The Journey: Our Homeland 信约:我们的家园 – Ep 1

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The Journey: Our Homeland 信约:我们的家园 – Ep 1

Our forefathers had voyaged across the sea The journey took them from China to Nanyang, where they lived through tumultuous times At long last, they built a homeland they could call their own The Singapore flag fluttered in the wind The country embarked on an unknown and arduous journey… towards nation-building Its economy and society would face colossal changes We hold the future of the country in our hands We shall forge our own path, and build a better home for all From now on, your name shall be Hu Jia No! I will never ever change my name! My surname is Zhang, and my name is Zhang Jia I saved your wretched life! Eat! Eat! Stop it! There’s so little rice left If you let me have it, what about you? I’m Zhang Jia, son of Zhang Tianying and Zhang Huiniang! You’ll be offered up as a sacrifice in memory of my father! Wanxing Village invites the Deity of the Land! Wanxing Village invites the Deity of the Land! Wanxing Village invites the Deity of the Land! We invite the Deity of the Land! They’re here! The people from Wanxing Village are here! Wanxing Village invites the Deity of the Land! Do not let them remove the deity! Stop them! -Let’s go!

Cai, what do you think you’re doing? Mr Cai, we’ve come to invite the Deity of the Land to Wanxing Village Please don’t delay us anymore All this transferring is disrespectful to the deity The deity shall be permanently enshrined at Wanshou Temple What nonsense! Wanshou Village has worshipped the deity in the last year It’s our turn now This rule has existed for generations Cai, surely you haven’t forgotten that? Liao, rules are flexible Having the deity permanently enshrined in Wanshou Village is convenient for our villagers The temple is in your village It’s only convenient for your villagers That’s right. A fowl plague broke out in our village last year because the deity wasn’t with us We’re bringing the deity back with us today by hook or by crook Whoever comes to my turf has to deal with me first! How could you allow gang members to run rampant in your village? Listen up – if we’re reasonable, we should fear no one Go! -Get them! Deities above I, Hu Jia, have prepared an offering of three cooked animals to make an apology Bravo! Will you stop eating? Are you ready? Yes, Uncle Tian I’m just feeling a little unwell Uncle Tian, I’m not the one with a problem but Hua Meng Lijun isn’t here yet? Who will contest you in the duel? Hua is always punctual. She can’t be late Did something happen? Here I am! It’s you? Where’s Hua? Where’s your mother? The show is starting soon Uncle Tian, I came to tell you my mother’s ill, she can’t perform Where am I going to find someone to replace her? Why don’t you play Hua’s part? Almost there. Let’s barge in! -Yes! They’re inside the temple We mustn’t let them take the deity Get them! Come, let’s go! When I was working for Uncle Hai, if I didn’t honour my word, the consequences would be dire I failed to honour the promise I’d made to you as I was young and ignorant back then Deities above… This child will follow me from today on He’ll take my surname… and will be known as Hu Jia henceforth Deities above I Zhang Jia acknowledge another man as my father so as to save my father May you forgive me for this measure of last resort I want to change my surname back to Zhang today The Deity of the Land only protects Wanshou Village No one shall remove it! What a joke! -Are you kidding me?

