Overhauling Freeline Skates – 01

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Overhauling Freeline Skates – 01

hello my fellow skateboarders longboarders and freelance skaters this is Christian training wasn’t a fine art photographer who loves to skate and we are going to make video today a mess of the sky OHS and locked on and stuff today is day 15 and probably will be seeing this video on day 17 and it releases so what’s the idea where is the agenda of today’s video is like be able to clean the freeline skates clean in the sense like not the general purpose maintenance stuff which we saw before this is going to be like a proper cleaning cleaning like it has five stages wherein you dismantle these gates then you dust it off then you clean it with soap water then you try them and then you oil the bearings and stuff all the necessary parts and then you kind of assemble everything so that’s what we are going to do today and forgive me figure to see some t-shirts and other claw things over there I got showered a couple of times accidently hope this all happens to you also and it happens to you all the time like I was trying to take some water I’ll show you why and I accidentally turned the north towards shower and a couple of t-shirts got that so it happens to me all the time like every day so let’s go into the video okay peace so guys this is what I have got today let me show you exactly a complete picture of this this is my salt printing table I’ve got all the chemicals over there and the trays necessary close glasses and everything for us all printing but I’m using this table them right now for cleaning my freelance kids okay I actually wanted to show you guys the led wheels in order to clean them you know completely over oil my complete the led wheels kids but unfortunately it’s this got cracked down when I was practicing throwback skates so I won’t be able to show you this one this is a little bit different because like the wheels that I got have some magnetic moving parts inside so the cleaning procedure is a little bit different for this one but I missed everything we are going to see the cleaning procedure for the black wheels which it doesn’t have any light or anything you know okay first thing here on this Orange Box have got some soap water I have got some clean fresh water from this little ball on the on this stainless steel ball now what a toothbrush to clean the intricate parts I’ve got the freely on skates left and right and you could see like it’s not moving at all right now and I’ve got some cleaning cloth and couple of allen keys by the way this one is of made with brackets on to the left on to the right so I met up showed you this on the unboxing video as well and this doesn’t have a bridge plate so that you may not be able to grind with this free lens kit but anyways this is chosen for its rigid structure you know like this arch that you see the call and the arch over here it kind of takes a lot of load since I was a big sized rider and this was my very first kid I was owning so I fell like you know I was kind of scared like if it would bear my weight and everything but actually it did and this brackets or the side plates whatever you want to call or the best design that I could trust other than the regular traditional freeline skates which used to have this s kind of shape for holding the wheels for which you can use the scale tool to remove them you could see here this hack some hex opening so you need this allen or X key to open these axle nuts okay so that’s the idea and with this bracket it kind of bears lot of load especially how probably I might have said that to perform so so we’re going to do and your grip steps have come off a little bit I’m not going to change the grip tip this time okay and we will need a couple of more things first yes what we call

this a spirit company perfume great denatured ethanol okay this is the same as the null which I showed you guys few days before for making DIY hand sanitizer you know alcohol-based hand sanitizer and what next will need will need a small vessel where you can pour this and clean the bearings okay these are the missing out things which I did not place it because I just want to show to you guys so these are the required items for completely over oiling your freelance Cates now let’s go and do it piece so between each video you know I took the liberty to fill in the ethanol into this small container by the way this is nothing but a pickle container which I used to buy mumble of my year’s manga pickle manga top cool actually so taken about this much of fire pan all in this so why am i showing this right now on a separate video because Lika B as a consumer you know like people who would like to free landscape and stuff you know like would like to we when we start with our Fillion skate factors or into the freelance get stuff you know like we will kind of taken by the merchandise that it introduces to you because like being an Indian or people like us you know like be kind of find certain things to be little expensive we have discussed this before in one of our videos where and we see one of the very good manufacturers for cleaning equipment you know bones you know they have the complete merchandise photo others they’ll have a cleaning bottle where and there it will have a screw with all these spaces in it where you can put all the bearings and clean them with the required down spirit and you have a bearing remover and stuff you know like we saw that in previous videos right now what we are going to do is look we going to use all the available tools that we have with us and try to use them and clean it and these merchandisers are not bad actually they are here to help us they are not some crackhead to design them you know and make it available for us or make it that much expensive actually because they have some purpose I will explain through or while I’m doing all these things but please don’t be afraid when you happen to you know out of your saving PU savings in the piggy bank you bought your freelance gets now you will getting introduced to something else where you have to buy bearings or cleaning kids and other stuff you know that’s going to cost you more so don’t be taken back by that and stop you know like skating on stuff you know for others for the people who are not able to afford and stuff you can always find alternative solutions to clean your freelance AIDS or maintain your freelance kids so this is industry is very open to that they are not so strict and stuff and this freelance case doesn’t have any bushings so you have a added advantage as well so that’s the I think that I want to say like don’t be scared of this merchandise you don’t have to worry you don’t have to buy all the branded stuff all the time you can find all you know Alton had to stuff like this you know this one is ethanol you can use acetone you can use isopropyl alcohol or the white petrol that you get to clean your heads in the cassette players you know in the olden old times you know that and or even even use your volt patrulla of your poor wheeler or four-wheeler whatever you have you know old petrol or the kerosene whole petrol and kerosene by the way they are very hard and they are used for cleaning very sticky lubricants by the way the ones that we are going to use URIs see I forgot about that here forgive me I went off the cabin off for a second so this one this is called um swing door oil this one has used in suing missions the ones you use to stitch and stuff you gnarly these are usually mineral oils by the way this can cost me like 20 Indian rupees very less in price than the ones that you saw off for the bones you know those things cost about like nine hundred or thousand rupees in India which makes no sense because like freelance skates itself cost two thousand rupees which is like half the price you know just the cleaning oil main maintenance oil so this is the oil be

