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What’s up everybody welcome to queer girl straight skates I’m Rebel this is Bowie and Bowie’s mom whose name is Rebel no his other mom I’m Shove and we’re gonna talk to you today about how to get out of a skate rut and we’re sorry that Bowie’s gonna be panting the whole time it’s so hot here it’s hot and he’s a little Frenchie who don’t know how to do it Frenchies don’t know how to do heat so like this part neither do I so let’s talk about how to get out of skate right this is skate right what’s a skate right yes let’s get right is enough yeah okay escape is when you are in your skating process and you feel like you’re stuck and so you can’t get past a certain move or you can’t like progress any further or even I feel like a skate rut is when you are like not enjoying skating anymore I also feel like that counts as this skate red opal let’s get burn out to me if you like it we get stuff for what you don’t want to ski yeah um yeah it doesn’t live in a right or – yeah or three or five I’ve been in many many skate rats and it’s crazy like not a lot of people talk about how they get in skate runs and so we’re here to talk about it because it’s a very real thing that happens – I think every skater ever it’s a real thing it’s gonna happen – literally every skater when they come out of quarantine fully and go to the skate park and realize that they can’t do nearly anything that they could do before yeah or even if you can do what you could do before sometimes it’s just like it doesn’t feel right like even if you’re able to actually do it sometimes it doesn’t feel as comfortable or I don’t know yeah I don’t know I feel like sometimes I can do things and I can do it over and over and over again and then I go and I can’t do it and then I try again and I can’t do it again and I’m like what the heck happened like I feel like sometimes you unlock a trick and then you go to try and do the trick again and then you can’t do it and you’re like wow okay I thought I had this trick but that’s not always the case like once you unlock a trick it doesn’t just take all the time I’m definitely like I can’t get myself to drop in again even on the baby in of the transitions of all little co pians so that’s my personal rent right now and I think the way I get over it is I look for something else that I can do to challenge myself there’s me so many times you can try to convince yourself to do something and then fell at it and then just sometimes it’s just not your time like you just like today is not today let’s do that again but let’s try something else to distract yourself as well as like feel like you’ve accomplished something so you don’t feel as bad that you couldn’t do the original thing you set out to do yeah what’s another way you can get out of skate read the way that I get out of my skate rats usually is by taking a break from whatever it is that I’m doing which is exactly what chef said except a little bit different I tend to like stop skating for a second and I know it sounds like oh that feels like it defeats the purpose but sometimes you just need to like do something else for an hour or even a day and just go back with a fresh perspective and a fresh feeling in your body yeah I know that since we got around usually the first game I suck at everything and then I’ll go do some work for like a few hours and then I’ll try to skate again it like sunset and I’m just like whoa what happened like I’m great become amazing and it’s just I don’t know whether it’s your body warming up or your you have mental blocks like something just holding you up and it’s okay to be in a rut it’s not to think like I’ve reached my peak in my skating career like I won’t be able to do anything else it just means that you’re not there yet like it could be something mental it could be that you don’t have the muscle for it yet or you’re just not sure how to execute the trick yet could be multiple things there’s nothing wrong with you you could just have an off day or maybe your body is just not ready to do it yeah I definitely think that listening to your body is a really important part because sometimes our brains will tell us that we should have already nailed a

trick or we should already be at a certain point in our skate careers and if we’re not there yet then our minds will start to say well then you’re not good enough and your mind has such power over your body that when your mind is convinced that you’re not good enough you’re gonna start being unable to do things that you are already able to do which can deepen the rut that you’re in so it’s really important to acknowledge like what is making me get in this skate right is it comparing myself to other people is it that I’m working on something really challenging and it’s gonna take a while for me to establish this is it I feel like I should be farther along in my progression as a skater like identifying what is the thought that’s putting you in your rut is really important because then you can identify that specific issue I don’t know that there’s like one way to get out of a rut for everyone I think everyone is definitely different like I know my way of getting out of frets is not the same way it shows way of getting out of reds you know when I realize I’m gonna write it comes out in anger and then I get really mad at myself and I’m just like why aren’t you just doing it I try to like I don’t know I just like commit to myself I like it’s not that big of a deal it’s okay just walk / skate away before you really like just put your put yourself down I get myself up with music a lot of the time so if it’s like I refuse to leave it’s all about finding that right song that like pumps you up like you have that like a song and it gasses you up and makes you feel invincible you know and sometimes putting that on kind of like all of a sudden like