She’s pregnant Stop performing I’ve never played a female lead before You’re always at your mother’s side Surely you can perform even with your eyes closed? Didn’t you play the princess in Taming of The Princess? The princess’s maid And Li Feng in The Kingdom and the Beauty? I played Da Niu from the shop Now’s your chance at the big league What? I can’t do it Who cares? We’re desperate! Stab me! Hurry up! Bravo! A fine figure of a man approaches Exuding an air of chivalry, he’s a talent indeed The heart bursts into blooms of delight Who are you? I’m from the Black Tiger Gang, you know I don’t care who you are or where you’re from Deities above I took Hu Weiren for my father for many years My wife is about to give birth I want my child to be accorded his forefathers’ name I was duped into making a vow before the deities to change my name to Hu Jia I’ve come to seek divination today If the deities agree I should change my name to Zhang, please give me a divine answer No, I can’t throw the divination blocks Whether the deities agree to it or not, I’m going to change my name back to Zhang Deities above, I’m here to inform you I will change my name to Zhang Jia You two shall be my witnesses I don’t want to get involved in your feud But if anyone disrespects the deities, I won’t let him off! I’m inviting a deity to Wanxing Village I won’t be disrespectful to the deities Break it up! Stop! Why are you holding the Deity of the Land? He’s Hu Jia from Siu Yee Tong You got into a fight over the statuette of a deity The deity should be enshrined in our village this year as ordered by our forefathers Mr Cai is wilfully ignoring the rules As the village head, you’ve broken the rules and incited gang members to stir up trouble Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Let me be the judge here Wanxing Village can have the Deity of the Land for a year Any objection? No way! That’s unfair Thank you Yay! Don’t move! Watch the blade I may have left my gang life behind, but I’m still well aware of the rules No matter what gang you belong to, you should not go back on your word, you hear me? Take the statuette I, Dai Xiaoxiong, will remember that you saved my life Thank you, buddy Let’s go! Wanxing Village invites the Deity of the Land! You’d better behave yourself The deity is heading back to the village The deity is heading back to the village Outflank them! Come on! Be careful! Take the statuette back to the village -Yes Down! Get the statuette back! Come on! Put the statuette down! Run, Xiong! Go! Niu! Stop there! Stop there! Hey, you! After him! Qing, are you all right? It hurts! The baby’s coming! The baby’s coming? Uncle Tian, Qing is about to give birth! We’ll take you to the hospital I’m going to give my wife a double surprise Go faster! Here, I’ll help you One, two, three One, two, three Let’s push harder One, two, three! You need my help? Buah long long? Give us a hand She’s about to give birth Hurry! -Ready? Come on! Again! Hurry up! Thank you Uncle Tian, hop on I’ve twisted my back You have? I’ll take over then Mottled face!

The Deity of the Land is now enshrined on the altar Please bless Wanxing Village with seasonable weather, keep our people from harm, and bless our animals and families Please bless us Help us! -Niu! Niu! He’s lost a lot of blood Why are you crying? I’m not dead He’s seriously hurt Take him to the hospital! No, we can’t. The police will find out about our fight then I’ll just apply medicinal herbs to my wounds No, Niu! When I lost my parents, you took care of me You’re my buddy. I must help you! I’ll be fine Let’s go home The post-war baby boom reached its peak in the mid-1960s In 1966, Kandang Kerbau Hospital delivered over 85%… of the country’s newborns The exact number was 39,835 This record-breaking feat… entered the Guinness Book of World Records Her baby’s coming! Nurse! Nurse, please help She’s going into labour Everyone’s waiting for the doctor Get in line Get in line? Hold my hand, Qing. Hang in there Hang in there. You can do it Nurse, can you hurry up? She’s in great pain Did you cry out in pain when you were doing it? What a thing to say! Hang in there and wait I can’t wait anymore She really can’t wait Nurse, please help her! Calm down Let me take a look at her Don’t worry, the head nurse is here The baby’s coming out! The baby can’t wait to meet you I see the head. I’ll deliver the baby Don’t be scared. Push Push harder -Help her Push harder! Push harder You’ve got to push harder Come on Push harder! You can do it! You’re doing very well The baby’s head is out You’re almost there Push The baby’s out It’s a girl Mdm Hong, I need you to take a look over here I’ll finish up here first Mdm Hong, I can take it from here This is my job Don’t you recognize me? I’m Yang Meixue, a nurse from the neonatal unit I may not be a midwife, but I can set up IV drips, draw blood and give injections Why is your face painted? I like Chinese opera, and dabble in acting occasionally Qing Have a good rest I’ll go remove my make-up I don’t want to frighten people Sure I’ll be back You have a beautiful baby Nurse, I must thank the heavens Thank heavens, it’s finally a boy

