit of contact trying to put some pressure on the monists keeping them back well to the rumbles – how they gonna take it black pirate on the faster sides gonna take back the lead throwing a huge lead out there throwing out the gauntlet – mamonas will he keep that lead will he get his first victory can react ali a shinto that terrible pole sitting performance he had a few races ago around the hairpin still good moves right now imal a second split over big dogs making his way up into third place too good look for him around the hairpin around the other hairpin it looks like he’s got unless he hits that rumbles trip he does hit that rumble strip slowing down but not that much as we go through these attenuators it’s not gonna matter black pirates is your marble circuits race 9italian circuit Viktor Sparky coming across Houston the whole place basket pins running up in sick and it’s pink pearl all the way down in

last place unfortunate ending for her in this race Serena and I were secrets Oh guys that was magical thank you very much understand he said black pirate look at him leading or at least in the top three for most of the race the old piston down in ninth with that golden lap performance driving those extra two points but the upset was pink pearl who has now moved down by one point under sea turtles second overall that person Sparky still in it with a chance as well as gold piston I’ll have to see all these last three circuits try to fight these marbles that lead that starting gate black car getting out to an early lead he’s very good about taking that faster end of the drag zone there was a battle between these black powered mamonas for a while there a little bit from Fast coupe ins – you can see there a little bit of contact from a Monas on Fast two pins that sideways contact as we talked about before that’s how you can pass marbles shove them to the side hitting them behind only helped him out the elevator was a big upset for both of these marvels – a lot of ties were broken and created along the elevator we go to the podium look at that black pirate atop they’re proud of his victory Sparky to the left grabbing that second place bottom omona one of her better performances grabbing third a new stratification of pole sitters this time it is Sparky leading us off in that pole position this time and pink pearl again down in last place as far as the Pollock lot qualifiers go hit that certainly an up-and-down season for her Sparky peppers are a frog at the top three followed by loose wheel and sea turtles a little bit further down big dog big dog again is the only competitor to never finish on the podium but Sparky is the only competitor to finish four times on the podium but not get a first-place finish so will Sparky break that trend today and will big dogs break his trend today I can’t tell you we’ll have to see how the marbles roll today sea turtle still atop the standings by one point over pink pearl followed by peppers in third place it’s a good chance for peppers to try to establish himself run himself back up to the top and be braked triple digits – the lights are lighting all up and they’re on and we’re rolling look at that Sparky out of the gate followed by loose wheel a quick pass they’re out into lap one very quick but hits that rumble strip in its arrow frog another lead change right here the first lap through all those attenuators couple skeins there and we already at the elevator after the first lap a little bit of a short of course a lot of hairpins a lot of chicane a lot of tricky bits of the course followed by that drag reduction zone a couple turns and that final straightaway wrap it all up it has peppers in first place now here to the drag zone taking that faster ends gonna keep the lead for a little bit our frogs dropping back a couple places there unfortunately for him put the wrong side and we see loose wheel up in a second Sparky currently in fourth place coming out of gate here lost a couple more places there started in first but it’s struggling a little bit after these first few laps of long race to go so anything can happen our frog losing another couple of places struggling with that drag zone not good for him and it’s a lap for this Peppers by a longshot right now with some bad place rolls it could turn around in an instant look at that big dog moving up in a second place challenging peppers now closing that gap look at him right behind him a little bit of a streamline there coming down to the drags own oh the big dogs sakes – slower end and loose wheels right on his tail a little bit of contact but not enough to move them out of the way take a look a gold piston now up into fourth place I haven’t seen him in a couple of races

