'Release The Fear: The Sacred Journey' [FULL FILM]

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'Release The Fear: The Sacred Journey' [FULL FILM]

#Natty: Motherland Natty: Livity I man dealing with In this journey of life, how you really living? I’m going to the jungle. Who’s coming with me? #Natty: Release the Fear feat. George the Poet Apex Zero: To celebrate 10 years of producing music and the success of his latest album “Release the Fear” Natty and his friend Nii invited a group of people to travel to the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela We stayed with indigenous communities, visited sacred sites experienced powerful Yopo healing ceremonies with the respected Shaman Rufino, climbed up mountains, travelled down rivers, saw incredible landscapes and wildlife, and were pushed to our limits It was a life changing and life affirming trip This is the story of our time in the jungle ‘Release the Fear: The Sacred Journey’ #Natty: “I’m Alive” Natty: I make music to heal…myself, others… ’cause healing is important in these times You know, we picked a nice balance of people, but essentially, we picked a group of people who I know are all gonna get a real, serious healing Apex: Our journey began, with a 32-hour mission, from London to Colombia to Venezuela 2 plane rides, a truck, 2 boats across the border from Columbia to Venezuela back on another truck, and finally to the community of Shaman Rufino, deep in the Amazon rainforest Natty: We’re staying here in the Amazon with the Piaroa people. They’ve got a certain mindfulness about them, and that comes with their culture, living in harmony with the jungle Nii: It’s like a whole party going on out here Everything is talking to everything. You know, how does this not all talk to each other? [laughs] #Natty: “Stand Up – In Love” Apex Zero: We walked…for 6 hours, through the jungle I think we had 2 stops, just filling up the water bottles by the river. And just beauty man The variety of the landscape. When you think of a rainforest you think of just pure trees, but there’s a lot more than that here Everyone survived. Set up camp here with the hammocks Had some more food. Miguel’s the master jungle chef Then we set off in the morning, to try and get up to the top of the mountain It was a shorter trek but it was a lot harder, ‘cause it was up…and proper up! [laughs] You know what I mean, it was steep, and no pre-made things to hold on to Shareefa Energy: I had a thorn in my arm that was about the only thing that was holding me there, and, you know, someone telling me “climb, go this way, go that way” There was a massive drop, it was, like, really dusty, and I thought ‘oh my gosh!’ But at the same time, I did it Apex: Miguel explained the significance to the people here, the real meaning, how important certain things are to certain people I’m all about global unity, I know we should be working together, but those things should never come at the expense of these people’s way of life Snuff: Is it stuck to it? Shareefa: So you only eat the head? Shareefa: Miguel do you eat? Miguel: Yeah Apex: Give thanks #Zara McFarlane: Pride Apex: I learned a lot of lessons from just these first few days We had bees swarming all around us, making colonies [laughs] on people’s clothes, and at first I was cussing and getting angry A couple of the people just said, “yeah…stop man, just relax”, like “they’re not hurting us are they?” By the second day it’s just… ‘there’s bees around innit?’ You know what I mean, and that was it A lot of lessons to be learned, man, and one of them, seeing how comfortable I feel here now after just a few days, is like yeah man, I’ve gotta take this medicine man, do this ceremony You know I was kinda in two minds before, about whether I wanted to do it or not

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I might never come back here. So it needs to be done And Rufino is of a lineage of the most revered Shamans, so I just wanna take that opportunity man #Natty: Gaia Natty: I’ve taken Ayahuasca, and other such things, but for me, taking Yopo had the most profound impact in my life of any of them things So it was only right to share it with the people as their lives changed For me, this was the most important part of our journey Apex: This is the afternoon after the ceremony and um…it’s very, very hard to… articulate exactly what I experienced You can tell, when you’re in the presence of anyone who’s mastered their chosen path Shaman Rufino is definitely that You can tell by the way he’s revered by his people and from the experiences that we as a group had And it was beautiful experience The ceremony begun, we had the Caapi, which is the root of one tree, which is used to unlock the power of the Yopo When the two are combined, along with the chanting of the Shaman and his people, you’re transcended into another zone