Part 2 -video 1: Cycling along the river "Vliet" from Rijswijk to Voorburg/NL

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Part 2 -video 1: Cycling along the river "Vliet" from Rijswijk to Voorburg/NL

Welcome back to see Part 2: Cycling along the river “De Vliet). This is video 1 from 2, Rijswijk to Voorburg This the waterpomp station Wind Mill from 1699. It lay’s between The Hague Industrial area Binckhorst and Rijswijk The windmill was burning out, and after restorations, the mill is using again The mill is calling as Laakmolen (Laakmill). Because beside the bridge starting the river Laak. The mille is now using as an normal living house. But the waterpomp station is still using by overflowing of high water Vlietbrug Skyline of The Hague Are you looking for an (motor) bike? in The Dutch channels you can find them al. and more. Sometimes people’s in The Netherlands have to good live, and they don’t care about of theire thinks The side river of de Vliet, calls Haag Vliet. Why? while this river comes from the Vliet ( lets say it is the child of De Vliet You can walk, cycle, canoeing or cruising with yours own ship miles an miles far away. Also at this channel you can see nice flora and fauna Inside ( Industrial) Harbor of Binckhorst The Hague

The white building is the Netherlands Forensic Institution N.F.I. Head Office In an vew years The Binckhorst area will be get an enormous metamorphose chancing. Starting from The Old Petrochemie Dock/Laakhaven ( where i live) till Binckhorst becomes as an Manhattan of The Hague/Netherlands Probably some people’s where falling in love on this bridge? (Ghost Bridge) You see also paints of historical times of this bridge This is De Vliet This is the Haag Vliet This the Hoornbrug Rijswijk

Right of my is direction to Delft, and left of my is direction to Voorburg and Leidschendam Now i am cycling under the Hoornbridge to direction Voorburg The woman is going left, so she shows her left arm out to gives signet to other people’s behind her Under the Hoornbridge And this the Hoornbridge at the river De Vliet. I stay now to the direction of Voorburg There is coming an ship Magnifiek to see those kind of human Technics Nice (German) Yacht Nice and expensive livings at de Vliet river. You will see more of those kind of nice livings and more View from the Vliet side to the river Haag Vliet and Skyline of The Hague Along the Vliet, you will see between the beautiful nature and tree’s many recreation parks

Bridge house with paintings of historical pas from De Vliet river Direction to Voorburg On part 1 about cycling along De Vliet, you have seen many of those kind of paintings. Before there was no motor engine, the ships where moving by horses or people’s must pushing the ships self by rope struggling. And to memory of the past you see many of those kind of paintings next/under the bridges of De Vliet Old toll bridge Nice and luxury houses and area’s at De Vliet

Probably was this also an Country House at De Vliet from an historical Dutch figure. Also around the years 16/1700 There is lots of danger in the World And this Voorburg

Direction to the city centre of Voorburg Park at NS Trainstation Voorburg

Musea and statues of the Brothers Christiaan and Constantijn Huygens