Singapore Loop Guide | Cycling in Singapore Round Island

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Singapore Loop Guide | Cycling in Singapore Round Island

good morning 4:30AM in the morning we have ride now we gonna ride Singapore Loop we gonna meet Brother Marlon and Dennis in Yishun avenue 1 our meet up 5:00AM in the morning we gonna meet there in Yishun avenue 1 and then we gonna ride out join us to our ride today Round Island singapore loop Let’s go! music right now Im here in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 good weather right now hopefully it will continue we gonna meet brother Marlon and Dennis in Yishun Avenue 1 5:00AM our meet up we gonna ride Singapore Loop I think maybe 130KM at least election day right here in singapore holiday Im here at Lentor Avenue we need reach 5:00AM in the morning sharp it is forbidden to be late the time now is 4:45AM that’s easy i think maybe 10 -15 minutes already there at yishun avenue 1 came from Ang Mo Kio still in lentor avenue 4:50AM in the morning right here in lentor avenue need to be alert because here passes here passes came from expressway so you have to look out before you keep left because the cars are fast came from expressway well there is not much traffic my last round island is last March 4 months before can Singapore loop because of this pandemic almost here almost here in yishun avenue 1 we turn right there keep right i think dennis is already there he always punctual they are already there i see something lightning there they are Dennis: we thought our meet up is 4:00AM we have been 4:00AM [laugh] laugh freak 5:00AM Marlon: later Troy we reach the…we don’t go the bridge we don’t go the bridge there we are at road going to Kent ridge someone almost….going to west coast is there a overpass they seen in the camera intended they reported to LTA the driver was caught you can’t go up there the truck driver was crazy….almost like this almost like this lucky he didn’t panic if he confused he will go with the wind 5 minutes before 5:00AM i’m here at Yishun avenue 1, i’m with Marlon and Dennis we rest a little bit then we gonna ride out exactly 5:00AM we ride out

we’re here at Yishun Avenue 1 music still we’re here in Yishun Avenue 1 after this we will turn left here in Yishun Avenue 8 already 5:15AM in the morning we’re here at Canberra Link it’s pretty misty hopefully do not continue our ride will be wasted after the Canberra link we turn left here at Admiralty Road east it’s climb it’s pretty strong misty please don’t continue…. please Right now is 5:35AM in the morning we’re here at Woodslands woodslands checkpoint right here when you go Johor here you go here in Woodlands Checkpoint it’s good the mist has stopped our ride was nice after we took woodlands centre road we turn right here at woodlands avenue 3 this woodlands avenue 3 if you straight ahead it’s going to Kranji so After the Kranji arriving to Lim Chu Kang left side this is Kranji MRT we straight ahead and then turn right Going to Lim Chu Kang we we’re turning right at Kranji Road I’m telling you straight ahead going to Lim Chu Kang now the road is wet still misting it looks like will meet the rain in Lim Chu Kang

we’re here at Lim Chu Kang if there is smell like smell like piggery that means you’re arriving to Lim Chu Kang they say in this place there is a White Lady here right here in right side it looks like old hospital? i don’t know it’s old house we turning left here this is the Lim Chu Kang Road morning already 6:10AM in the morning we’re here at Lim Chu Kang Road it just rained here the road is wet much better than heavy rain later on i’m sure it’s pretty hot later time check 6:15AM we seems fast? we’re here at Lim Chu Kang Road it’s pretty dark here maybe when we reach west coast or clementi clementi or west coast then the sunrise will appear it’s pretty dark the rain just finished pretty careful here pretty slippery Dennis: Benjie Shout out to you your resume’ still not enough you haven’t been Round Island [laugh] your papers still incomplete we will set again our Round Island Dennis: you can’t fly yet [laugh] morning it’s pretty it’s downhill Disk Jockey you know it already… PASOK! just relax here kuya Marlon and Dennis was left behind let’s wait first can’t chase the road bike really fast 6:35AM in the morning we’re here at Jurong West Avenue 4 just wait to them they are coming we’re here at Boon Lay it seems until Jurong west rained right here the road is dry that means it does not rain here if you turn right there

going to jurong island but we going turning left here going to west coast highway 6:15AM in the morning we’re here in the clouds [laugh] anyway we’re here at Ulu pandan music time check 7:00AM in the morning we’re here at West Coast Highway yeah good weather all the way let’s be a little careful right now large trucks coming out…. big trucks is coming! we will have breakfast here first in our favorite eatery the place to be just finished eating ride again we’re here at haw par villa we will look for a toilet earlier in the eatery someone using the toilet we can not insert so Brother Marlon and Dennis they go to MRT to use the toilet i am waiting for them here i’m probably still can endurable i’m using toilet in Marina Bay Sands probably coz it’s for classy music we’re here at west coast highway we passed here on top… overpass usually passes here are road bikes we’re here on top of west coast highway this straight will end until until going to Anson Road will pass the Harbour Front all the way straight…. no stopping if you notice here

the cable car the one under it under of this is Vivo City over there going to Sentosa all the straight right now we’re here at Anson Road if we going straight here Raffles Place and a little bit turn right Marina Bay sands already cinematic music cinematic music time check…8:15AM in the morning we’re here at Marina Bay sands misting ride i hope the mist doesn’t get stronger time check… 8:35AM in the morning right now we’re here at East Coast will going straight until Tanah Merah Coast Road this East Coast Park here until Tanah Merah coast road 12km from here to Tanah Merah Coast Road time check 9:15AM in the morning now we’re here at Tanah Merah Coast road we going straight until to Changi Village maybe 12km from here until Changi village all the way straight almost Changi

Changi Village i ran out of energy it’s a good weather today not hot just nice time check… 10:00AM in the morning we’re here at Loyang Avenue it is near we will going straight there and we turning right here here at Loyang and then going to Pasir Ris time check 10:20AM in the morning we’re here at Pasir Ris Drive….. 3 just all the way straight and then passing the Lorong Halus i got tired non-stop from East Coast until Tanah Merah Coast Road and then Changi non-stop when you go straight there is going to Pasir Ris but we turning right here going to Lorong Halus Park Connector Network time check 10:30AM rest first we rest first here at Lorong Halus fatigue without stopping starting from Haw par Villa until East Coast until Tanah Merah… Until we reach here to stop to rest i just got water running out of water Dennis: the one we ate already finished just finished without stopping Marlon: after before we reach the bridge still full Troy: i’m chasing road bike until just now not anymore starting from Tanah Merah no more energy finished Dennis: I like the flyover beautiful scenery Lorong Halus Bridge the rest is over we’re here at Punggol just all the way straight Punggol until Sengkang Marlon: Good Bye Friends Troy: we going here be careful be careful time check… 11:05AM in the morning Marlon he has separated way he go to Selatar North Link we are just left we together until sengkang and then we separate way there going to Ang Mo Kio Dennis: im going Troy: careful okay bye right now i’m here at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 dennis just separate way to me he stay at Serangoon i’m going straight until Avenue 10 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 and then turning left here it ends our ride thank you for joining our ride today my name is Troy enjoy and ride safe to all of us