Creative – A Journey to Wholeness

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Creative – A Journey to Wholeness

you [Applause] we have not inherited the earth from ancestors we have ordered it from our children so anything that we do for a future generation is here here to stay forever that is the vision behind creative school and freedom land from the beginning creative is a really close-knit Sangha creative school is a very good school I really love this place it’s seven years it’s a lot of time they give you enough time for you to have what you want and for you to learn creative is second home for me and all my teachers are like my mother I like this school a lot they’ll help me through whatever challenges and going through this school has helped me in so many different ways in our school one thing that really stands out is the like you the bonds between that are created with us friends it has no judgment and everyone is accepted for who they are and that’s something really really special good few months I joined the school and I I was mind-blowing and not the school it’s really crazy no anymore over here there’s no mold they just make be whoever you want to be that’s the best cuz you you really bring the best in yourself often I get this question is creative an alternative school or a mainstream school what is it we are not trying to oppose anything so we are not alternative to something neither are we trying to conform we are trying to create a space where the whole child is completely acknowledged as a complete human being so we really like to see ourselves as a holistic school where we are trying to work with children body mind emotions and soul most of us have grown up with an education system which has primarily conditioned us to think about ourselves as human bodies but aren’t we much more than that we’re human beings we are not human bodies when our biology textbooks reduces us to just human bodies we miss the larger picture and some part of us feels unacknowledged we have way more than just material needs we all have emotional needs for connection for compassion we all have spiritual needs for living in joy peace harmony empowerment when we learn to treat ourselves as whole human beings we start learning to claim all aspects of our lives and also learn to empower ourselves and really in this process we achieve our fullest potential we see it as a new science the new science for the children are constantly exposed to in their growing years as we are much more than a body we have many levels we have an energy body we have energy flowing through us all the time the connection between health and energy flow is something that the children learn and as they grow up automatically inside them a new form of science which acknowledges the entire human being comes in and along with that values are just built in each and every child is unique and has a

unique journey comes with a unique background and this is creatives approach we honor the uniqueness of each child the unique path of the unique journey at the same time we also understand that children are similar to each other in many ways after a decade of creative now we’ve seen wonders with this kind of growing up when a child’s developmental needs are met in the earlier years they very beautifully line up and follow whatever it is in their path and academics just beautifully falls into place excellence comes with this kind of holistic development as parents and as teachers we need to be able to trust it we see our children ready for life as lifelong learners we are attempting to be a completely holistic learning and empowerment center children are already empowered we can hope that the school will not take it out you know young children are so full of life I always tell my teachers whatever is there me the spirit of a child being back because when the spirit has interacted life we have always find solutions and you know children have their own challenges they have challenges with each other so how do you keep the spirit alive a child’s faculty is developed over a period of time and we need to make space for this often we’re in a hurry we want immediate results especially in today’s generation we need to make space and try to enjoy this journey with your child education is not dull stressful and boring it can be a very joyful activity for the whole family we call it a way of life we call it a center for conscious living today most of us in this fast-paced life I used to automatic functioning as teachers as parents we juggle a lot of different things bringing consciousness and bringing awareness le is very very empowering because at that point we’ll start finding ok wait a minute I have a choice conscious living gives you a choice I have a choice on how to live I have a choice on what to choose for that we have to have an understanding without an understanding without being aware of where we are operating from we cannot choose [Applause] creative is a sangha space where we learn together we grow together we support each other and we challenge each other our space is a collaborative working space where each of us takes on different roles in our United Vision and we have a clear framework on how to work collaboratively together so the role of us inside a community is very much explored in this space how to recognize and dissolve our ego consciously so that we are all co-creating this beautiful sacred space our journey actually began many many years back when we were living in Seattle in the US both Jesse and I were software engineers working for Microsoft at that time we started a nonprofit organization called Asha with the intention of giving back to our home country India way back in 1994 when Ashok and myself started nonprofit organization called Asha in C a key to help set up schools in villages in India when we started our share we never dreamt that it would transform us process of giving back and working with education working with children in many different villages in India put us in touch with amazing educators who transformed our views on education and it’s through them that we first got introduced to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the mother on integral education which was a complete eye opener for us it just touched our soul our journey also made us explore what is education experiences in Microsoft Plus journey through Asha visiting different schools understanding holistic education through Asha we may have visited over a hundred schools both in the US as well as in India this journey changed us so much that in 1999 I actually decided to quit Microsoft and go full-time into education I started coming back to India and volunteering in the schools and learning more from some amazing educationists through many amazing coincidences met incredible spiritual