one two back in seven and eight though arrow frog a little bit of contact there’s gonna get by gold piston to move the drag zone pepper slowing down quite a bit that can’t be good loose reel as well and they make big dogs and move up into second place now only one point six behind closing that gap on peppers as we come to the elevator moving into lap six here a big dog is only a few marble lengths behind we can him go making a run for peppers very quick through those attenuators peppers a little bit hung up they’re not the kind of track that pepper strives in but he’s doing all right but look at that contact but only from the back Oh big dog grab it in front of him a little bit of a mishap for peppers on the corner moved almost backwards definitely feel left there and big dog was able to take the lead pink pearl struggling back in the back of the pack right now 12 place look at that 7.9 four behind the leader big dog not gonna spell good for her she wants to try to take that lis look at the peppers using the drag reduction zone to his advantage avoiding that rumble strip back and forth look at that lead changes changes so quick with that drag zone and peppers this back on top here going to the lab eight peppers losing a little ground here through the attenuators we’ve seen that many times big dog trying to catch up to him very close look at the contact there is right on his tail no moves yet just pushing him from the back taking the wrong side and peppers is gonna run away with it for a little bit off onto the barrier they’re losing a little bit of time with a loose wheel from the back of big dog pressuring him and there’s gonna be a little bit three stratification here after that peppers holding that lead here into lap nine a loose wheel trying have something to say about second place as it tries to come up on big dog with through those chicane ‘he’s big dog is so quick very agile on the course I’m very surprised I got to say look at that fast peppers they’re very quick off that curve peppers another hesitation on that one curve we saw that a few laps ago and now is struggling to stay in front of loose wheel as big dog makes his way up for now the leader peppers in second loose wheel and third saw Knight rivers and fourth for a second but he was overtaken now holds this place into the straightaway here peppers back on top big dog just behind as well marbles moving slower through this second sector pink pearl look at that look at the split I almost can’t believe it we’re almost at 15 seconds flick behind the leader with pink pearl look at over 15 seconds at that update from the scoreboard so that is incredible also mention look at that big dog grabbing the lead back it’s been a battle between those two and again big dog at that one curb it’s been three times now peppers is hesitated on that singular curve in this course and this lost the lead but they are neck-and-neck to the elevator who will come out triumphant it is big dog but now it’s peppers thought oh his big dog for a second pepper said no and he’s back on top in the lap 12 Sparky’s performance is certainly surprising – look at him down in 10th and he was the pole sitter loose wheel still holding third our frog a little bit of pressure on him going through these chicanes and Knight rivers trying to hold off gold piston behind him and keep that tight top five five peppers provisionally having a lead now big dog certainly not giving up yet look how quickly SEO chains going to be interesting how big dog makes his next move is it gonna be on this curve again down the drag zone peppers a little bit slow off that curve again but big dogs is too far behind to take advantage you see loose wheel and our frogs battling a little bit there as gold piston has moved up into fifth place seems tonight River was overtaken a little while definitely eyes are focused on these top tooth it’s been a raging battle from these first 14 laps peppers right now is triumphant but who will be triumphant in the end we hit the golden lap will be the fastest certainly not big dog with that performance on the rumble strip or arrow frog limit looking to losing a couple of places loose wheel now we have a chance to challenge big dog and gold piston competitors won two races in a row seven and eight is back up into fourth China produce a challenge question is will pepper hold that lead

from big dog a will a fatal mistake be his last Smoove move around that curve big dog slowing down a little bit losing out to second place to loose wheel but hasn’t lost third yet will big dog get his first podium finish that’s my question I think he will but will it be third second or first that’s my question he’s very quickly oh she gains the fastest of marbles to those chicane as compared to the less ideal marbles it seems pink pearls having some trouble with them look at that big dog taking the right side of that zone back up into second place loose wheel with some hesitation and some bad contact hitting from behind only propelling him for a big dog with some speed a burst of speed there grab back to lead in the lap 17 look at the leader it’s big dog and loose wheel point one five three behind him peppers a little bit more we’ve dropped back to third but the battle is not over again look at that loose wheel slowing down almost to a crawl and it is Peppers back up in a second you see how quickly things can change in that drag zone and it’s almost like it seemed a few laps ago peppers only a little bit behind big dogs here going into lap 18 but this is where it counts the last couple of laps big dogs in the lead through the chicane losing a little bit of ground our frogs move just lay it back up in the fourth place old piston I’m making a challenge but look at peppers moving back up 18th lap 18th and he takes first again and big dog is gonna have some trouble here only one more lap to go eyes on these two at the top big dog just seems like he’ll get his first podium finish but will it be first will it be first place or will it be second or even third arrow frog back up into third place is making a little bit of challenge but he’s quite a bit behind pepper is the good side of the drag reduction zone same with big dog he’s trying to close the gap but he’s a little bit behind arrow frog losing three places in the final lap back to