Part 3-video 1: Cycling along the river 'Vliet' from Voorburg to Leidschendam

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Part 3-video 1: Cycling along the river 'Vliet' from Voorburg to Leidschendam

Welcome back to see part 3 – video 1: Cycling from Delft to Rijswijk – Voorburg – Leidschendam/Vlietland. This is video 1 cycling from Voorburg to Leidschendam On this video you will see also nice house/Villa’s, and iron-timber bridges, ships and more Nice own private ship dock front of yours Doors. Step in and cruising arround to yours freedom. But to have an house here you need enough money on the Bank This the Vliet between Voorburg and Leidschendam Vliet river has bussy with this nice and sunny warm weather Working station of Dutch NS Trains and HTM, The Hague Trams Cycling on save cycle lanes between the river Vliet and bussy Motorway Map of area The Hague, Rijswijk, Voorburg and Leidschendam Leidschendam Nice view over Dutch grazing and Windmill

Nice handmade sofa. Is made of tiny color full concreet porcelains Sofa shows, al kind of things and activity about and between Voorburg – river the Vliet and Leidschendam Here you see people’s watching ships cruising on the river Vliet This an architectonic aluminium/iron bridge Sijtewende. Under this bridge lying A4 High Way Tunnel Sijtewende bridge City/Walking Map of Leidschendam Old Historical Route

This is Delfland Waterpomp station There are many of those king of timber (modern) walk bridges Information and history about Dutch sailing people’s who was helping other Dutch peoples to cros over The Canal to England on the Ww 2 / 1945. In Dutch they calling them “De Engeland Vaarders”and seem them as Hero’s Dock in/out and Up + Bridge is building Anno 1894

Inside of the Dock In/Out and Up

On video 2 you will reed more about this former County House Old Village Church of Leidschendam Church is build in 1891 This the view other side of the Vliet This was first the regular Harbor of Leidschendam. Now they building compleet an new area and city centre arround the old Harbor One of many timber (modern) 2013 walk bridges Lots of many water and Flora/Fauna middle in the city centre of Leidschendam Vliet river Informations about the time early Years of 1300 over water and starting building/renovating the Dam and Dock, river the Vliet. 1641 – 1885

Map/Draw of river Vliet, starting at Leiden Draws of Old Leidschendam / Vliet Draws of the Old Church The view about the Old Church and houses along the Vliet Pressend day Anno 2020 Ship in the Dock for Up and Out Old City Centre at the Dock and Vliet Nice terrace’s at the Dock/Bridge and Vliet river for time to relaxing with an nice glas of red/white wine Certificate of Professional. This shows that the owner of this Cafe /Restaurant have exceptional Right to Sell exceptional 100% from corn/grain made distill Jung Corn Jenever ( Dutch liqueur) Kettle 1