Welsh Cycling Webinar – Return to sport 23/7/2020

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Welsh Cycling Webinar – Return to sport 23/7/2020

Find a way for for people to to do their um To do their worship outside. So that’s where the outdoor activity came from So it was a bit of a shock really to the sports sector that came in quite so quickly We were really positive about it and as you may know on on the monday, we put a statement out saying that we were positive about it and that we were encouraging sport to get back to normal On the tuesday evening going into wednesday The full guidance came out which actually really just sort of pulled the rug from under our feet a little bit so that’s why we Were in the position to actually then say that we couldn’t sanction activity Because of all the requirements that um that were being put on on on us as a sport And as I say we we want to you know We want to be the the good guys here and and to bring back sports safely so, um We have to balance those regulations with the british cycling guidance. The way forward document will be referred to this evening So with welsh government You’ve got regulations with your law and then you’ve got guidance which just sort of Underpins those laws as some of you may know this really well, but some may not So we have to balance that as I say with british cyclings. Um, they’re they’re our overriding um Action plan for the sport and we we so we we follow that as well and obviously their sanctions and their permitting of events So just in summary for me before the team come come in and do their bits Um, what we want to see is is sport coming back responsibly. We want to provide you with as much support as we can And we want to return to our outdoor activity as quickly as we can. But we also recommend that you come back when you’re ready So anything after the 25th? But don’t rush back if you don’t think as clubs and as as leaders that you’re ready to do it If you you know then with there is support there There’s the covert Um 19 training which which is now live which you can sign up for Which we we will pay for you to do that as to two per club or um or leaders There’s the one-to-one support from the cdos Next week, there’s more training around track and trace as well So just keep yourselves up to date and we’ll just try and keep finding more information to be able to guide you through it so, um any questions as I say Not just tonight But if there’s any questions feed them through to us we have started to create a frequently asked questions list And we’ll just keep adding things to that to uh to be able to keep you up to date so, um I can’t remember who i’m actually passing over to now. I think it’s uh, I think it’s matt. That’s it And he’s appeared like magic. Thank you matt Thank you, everyone So i’m going to talk about facilities, I guess the most important thing First of all is to check that your facility is open not all of them are open yet outdoor facilities were given permission to open But end or not yet? They are hoping they’ll be given notice to open in the next three week review Which is going to be on the 31st of july So they’re open for some good news then and looking to potentially then open from 17th of august onwards So check your facilities open if it’s not try and find out when they are opening and then speak to them at the earliest opportunity Ask to see their risk assessment make sure links up with yours anything in that that you need to include in your risk assessment um, so you make sure that the two marry up together well, So that things move moves smoothly once your sessions start things to consider in your risk assessment Uh pinch points aren’t entering and leaving the facility Is there any different way different entrances and exits you can use to avoid people having to pass in close proximity? Marked areas maybe for waiting to take part in an activity if riders are going off one at a time working the other’s weight So they’re socially distance minimizing spectator numbers so that they don’t affect that overall limit of 30 that you have so that if parents um, Wait in cars possibly or a distance away from the activity that they won’t count towards the 30 then which will allow you to have more more numbers in your sessions, which is obviously be useful Is there any signage that you need if there’s a one-way system you need signs around that sounds around at the two meter distancing And then consider things like crossover times between sessions maybe having a 15-minute gap between sessions So that riders and parents aren’t on congregated on passing each other on arrival and exit There won’t be any changing facilities open at facilities Do open as that’s something to bear in mind that riders need to turn up ready to go ready for action? As soon as the session finishes to leave straight away afterwards then so no no showering no congregating and chatting and things it is Come ready to train do your session and head off again Uh, any potential issues might include things like even once the facilities are given permission to open They might not be in a position to do so, uh, a lot of them have got large numbers of staff on furlough