sixth place we come up the elevator peppers in the lead by a lots over the finish line and it’s peppers for a second victory of the season look at that followed by big dog then you got Knight rivers out of nowhere gold piston and fourth loose wheel hanging on a fifth-place arrow frog after that difficult time with the drag zone down to six basket hidden black pirate mamonas pink pearl able to grab pence struggling race for her sparky our pole sitter in 11 and sea turtles the current leader before performance unbeatable what a race just as I mentioned big dogs unfortunately stat he grabs that first podium finish and the fastest lap those extra two points certainly going to help him Knight rivers taking third good finish for him and go piston just grabbing some more points up in fourth but it is peppers with that victory see the marbles out here on the ground very excited about that look at that peppers now up in the first place overall 118 points to pink pearls 112 and to see Turtles unchanging 112 after his last place finish I’m gonna take a look at some of the race replays look at the start coming out of the gate Pepper’s was not in first it took a little bit of work to get him up there and it was a lot of work with big dog battling you see many times on that one curve those three times that he lost out but using the drag zone at the right times to his advantage he grabbed back the lead and at the right time he came through and he held it see some of the time you took a difficult side loose wheel at one time when he took it a huge help putting on right in front of big dog and big dogs propelled him forward peppers to hold that lead our frog was a good contender for a while but he had a little bit difficulty with those attenuators which stopped them up in the long run the peppers atop the podium second victory then you have big dogs first podium finish in seconds and night rivers in third what a race only two more left in this season who will emerge victorious it seemed like it was a pink pearl sea turtles battle but now it looks like peppers has something to say about it don’t forget to buy your favorite merch for the marble circuits from the few beca store and we will see you next week peppers currently holds the overall first place in the standings but in this

race his qualification leaves him at the back on a good position for him but gold piston fourth place overall is gonna have a shot to make some noise here starting in that pole-sitter position sea turtles pink pearl we need to have a good race here if they’re gonna be contenders in the final race for that overall championship so you go listen and forth there they rivers in Sparkie also have a chance to if they can pull off a good performance today as well it’s all about getting out in front early and keeping that lead to see that lights are lighting up they’re all on and we are rolling in the pen ultimate Racing’s gold piston out in front already as we head to that first turn with a huge backdrop there it’s gonna hurt some marbles if they go up too much under that black pirate in second place right now followed by fast q pins in the top three gold piston holding the lead as of now black pirate moving behind him it’s been known to lose a good placement early though so we’ll see how Black Power does this time right now he’s doing okay putting some good pressure on gold piston right behind him some contact there definitely and it’s gold piston back on top of black pirate he had it for a second the old piston he’s gonna maintain that lead overall here in the lap two arrow frog now up in the fourth place as well pink pearl dropping back a few placements sitting in fifth she needs to at least get middle of the pack she can keep her contending spot like a black pirate on that backstretch getting in front and head through the chicanes here this huge turn black pirates can get stuck on that though some side contact and gold piston gonna put him out in front and the placements are all about the same basket pin still in third right now by a millimeter on this elevator who’s gonna come out triumphant those a black pirate know it’s fast who pins taking that outside line good move by him will now be able to challenge gold piston we’ve established some sort of a lead at this point down that drag so much marbles taking the faster end this time good for them pink pearl bunch of places back now now in ninth and it’s still difficult to her but she jumps up a few places they’re heading through the bundle of marbles that got stopped up there and that one curve she’s up in the sixth gold piston holding that lead basket in trying to put some pressure on through these chicane oh he does get around her and it’s fast two pins for a moment here old piston not giving up by any means but it’s gonna be fast kitchens game for a second did that Sparky making his way up in the third collect place arrow frog still battling up there in that top five situation and pink pearl trying to show her stripes here make her way back into the top three she needs a good finish or it’s gonna be a very stressful final race pink pearl taking that slower end the drag zone pepper still down in the last place not a good look for him sea turtles dwell struggling down at the bottom they River stopped up a little bit there in that one curve not good for peppers right now who is the reigning the overall champion as of now who races left for him to secure the victory or give it away gold piston is certainly there for the taking though already