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sup guys we’re here today with another episode of you make it we stated Christian you’ll see them soon well we have this Patrick Henry Instagram is carbon-fibre yeah so it’s like this is amazing usually they just put a sheet of carpet fiber but the whole thing is it’s a holy carbon fiber more than feature it’s for you a little bit heavier than normal board it’s a good sound oh yeah it’s get old up come for us really strong yeah so let’s set it up so that everybody else but me can skate on it thank you bolts is again I hold up someone special is here yeah yeah cebause what’s up G what is that it is pretty awesome you guys getting it yeah now you just send it out the house baseships arm I gotta get out of this good our spaceships made out of carbon fiber yes Aeryn you idiots here’s what I found on the web primarily titanium vanadium and sophisticated composites okay so basically what we need is a titanium skateboard Mo’s the other one button a diem adamantium oh it does say composites such as carbon fiber feels like it’s carbon fiber like it’s like you know would like has a little great house like I do this is stiffer yeah you feel like the future it kind of does feel like the future like you would skate it I would totally buy that my ankles broken manscape think it’s okay oh yeah like boardslide nollie heel test Chris dolphin flip test unlike the annoying fan at least I don’t say okay dig into you guys matrix as you want first yeah see that’s why I requested it works you like it what is this size 6.8 smell is mysterious it’s the first time I have had trouble identifying must be a UFO my guess is part time do we have any skaters since what tricks you want to do it’s all yours this is Doug in the spot lab there it is getting a little bit really good nice yeah no slide 270 heel up that was by far the worst filming ever I thought he was gonna hit the flat bar how’s that sandwich sorry that was legit how’s the marks missing the mark

yeah I’ll heal out it sounds so interesting it does like I can’t tell if it’s gonna break or what bonus hoodie like I only have enough patience for three tries so you better land it right here you’re wearing my patience Doug I’m giving you one more try and that’s it is it lunchtime yeah you got something in your beard how’s it now come on give it a 9 9 out of 10 next I’ll give me a bite of my yogurt I’m good really first-rate good Wow how those ships incredible they look incredible Wow whoa it’s amazing I’ve gotta get them in this video yeah that’ll finger that chick was sick by the way third try frontside flip 502 spaceship actually with the front Zeppelin those drives the future of skateboarding boarding so good be it’s light this slides amazing it’s never slick ya ever sling what’s that you have to be over 32 no that’s some old-school now let’s lick it does still every slick ever slick we’re these boards that had like a layer of like plastic like on the bottom like like molded on there so it would slide real fast whoa damn scattered out birthday party mout bland silver kickflip everything with my new balance Oh second Troy Oh primo rolling out easy now hard foot first time first try I only wanted three tries try it one more time yeah one more time land it right here and Gabe will dump ice cream on his head yeah I think some reason every time I don’t lady it goes into a shin or an ankle all right let’s confirm this out to you wanna skate this Rene I think this is about besides you ride anyways right yeah ten point five he’s lying see fifty gives you lip right here hey highly doubt I film back he got it if you didn’t film it want any sweet jest all right side of the slide sights her like a spaceship good late foot first

track mix with carbon fiber is the future high-five yeah there you go hey guys you sure about this yeah the whole production so we’re gonna play I’m gonna make a couple quick rules cuz I’m coming off this ankle injury anything on flat ground counts except for any heel flip trick no switch tricks no knowledge drinks and nothing that I can’t do as long as we abide by those rules everything’s gonna go well that’s fair right Chris goes first wait that’s a rule you forgot that oh and then Chris doesn’t go just play too you know this game just not my dad cancel the game you feel rain and is raining let’s get out of here go so far he’s playing by the rules might be able to get one a head of one person judge okay oh that’s okay right that was just fake you that was thank you yeah yeah no you guys can feel free to do your fakie tricks rolling this way if you want is that Drona time to take everyone out from the wrong bucket Lance that’s a great trick shove it everywhere you know what you can also do your fakie tricks coming this way just as a heads-up almost got him on that but that strategy yeah a mental strategy really like mess with their minds give them the easiest tricks that they’ll miss watch Carlos will miss this Oh Oh rebate that was the scariest thing ever I felt like I was gonna break both of my legs yes yeah I knew I should have stuck with the shove it did you have any more chefs left yeah that moment you realize you’ve paid the judge in advance do you realize that you’re winning completely right now play no letters okay okay and you got nothing yeah that’s a shove it’s man gets me nice and warmed up Oh meanwhile tans eating a banana in the background going super saiyan that’s the banana I haven’t even Anna oh dude that’s dragon flip I don’t think my ankles gonna be okay hey as long as you got this feet on there you paid the judge enough yeah gonna give that a real shot just like that

stretch it out yeah all right this one’s for you I’m gonna give it everything I got okay well you never done that before very lucky you’re very skilled you in and then we’ll just play the clip where you landed that silver power how long you been working at NASA for twelve years so you have to pop it don’t care you definitely gotta pop it Mohsen pop doesn’t pop me to forge 360 way don’t yeah you should definitely 360 dolphin that’s it this is my chance to do it in the skate everything because it’s the easiest one you know I can’t do anything else this is my chance do you think you could do it on the tube bye for the weirdest trick nobody can mess with it never try that again for some reason in my mind I just think primo primo primo it just becomes Chris and I and all of a sudden nobody trim quadruped 3 Carlos having a finger flips at least I landed funny hey at least you’re getting plenty of fiber in your diet yeah I was thinking about we should make a video called the worst jokes of lambs and then I missed that Chris violating the rules yet again did that trick once judge I went on that hard flip earlier hard flip I wasn’t gonna go for it on that one is that against the rules are you got this give me a good idea for a video but best of lances jokes yeah I’ll be like 20 minutes long think he’s gonna end you with a dragon clip I’m on my life later Chris just saying make it easy maybe yeah well I know one trick left I got the good thing about the dragon flip is you get two tries you got it two tries yeah back to the shove it probably feeling a little shaken up inside yeah a little shake it out so let me think about this really it’s just a forward flip with a 360 rotation

hundred dollars on this I don’t know why it’s laughing here’s I gave it everything I have just edit in like Chris handing it and then it flips to me landing it right anyway like next time for carbon fiber skateboard of the future you do yeah it’s really good just really loud and like I like it was loud barely that’s sick okay we’re keeping it so you’re gonna say thanks a lot for watching please subscribe to everyone’s channels thanks for the carbon fiber board did you get all that yeah you just walked by it the wrong time sorry it could have been anybody I’m sorry it’s you please subscribe to their own channel thanks for watching thanks for the board good leave a comment below you’re the best what if you guys want to send us a board please send it to skated at brilla skateboarding comm if anyone’s still here heavy metal alright definitely check out skateboarding made simple it’s available in all these platforms ibooks rail skateboarding calm and google play it’s the most comprehensive video we’ve ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there you won’t be disappointed