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Thomas and Friends | Thomas Train TOMY VS Trackmaster Giant Motorized Race | Fun Toy Trains

it’s race day on kids toys play team Tomy versus old-style Trackmaster let’s do our track master engines first Porter moly James green salty Caitlyn Paxton Victor comes to Sodor dead with Belle Connor and Denis team Tomy first races could it be devious diesel of team Tomy versus Victoire to come used to Sodor I think this is real talking victor on your marks get set go cheering yes no probs going up the hill but he had some problems staying on, we cannot forget about that job which kids best director for the league our folks as Victor takes the high road Oh diesel does even no way he’s going ease got a lot of directional problems here today folks for looks like he’s doing ok won’t be able to climb this Bach hill yeah see Goes he he falls off immediately instead it comes back on we’ll put diesel back home and I don’t think it’s enough fisher goes on and he gets the checkered flag diesel Wow you get tariff on my friend a an interesting race diesel could not stay on track to save himself Victor comes to Sodor and he comes just in time to win the race next race is a battle of the diesels as Mavis from far coracoid takes on packs through the Dieselworks on your marks get set go staying on track and on time I here we go folks no problem I’m in the hell and he goes back down here’s me if it’s on the other side Mavis looks like she is slightly ahead but you’re not stuck up there but let’s get her back on the middle layer which back take the outside landing you know here’s a head but will it be enough or will maybe must be able to catch a pack so working very hard now he got caught up on top of the hill this track is tricky Ricky here we go nice to feel it Baxter oh wow well battle the diesels are saddled Mavis eliminates pops and and what could be considered an upset these guys have tough times on the tracks now we have a battle the ladies and I mean literally as lady of the magic row row takes on Molly this is gonna be a fun race on your marks get set is now over pass it Molly she does have a slightly good chef problems coming up the hill no she does and here comes Molly oh you something oh jeez portal gotta get her back on track well if your numbers lady comes out nails it cheers qawwali will lift up leaning and mowing the right away and put baby back down but I don’t think it’s gonna be enough for Molly its bollocks about the corner it comes out radius well ahead at this point folks and she is just keeping on keeping on and we’ll get enough to get that checkered flag Molly has problems up the hill again Oh takes her pretender got caught and I was a wonderful battle ball we also have a problem staying on track and on trying but not a problem for lady as she goes on to the next round Emily and Bell this is gonna be you like the girls don’t you and she’s bringing us all with water good we don’t want our viewers at home getting left on your marks get set so looks like that was a little bit of a head start on Emily Emily’s having to duck down the tiger comes Mel no problem up and around the truss she’s really going it looks like she will take the high road she’s got them on the hell this is gonna be a malfunction of the junction here folks ice Bella’s coming up the hill at no she’s sitting LNG pushing that way over you turn into little strong attention here look slipped up now when Emily go pass and then we shall having a real tough time not bailed on ballast got for free Oh JA come on ty she’ll go on and get that checkered flag Emily can’t even stay on track well that was a very one-sided race em I can’t even stay on track congratulations pal it’s time for the next race as bill of team tome he takes on kaitlin’s on your marks climbing the world wow look at bill bill really just brushing on Kevin this is