Uh, they might need to go through training before they they’re able to come back and open up again so be patient, you guys had a very tough time with it in the facilities sector, uh, They are chomping at the bit to open they will be supportive of you You just might need to give them a little bit of time If you use a small facility, it might make social distancing and following the guidelines difficult so again That’s something you might need to look at in terms of the number of riders that you have in your sessions in terms of our sessions that the Activities are going to be starting back the week commencing 3rd of august So that should be getting released in the next day or so So we’re looking at limiting the number of facilities that we use so it’s easier for us to manage you’ve got to do a different risk assessment for every facility that you do use that’s something for you to be aware of it’s not on risk assessment Prove it use that across all your facilities has to be a different one for each facility So we are looking at limited numbers looking at large tracks looking at Carmarthen Pembrey and then Newport the various cycling facilities in Newport, but not the indoor velodrome at this point Uh, that’s probably about it on facilities. I think reese’s up next Event officer for Welsh Cycling i’ll just just be giving you a quick update from an event point of view so if we start from a British Cycling point um, so as you uh, or may be aware by now bc i’ve stated that uh regional level racing is actually Suspended until august the 1st And then although this means that events can then be held It doesn’t mean that they will it will all obviously depend on the current guidelines that are in place at the time And if we’d being honest from a Welsh cycling perspective and the progress that has already been made up until this point um, I would Uh predict that racing won’t actually start in Wales until september the earliest Um British Cycling also working on a return to competition document, uh the way forward Um, and that will be discipline specific so on there they are looking at each discipline and then how How that may actually look like for each discipline on the actual return to some sort of racing so that document is in its current Uh final versions and hopefully will be released soon Um, and obviously when it comes to which disciplines will come first time travel is obviously the most realistic one A cycling time trial ctt. Already having done some over events, uh some events in england. Um, but again, When it comes to workshop, we don’t predominately do time trials But that would be if you want any more information on time shows just go over to ctt website And and then if we look at what bc have released recently as well So they’ve stated that events across all disciplines will be designated as non-ranking for the remainder of 2020 Um or until for the notice, so that means that no racing points will be an offer for any discipline So then that means that all races would have to run and the regional c as the highest and therefore I was always in licensed categories, um to participate in um, And then the event can be run in any appropriate format And cater for needs of the riders and then obviously given that riders uh will not now be able to claim ranking point and This means that no riders will be moved down the license category at the end of the year While those who actually created enough points prior to the suspension of racing in march we’ll be able to attain a higher category So then this obviously creates a new opportunity to race new formats Maybe across a variety of disciplines and hopefully encourage more and new riders to come and get involved in events And obviously this decision is welcomed by us as well as it will focus a bit more on the fun and engaging side of racing So if we now go into a bit of a place for Welsh Cycling so currently we’re working With our race commissions and organizers on a structured return And we are getting ready for the return of events and subjects to the closure And analysis of the return to racing survey that we did sent out at the start of the week Um as well as guidance from the government and regarding the covid regulations We will be able to then prepare for events in the coming weeks. So if you don’t know what the survey is, I will Uh, share the link with you now in the chat So basically the survey the purpose of it is to understand how we can best support, uh the return of racing For all groups and to ensure that the return will be as effective as possible and it’s obviously there as well to create people’s thoughts

And then we can base that Analysis, then how we best support people on the way back Um, and as um Ann said, the current guidelines states that groups of up to 30 people Will be able to meet outside for sports activities, um under the supervision of a responsible adult and with the risk assessment But because the two meters social distancing law still remains this obviously means that racing cannot be resumed right now um, and the welsh government guidance does suggest That um, a risk assessment for close-up proximity can actually mitigate that to meet a regulation on the field of play But as of yet hasn’t been implemented for cycling. So we’re just waiting if that will come in the next um, announcement on the 31st of july, um So another example for return to racing is circuit racing. So that’s one of the disciplines Which is seen by bc to return sooner than others. Um Obviously as they are more confined and there’s they require a few volunteers as well. And I think there’s going to be a need of Of a bit of a flexibility from organizers for race format and we’d actually encourage that to be a bit more innovative maybe and focus on delivering a positive experience, um by working within the current guidance And as I said once we have that Result of the survey back which is due to close on. Monday so if you could um Take a couple minutes of your time to fill it in after this webinar. I’d much appreciate that I think we’ve had just shy of 200 responses so far, so It’s which is really good and then once we um, get that get that back and Um use the return racing document from bc as well Then we can look at them a bit more closely to see what we can do