MotoGP 19 Обзор карьеры + Aragon GP. MotoGP 19 review + Aragon GP weekend, HARD RACE! ENG SUBS!

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MotoGP 19 Обзор карьеры + Aragon GP. MotoGP 19 review + Aragon GP weekend, HARD RACE! ENG SUBS!

Hello, today i’m going to show you a Motogp 19 Game Career mode mainly I think, the game made a huge step forward this year In term of graphic and physics Also want to highlight optimisation I’m using maximum graphic settings, and don’t even remember to see FPS below 100 Enter career mode, choose continue career, as i played before I ride for the first season, but i use Pro Career Mode When you starting your career, there will be the option to choose Pro or Normal Career Main differences between them is You can’t choose Race length less than 50% off full race distance On this track it’s 12 laps of 23, but there will be different, depends on circuit length You can’t choose weather conditions manually, they are allways random You can’t turn off Tyre Wear also, it’s allways on Only manual start available It means you will manually release the clutch or turn on gear when the lights off And there is false stard penalty is seconds, minimum 5 seconds Another penalty is for exceeding track limits Or cutting corners. Penalty will be in seconds to your time on finish, or your lap will be invalid in Free Practice or qualifying Now we are going into Reasearch and Develepment And here we see 5 available options of upgrade It is Engine , Frame , Traction control, Anti Wheelie and Engine brake Developments points you will earn in Free practice on each race weekend To do that, you need to do Tests, there is 3 types of tests And if you will do all the tests at the weekend, you will able to have all of upgrades before the season ends You can see career progress on this season. Here is results for every race you have done this season Also here is your team contract objectives. In my case for Tech 3 KTM it is to finish better than 15 place in qualifying and race each weekend Cantrac status bar shows how you are doing in teams eyes. If you have poor performance, you can loose your team spot. But i’m doing well this season so i’m Team Leader Here is a news window, shows last race winners Leaderboards, shows championship progression. Here is Riders points , constructors cup and team standing Now we are going to circuit to see how it rides. Today i’m on my 14 weekend and it’s Spains Aragon GP I like the Aragon circuit, but did not ride here for a while You can change weekend settings, turn on or off free practice sessions , warm up , or qualifying I prefer to use one free practice, no warm up , 2 qual sessions. With one FP i’m able to do all tests and find useable settings for bike Look at the weather and track temperature, it will help you to choose Tyre compound and settings to weekend, to find optimal wear and grip If it’s cold i prefer to use softer compounds , this time it’s hot and i think harder compounds will be better Here is the main menu

Here you can choose, go to track and ride Development tests is for earning points for your motorcycle research Here is 3 kind of tests. First is Distance Analysis – you need to finish 2 laps in a row in time which you can see in objectives. Laps must be valid – with no penalties Hard part of this test is to stay on the racing line strictly, i will show you it a bit later Race simulation is simple, complete atleast 3 laps to earn 10 points, and complete 5 full laps to gain another 10 points. Laps must be valid, and under the time of objectives Quick lap simulation is to show 1 fast lap on soft tyres, time must be under the time of objectives to earn 20 points Usually i start with the test, it’s good way to learn the track, earn points and find settings for qual and race Live session shows riders standings, time remaining, time and tyre choice of each rider Track engineer is to choose your bikes settings, you can doit manually or with Engineers help You can choose tyres here. Its limited quantity of each compound, they will wear so use it wisely, there will be no additional tyres in this weekend Suspension settings is Preload, Fork compression and rebound, Rear shock compression and rebound, and spring stiffness Preload is to choose ride height of the bike, you can set front and rear height separately. It will reflect your steering It’s steering adjustment, you can choose steering head inclination and trail. It will change the geometry of your bike, and make bike more stable or sharp in terms of handling Gear ratio settings give your greater acceleration or top speed, you can choose main setting and set additional for each gear You should go to track and test it, you will understand what gear ratio is best for this track Brake system have 2 options for Front discs, 340 and 320 mm discs, and 2 options for rear brakes – 220 and 200 mm In rain i prefer to use smaller brake discs for front and rear. Smaller disc have less brake power but they are more controllable, what’s important in the rain Electronic control unit settings Here you can choose your Traction control settings, anti wheelie, and engine brake . And there is 4 levels for each one Guided setup, it is help from your racing engineers. You can browse and find your problem, for example oversteering and the bike will be tuned automaticly to help you But i prefer to use manual setup Lets start! I just finished tests, in the process i changed some suspension settings and tyres to get more control and speed

This time i used Medium front tyre and Hard rear. Hot track made soft tyres almost useless. They wear really quick and dont have great stability Free practice ended, my time was not so good, under 12 place so i’m gonna start in Q1 Session Just like in real life, first 2 places from Q1 going to Q2 session to take final place on the grid Starting Q1, for qualifying i will use Soft tyres on front and rear. I dont need to find settings or do tests in this sessiom, so i will use Soft to do one fast lap Also i’ll change suspension settings, i will make it a little harder for Soft tyres

A little change in gear ratio to gain more overall acceleration! First Qualifying is over, i’m on the first place with minimum gap. And as i said, first 2 places are going into Q2 now, to define our final grid positions Starting Q2, i use new set of Soft tyres and go for a fast lap 2 minutes before session end Andrea Dovizioso set the fastest lap of the sessinon, and i moved to second position with minimum gap 0.016 sec

Before the start of the race, weather changed and track temperature droped to 32c, but i still prefer to use Medim – Hard tyres. I hope they will last longer As you can see, it was a really hard and interesting race. Started with false start by me, a huge mistake – but Pro career is cruel. You don’t have restarts – so you will fight till the end

I finished on 3rd place, but 5 sec penalty from false start moved me to 9th place

But it’s first MotoGP and im riding on Tech3 KTM, which is not a best bike for sure. It’s still good result

Hope you enjoyed this video, this is my first review and i ask you to be tolerant! Post your remark and wishes in comments, I will consider them for sure! Thank you for watching