Went into this very, sort of, kaleidoscope vision, and went into what looked like I imagine a wormhole to look like, and sort of through this tunnel, of all these different lights and colours That tunnel came to an end, and I thought that was the end of the experience and I was like “I haven’t felt this yet. I don’t quite overstand why people would call that such a momentous experience” and then, I was given the experience Just hit this…this…flurry of realisation, about the oneness of the world Of my oneness with Jah, the universe, the omniverse, multiple planes of existence I was just given this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness Snuff: It was a very turbulent…ahh… journey, through the mind, and also through…err the medicine working its way through the body, like, almost feels like it’s burning through…um… through the muscles Um…it’s a really rough ride but when you get through it, it kinda, in retrospect it feels like it was a very intense massage, you know, and it’s kinda pushed a lot, pushed me back into shape a little bit And on top of that, it’ll release me to a place of, um…you know…a kind of absolute clarity I can parallel that to our experience trekking through that jungle It’s like, a kind of a cosmic soup, and it’s like a turbulent journey going through it and then you reach that place and, your imagination can go here, there and everywhere When you think in one direction it can show you where that path’s gonna lead Apex: The chanting was incredible There was Rufino, and two or three other brothers who help him with the chanting He would chant, and when he would stop, the other brothers would start and at one point it sounded like there were twenty people chanting back All these different harmonies reverberating around the room It’s incredibly powerful I could see these beings and the one which I observed the closest was like a raindrop just at the point when it hits the water, and the splashes come up This living, existing being took that form and showed me itself as it moved in and out of

different forms, and there were other ones in my periphery that were there as well, that I didn’t tune in to as closely, and then as Rufino and his brothers switched between the call and the response, you’d move into a different set of experiences I could see 3 realms of existence, but I could feel that there were infinitely more, and I just had this overwhelming feeling of pure, undiluted joy And I couldn’t help but smile, and move, to the…to the sound of the chanting It was a rebirth. I’m seeing with new eyes Life is one great, huge, unfathomable, beautiful, interconnected reality We’re blessed to be a part of that, and I felt fully aligned with…with that existence Snuff: What I’ve been going in there for there is just looking at myself to…for that grounding, for the strength and for the guidance and the protection and everything to continue to do the right thing with the right intention, because you know there’s so much confusion in the world, man is confused and good intentions lead to negative acts all the time, you know, unconsciously, so, the main aim of this is to be mindful Especially in this environment where the community here are very mindful of the jungle and the nature and the way everything’s working, er…to get that relationship with yourself and realise there’s so much pollution around you all the time, from every interaction that you’re having and every distraction and every engagement that you’re getting into, you know, you need to be able to, erm…know how to take yourself away and focus Apex: I had all kinds of trepidation and insecurity and fear about doing this, you know, “am I gonna go mad? Am I never gonna be the same” and I aint gonna be the same, ‘cause I’m improved Once you can release the fear be willing to take the plunge, and jump into and grasp life, you’ll be able to be given the kinds of blessings that I’ve just received So I think that’s the greatest lesson that I’ve been given so far, in my life #Natty: Gaia Nii: So we’re going now to the port, and then from the port were gonna take a 6-hour boat ride, and that boat ride is gonna take us deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep into the jungle, and then from there we’re gonna take another 4-hour boat ride to go even deeper, deeper, deeper into the jungle, and then from there we’re gonna climb some mountains, see some sights which are gonna take everyone’s breath away [laughs] and then we’re gonna come back and make a base camp at the waterfall, and then go to a secret lake, hidden to all of the people of this country, except the Shamans and only in the last 25 years did they open it out to the public to come, and now we’re going into there Before that it was untouched land, only Shamans went in there to train and to do their works. So now we’re going to this hidden lake… So now we’re going to this hidden lake… Louise [off camera]: Please be the lake of eternal youth! [Group laughs] Nii: It is the lake of eternal youth, yeah You’ll…at least you’ll remember it for the whole of your life. That much is true #Natty: SS I Love You – Reprise Natty: [lyrics] Come with me, lets take a ride To the East, to where the sun rise We can just be ‘Cause there’s a place, for you and I Away from space, away from time Set your soul free Your soul is all you really own Forget your house, your car and your bank loan We’ll listen to the rebel on the inside I’ll let you ride, my supersonic soul rebel ship, my girl