Um, and then hopefully we can release a bit more information for you all in terms of a discipline specific guidance, um and to end the Updates um, i’m sure many of you are wondering what the scene would be in terms of the cycle cross Um season, so obviously you’ve probably seen that many, uh regions across the uk have actually canceled their leagues. Um, already so Excuse me. So since the start of um covered we’ve been working hard to um, Trying to get racing back at the earth’s opportunity obviously and working with government at bc and the guidance and obviously all the safety protocols And we’ve been working out with offer commission as well as well as um All the event organizers to try and map something out and so in normal circumstances, um, the season would start in september now But obviously we’ve previously stated that it will now be delayed until november. So while we continue to review that with the organizers And with the commission as well. Um, so as I said earlier, um, Return of events will depend upon the facilities and venues allowing us to do so as well but we are in close, um communications with those venue owners and We look to um provide some sort of clarification on dates, um when we’re able to do so So we had the curve enough for the commission meeting a couple weeks back now as well and there we looked at We looked at the season from a different a lot of different angles And it’s obviously difficult to see a clear path of the minute. But um what we have some sort of Uh decision is that we’re attempting to work out like a shortened reseason So it’s easy to administer, uh, any limited limits your social contact, obviously and maintains that social distancing And so it’s most likely that we will favor, um, possibly two locations that offer like two good accessibility and obviously weather tolerant with wales being very, um, Unpredictable in the winter. It’s best to have uh venues that become idea to To safe racing and that allows us to race there and wherever the weather so we’ve identified a number of points That would support us in this measure and obviously having these courses um fixed as such in place um It would ensure consistency as well across the events and then across the risk assessment as well as well as the period risk assessment And also the specific safety course protocols that we need to adhere to as well But again, we’ll review and update everyone. Um, from the analysis on that of the serving as we go on the next few weeks as some More announcements and then made them by the government And I think it’s george next Thanks reese Hopefully and i’m visible to everyone and you can all hear me And I i’ve just gotta i’m gonna talk through a bit around the guidelines And seeing all the questions that came in from everyone who had registered for the webinar Loads and loads of them were around what the guidelines mean how it relates to british cycling’s guidelines What’s the difference in england compared to wales? So i’m just going to do kind of a high level run through in terms of what they mean for us in wales

And and i’m sure in the next 30 minutes beyond us all speaking. There’ll be loads of questions on them, but So so just to sort of say obviously the return to activity came about with the welsh government guy. Um, Announcement uh last week or the week a week friday and that statement being around groups of 30 people Will be able to meet for outside for sport and leisure activities under the supervision of a responsible person with a risk assessment Which on the face of it seemed quite a straightforward, um protocol to follow more guidance then rapidly followed which is why anne was saying around that we’d Crack on with activities and then we had to sort of bring that back in So what we’ve done is we’ve pulled together a whole load of information Around that guidance and I I think it’s already in the chat But we’ve and I think you’ve probably all seen it but we put together a document of guidance And frequently asked questions, which will kind of dig into the stuff i’m talking about a little bit deeper But the things I want to just go through. So first of all, just defining what that means in terms of a responsible person, so the the in a club setting the responsible person would be someone who Leads around covid so we’d see them as being the coveted officer for the club So that’d be a designated person and that person would need to go through the wsa training that we’ve sent out details on And and they would also be the responsible person to ensure that the guidance is followed And in in terms of the um guided rides lead rides or breeze and so on We wouldn’t have a covert officer so much But the person who’s the right leader would be seen as that Responsible person within the guidance so they would be responsible for making sure all the guidelines are followed On any ride and they would also need to obviously do the wsa training so those places for the training is has already been sent out to people and we’re covering the costs for Those but in terms of what that actually means and what those guidelines are So just to to kind of explain a bit further into what they actually need to implement So one of the stipulations right at top level was that there’s a risk assessment And that risk assessment is there should be there for every activity so that that’s a risk assessment around covid. Uh and the implications of that so There’s a there’s a template. I think it’ll probably turn up in the chat if it hasn’t already There’s a template that comes from the british cycling and guidance The way forward guidance which literally explains the different things to think about in terms of a covered risk assessment And I should also say that risk assessment