New Game !!!! | Forza Motorsport 6 Apex #1

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New Game !!!! | Forza Motorsport 6 Apex #1

(CLAP) Hey what’s going on guy is Raxed here and welcome back to another video And today we’ll play Forza Motorsport (6) Apex This is uh Not a really new game and I got this free on the um Microsoft Store and yeah I love playing the race car games and I’ve just started I just finished the tutorial lately so let’s play this Pony car the American icon born in the 1960s to appeal to a younger more energetic generation there’s R:Is that a Chevrolet N:That’s a body sense of Freedom dependence style and performance N:as sales of pony cars skyrocketed us having again to offer race ready models R: Not Bad! Purpose-built to defeat each other’s offerings on the racing circuit with powerful v8 engines under the hood and race tune suspensions these fierce competitors battled it out for the latter half of the decade on circuits across America is that Mustang GT and thanks to Okay, Let’s choose a car I’ve already missed disco stuff so much there that’s cuz of my heart just bad Just yeah This is parable Saving, content please don’t exit the app or Turn off your device N:I’m getting to take this car into your first event R: Yes and now your first event takes place at the historic Sebring International Raceway Hostess I Saw someone spots before So I just but In some places hurt plea as my objective is to play sick Or better do this to pass the event Allah can, also complete bonus objectives for a higher score Review your objectives then select start race to begin Let’s go Justic Wow Most I like the first I like the first person more then Right now I ain’t much miss Stour, okay? Just given up you didn’t even introduce today Because is home keeper if you have Contras matter that I own It’s much control big so I’m just using keyboard stuff, but it’s not bad Is artists control it I think yes very hard It’s just only is the debris sta mr. Duncalf orders breathing Yes – mr. C – change – thing up the The give me the camera Nope stop yeah we’re here how to change it Wow cameras purse. Oh fuck My shit Oh my lovely corn that I I Am as explains that our kakeya first ladies Five across no no no no no no no until rewind okay rewind it I’m achieving a boy i’ma cheated any boy, I’m a bad boy shut up Ah Nice nice nice nice nice not nice for the night

On use this unit because others share the land more than for this camera my camera won’t last I’m Krystina no no no no no no no no no no no no – well come on come on fucker Why are you using Mouse? Oh it’s tapped for the camera now see work Oh Carlos 16. Harvests oh my god. Oh Wow I got virgins no Wow Give me four days please Wow firk, please mister, please please please please please please please But dude relax I don’t know yes to us. Oh this I think it’s bull Oh I thought so there’s only two left one map that is – laughs Okay my first friend You know and I’ll patrol the car Oh Okay first place I Want to get the first place by the one who got a first place Give me my fucking first This cars fast but this hardcore law is come on Ha I love saying raise turkeys with gravis is awesome but I don’t and it And for the most part is made from a thing is turn 10 studios and also Microsoft’s to happen to make this See the line suffer son is no crime nice When he’s using miles per hour Drifting off. I’m drifting out I’m drifting out. Oh my god us The first person You have a nice karna Klaw just I don’t want to mess with this Masochist you got those of things to a lot of races and things So I’m scare them I think this Is will be a series No I’m second place no no just a little bit Oh What do you have the first place just fine? Two males just petals The bags ooh the car was this? pretend protect our own poncho hard and Rosita and Mercury but no no no it’s discernible no miss comfurt nice work passing your first event thank you That’s cause you knew erase one or race That’s easy girls okay. Oh super you are laughs, well can’t miss it man

This is where it is yes And that’s the Baroness it gives me motors Deborah how this later We’re talking about heroes cars that bring performance to the people They aren’t the most expensive and they won’t win every drag race but they all prove one thing you don’t need a million dollars to have a car Desperately Okay golf golf no tomorrow now oh I said better a lot get famous about Okay what current bounty two years this sound free entrance evany Zen Subaru WRX STI Lancer miss soup Mr. P. Seal and save you next year o p NW Hunt, I meani for focus you’re so sweet okay? I just come I just have no clue Okay let’s go What both designs Wow? well it’s fast fun Oh Also either I suppose 360 but it’s trying not working kinda Not working together okay? Oh just just this is cool yeah See the commonplace table okay? Why is taking solo que fine? You miss car that’s it your second event takes place in the rain at Brands Hatch racing on a wet track poses several challenges tires lose grip more easily during cornering Braking distances are longer and deep puddles accumulate causing a risk of hydroplaning Thanks Okay but a girl Is just learning, no they’re very slow Okay and kill farm and no Is a realistic simulation that features several assists to make driving approachable for everyone in the assists menu you can adjust these settings to experience the full depth of this simulation Objectives In turn after that allows you to select just the right drive ATAR difficulty to provide you with exactly the level of challenge you like Increasing the difficulty will also increase your race point score increasing the typical shared uses this bonus but it will be easier to win Average I Can’t let me avow separation of neither Your way Okay, now same thing again Stop race Tom those Big ticks as the plugins who trained them This time interspersed in surprise The bass to master our why I didn’t know how to turn a mouse for hours and killers per hour killing me – per hour I think oh my god That’s why I love I really wanted to get a control play this game because it is already seated left controller Nospherus I don’t know how to get lost

Once the silk sweaters crystal Okay down my way rels Out of my way I know no fear ever expected so what You gave myself You gave me money too you give me money to let me buy new products truck No, okay so shut up shut up shut up shut out Okay alright guys they Driving the race man you’ll get slippery and you’re crashing car Yay crashing I love it Coming Oh hot spot left okay, oh because a blaster shot Now Hey so okay, okay Give me the pony Well them why I am the chapter say Okay so like every pasta sauce After baby faster Faster do answer Okay get turned on dog feel free good times yeah I mean I’m your brain but I can try Good pressure hey let me crash into yoga No When Come on crash into them yeah I’ll take get out of my way Get out of my way out it As harshly use a third person Nice the mall fittings have these cars great Little my place okay last one No I’ll give me a six today’s oh it’s golf – yeah if I swing golf go away get out of my way get out of my way oh this shut, fuck okay, yay fifth place I Just squeeze it brother – cars I don’t know why this card and no one person once per game a little nervous just kiss and kiss first First and most spot for cream wouldna stuff for some more sports it’s for some Mota swampers just further modem for the Moses brought three and four is and Have the crashenfest the cow broken after that because I don’t know how to Turn our last punch South For now this I wanted to Know it fast anymore on this game. I just download it just It I just down with for some sorry Okay, I love hello I don’t really lose Okay, okay. Oh that’s bad bad Okay, doesn’t mean you know There’s a menu behind me What turn faster? Yeah Oh tears, just finished 9 yes

pussy your place is bad yay me a different ground yeah me God oh my lord ooh Abra Oh arrest what ok forcefulness SG ok come back Ok ah Sorry I will lift this video here if you just learn this skeleton down below and also he discussed right buttons you know and and also comment down below What game you want me to say next so a circus this time bye