And if those three little words, they escape my lips They won’t say half of it We can fly, we won’t die In our dreams So come lay with me I see the killing on my TV screen And then I see the same people talking ’bout peace I don’t know what it means Apex: We came up the river, spent the night It passed into three different rivers, through the different mouths, they split and they divide As the rivers change, the waters change, and we moved from one where the water was blue, to one where the water turned black, it looked like tar or treacle or something, and now the water is a beautiful shade of golden brown Since the Yopo, I’ve just had this profound, renewed sense of appreciation…for my surroundings, for where I am This is where we heading now Natty: We took an excursion up the Autana river Autana is like the Tree of Life. The Piaroa people say that this tree went all the way up, way past the clouds. If you do your own research, you’ll see that there are many stories about many of these trees, all around the planet, where now they’re just mountains, with a flat edge on the top Next to this tree, is Wahari’s hut We climbed Wahari’s hut. Wahari was the guardian of the Tree of Life The folklore goes that all of the fruits lived in this tree, you could get every type of fruit possible, but there wasn’t much for the animals. So they distracted Wahari and chopped down the tree, and that gave birth to the jungle. There’s two stories; one is that Wahari created, or engineered, a man and a women, in this same spot, and then from this grew the Piaroa people. The second one is that this is where Wahari was turned from an Anteater into a man, and where a lot of other animals were shaped into humans, and again this was the start of the Piaroa people Where we took a journey to was like the Holy Land for the Piaroa I told them we’d do some walking but, yeah, it was some serious hiking that we was doing, so big up the people dem! #Natty: Rainclouds Louise Gendrot: So we climbed to the top of the middle mountain, this one just here… and it was a horrific experience [Apex laughs] We got so far to the top and then I was like “you know what guys, that’s enough for me, I’ve done…I like the view, it’s high enough, enough, I don’t need to go one step further” And then everyone was just like, “we’re not doing it without you, you gotta go”, and they lied! Basically they lied to me [Apex laughs]. They said it was just like, “what you’ve done already is far worse than the bit you’re about to do now and it’s only gonna take you a few minutes”, so I trusted them and I went And it was horrible! It was like vertical climbing But, once you’re kinda on it, there’s no way down so you gotta keep going to the top In my mind as well, there wasn’t even any point anyone talking to me about it, it wasn’t up for discussion. It was just ‘that is it, I am done, I like the view, I’m high enough’ I just had a word with Nii and he was like “why would you go this far and not the rest of the way? Why would you do 95%?” And even I sat there then, I was like “listen I am quite happy with 95%! 95% suits me!”, but then then you just look at it, the option is sit there on the side of the mountain on your own for a couple of hours until they all come back or make someone stay with you as well and ruin their experience, or just get up and do it And I got up and done it It would just be like, yeah, you’ve done half a journey And the whole point of this whole expedition is to push the boundaries of everything

So it’s made me decide I’m gonna do the Yopo thing on Tuesday as well Last time I done it I was a bit tentative and I think I resisted it a lot I didn’t allow myself to go into it So this this time I’m just like ‘boom, here I am’, take it on So the two major achievements we’ve done with the waterfall and the mountain, it has opened the doors, now I’m just, yeah, I can do that So now I’m gonna open the doors and push myself in other ways as well That’s 24 hours without a cigarette as well. Boooom!” Apex: [Laughs] Big up! #Natty: StreetLights Natty: [lyrics] Hey little darling, what you doing tonight? Won’t you, put on your shoes and I’ll be waiting outside Nii: We’re now in a place of infinite green, infinite blue, red water and pink