just concerns the Mitigation measures or risk around coronavirus and thinking about that social distancing and how you’re operating rides and meeting points If you’re running a coaching session or a lead ride, you’ll also still have to do your ordinary generic risk assessment around the activity Um other bits that the um, you guys need to be aware of is all activities. So we need to have declarations around covered symptoms And uh related to that is that there needs to be a procedure in place for track and trace So the the recommendation there’s a there’s a explanation in the frequently asked questions It gives an example protocol of how that can be followed. But as a suggestion, it could be something like um google, forms getting your participants to Register for a session on a google form making sure you’ve got their names and their contact details including a phone number and making sure they know who the responsible person is for each activity because if someone then Becomes ill then they can be you know We can give those details to the track and trace authorities And the declaration is obviously important to and i’d say that on the top of your form when people sign up To make sure they’ve got no symptoms of coronavirus before they even turn up to an activity and worth reaffirming that at the beginning Of the session as well. So and obviously anyone in their household that applies to as well And the social distancing, I think everyone’s mentioned that in the updates that have been done So obviously in all situations the two meter social distancing still applies in wales And so you need to consider that within your risk assessments and how you’re going to operate rides or coaching sessions? and Hygiene protocols a lot of the hygiene the protocols around that that’s all detailed in the way forward so as ann was kind of saying what we’re we’ve cut we’ve got a kind of a mix of the welsh government guidance at the top level the way forward gives loads of Protocols to be able to actually do the safely operate activities And and then obviously you’ve got to apply the the guidance that we’ve given which kind of ties those two things together and Just to and also just wanted to highlight. I know there’s quite a lot of confusion in terms of What’s happening in wales? And what happens in england the way forward document obviously focuses on the guidelines and the regulations for england It does kind of state that and does refer in places to wales But just so I I just want to be really clear. So a lot of people have asked in the questions Is it six individuals or 30 individuals in a group activity? The the regulations in wales is up to 30 The six in the way forward is because that’s what’s current law in england so you can go above the six

But I would also er on the side of caution and just think about your risk assessments in terms of those numbers of people in a session and you know thinking about how they’re all meeting if there’s car parking and and Like if you’re out on the roads in a lead ride or a club ride thinking about how far apart cyclists Are if they’re two meters apart You’ve got to have to limit your numbers before you become a bit of a hazard on the highway So we’ve got to really think about the um balancing those two things Um in addition to the stuff that’s in the uh, england guidance. So those two protocols around declaration around covid symptoms and the track and trace. Those are those are two additional and that risk assessment It’s really important and that’s part of the regulations from the welsh government that there has to be this risk assessment for every single activity and The other thing I just wanted to do i’m going to just talk through an example of a ride leader scenario where just putting that into some context so that everyone Can kind of relate to it And and then dan will come on just after me and talk a bit around how a club ride might operate And a coaching session just so that we give a sort of An example of how it’s applied as it were so i’m just going to talk through so this would cover things like breeze guided rides mountain bike leaders ride social so in that scenario there still needs to be this responsible person or be it wouldn’t be a Covid officer in the club setting but that responsible person still has the responsibility to implement all that guidance, so And I think I said earlier that person needs to have taken the training. So until you’ve taken the wsa training You can’t put any rides on the system. You’ve got to have done that before rides start again and And that person would then be responsible for doing those? Covid declarations So making sure people who turn up for a ride have no covert symptoms nor anyone in their house And they’ve done the covered risk assessment and again in that ride setting really think about those things. So the group size And it says up to 30. So in in the um guided ride or breeze setting in theory You could have three leaders and multiple participants up to well up to 30 under these guidelines But our recommendation would be that if you’re going to have multiple leaders on a ride that you separate those out So you one of them sets off maybe 10 minutes before the next group And then the next group because otherwise it will be an unmanageable group Spreading out across the road and think about your route. So if it’s a hilly route, you’re going to get riders bunching together So again, er on the side of smaller groups rather than large and then thinking about those start and finish points Can you kind of accommodate social distancing so think all of those things when you go through your risk assessments? and So the other one is ensuring all attendees So in the breeze and the guided rides and and