The delivery went well. Congratulations Have a good rest Mdm Hong, I’ll give you a hand Change the drip -All right Congratulations How are you feeling? Mdm Hong, have you had lunch? I’m too busy to eat You haven’t eaten? You may not feel it, but the little one is hungry Let’s go and eat Here, Mdm Hong It’s bad for the stomach if you eat irregularly The doctors will scold you if they find out I hear maternity ward nurses are so busy and overworked that they don’t have time to eat or take toilet breaks I finally saw it for myself today I take my hat off to you for juggling your duties so well We’ve had many expectant mothers this year Even the corridors have been turned into temporary delivery rooms There are also not enough beds Sometimes, two women in labour have to share one bed in turn I saw a woman sitting on a stool, waiting I feel so sorry for her That can’t be helped The last two years saw many newborns, and we’ve seen even more births this year I think the birth rate will hit a record high again If we include your little one, we’ll break the world record Frankly, we’re understaffed You seem to enjoy helping us Why don’t you ask for a transfer? No I can’t go hungry and I can’t hold my urine I don’t want to get gastritis, or a bladder infection from holding my urine Mdm Hong, Scaly’s father is celebrating his little son’s first month He’s brought us red eggs and ang ku kueh He wants to thank us for helping to deliver his son He has the maternity ward nurses to thank for his baby son? Although our work is busy, there are heart-warming moments such as this Thank you Hello Hello, is the head nurse there? Is she only just having her lunch? Mdm Hong, your husband’s on the phone Thank you Jia-er Dear, are you knocking off? I’ll pick you up Sure. I’ll be waiting at the entrance You didn’t eat on time again? I was too busy, but I’m eating now Are you having bread for lunch again? It’s not nutritious enough How did you know? Are you here? I may not be there, but I’ve planted spies I’ll take care of myself and your baby Mdm Hong! A baby’s missing! I’ve to go Stop crying. It’s your own fault! All you do is sleep Someone stole our son! What’s going on? Nurse, my son is missing When I woke up, I noticed it was a girl and not my son Was she given the wrong baby? We had several births at the same time just now I’m not sure Could someone have swapped the babies? That’s gross negligence! I’m sorry. We’ll find your baby Check if the baby was given to the wrong mother Yes Where’s Qing? She’s the mother with the painted face She might have been discharged I’ll go check It’s a girl. Congratulations Mdm Hong

You’re sure it was Qing who swapped the babies? When I was delivering her baby, I clearly saw a birthmark You’re observant Qing has given birth to five daughters Her husband, Xiao, has sold four of them She said Xiao had warned her if she gave birth to another girl, he would What would he do? Sell her, too? He’d sell the baby girl and divorce Qing She must be so anxious that she swapped her girl for a boy How is it entirely the wife’s fault? What a terrible man In the past, people never registered their marriage A man can remarry, leaving his wife high and dry But the children are blameless Mdm Hong, I’m thirsty I’d like to get a drink There’s a provision shop up ahead It won’t take long Morning, boss -Morning Boss, what’s this? Onion Can it be planted? Yes How much are these bananas? Five cents for two What about this? Five cents for three What’s inside it? You’re asking too many questions Are you buying anything? I want to buy rice How much for a catty? 45 cents I’ll have a catty 45 cents I’ve dropped my five-cent coin I’ll help you look for it Are you stealing sweets? I’m not! Let go of my hand! How dare you steal from me! I’m calling the police How much is it? I’ll pay It’s not about the money Pa! Help me, Pa! Fangfang! I was looking everywhere for you Were you stealing? She’s your daughter? I’m sorry, towkay I’ll punish her for stealing I’m going to kill you, you useless girl! That’s my cane! Uncle Tian, can you hurry up? Why are you in such a hurry? I’ll give you an extra $2 Thank you Xiao, congratulations! You’ve finally had a boy I told you I was a blessed man I’ll have a son to carry on the family name You’ve got your pay. Let’s go Wait Uncle Tian, I’m going back to my parents’ in Muar to spend my confinement I won’t be going back to New Phoenix Troupe for now Why are you so anxious to leave? Don’t you want to show off your newborn son to your parents in Muar? Listen Our son is in the car He’ll need a feed soon We’ll get going -Sure Let’s go. My son’s hungry Bye Uncle Tian! Meixue, what are you doing back here? How’s your back? -I’m fine I’d like to get Qing’s address from you We’re looking for her I don’t have her address in Muar She’s going back to Muar? She just left Ma, it’s so hot. What’s taking Pa so long? Be quiet, don’t wake your brother up Xiao, are you done? Yes! Stop rushing me! What the hell did I eat? It hurt so much Xiao! Xiao! Get in the car! We must go!