kind of fun full lift up bill put a bag down get Kaitlyn a little bit of an advantage there but it’s about for bill where is definitely going ahead and he will go on and get that checkered flag Kaitlyn sawing off the hill which you came up here so she follow up again no let her tender softer cold that was an exciting race that got off to a great start Kayla and that tender we shouldn’t have raced her with her but that’s okay we did anyways and it proved to be your downfall as Belle from the solar china clay pits goes on and here it is a race of our two most popular engines Murdock representing team Tomi and Carter representing Team Trackmaster let’s see who the fastest is on your marks get set so oh we need together nothing happened there was Murdock oh man yes brandy boundaries people look at hard Carter is here I do this and he is going through there and he’s taking this there’s Spiller track and he is awfully right through there he’s on the short track I don’t know what happened to Murdock but this cannot be good Oh unbelievable the flag Sagar Murdock we just changed his batteries and he still didn’t do good now Connor just destroyed him and knocked him right off the track congratulations Connor another fantastic race as Arthur one of the most underrated engines of teams home he takes on whiff I don’t think we’ve raced with in a while on your marks get set Arthur you use a little bit of encouragement to come out and hit shelf oh but it doesn’t matter whimpers how the frogs cry me to hell but uh no problems and here’s all grinny downs oh wow he’s got the inside track what’s gonna happen I’ll check the trucks in Arthur let’s be real but he is back on track his live mistake with the outside track for looking – it’s the real story here he’s got the crime to help going back down in a maroon streak of lightning he has won the race well he had a bit of a late start but he certainly made up speed and time for this he was to fee it with my friends Arthur two of the friendliest engines and all of Sodor it is green salty and he’s good to go up against Tommy I beat Toby I mean told me Toby I mean this guy on your marks get set oh I know it’s already told me get up there without bleeding out when everybody here comes green saw you in the background here is catching up I don’t know what happened there Toby actually stretch the plug him up upset the junction we turn to the world Stock Exchange in here again folks we’re gonna lift up toes because he’s the one that accidentally knocked over the points and there’s a more fair race but you can see Toby in the background is taking a to creep solving he goes on if he won’t win beat salty very close but he finishes second well we’ve expected a little bit better green salty but told me Toby goes on he’d he just went so bad for that little tram engine it’s another battle of the diesels as rusty to narrow gauge friendly diesel takes on Dennis the most hard-working diesel ever on your marks get set go any ball field a little part so lots you guys all push there comes – rusty had a little bit of that start I think Keith had gone off oh man both these guys are struggling now every day I’m struggling they say got us working so hard he couldn’t even get up the hell here comes rusty yes the outside rock but he is definitely taking it as Dennis it’s falling behind rusty is peering so good here as he comes up as though problems up that he’ll again diesel goes really slow rusty wins but Dennis Rogers still stuck at the top of the hill it’s another great win for Team Tomi as rusty has eliminated Dennis the lazy Tito who is so lazy he can’t even climb a hill it’s wrong to the next race it’s the Great Western Way as number 8 duck represents team Tony against number 5 James a new engine to kids toys play on your marks God’s at you my friends what’s going on but once again I don’t even know what’s happening with duck duck come on they’re both struggling to go to hell go change this gave me a race to see who the slow is taking if Kansas had a problem duck got caught on that what’s going on his wheels are turning folks James is now definitely in the lead duck come on you can do this my friend waddle your way in the front place here’s James and duck is how the problems again James now coming over this is a race to see who this boat is going to be looks like it is yours just barely won I don’t know what happened there James my friend you guys could slow wow what a

horrible race these are these engines performing very well duck hardly could climb the hell’s he needed help we’re winding down the first round as it is the leader of the Steamies Thomas the Tank Engine going up against one of the leaders of the diesels Dan of the Vicarstown diesel works on your marks get set go and here we are it looks like thomas is off to a great start and he has opened up Wow daddy’s house slipping behind Thomas has got the high road oh but he takes the low road and reversibly done take the high road Dan is going to check replies but I don’t think that he is going to be able to catch Thomas who has gone over the hill again you will go on and get that checkered flag congratulations Thomas bags great effort but not enough congratulations to Tom at the tank Antony has eliminated Barbara graduations dead Wow and the final race of the first round will have Edward representing team told me I got against Porter with his three camel humps and he is representing track masters on your marks get set ah Oh looks like partner needs a little bit out but he has no problem Henry with a quick serve but now he guys have a frog tough time part of it the hell ever doesn’t have steady honey look at Saad oh no he does get over there good job Edward horn antenna frogs he’s taking all the high road and he won’t meet Edwin a malfunction at the junction if you will ever Center has been knocked off we’ll give him the benefit that thou he Accord you slow oh man murder you have a problem finding help to you but you have no problem defeating Edward play where our favourite engines here on kids toys play but definitely one of the slower ones come on you can do it buddy good job hey border hey border can you tell me the time how much longer till we get that Edward off the line welcome to the second round and we have a really one-sided outcome here Trackmaster only winning four races team Tomy doubling and winning eight border one of the few track master inches going up against the great western engine duck on your marks get set quickly not getting caught oh he’s getting caught climbing the hell he’s having a really tough time Freddie’s oh so it’s Porter Butler will get up we’ll give doc a little bit of that HQ and have him come across Porter though he’s taking the inside track go to give your mouth folks not to choke Jake as Porter as duck had a problem getting through and now he’s pushed off borders so let’s keep it in the right of way and have poor to go up top come on I looking for here he goes in yes gone on to win well it’s a big win for team Trackmaster they need every when they can get doc you are eliminated the next race will have bet all from teen track faster going up against rusty than rogue HD on your marks get set here comes Mel no problems for her she has climbed to hell with a little bit of struggle not as much as watching started in Carnegie just having a tough time here comes fell and she’s even got the inside track rusty narrowly going on the outside track but here comes bell with deputy in the lead what’s he coming up behind her she will climb out hell at you or zoom on down watch people you get stuck on the hell yeah no problem this time but opening up the cab Bell is taking the checkered flag Bell continuing the win streak 14 track master and they need every wind making death folks and here we have the big strong engine car nor just eliminated Murdock he’s now going up against Bell we’ll see how he does here on your marks get set we’ll see what happens when they climb the hill Philip lights down and now he is very very close but he has to take note that track is Carter take thi try feeding halfway they look very very close looks like Carter has a slight advantage here but Bill’s having no problems catching Apogee’s climbed the hell down again here comes Carter it’s gonna be super close buddy looks like it is definitely bear Welles build breaks the track master win streak and eliminates Connor congratulations bill the first told me to make it on to the third round the final track master of round two is victory comes to Sodor talking victor and he goes up against the magic of lady on your marks get set really started for victor but lady had no problems passing him as she is going on victory comes to Sodor but he has late on the gate and it looks like lady taking the high road victor taking the low road and he out comes the turns it looks like lady has maintained a slightly – she is the first it’s Coleman to hell talking Gordon is doing the best he can but I don’t think it’s gonna be any match for lady of the rails oh and he got caught as lady goes on to win victor we have to see for yourself and in other tribe masters