teachers went through a lot of transformation learned a lot about myself about what holistic living means and we started changing our life at home along with this exploration of education I went through a very deep spiritual transformation my formal spiritual training began in Seattle with a lot of mindfulness and the compassion based trainings and after I completed those I then went on to learn a lot of emotional well-being and healing tools my first experience with the non-cognitive and the energy aspects of life began with the tao fellowship and it was completely transformational for me through meditation I had an experience of oneness and experienced light for a period of three days and it pretty much transformed my whole life after that it’s after the oneness experience that I felt the inner guidance to return to India and then experience she Aurobindo and the mother and the Masters and was guided to start creative school so I’ve had several decades of training and mindfulness and in different forms of meditation in energy work and breath work and the five elements a whole lot of different areas and all of these are now integrated in creative school so in the year 2007 we left our beautiful home in Seattle left the woods and came back to India we didn’t quite know what we were in for but it was just a strong guidance to come back through meditation again received a lot of inspiration from Sri Aurobindo and the mother to go ahead and start working on holistic education we were also parents to two beautiful girls we wanted to be able to co-create a school for them which helps them acknowledge themselves as complete human beings this is what led us to creative school any large project like creative school always starts with a seed idea or vision and once we give attention to that vision we become ready to manifest it on earth the vision came to my wife Ashley in her meditation my role actually was to completely trust that vision and help to manifest it into the space that you see today in the year 2010 when we were looking to start creative school Jessie had the number 15 in mind for the number of children who should be part of creative school in the first year and the night before school was about to start that is June 6th of 2010 I still remember the night very clearly we had 14 kids enrolled in the school so I remember even joking – Jessie saying they’re computer scientists and we must be used to off-by-one errors by now we shut off the light and went to bed and then the phone rang it was a friend’s Mahesh and Hema who said that they would love to put their twin daughters and creative school starting the next day so we actually started with 16 kids and not 15 the process of creation of creative school itself came out of following many of the principles that creative school teaches about its following our heart it’s following what makes us complete it’s bringing balance into our life bringing harmony into our lives and as we did this we naturally started finding peace within ourselves inside our families inside our communities and also started enjoying living peacefully on mother earth she or have been doing the mother’s guidance that one can live a life fully on mother earth using divine energy is really what inspires us in the space and our whole space has been co-created with the blessings of the Masters and many wonderful spiritual teachers like dr. Newton kondaveeti who has trained us with a lot of the processes that we have in school today for working on ourselves as parents and teachers we had Leonard art who taught us how to use the five elemental work

and live our lives in balance we’ve also taken a lot from the teachings of Maria Montessori Bob Steiner and a lot of educationist in India who are doing cutting-edge work in different areas whether it’s language teaching or mathematics a lot of Education is in the US as well so we are able to bring in the latest trends in education we’ve been blessed to find the right spiritual teachers who helped us put together a very wonderful broad spiritual foundation to our school that helps us work with children holistically and also live together and work together in a very collaborative and harmonious manner creative approach to education is life education it’s completely holistic we honor ourselves and our children as complete human beings prior to beginning creative school I had the wonderful opportunity to learn and study about many different educational methods through my work in Asha I had the privilege of meeting very holistic educators innovators who made teaching and learning really fun and joyful and of course energy Aurobindo and the mother’s words which have really been the inspiration behind creative school when I read she urban those writings on integral education a portion of it that completely amazed me influenced me and inspired me is his writings on the importance of the right tuning of the child before you start learning Bo so many different learning methodologies but the ultimate instrument of learning is the child himself their body their mind and their nerves need to be in proper tune and harmony so the child can actually learn their lesson well I had the privilege of studying several Montessori schools very closely I found Maria Montessori’s work on developing the child’s senses the sensorial work their practical life work a lot of their hand-eye coordination it was just wonderful absorbing for the child I would see children immersed in their learning with creating no trouble completely self-directed learning there are many aspects of Rudolf Steiners work which we really relate to a lot of their rhythmic way of learning the cycles of learning the way in which children learned through spirals of learning and also integrating a lot of music and movement and arcs into every subject that is taught that completely integrated beautifully tuned high vibration kind of environment in which children learn spiritual foundation is very essential for every one of us so we can live our lives fully with joy with harmony with love and peace in our families live and work in the careers of our choice we can bring abundance into all areas of life all of us want the best in our lives we want to go through life easily and effortlessly one of the ways in which you can keep yourself energized and flowing is through a daily practice of meditation and we teach that at Brittany on a spiritual foundation helps us unlock ourselves helps us become conscious of who we are where are we operating from and how do we empower how do we transform and grow and when we talk about spirituality it’s nothing to do with I mean spirituality has a lot of meanings right there’s nothing to do with religion it’s nothing giving up things and going to the Himalayas it’s basically integrating spirituality into your daily life if we look at it without a spiritual foundation we cannot live to our fullest we cannot live when our approach acknowledges on a human needs mind body emotions and soul we all have our own unique paths in life being able to tune in like the way we did into a larger source can help us create what we want in our life effortlessly at creative school we emphasize not only inner harmony but also living in peaceful harmony with Mother Earth in fact the building that we are in right now was built using the mud from the same plot this is a mud block structure which uses very little cement and very little rain first eye we also do lots of other practices here at creative school like solar for power and water heating we practice composting we don’t generate a lot of waste we have a biogas unit