on landing or like I just pretend like I’m going with the beat and it just kind of like gives me a whole new energy to it so no yeah and I feel like with you it’s more like you want to be by yourself to get out of the run yeah yeah much pressure with those other people around because a lot of times I can’t do something because there’s the pressure everyone watching so like when she leaves I’m like thank God and then it’s like worse because she’s like better at me which is more advanced so it’s like that’s added pressure on things I want to do cuz it’s like I don’t want to watch you do the thing I’m trying to do because the space it makes me feel even more like I can’t do it so once you’re alone there’s no one to judge you there’s definitely no one to compare yourself to do – there’s definitely not anyone around for you to compare yourself to you and you can just like put your headphones in and just do it and like throw yourself around and like it feels I don’t know it’s easier for me when I’m alone than like with people even if they are encouraging me like a bunch of people standing there cheering you on if you’re like me and it’s just gonna be just aggravating whereas for me I feel like I need people around because if I’m by myself and I’m in a rut I’m just gonna quit like I feel like I have to have and it’s not necessarily any person like there are a few people that I know can talk me out of ruts because they give me a different perspective of what I’m experiencing so for me it’s then I need to understand that there are different ways to approach what I’m doing and I have to stop just practicing and trying to get the result the same way I have to try it from different I don’t like take different steps to get into the trick or think about it differently and that’s how I kind of get out of runts it one very very important thing that you can do is acknowledge how much you are comparing yourself to other skaters so I always tend to get into a rut when I spend too much time on social media and not enough time skating so if I can see that like I’m on social media more than I’m actually skating I oftentimes will end up in a rut because of that because I’m spending more time comparing myself to other people are watching other people’s progress instead of working on my own progress and even if they’re at the same level as you or slightly more advanced or even if they’re not as good as you it’s still not gonna make you feel the best because you’re watching other people ski and you’re like oh well they can do it and shouldn’t I be able to do that right now or they started way after me and they’re already way better than me it’s like comparison is your worst nightmare like comparison is the thing that will bring you down and make skating not fun and so if you find yourself in a skate rivet I would definitely take some time to like see how much social media you’re consuming and how much you’re comparing yourself to other people and I know it sounds ridiculous for me a youtuber to say like spend less time on social media but I

really do think that the glory of this community is that we skate and we love skating and so you should be skating yeah something that goes with that would be to record yourself so maybe if you’re on your own Instagram or like your own little gallery on your phone because if you see how far you’ve come that can also help you like that cuz you’ll be like okay I might suck today but there’s things I’ve done so well like so like it’s gonna give me hope you know or knowing just like making runs for yourself if you’re at the park or whatever kind of skating you’re doing so that way it’s still fun and different because I think another way to put yourself in the rut is if you’re not challenging yourself or switching it up so I you get stuck like I what are you working on right now right now I’m working on half cups so she all she does is like half cup half cup half cow and then she gets angry and she’s like I’m never gonna do it I’ve been waiting on this forever and it’s like but you’re forgetting to work on all the other things like you’re throwing it in here and there but like or try something else new too cause like you’re gonna get tired of that trick you’re gonna feel defeated and you’re gonna feel like you’re in right versus like remembering all the things that make you feel strong and powerful and like you’re good I’m you know you Tim land or trying something else you can’t just focus on one thing because you’re gonna get so annoyed I hear so I think you’re gonna switch it up and try it just do it remember to make it fun like no one says you have to be the best that one trick or anything you know that’s such good advice yeah sometimes ya know you’re really good at giving it yeah um I think for me sometimes I also get in a rut when I am trying to do too many things so I think on the far mo that is my mo it is but maybe there’s someone out there who that’s also their mo but like for me sometimes I do the opposite of what Jeff just said which is that I only try something like once and then I move on to the next thing and then I just end up being mediocre at everything and I don’t really dig in and really practice specific things and for me that makes me feel like in a rut because then I feel like ah I’ve been skating for so long and I’m not good at anything like I’m just looking mediocre at a million things I am and so I think it’s important to recognize too if that’s happening to you or if that’s your tendency just say oh maybe I’m gonna spend you know maybe you decide like Oh on Tuesdays I’m gonna practice dance skating or on this week I’m just gonna work on skate parks and then next week I’ll work on something else or dedicate whatever amount of time will give you some sort of validation for yourself because really you’re the one that is going to validate yourself other people will not