out in the first place by a lot of huge lead our frog also making some moves up in the second place now black card dropping back a little bit we’ve seen a lot of that from him early racing is good and a yellow vertical piston already out of the elevator good four to five seconds now in ahead of second-place arrow frog doing well but struggling to catch up at all the gold piston and is actually gonna lose out the fast coupe pins here on the backstretch and some contacts there puts our frog back on top some good side contact through that drag zone say pink pearl battling a little bit there with Sparky’s gonna take over from sparky and black pirate as a move to the elevator good moves by her to keep on top here i think pearl still has a lot of work to do to catch up a gold pistono at least five to eight seconds behind they’re looking at six seconds there from the scoreboard oh go pissed

and stopped up a little bit gonna lose some time they are in the lead and CIN allowed arrow frog to regain some ground pink pearl again losing a couple places Sparky and black tyra jumping above her here in the standings again and pink pearl is just having an up-and-down race so far black pirate holding that third place position as gold piston stretches that lead even further you get a look from fast to pins I’m much doing it paisa mostly on pink pearl and gold piston being contenders who are holding the top of the race pink pearl that’s a marble Pacha tonight rivers weather something to say about pink pearls hesitation that he just passes her that’s saying anything no time to talk here on the racecourse gold Pistons certainly following that rule as he heads to the back stretch way in front of the other marbles is anyone gonna catch up to him arrow frog making a good showing here up in the second but that’s about it marbles am i settling into the positions right now lap 11 so a little over halfway goal piston already a full hairpin and a couple straights in front through the esses gold piston artery in the back stretches arrow frog our second place position still moving through those s’s and he’s already instituted the golden wrap here in the lap 12 oh go piste and I see him stopping up a little bit there in the corner on that one hairpin that’s gonna lose him a little bit more time and it’s arrow frog again catching up look at that only a few marble links get a huge lead what happened and gold piston is not an easy victory for him anymore arrow frog only a few lengths behind there’s gonna be some work to do now old piston holding that lead hitting the drag zone it’s arrow frog in first place a good look for him arrow frog has not yet won a race and collision from gold piston an aggressive move probably out of anger that he allowed such a huge lead to be lost right now our frog up this elevator ahead by and earlier peppers is the golden lap taker grabbing two points still down in last place not where he needs to be right now but at least he grabbed the fastest lap adding a couple points in that total our frogs holding that lead only by a little bit stretching it out a little bit through the drag reduction zone gold history slowing down a little bit allowing Sparky to catch up through that drag zone not a good look for him now getting a little bit caught up on the side in the embankment and we’re gonna see Sparky up in the second place our frog is our current leader having a lead by a good couple of seconds here at this point a Sparky and gold piston come out he grabs back second place through the esses can he keep second place with black card and Sparky pressuring him from behind yes he does through the back stretch he’s been very fast and the back stretch he’s he is right here but Sparky is just trying he’s pounding him from behind throwing him even up on the side of the corset his black pirate in fourth place followed by fast Cupid’s and fit around out that top five but it is still our frog at the front a huge lead lost by gold piston that he held for a good five to ten laps oh but he gains it back look at that a little switch there around that curve and it’s in his gold piston into lap 16 to penultimate lap here in the penultimate race and takes back the lead this is a huge victory for him if he can take this Sparkie black pirate has been battling in that free four spot pretty much the whole race not much movement from them to the top two they’re still working on it arrow frog still with some possibility to take the victory here but he’s gonna need to make the moves now we head into the final lap arrow frog still in second place but gold piston again stretching that lead but gets caught up a little bit on the embankment it’s arrow frog back in front this is not the time to make these mistakes pink pearl is here back there an eighth-place drop back quite a bit sea turtles intent peppers an 11th not good look for those top three competitors overall but gold piston which is our top fourth competitor fourth overall in the standings has the lead arrow frog trying to catch up can’t cross the line gold piston which is circuit 11 USA grand prix victor arrow frog will take second black pirate the third pass two pins now sparky make rivers pink pearl a disappointing seventh big dog and eight wielding can I say disappointment in