here on-site or for making our lunch and we also have rainwater harvesting we have rooftop gardening the children participate in gardening we have the dream garden growing lot of greens it’s like soil to soul children doing the gardening and see the vegetables grow when it comes to the plate they have the joy they experience the joy so the energy is right from the children’s hand going through the soil through the cooking and back to them the whole environment allows nature to come into the classrooms just retains a very high level of chronic energy and this is something that we found very conducive to teaching and learning here if one walks through creative you’ll find many gaps many animals many birds a lot of insects so many different varieties of butterflies and moths and fish in the pond all thriving and coexisting in this space we teach vegetarianism as a way of practicing kindness to ourselves vegetarian diets have a much higher level of prana as well as being practicing kindness with our animal and bird friends and over a period of time we have found the children’s and their bodies get used to a much higher prana level diet and this automatically becomes body wisdom for them over a period of time we buy the freshest ingredients many times directly from farmers or through people with a similar level of consciousness as well as ensuring fair trade with the farmers so that everyone in the system is and it’s beautiful when we are living in a way that’s aligned with Mother Earth you will feel a difference of energy we felt peace shouldn’t just be an inner state but also living in harmony with each other with Mother Earth so overall if I say creative in a way is peace within yourself peace and empowerment within yourself inside your families learning how to live as a community and the mother earth and you can carry these principles to any community that you’re part of over nine years now we have a lot of tried and tested processes both for our teachers as well as our children our educational model has two very strong components one is the sacred classroom the sacred classroom is the spiritual and pedagogical foundation of creative school most of the times pedagogy just involves the approaches to actually teaching a subject and it does not take into account who the teacher is a teacher’s consciousness their inner state of being just as much affects the class so the sacred classroom takes this into account by giving the seven guiding principles that a teacher can look at to tune themselves before they actually teach a class it’s a set of principles that can be applied by anyone by a teacher or a parent which will help you function from your higher self both parenting and teaching can be both wonderful as well as challenging so how to overcome those challenges that’s what the sacred classroom teaches how to go in and see where am i blocked and how do i unblock myself you foster planning is a very comprehensive learning process that we’ve implemented in school the four-step learning process very consciously creates space inside a classroom for learning to be truly holistic where physical emotional mental spiritual and social aspects of learning are explored very much interconnected to whatever is happening in the classroom four-step learning process is our category towards how a lesson is planned so that the children can attempt that work in various ways and come to their own understanding of it in and over time it is very very joyful it’s also very reflective so that the child’s unique self comes out in that process it has enough rigor and the fourth aspect of the foster plan is developing wisdom so that wisdom application we have a lot of processes for for that so throughout the school is starting from the youngest grade through the twelfth grade four-step learning is addressed the teachers designed their lesson plans and