the right social you’d be getting all of your participants on the let’s ride system So I I think it’s really important that you encourage everyone to sign up before The activity takes place so that you’ve got those contact details, but if anyone does turn up on the day You can take their contact details and do the declaration but er on the side of doing it through the let’s ride system for sure And make sure they know If somebody becomes ill after a group activity, make sure they know who the responsible person is So they can let you know that they’ve become ill that triggers that track and trace And other bits just obviously remembering to social distance at all times and just there’s there’s breeze and guided ride guidance That’s specifically put in place to support you in terms of thinking about how to run activities to be covered safe And finally just to sort of clarify on the ride social. Um ride social is where people can can advertise a ride To have friends come along and join them. You can do ride social but you need to follow all of these protocols and If so, you need to be able to do the risk assessment You need to be able to do all of the track and trace and the and covid symptoms So if you’re not confident on that or you’ve never done a risk assessment Talk to us first before you go ahead and post rides and and we can help with that. So um Yeah, so I just hand over to Dan now quickly and he’ll talk through a few more examples around sort of club setting sort of coaching and um the the club ride setting Thanks, george, uh, I think you probably covered most of it to be fair um There isn’t that much sort of difference what we’re trying to encourage clubs to do Essentially have that booking process to make sure that you don’t go above that 30 the other thing to consider when you are sort of coaching is Particularly, if it’s young people, you’ve got the parent going along as well all of those numbers will add potentially to your 30 particularly if the parent needs to be As we sort of deem on the field of play to be able to help that young rider sort of progress So with that in mind, it’s definitely worthwhile lowering your numbers depending on the size of area You’ve got some clubs have raised some really good sort of questions in terms of what is that field of play? Uh,

Obviously if we’ve got a purpose-built Cycle facility like a speedway track or a bmx track that’s very clearly 30 people within that environment Which you’d struggle for a speedway track if you’re using your generic? school sports filled with 10 or so rugby pitches what we’re defining is that playing there is each pitch being for 30 people so as long as those groups that you’ve got are keeping two meters apart Which really means a really careful management of how you move your groups when they sign on take drinks breaks then you should be okay you should be ok It comes back to the importance of that risk assessment and addressing how you’re going to sort of resolve those issues Which again if you keep having a look on the chat, you’ll see the links to that risk assessment template Anyway Somebody’s asked a few questions as well in terms of what we’re going to do with the end at the end of all of this We will put all these links together and we’ll email everyone who’s booked onto the form So you’ll have them in in one simple easy to follow form then rather than going through all the chat features uh other things to consider when you’re when you’re Sorry, I think you lost me then um other things to consider when you’re doing your club runs and and we’re concerned about it is the the number of People that might potentially congregate at the same cafe at the same time If you can obviously think in advance about what cafe you’re going to go to Try and contact that cafe and see if they’ve got any other plans of any other groups arriving Obviously tell them what time you’re thinking of arriving yourself And then that will definitely help make sure that we don’t end up with a situation with 100 cyclists from different Uh clubs all at the cafe at the same time We are doing 1-2-1 sessions with your local CDO Again a link to this will be in the chat by all means fill your details in on that one and We can chat to you about the specifics of your club and what we can do to help you to get your club or group back into activity So I think that’s everything from me. So I think it’ll hand it back to nick now Okay, uh, thanks very much or to all of the staff, um, I see there’s some questions now starting to appear in the chat Flashing up at high speed. Um One of the ones I can take is david richard hughes We will be giving feedback to the government if clubs can’t resume activities, we’ve given feedback to the government the whole way through this and it’s Taken quite a lot of uh effort on our part to keep Government engaged It’s tough for them. They’ve got conflicting scientific information. They’ve got conflicting advice Um, as i’m sure you’re all aware the medical world are learning more and more about covert as we go on so we are consistently Keeping them up to date with what the impact is on the sport through both the welsh sports association welsh, um Sport whales and obviously directly to welsh government um Someone want to take uh, the breeze guided rides down Self-assessment Should I i’ll take that one because it’s probably more relevant for me, too That’s around the um, i’m just trying to find the exact question is Have you got the question in front of you nick, sorry. I’m so many there headlines in wales for elderly or vulnerable participants is one and then there’s one about I’ve just lost it two seconds in terms of elderly or vulnerable participants We wouldn’t be encouraging anyone to attend a ride who