sand. That’s where we’re at now Have you imagined that there’s such a place even in your dreams Natty: [lyrics] …but there’s something missing in this society Have we forgotten about love Lets go turn off all the streetlights And see who’s gonna wanna war Lets go pull down all the traffic signs And see who still gets in their car And if we ripped up all the cable lines How many people would still talk? We could go and take everyone out their houses and sit underneath the stars What you doing tonight? Hey little darling, what you think about that? We could move on like a rolling stone and paint the town black I see you, you’re a dreamer just like me, I can tell by the way that you react To what I show you now Imagine if for only one night If we could change it all for one night Lets go turn off all the streetlights And see who’s gonna wanna war Let’s go pull down all the traffic signs And see who still gets in their car Apex: We left Wahari’s home, and then we came up one of the tributaries The waters were this beautiful reddy, orange, brown colour. It’s like you’re sailing your boat and swimming through tea. It’s incredible We had a bit of drama ‘cause the boat broke down [laughs] but we turned it into a little rave – Snuff pulled out some Jungle #Drama1 (Kemet Records): Oh So Long Snuff: Yeah man. Jungle in the jungle! Shout out Kemet Records #Drama1 (Kemet Records): Burn Up #Congo Natty – Code Red (94 Remix) feat. Conquering Lion, Super Cat & Reggie Stepper Apex: It put us back a little bit, so we had to stop off and camp half way up the river And then the next day, the…the trek got intense So we did 3 hours….er…to our base camp, which we would’ve done the day before. 3 hours to our base camp and then we chilled out… in the waterfall. Yeah just good time man Yeah just good time man. Just chilling and relaxing, jumping off the rocks [laughs] #Natty: Motherland Group: [Cheering & clapping] Nii: When you’re relatively strong and confident, it’s easy for you to tell people like, to release the fear and, you know, overcome their obstacles, and you still have to find ways in which to challenge yourself, and that was probably the scariest thing I’ve done My face is swollen from the way it hit the water But, I did it more, I guess…umm…in reverence to Louise and even Marwa and Shareefa, everyone. But, Louise…it was a big thing what she did yesterday If we can’t conquer our fear, why should we expect other people to do it? So that was me conquering my fear Apex: The sun became really intense and we went another two hours up this mountain to this lake which is really, really sacred

It’s the place where… the Piaroa ancestors come when, when you pass away The souls of the ancestors go deep into the water and it’s seen as a…a portal to the next life And we swam in there, again really, really blessed to be able to swim in there The hike was crazy ‘cause the sun was burning and a lot of us were struggling and having already walked three hours But we did it, we pushed through. This whole trip has been about overcoming these obstacles, one of which is these flies which keep going in my eyes [laughs] and my ears It’s worth it though, it’s all worth it ‘cause I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life and I doubt that I will again So yeah, next step we’re heading back to Rufino’s community, some more intense trekking and boat riding and we’ll be back, bless #Natty: Release the Fear Natty: Release the Fear lyrics: The sun’s reflection, hide from me The deep unknown of the open sea Now’s the time to wash away my sin I can’t see what’s lying underneath, there’s no way to know what’s down below Except to dive right in Release the fear Release the fear See it clearly and jump right in All I hear is there’s nothing to fear but beneath the surface is not so clear Keep my eyes fixed onto the horizon Maisie: Better than Centre Parcs Natty: Release the Fear lyrics: Ships go by, without a sound My feet still stuck right on the ground Everyone says “Why don’t you dive right in?” Release the fear Release the fear See things clearly and jump right in Release the fear Release the fear See it clearly and jump right in Let it go I wanna let it go Let it go I wanna let it go Apex: Had a mad few days [laughs] After coming back from the sacred lake, we had to do a 5-hour trek, followed by a long boat route We had some drama with the boat as well, managed to break down [laughs] Apex: Pause that, pause that…OK, so what’s happened? Nii: Natty!! I really love you!! Natty: I told them Nii: I love you!! I do man!! Marwa: We were just calling you I swear.. We were like: “NATTY!!!” Apex: YES!!! Marwa: [laughs] Shareefa: Natty I said you were eating rice and rice just fell from you Nii: I just shouted Natty’s name out Marwa: I know and Natty came Nii: And he just turned round the corner and he’s here to rescue us I give thanks