everything using these processes in the beginning very naturally many of us as parents have our fears about breaking out coming out of what we are already used to the mainstream comfort zone and beginning to acknowledge ourselves as complete human beings and our children is that it’s very natural many parents come in with worries like oh my god will things actually get done will my child studies happen also in such a holistic environment but what we have found is amazing our entire schooling process is very age-appropriate when a child has sufficient time to address all aspects of themselves we find that they are actually taking a lot of self responsibility for their own learning by the time they come to taking their exams in their tenth grade many of them are learning to completely prepare and self-direct themselves we find this sign of responsibility is coming because we’ve acknowledged them holistically and they are themselves able to prioritize what is important for them at that age how do we keep the purity of our work for nine years now every week main hand is yourself work where teachers take time off to reflect on how are my classes going how’s my relationship that my children is bad alright and work on repairing that that’s very consciously built into the school through self worked I’m a teacher spends time consciously learning about different aspects of themselves to reflect on what is happening inside to be able to grow in spiritual awareness of where they are operating from wisdom circles are specific to the classroom teachers get together and address the different challenges that happen as a natural part of teaching and learning and learn about how to overcome these challenges by applying the seven principles of the sacred classroom every child the growing needs of the child we pay attention which is why I teacher-student ratio is 1 is to 10 in terms of the class teachers we of course have a very strong spiritual foundation for the school so often spiritual practices are integrated into many different aspects of the school life and living is an hour and a half of dedicated time for deeper exploration the life in living kit has over 35 activities and games there are simple meditations mandala meditations many different emotional intelligence games many different story based games there are different activities for developing self-esteem and children that encourage expression the kit in itself is plenty for parents to connect with their children they have wonderful family games in there it can truly encourage getting to know each other in a in a good way and be able to connect to each other at a deeper level I am many of our children who have graduated have come back and express gratitude saying that the well-being classes the well-being time that they had spending with jaishree at school has proved deeply beneficial for them to be able to tackle their own life challenges some of them have even said that they were surprised to say that outside so many of their fears found it so difficult to handle simple issues they were able to go back to themselves to their rooms and go back pick a mandala that they had learnt in grade school here or pick the journal and write out their issues and reform themselves and engage back in the world meaningfully as a school incentive we strongly have found that when parents in school are able to share and grow together the child receives the maximum preg near centers the heart of creative school it is truly the soul force the space that brings a lot of wisdom into our ways of functioning at creative school it started with the mission and

vision that we will bring spiritual practices into everyday lives into our relationships into our careers into our parenting we offer a range of processes from simple energizing and well-being processes to much deeper ones which help us face the challenges in our lives and bring spiritual wisdom into our relationships into our career into our work spaces and into a school environment our teachers training our parent programs are programs for the community are all offered through premiere premiere has two components wisdom Center which offers programs and personalized sessions to our community members as well as the general public and we also have an integrative clinic as part of this we also have the premiere wisdom circle which is our outreach arm plug in wisdom circle offers many outreach programs into different areas in corporate in schools in educational institution and we also have an integrative clinic as part of this pragmatism Center offers many wonderful workshops for parents and caregivers of children for their own personal growth and development these workshops can help in our own transformation and as we become more conscious and our parenting in our teaching in our caregiving of children our children are the greatest benefit as of this many different types of people have benefited from our courses and sessions that includes students who come in with their own struggles or challenges and they are able to help them overcome them that includes adults who sometimes have health issues and we really brought in well-being practices and help them with holistic healing thousands and thousands of people have come in and worked with us both through individual sessions as well as courses and workshops over a decade we have had tremendous satisfaction of seeing people being able to transform their lives and this is our offering to you overall we look at self transformation when our mind is free and when they are calm we can become very conscious creators of our own lives so the school’s goal is to enable each child to become a conscious creator of their own life based on their own inner journey how can we empower our children to do this our nine years of school have shown us over and over again that when our work is consecrated to a higher purpose when we are aligned with universal energy and we allow this energy to flow through us everything falls into place we have seen the magic of conscious creation of energizing ourselves over and over again and this is the gift that we want our children to learn that they too can create their own lives and powered by their own soul journey we really welcome if parents can recognize that every child has their own unique potential every child has their own journey and we as parents should play a supportive role and allow a child to blossom to their fullest give them the space our children are very capable of being conscious creators of their own life and when they are able to tap in to a much higher source of energy anything is possible [Applause] dddd dddd