able to use today in our previous videos we saw me using all the coconut oil and other possible solutions I find this one to be more relevant and useful so that’s why I’m using and this is available all over Tamil Nadu and all the way India for the almost the same price that I told you right now so much cheaper solution so there is always an alternative solution that’s what I want to convey here so you can use ethanol acetone kerosene volt petrol white petrol of such sort when you’re using hard spirit make sure that you’re cleaning your bearings very very short interval don’t soak it for a long time this oneness this ethanol is denatured and the film gray depth so this is very mild I can use it in substitute of bones cleaning liquid which is also mild by the way so always you know find your alternative solution that will help you so that’s about that that’s all we gathered everything that is required for a complete you are oiling this three lines gates now let’s go and do it peace so guys keep everything aside and making way for the freelance gets to be clearly visible on the screen okay recording this on my Xiaomi poco f1 mobile phone so and let me also warn you guys about the library we are in velvet any environment to deny services if it is going to pop up in the middle of the video okay so what are going to do now is we are going to remove or dismantle the wheels how can so first thing first I’m going with the right hand side skate which is marked over here okay so first thing else who plays it here safely like this and take your allen keys both the ones you hold one side you put that in lock it like this and use the other one to unscrew it so same rules here lefty loosey righty tighty I’m just loosening the axle nut yeah so that I can remove the axle freely out of this sorry this are the hex key came off so everything is loose right now I’m removing the axle nut so this is the axle nut that you will find in this so it’s shallow hollow whatever you want to call it it’s with the next little head okay those are the axle um placing it here and this is the axle nut that you will find okay this is the axle nut with the external head okay I’m placing it here and there are a couple of spacers these are 8mm spacers and it is there on each side of the wheel okay I’m placing it aside these spacers as well and here is the wheel itself and from the design and the contact patch the lip profile hope you guys remember all these things and the type of core that it has is the center power this is the center core wheel so it remains in the center cause difference gets that’s how we write it right it doesn’t sit on the side so it sits in the center so this is a center core wheel okay and this wheel has couple of bearings on each sides couple of bearings in total which is placed on each side and you have one more spacer inside this wheel so how to remove that bearing so they are not idiots to design a bearing remove okay the idea of banning removal is not to damage the inner peace inner walls of this bearing okay if you’re going to damage that you’re right you know over this free lance gate is going to be very rough you know if you’re going to damage the inner walls of this bearings that’s why they have designed it so that it goes inside and remove the bearing safely as I find these bearings in the metal that it is made out of it’s really strong and it doesn’t damnit get easily damaged so I have figured out a way to remove it with the allen key it’s of being this is plastic the course you know so the sidewalls it’s easy for us to flex the

walls and take the bearings out easy so like this okay this is how you take a bearing out so this is it so 608 z metal shields on each side how can these are 8mm bearings and this is the spacer that is inside the wheel okay so we have three spaces per unit third wheel okay and we’re going to take this one also outside you can use the angle or just use the sides to pull the bearings out be gentle you don’t have to show your masculinity here all you have to do is slightly pull this out and it’ll come off easily okay it stays there by friction okay that’s fell due he looks these are central core wheels and I’m going to place my wheel here okay hope you guys understood how it works okay the problem with the traditional design is like traditional design all the wheels like this you know I see this s pattern here so one wheel here and another wheel here that’s how it falls and that entire design is welded or molded into this thick the aluminum tech itself the problem with that design is like being of me being a big sized rider you know what I want to you know do some trick or jump on it hop on it every time there are chances like my code you know then do them since they are molded into three decades us like this there are chances like I might bend them and the views might touch the walls of inner walls of this deck so that’s why it not by the traditional design I I was cat it was this into take like almost six to My bad it is 3000 pounds not 8000 pounds in weight .but Iwas still scared because like I am a big size right okay so be with this plate design or the bracket design if you’re going to damage any of this you all you have to do is like remove this nuts and replace with replace the bracket either side whichever now which one gets damaged you can replace the bracket it’s also available on online I saw it in Amazon as well so you can replace this bracket so this design is very versatile that’s why I chose this one okay so now that you have completely seen a slow clean neat behavior of using a hex key or a allen key couple of them which also comes the freelance kids you know and you saw how to remove a peel so it has an axle it has a axle nut it has a couple of bearings three spaces 8mm one inside the wheel which looks a little smaller and two spacers on either side of the wheel of the axle nut and that’s how you remove your wheel so now I’ve got three Mobile’s to be removed like this I’m going to go for a few minutes and I’m gonna remove all the wheels and get back to you guys okay peace out so hope you guys can see it four dismantled the entire freelance kids the path so we’ve got all the four axles axle nuts and twelve spacers for smaller ones which goes inside the wheel and eight bigger ones which goes on either side of the wheel and the wheel itself rough axles hex keys which we use to remove it we have the eight bearings here and the skate deck itself with these brackets okay the first term protocol over oiling your of the lens kit says that you need to dust it off first okay you just have to go use a dry cloth probably some dry cloth and start dusting it off before you wipe it with the so Potter cloth it’s important for you to remove the dust which is already there sticking to your plate okay like this so wanna go ahead and dust it off for every single part here like this which is part of the dry cleaning so you might have to wipe all the dust first and then I’ll tell you what to do okay