on an eternal level for what this guy’s able to do Thank you very much Jesus and Jah Rastafari and Buddha and everyone else. [The group laugh] Natty: So what happened? Marwa: We run out of petrol like two hours ago Apex: No petrol, about two hours ago Snuff: Have you guys been back at the camp? Maisie: No Natty: We was waiting, yeah… Louise: We’ve been waiting down there for you for the last hour Natty: We was just like “yo…this aint right” Snuff: We’ve been we’ve been without power for about an hour Natty: And then we heard a shout Marwa: Yes it was us shouting “NATTY!!” Apex: What you’ve been waiting, you’ve been chilling…? Maisie: Yeah, just there that whole time Nii: You heard me shout? Natty: Yeah You Did you hear it? Natty: Yeah Nii: Braap! [Miguel speaks to Alfonso in Spanish] Natty: And then she was like “yea man, it didn’t sound like a hey, it sounded like a help!” and then she was like “what?” and I was like “yea, help” [laughs]

Nii: Raa! Good! Apex: It’s been 2 hours [laughs] Shareefa: Trust me Katie: Has it? Nii: Have you got any food? Natty: Naa. We just backed it Apex: How are you doing mate? Maisie: We haven’t had a good time Louise: We’ve been sitting up there Maisie: We’ve been sat, eaten by mosquitoes [laughs] Apex: The other boat had a little wildlife safari, managed to see a puma We saw some dolphins and some giant otters but I think the puma took the prize for best wildlife We’ve been back in the community for a few days. We spent some time with the people there Nii: This is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself in the jungle and scratch your mosquito bites with dirty jungle nails. So, they’re all infected, she’s got heavy water retention the lovely ladies are trying to like resuscitate her leg Look at those, what are they? Shareefa and Nii: What are those! Shareefa: Now I have no ankles [laughs] Apex: Shareefa, advice for people who do this in the future? [Shareefa kisses her teeth] Nii: Listen! Shareefa: Wear… Bring mittens! [laughs] Nii: No, listen when you’re told. Listen when you’re told, it’s that simple Shareefa: I was listening, they’re just really itchy Louise: The Shaman’s mum said to Shareefa “let me see your legs” and then Shareefa showed them And then she just tapped me on my legs as if to say to me as well, like she knew She got some bark from over there and two bits of wood and just started burning it with your legs underneath, like the wood underneath your legs… Louise: …so the smoke comes up Shareefa: With a medicine on it…like a plant medicine Louise: It smells like this, it smelled like there was incense in it but apparently it’s just the inner workings of the tree that smells like that Apex: How do you feel now? Shareefa: Better I can move my toes, my toes are actually moving, my ankles are moving more than before Like it’s still a bit tight but it feels like I’ve got my toe movement back Louise: No real need to zoom in on the fat feet though is there? Shareefa: [laughs] #Natty: Seasons Change Apex: We walked with Rufino who showed us about some of the herbs and how to make the Yopo, which was really enlightening, talking about incredible knowledge, studied since he was five years old to become the master that he is Louise: Oh wow Miguel: Carana Natty: Carana Miguel: Carana, Carana tree Nii: It’s the same as my leg? Si? Louise: That’s what they burnt last night, on our legs Miguel: It’s similar…Palo Santo Louise: See the things they burnt last night Miguel: Yeah, the…the carana…when it stays in the tree…err… the fusion medicine is not ready It’s ready when the Shaman takes and chants Yeah, Rufino has different Carana, different bowls for different uses Natty: So this is the main medicine and he has different types Miguel: Chants Natty: Different chants Miguel: Different chants, different chants Natty: And he uses it Miguel: Use is different Natty: It’s not different trees, same tree? Miguel: No, same tree Miguel: Same tree, different chants Natty: Same tree, different chants, different illnesses Miguel: Yeah…yeah Natty: Different problems, solutions. Cool Natty: So this is like alchemy, so he takes the chants that he’s doing, after he’s finished chanting for the Yopo ceremony and then he blows into the…into the water bottle and then this bottle he can use for many, many illnesses Miguel: Many, yeah. In the ceremony of Yopo it’s different chants for the season Natty: So depending on upon the season…will dependent upon the chant Miguel: Yeah. The chant, yeah Natty: And he just fix the problems for this time Miguel: Yeah Snuff: I’ve come here as an introduction to acclimatise myself to the natural world, you know I feel like I’ve been born on kind of a plantation, a concrete like environment where we’ve all been indoctrinated through so many different kinds of systems of control. So, to come here and just recognise the jungle law and this