sits in a group that’s shielding if that’s the question. I haven’t got it Right in front of me right now And then there’s also a question around guided rights and what symptoms should we be asking writers to check for yeah got it Okay and in terms of the symptoms check if you go into the faqs that um, Will be linked to within this chat it goes through exactly what those symptoms are in essence It’s a high temperature a continuous cough and the loss of taste or smell so And though you’d be looking to get people to confirm they have not had those symptoms Okay, and also amanda powell and richard have come up with how the participants febreze and guided rights do their self-assessment I think we’ve included that haven’t we? Yeah in the faqs the the assessment for those would be when they turn up you’ve got to ask them and just give a verbal confirmation that they haven’t had any symptoms Okay And there’s a question from alex aiken about how does two households work within cafes cafes run to the the standard rules

um that are being operated by welsh government now, so There isn’t a two families issue there um You know, you can go into those cafes I’m scrolling down as we speak Um, simon fisher’s asked for some concise guidance on the right ride leaders Um, if a club has multiple, um rides going out Who wants to take that one? Yeah, I don’t mind taking that one. I I the the person who’s taking them so on a club Right the person who’s taking it out does act as the responsible person so they need to know The things that are being implemented around the well, they need to you know, collect the participant details. They need to know the risk assessment it would be I guess it comes down to the individuals if they feel that they need training to be able to do those things They should take that wsa training, but I wouldn’t say it’s essential for them to do it but they must understand the responsibility that that sits with them because The covid officer in the club clearly can’t attend every single activity that a club delivers But so they would be delegating down to that person that’s taking a ride out Yeah, there’s also some concern I notice off a couple of people around do they need a written approval? Uh over the symptoms or can it be a verbal check? the way I would suggest that we the way we put it in the faqs is when people sign up for a Ride, let’s take it as a club ride for example google form when they fill in the google form Just ask the three questions around the symptoms and then make it really clear at the top of the form that if they have any of those centers or if anyone in their household does That they shouldn’t attend the ride and that would be a confirmation that they haven’t got them rather than asking everyone to submit something written Which could very quickly become unmanageable and then i’d advise the right leader or activity leader on the day Just reaffirms that question to really make sure they haven’t had any symptoms since filling in the form to attend okay, and then scott thompson’s come up with our coaches who are first aid who have first aid tickets that have lapsed in lockdown can They still coach Um, do we know anything from bc on that one? uh In terms of the first aid in the faq. Oh, dan you’re gonna chip in as well. Sorry um There are extensions to first aids that ran out beyond a certain point and they can assist but dan Do you want to take that one a bit more detailed? yeah, I mean a lot of it will sort of depend on your sort of coaching environment if you’re part of a coaching team and There are other coaches with first aid tickets who are valid on site you can still coach. You just can’t administer the first aid part of it Just to keep it simple I suppose Okay, and um, there’s a question around wsa training and does a person organizing the right social need to do it I would suggest yes because basically that so on the right social just to be Kind of really clear on it. If if it’s a ride social that person who’s putting that ride on is responsible for it So they should make sure they really understand the guidance and my recommendation would be they do do the training, you know if they’re in a club setting it maybe there’s a covid officer in the club who can cascade some of that down to them because I know some ride socials run in a club setting but if if it’s somebody Organizing right social they should do the training Okay, and there’s a couple of people asking is the google form built into let’s ride or do they need to send it out to? participants So in terms of the and I guess that’s uh coming from I think that’s coming for a breeze champions there. So let’s ride We’ll collect the details of your participants So you don’t need to do the google form as well in a let’s ride scenario Let’s ride should be the the form you use. Otherwise, you’ll get confusing if you’re you’re taking details by two different methods Okay, and uh, the next one is uh from rob warren How do you suggest maintaining a two meter distance for group rides on the road? I guess that’s around riders being briefed and and making sure they understand the guidance. Dan. Do you want to say a little bit more? Um, yeah. I said chatting to a few other sort of clubs You know one one sort of good incentive to ensure that members keep two meters apart during your sort of riders of course, you take everyone’s details when you um submit to sort of do the ride, you know, the your covid officers got everyone’s details if somebody then later turns out with a positive test and you then forward those details onto the um, The track and trace system. They will contact everyone who’s on that ride. So all 30 people may well be told to go and self-isolate And lock themselves away from the world for two weeks so if that’s not incentive to keep two metres apart from anyone, I don’t know what is Yeah, okay and um amanda powell and richard have come back with um Is the let’s ride symptoms form. Um, is it on there? It’s it’s not part of let’s ride system. And that’s the one where i’m saying. You should reaffirm that with participants You’ll have all the participants emails before they arrive so it may be prudent to send out an email to all of the participants ahead of the ride just to confirm that and let’s