Stop hurrying me They’re nurses from the hospital I haven’t paid the hospital bill. Let’s go! Wait up! Xiao! -Stop the car! Liu Qing! Stop the car! Xiao! -Liu Qing! Qing has taken the baby boy Don’t let her leave Singapore We need a pirate taxi Pirate taxi? You’re looking for a pirate taxi? You again? Go away You’ll regret it if I leave I have a pirate taxi You’re a pirate taxi driver? I think you’re a pirate If you don’t believe me, fine I’ll go back to sleep I believe you Please catch up with that car Sure Pay up first – $10 Is your car gold-plated? Lower your price Happy waiting I’ll pay Mdm Hong, he’s milking the situation -Don’t pay him -We’ve got to find Liu Qing Here Where’s your car? Outside the coffee shop. I’ll go get it Wait here for me Hurry up Hey, stupid women! Thank you for your $10! Happy waiting! Have a drink, boss Bottoms up She’s a big girl I’m charging you a very fair price You won’t get this price from other people The price is fair, but she’s a bit too old and will recognize people She won’t If my creditors weren’t coming after me, I wouldn’t sell her Daidi, say “Pa” Pa Not me, but him Pa Are you going to sell me like you did Sister? Won’t you like to have a good life with your new papa? Go on and call him I’ll hit you if you won’t! Call him! You’ve a nerve to sell your daughter in broad daylight So what? Do I have to consult the almanac first? It’s illegal to sell your children It’s none of your business She’s my daughter. I can do whatever I like with her The Women’s Charter was passed in 1961 It protects the rights of women and girls, and lets them enjoy equal status as men You’re nuts What charter? I’m a boor. I’ve never heard of it! Ignore her, boss We had a deal – I’ll hand over the girl and, you, the money You’ll be hauled into court if you sell or buy children I’ll be hauled into court? Forget it, Xiao Boss! You shrew! There goes my money! Don’t hurt my ma! Kuan-er Your name is Xiao? My husband is a lawyer It’s a criminal offence to beat up someone in public He’ll haul you into court, and you’ll go to jail You listen to me – I need money to save my son If something happens to him, I’ll get you for it! My name is Zhang Min and my husband’s Hong Dangyong You can look us up any time Let’s go! Come on Be careful. Don’t wander too far Brother, let’s go over there Her eyes are like limpid pools Her singing trills with a passionate lilt Rui-er?

Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! Rui-er! I told you not to wander about You scared me This place is fun That man knows martial arts Why didn’t you tell me you were stepping away? Brother brought me here I’m sorry, Ma Stay here and watch, then Let’s go, Rui-er Stop there! Stop following us Ma, Brother didn’t follow us Forget about him Brother! Brother! Where did Kuan-er go? Ma Did the man you’d scolded kidnap Brother? That’s nonsense. Kuan-er must be playing somewhere Let’s look for him Let me go! Get your hands off me! What are you doing? Let go! Let go! Let go! I say let go! Let go! What are you doing? You killed him? Help! Someone’s been killed! Someone’s been killed! Out of my way! -Stop him! Out of my way! Out of my way! -He killed a man! Out of my way! He killed a man! Out of my way! Out of my way! You’re not getting away! Ma! Let go of my ma! -Let go! Let go! Let go! Let go of me! No! -Stay back! Let go of me! Let go of my son! Stay back! Don’t hurt him! Rui-er! Rui-er! Subtitles: PK Chew, MediaCorp TV