eliminated talking victor goodbye hello lady the rails continuing on the second round it’s gonna have to be told me versus Tomi as we’ve run out of track master so here’s a great race as Thomas the Tank Engine takes on me this at the four o’clock Laurie on your marks get set five in the hill but Thomas is taking the lead let’s give me my saw mad me this is just a mess Thomas is going super fast he will be on to me they said look at him struggling the God will lift you up and give papers to right away but I don’t think it’ll be enough for her to catch you my friend a as you are having no problems and as soon as I say that he has a problem see if Mavis are the problem to tell you guys oh come on Thomas oh the kids or anybody don’t think much matters I think Thomas is definitely the fastest of the – well congratulations Thomas the Tank Engine you have eliminated Mavis that was the most Awkward race we’ve seen this round final race the second autos are three of the LMS versus Toby I really looking for a do this race these guys are both underdogs on your marks get set very good Arthur take the high road Toby or train Toby taking the high road Arthur taking the low road and out of the turns it looks like Arthur I did advantage but Toby caught up to a quick at Toby’s house past them Audrey very quick down the elbow it’s gonna happen Wow what a great race allies a fantastic race but a lose like Arthur has been eliminated congratulations to OB who might go on and win the whole thing welcome to the third round as Tommy continues its tradition of hopping twice as many entrance as team Trackmaster unbelievably team Tomy is doing so so good and here we are track master has Belle and Tommy has bill bill versus Bell Bell versus bill on your marks get set okay guys no problem you got hello cheese coming down one of the thousand engines look like Bill caught up Doran he is definitely taking this but he gets the outside play as cells on the inside turn and it looks like bill like pacbell again but now we’ll make it to the helpers and a little bit struggle coming up it looks like a very close race politically it is villain Tito micro log goodbye pal congratulations bill you have eliminated Bell Val you are eliminated by bill next race his track master poured in the very last track faster engine against told me Thomas on your marks get set wheels let’s get it back on its yes no problem climbing that hill it looks like Porter’s can have a whole bunch of problems Oh Thomas is in the lanes and he is coming out and he’s barely mrs Porter Thomas this isn’t even extra fast Thomas folks is just normal run-of-the-mill Thomas and he is going going God he goes on and Hori got stuck on the bridge Thomas the Tank Engine from Team told me has eliminated the last track master meaning team Tomy has one final race of the third round has lady of the rails versus Toby the tram on your marks get set Oh Toby has a little bit of a lead already as he’s climbing to hell I’m Jim’s down the helm Aeneas coming on Toby your golf the rail let’s get you back on their village from the inside track of sort of lady and it’s serving you well truck attention we’ll put you on the outside and have lady careful maybe an advantage there because you don’t even know where you are my friend de rainey climbs off and goes down here comes hope y’all now he felt like an unreal we got Toby back on track but it is too late ladies already watch Toby an incredibly fast engine but he cannot stay on track to save himself as lady has eliminated them three engines remain welcome to the final folks in his Thomas the Tank Engine bill of the sort of china clay pits and lady of the rails hall from Team Tommy on your marks get set first Thomas – off like a shot he is climbing the hill and he’s down again he will do it he’s got the inside lane that’s no good for Bill what’s gonna happen here it’s very close but oh wow return to the world target Angela was happy Oh Mama’s house push bill off the face of the earth and now will you stop caught on their help we’ve got bill back on track it on time well I guess we’ll do the same thing with Thomas we’re getting Phil a little bit a habit I don’t think that’s gonna be any help as Thomas goes on before ability to make stuff to help Thomas has defeated bill if he defeats lady in the next race he was become the fastest engine on sodor on your marks get set so a little bit of belief but here comes Thomas the Tank Engine as they both fought the hell who is in lead it looks like definitely Thomas yes now taking the outside track and lane the other

rails is on the inside track but Thomas is cue fast and it looks like nothing is stopping Thomas here as he saw something stop Thomas we’ll get it back on and here is Lady Hatt presenting the trophy to today’s big winner Thomas the Tank Engine of team Tomy