Ask them again at the start of the ride Okay, and he’s also come they’ve also come back with what are the risks? For the responsible person if it goes wrong, which is a very valid question. I think it is a valid question It’s one i’ve just kind of added into the faqs this afternoon the person so all of what we’re advising here all of these protocols And kind of giving this briefing and updating. Everyone is about protecting around liability and making sure you’ve got things covered. So What that comes down to is making sure it’s a good risk assessment Making sure you’re following the guidance and then your your club insurance or your ride insurance will cover you But you’ve got to have followed all of the protocols. So in essence as long as you’re doing everything that’s in the way forward documents You’re following the guidance for wales where it differs to those then you shouldn’t be liable, but obviously in the world we’re in you know litigation is always a concern but This is around making sure the protocols are in place and you’re minimizing risk, and then there shouldn’t be liability Okay, and i’ve got a question from sandra Um if she assists on a breeze ride, does she need to do the training? if you’re assisting the the champion that is the main leader should have done the training and they will be the Responsible person so you don’t need to do the training if someone else is leading Okay, and um, there’s a question over the over 70 cents. There’s also yours, I think Yeah, I know. I’m just seeing it. It’s from hillary, isn’t it? Yeah I And I I guess The way i’d see it is anyone who’s in a vulnerable group? We shouldn’t be encouraging them to come along with on rides a lot of the guidance around that is in the um british cycling Way forward febreze and it does kind of state in there around not encouraging people who aren’t ready to come for road It’s you know, people can come if it’s their choice if they’re shielding we would say no, but yeah, I think that answers it Okay, um, is there anything else anyone wants to ask the team they can bang it on the messages and we can answer it Okay, there’s another breeze one And breeze rise If you’re able to do that and that so maureen’s saying on breeze rides participant register we don’t get their email addresses, but Use the conversation button prior to a ride. Could we put another column in the participant register that they’ve confirmed? They have no symptoms Absolutely. That sounds a really sensible way of doing it The key bit is that you’re just getting people to understand that they shouldn’t come to a ride if they have any symptoms And you’re just double checking that so you can tell them not to Okay, are there any further questions out there Okay, i’d i’d just like to thank all of you for participating in this um, I think it’s been quite useful, um Oh, there’s one more for you there I i’ll come back to you on that one rachel and check that with british cycling I think if we message the participants ahead of the ride and just check the you know, ask the symptoms Then we should be okay, but also it’s really important when they arrive on the day to just reaffirm that Okay, that’s great. Thanks. George. I think one of the big things for me at the moment has been very much around This has actually brought the cycling community together more and cohesive and I think the communication’s been a bit better. Um, I noticed we have got a question about you know in the coach group. What does two meter distancing look like? Um, is it head to head for the you know bike to bike? um Anyone want to field that one at the moment? I I don’t mind fielding that one again. That’s head to head The social distancing is around individuals being two meters apart. So it doesn’t need to be two meters between the bikes It’s about people being socially distant, okay? All right. I think I think it’s probably time to bring it to a closed out I’m, sure people have got other things to be doing this evening. What I would stress to all of you is please please please Stick to the guidance Um in this, you know world of mobile phones people taking photos of group rides and all that We need to be seeing or be seen to be doing the right thing if we’re going to continue To remove the barriers to both. Um social riding, uh Club riding and of course racing hopefully in the not too distant future I just ask you all to please bear with us. It has been tough. It has been very frustrating. Um We do get a lot better with british cycling now because when you’ve got two small agile teams They have to work together well, and that’s been a real positive that’s come out of this from our perspective Um, please bear with us. We are fighting your corner and we fight it every day during this this Terrible situation with the covet. So, thanks

And at that you may depart any questions to us Chris are you struggling to shut down? This if you just hover your um if you just hover your Arrow over your screen. You should get a little telephone with a red Yeah, can you see it You can’t see it. Oh, well don’t don’t worry, I think we’re good we’ll we’ll I think we’ll shut down then guys, and then we can We can have a chat later Okay, no worries Chris hello, what’s going on? You