eleventh followed by memorials successional here’s left whoever over hi Pepper’s voice as he I mean pulled piston cuz he just grabs back that lead I’m sure peppers is pretty stressed out there too having trouble in that 11th place but definitely gold piston very very stressed had a hugely gave it up but in the last lap just grabbed it back took those 25 points and takes the victory he’s gonna jump up quite a bit in the standings I think he’s going have first place overall after the disappointing performances from the other top three competitors yes he does 126 to Pepper’s 122 pink pearls 118 and just sea turtles 113 even Knight rivers in Sparky at this point are back in it it’s a six marble race it will be next circuit for the championship some underwhelming performances from the top few and Knight rivers and Sparky have just as much chance to take the overall victory as these top four cast your predictions now because it’s going to be a stressful final race certainly this USA Circuit jumbled things up to bit peppers sea turtles low performances from them pink pearl not the best performance either it was just an amazing opportunity for gold piston he took advantage of it the almost lost out on the victory but even with a second place he would be in a good spot and it is time the one of these marbles to establish a lead in the next circuits and it take the overall season victory who will it be will it be gold piston again for a fourth victory will it be pink pearl will be sea turtles the fan favorite or will it be peppers I can’t tell you I couldn’t tell you at all the black pirate very odd situation eleventh circuit’s dozens of laughs countless overtakes of all led up to this the final race in the 2020 marble circuits to Brazil Grand Prix atop our standings is gold piston by six points over peppers but gold piston have certainly a lot of work to do to make up ground from the bottom position starting but this is the circuit to do it with long straights and confusing hairpins and 26 laps of racing gold piston as as much as a chance as any other marble to take the victory six marbles all have the chance to take the overall first place with the right circumstances and black pirate along with those six can take second or third in the podium with some good racing and some luck the question is who will have the ferocity the skill the focus later on and we are rolling in the final race of the Marvel circuits it is loose wheel out in the front the first one to take the lead so far it’s Peppers in second followed by pink pearl a little bit of a jump there she’s back into third and now we see big dogs up in the first place I could cut from peppers gonna put him at the top of the standings now already a bunch of lead changes and a bunch of looks from different marbles in the back and gold piston from twelfth place has jumped all the way up to second certainly now has a chance peppers a victory would secure him the overall first place as long as gold piston does not get second plus fastest lap which is certainly very difficult to do but it is possible Sparky making some moves up in the second place as well peppers now struggling up there and big dog one of our less performing marbles on the season holds first place right now get him in to lap three and it is picking up here pink pearl with a gos back up in the second place trying to battle big dogs up there little pressure

but big dog pushes her back subs are against that girder and he’s gonna stay in front a little bit of movement there towards the outside big dogs with some side contact from pink pearls gonna get pushed back but pink pearl the elevator struggling a little bit as she has many times in big dog is back on top here in the lead the other marbles in the back not as much movement but I think we see T Turtles up in the third place unbelievable a marble was not much to say and struggled in the last few races has a lot of ferocity in this final race all the way up in the third place starting in 11th position and has a lot of movement in these placements certainly any marble any marble has the chance to take the victory in today’s race with such long front straights and such a long force in general and such a long amount of laps a lot going in the favor of marbles in the back at least we look at him lagging behind all the way there by a good 4 seconds now more as these marbles make the way through the hair pins in them s is here in lap 5 pink pearl with some moves there’s gonna take back the lead over big dogs black pirate has moved up in the third place put some pressure on sea turtles has now dropped back into fourth hour they come out of the elevator black pirate neck-and-neck with big dogs out of the elevator but it is big dogs holding his lead at least over a black pirate right now pink pearl is that overall first place in the circuit so far black pirate with some moves therefore the S is gonna take second place back from Big Dog you see sea turtles now with some moves up into third place Knight rivers now making a move as well it’s a bundle of marbles to these first few laps it will stratify soon and things will start to become clear who will be battling for those top placements pink pearl is our overall winner right now Damien’s won a black pirate there’s certainly some pressure right behind her she’s gonna have to watch that black card very good through the esses and the hairpins already making some ground up there how will she manage that humming laughs she certainly was able to get more of a lead through the back straight here black pirate with some first to speed their closing that ground around the hairpin he’s almost right on top her some contact from the back those gonna push her forward and suddenly a few Marvel lines between