law of nature and how there is a lot of harmony, it’s not as vicious as people make out, you know there’s nothing to be. It’s like we’re calling it the ‘Release the Fear’ thing you know it’s really just like being in the womb, we’re getting nurtured here And when you, you understand the knowledge of the Shaman, you see that er…they can find all of the remedies for ailments through the…the herbs and the plants and the barks and the roots and the vines and know all the different concoctions and, erm… basic alchemy that’s going on, you know, and that understanding and that long deep rooted tradition Great and inspirational to, to see that it’s being practiced because, erm…I feel like it’s been something in my own heritage and I believe it’s to be in everybody’s heritage really, it’s nice to see that it’s still going on from a root And there’s a lot to learn from this, my knowledge is very rudimental, you know I’m just studying through a keen interest just because I know that I want to be being mindful of my, er…mind, body and spirit

Apex: We’ve ended the trip now with…um, a final healing ceremony, which was incredible man. A lot more of us participated, everyone’s come out feeling fresh and ready to take what we’ve learned back with us to London Apex: Bye bye. Bye bye, Mama, Adiwa Snuff: Oh, I was gonna leave it…err…I was gonna leave it behind [Group talking] Adiwa, goodbye Snuff: Safe, brotherman! [Group saying goodbyes] Apex: Bye bye, Adiwa Shareefa: I felt, after Grenfell, erm… I needed to be away from the area The fact that I see Grenfell every single day like as soon as I come out of my house, I see the tower And you know, even though you might try and like get on with your life, it’s there, it’s still physically present I wanted time away from the area, but at the same time I didn’t just wanna go to a beach and just go chill, ’cause I knew my mind would still be overactive With this, it allowed me the time to strengthen my mind, body and spirit The jungle just disciplines you. If you’re not focussing, if you’re mind’s not present, it’ll kick you. I found it really hard but I kept going, That itself was a real beautiful achievement because after every hardship there was always something beautiful to greet us and I think that was a really nice treat. It was a big reflection on just the overall reality of my life, how I can reflect everything back into other areas of my life, and use that strength to grow more wholly as a person ‘Cause I know I’ve got a lot of growing to do in many areas, but I’m glad all the highlights have come to light for me and I hope I can proactively work on growing #Natty: Release the Fear feat. George the Poet George the Poet [lyrics]: Once upon a time I was a child, waiting for my vice to break Now my voice is broken and I find myself with a choice to make, Do I wanna make a man’s mistakes? Or do I wanna make a boy’s mistakes? I’ve read a lot about the growth of boys, not as much about the growth of men, On my journey as a son, as a brother, I’m learning more about both of them My sister you will enjoy the fruits of your labour I pray God looks upon your youts in good favour Set them free and have faith they’ll come home Yeah, they’ll come home having learnt to embrace the unknown There’s too much that we can’t control to move through life without heart and soul Your purpose is too big to let the small stuff interfere, just let go Let go and you’ll have nothing to fear [lyrics] Release the Fear, embrace the unknown Natty: I wanted the people to learn here from the mindfulness of the Piaroa people and how a lot of the people of the earth move with a certain mindfulness that we forget and we don’t move with due to our consciousness of self that gets exaggerated in our day to day existence in a western environment For more mindfulness and releasing the fear that’s a

big part of my journey from what I’m trying to put forward in the work that we’re doing here, music, back home. Mindfulness, awareness, love on instinct as opposed to a reaction and fear, and how we conquer them, and how we deal with it, and how we negotiate the roads So it’s Livity, Livity I man dealing with, we’re on a…we’re on a journey of Livity Both here in the Amazon and just in life generally Nii: You’ve gotta think about how you’re gonna choose to spend your time on this planet, accepting a reality or creating a reality You know if I’ve gotta make a choice in life between whether it’s gonna go good or go bad, I dive in or I’m the guy who said “oh actually I’m gonna stand on the side and not go in”, I’d rather be the guy who dived in man Wouldn’t you? [laughs] Maisie: Wargh! Apex: Ooooh Maisie: Wargh! Apex: Ooooh Nii: It’s getting a bit choppy out there Apex: [laughs] Shareefa: What??? Migueeel!! Miguel, Nii and Louise:: Male Nii: Oh! That’s not what you think it was It’s not what you think it was [laughs]