validate you and if they do validate you sometimes you just get used to it like how validate me all the time yeah but like after a certain point it’s like if you’re not happy with yourself oh yeah yeah a million people telling you how wonderful you are isn’t gonna feel good like it’s just gonna be like whatever and we get desensitized to compliments which is so crazy but it’s a thing it happens so find ways to be proud of yourself that’s what I’m saying are you an escape route right now No are you let’s get right um I think I’m pulling myself out of a skate read I think I was an escape route pretty recently not like a super deep one but I definitely felt like we had gotten the ramp and then it’s hard because it’s like yeah you have a ramp but then you’re not really getting together with any of your friends because of covin and so for me I do my best progress when I’m with my friends at the skate park mhm and so I think for me I was struggling because I would go out there and I would skate for like five minutes and then I’d be like I didn’t learn anything then I just come inside and I know that I know that sounds like so crazy but I don’t I think also when it’s hot is hard to I’m not asking right because I feel like I’m just I’ve learned my first step was just learning the tricks I wanted to learn and now it’s about doing it like higher higher on the transition and not being afraid of like the fear going backwards so I think since I have like small goals which I think that’s important to setting small goals and things you want to learn it’s still fun for me and I’m still like I can go on the ramp and literally just pump back and forth and I’m like happy so right now amazingly I am NOT in a skate right yeah yeah I think that the way I have so far been

pulling myself out of my like little babies gay right that I’ve been in is I have been finding people online that are skating at a similar like level as me and I’ve been seeing what tricks they’re working on and then trying to take those tricks and incorporate them into what I’m doing so that way even in the process of me learning something super difficult which is half calves I’m able to make little victories along the way so like I learned how to do this like crossover turnaround thing and that made me feel like oh okay you’re not a failure at skating not that I think I’m a failure at skating but we all have a voice and have negative voices in our heads and say things that are not true you’re wonderful at skating and you’re trying your heart is another way to get out of a skate right is this might sound shady at first let’s get with someone that isn’t as talented as where you are right now I know that sounds bad like oh let’s just find someone that’s worse than you but it’s not trusting its because you’ll have someone that doesn’t know what you can do yet and by them being there you’re teaching them and something about like teaching someone that’s a little newer or not as advanced at you kind of reignites that like love for skate and like how fun it is to remember is like first steps so like when I skate with rebel I’ll do like bare minimum sometimes I’ll push myself but I notice when I skate with like my derby wives that like haven’t really Park skated or ramp skated that I feel like I advanced better because like I don’t know I’m like feeding off of their energy from being like new and then as well as like I’m getting more technical and like teaching them how to do things and it kind of reminds me of like why I like skating that like sense of community but also like you’re mentally breaking down verbally and showing the steps which somehow makes you better because you’re like really getting technical and then you’re like oh wait now I’m realizing how I can fix it myself and make it even better so I noticed that I tend to like advance whenever I do skate with people that have it aren’t on the same level as me you just broke down one of the number-one like positive affective education methods is you learn about any touch someone else and when you’re teaching someone else you’re learning – no but I agree with that because I think that every time I teach a new skater how to skate or a skater who’s already been skating who starts at a skate park every time I help someone out at the skate park I feel like I remember like I love rollerskating so much like I almost have more fun teaching people at the skate park and watching them succeed then like mastering a new trick of the skip work Joe yeah and I do think that there’s like that magic and like getting addicted to the skate park for the first time or like learning how to do certain dance skate moves and yeah yeah thanks for watching this episode of queer girl straight skates don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe you can find shove on instagram at fat girl has moxie you can support chef by going to at fat femme fatale shop and buying her artwork on Etsy you can also buy me a cup of coffee on cofee fat girl has Macias for dropping the knowledge always and if you want to support me I have a patreon you can go to the link below and I make all sorts of fun exclusive goodies and videos and personal chats on there anything else I need to tell them nope and as always because I dressed up as your femme earlier and dragon all time I was in drag oh no that’s gross yeah I know I was dressed up as shoves femme earlier and then she was like let’s report and I was like okay so I just threw on a hat over my wig head anyway so this is how I look I look like Pidgeotto I’m gonna go die my hair now everybody here comes mr. still your girl mr. steel breaking it mr. picnic it can’t fail him here bow dizzle bow dizelmine boli sometimes he’s a rainbow II hard breather number one just sitting

there judging as he can’t see him but he’s sitting there judging us yeah you can’t see him but I’m sure you can hear him you