the two eyes on pink crow right now lose falling back right now is not gonna spell good she’s gonna try to take that overall first place she started out our first victor in race one of the Marvel circuits will she end it with another victory it’s all speed from here through this back straight back straight twice as long as anything you’ve seen this year and she’s holding that lead on black pirate lap nine of 26 were almost halfway 13 will mark our halfway and the golden lap some moves back there me a few places behind he certainly has a chance to challenge fourth place right now for him but struggling to get past Knight rivers right now gold Pistons sitting in 8th and peppers below him I used to have some work to do and pearls extended that lead beyond black pirate by a full second now after that first straight night rivers getting some crusher from sea turtles but nothing doing there yet sea turtles trying to pressure him around the hairpin some contact there no change in the lead yeah a little bit of a hesitation from Knight rivers but contact worked in his favor and he’s gonna hold his position in third pink pearl stretched me to lead even more through that straight on black pirates sea turtles trying to go to the outside line there on Knight rivers no luck though and placements are gonna remain the same here into a lap 11 lead changes are few right now as pink pearl is giving all she’s got every bit of energy she has but it’s not gonna work right now look at that black pirate around the elevator taking back over the race launching himself to the lead black pirate actually has a chance to podium finish either second or third especially if he can get the first place finish here so he’s just as important for him to do well his pink pearl bubble marble links behind with pink pearl some rain in the forecast as well we might see some towards the end of this race as the clouds are rolling in right now sea turtles up in the third place as well to battle with pink pearl the two that kind of started it all back in the first few races going back and forth victory for victory have now emerged at the top here halfway

through the race pink pearl in second seats fiddles in third to end it all black pirate certainly wants that something to say about it too into the golden laughs black pirate is our leader getting the fastest lap is very important one of the more important racers in this race can grab the fastest lap that can spell well those extra two points are very meaningful possibly taking the overall victory the peppers is certainly lagging behind quite a bit not a good look for him late Victor in this overall season black pirate will take our fastest lap and he’s certainly going to have a chance to take a podium spot with some fast racing here pink pearl has losing some ground on him sea turtles a huge gap between pink pearl and sea turtles and a huge gap between sea turtles and our fourth place racer Knight rivers it really seems to be black pirate verse pink pearl right now sea turtles once have something to say about it wants to put himself back at the top to end it the way it was started but right now there’s no luck and a huge stretch of track between them black pirate some side contact from pink pearl and black pirate is not gonna hold the lead anymore into lap 16 we go and it is pink pearl leader gold piston and pepper struggling back there at the bottom not good looks for them need to finish at least in the top six to hold their overall spots at least a podium finish at this point peppers not doing well in 11th place in 11th place right now not the kind of look he wanted gold piston and eight so he still has some sort of look there it’s gonna go cut a pink pearl and black pirate once again some movement in contact again from those two but it is pink pearl stretching out that lead even more as we go into lap 17 black pirate no luck from him yet sea turtles still a wide margin between those top two and sea turtles but it seems to be closing ah just a smidgen but also that distances unites rivers and sea turtles closes a smidgen each lap gonna make it difficult for sea turtles right now out of the elevator black pirate was able to take back the lead through the elevator a feature that pink pearl has struggled with this whole season and black pirates gonna stretch it out lead over this a second here and the rain and the Thunder is beginning not looking good out there in the forecast we might see some drizzling out there soon Black Card how will he handle that water sea turtles certainly should try the nan sort a situation right now there’s still a wide margin not looking good for black pirates stretching the lead on pink pearl through that long straights which looks like almost a mile especially from the marbles perspective Knight rivers as well holding that fourth position good spell good for him as long as a gold piston and peppers stay as low as they are Knight rivers might be able to grab a podium spot but he’ll need to get past sea turtles to do that getting some looks from black pirates and the rain has begun the track is gonna start to sell a little bit here over the last few laps how will that affect the marbles will it slow him down speed him up give him more energy it’s unclear right now but the margins are wide between these top two and sea turtles he needs to make his moves now six laps to go and black pirates seems to be unchallenged at the top a lot of movement from these marbles in his back peppers and Sparkie and gold piston all battling there but they’re not making any moves for the front way in last place is arrow frog not something he’s not used to but very sad performance from him 17 seconds behind our leader black pirate pink pearl making some moves on black pirate now closing that gap the water has had an effect on his racing through these s’s around the hairpin they’re slow now how is pepero people gonna approach this wet track sea turtles again struggling and that gap between those two it is very very long you’re looking at five to seven seconds between sterols and pink pearl it seems to be a battle between these top two right now they are close they are racing hard as hard as they can through the water and right now black card is the victorious marble pink pearl with some cuts to the outside here some contact on black fire and a pink pearl will take back the lead by a little bit pink pearl rolling slow now but holding

the lead on black pirate black pirate trying to put some contact on taking the inside but no luck there sea turtles wide gap still Knight rivers still can’t catch up to sea turtles and is now dropped back to sixth now seventh place leaving room from a Mona’s to have fourth place followed by big dogs Knight Rivers had fourth place for a while but it wasn’t till this laughs to mamonas had something to say about that change back there we see big dogs holding that fourth place potty at first for a little bit earlier is now having this something to say about mamonas up they’re gonna keep an eye on them night river some pressure on mamonas no look they’re actually dropping back another spot and we are going to see some action from gold piston and peppers go piston up in the fifth place peppers up in the ninth they’re trying to make their final cracks at the top but with pink pearl and black pirate so far in front it seems like that is going to be futile and curl round these final curves couple laps to go and black pirate seems to not be able to catch her and let’s not even talk about the distance we didn’t see turtles and those top two marbles gold piston up into fourth place this is quite a comeback for gold piston let’s keep our eye on him a good move from him up in the third and he could take the overall victory it’s hard to say at this point based on the points totals but gold piston still has a chance two laps to go 25 and pink pearl is our leader but gold piston with some moves is gonna grab third place and now it’s up in the air it’s up in the air who are the overall lead pink pearl even with the first place will that overtake gold piston I don’t know I don’t know I think gold piston might have a chance with the totals if he can hold third place and if he can take seconds I think it’s over for pink pearl how fast will he be gold piston in the third place Sparky for sea turtles now drop back it looks like it’s over for sea turtles as far as taking the overall victory black pirate a huge lead over third place but not a lead on big pearl the lead still stretching between the peak car on black pirate a flat tire and can catch pink pearl it may be over for pink pearl on the overall victory last lap the track is soaked and gold piston is in third place whence totals will need to be carefully added as pink pearl heads to our elevator she struggled with all year up the top of it in front of black pirate across the line in his pink pearl with Victor for the 12th circuit of the season the Brazil Grand Prix you will need to see those point total to see who will be the overall victor it might be gold pista finishing in third the addition all the points totals it is not clear who the winner is the overall victor the season 1 marble circuits will it be pink pearl will people know it’s official you are the grand champion of Marvel secrets congratulations taking a look at the standings here should be up the officials are counting the points carefully pink pearl in first place black Pirates with 18 points plus the 2 for the fastest lap and gold piston with 15 will it be enough will the difference between pink pearl and gold piston be enough for pink pearl to have the overall victory let’s take a look at it and yes it is pink pearl in the overall first place by two points over gold piston it wouldn’t matter gold piston needed second place the gap was too large sea turtles will take our overall third Peppers with her overall fourth and black pirate and fifth that is the 2020 marble circuits what a finish pink pearl not out into the lead in the first lap but certainly worked her way up there’s some difficulty with black pirate but eventually she put on that burst of speed necessary and started it and ended it in the same way with a victory taking the overall first place and that will be season 1 of the marble circuits falling the pink pearl gold piston certainly had a huge comeback in the overall season making a couple of victories in races 7 & 8 having something to say about it of course in race 11 but it was not enough pink pearl for victories on the season

we’ll take the overall for the marble surface signifies more than just the victory of one race but for four races and all the battling and training she did across the season to take that overall gold piston certainly was a valiant competitor and black powered in this final race gave her a run for a money but it was not enough Estelle big thanks to marble whew Becca and the FMR committee for putting on this amazing production and we will see you in a few weeks for our next marble championship glass car you