This SHY guy's INSANE DEEP voice SHOCKS The Voice coaches | Journey #82

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This SHY guy's INSANE DEEP voice SHOCKS The Voice coaches | Journey #82

What’s your name? My name is Emmanuel Ooh your voice! – Wow! Your speaking voice is nothing like your singing voice Yeah, I know What’s your name? My name is Emmanuel Ooh your voice! – Wow! Damn man! Were you the one that was just singing? Yes I was born in Nigeria And I came here when I was 8 years old So how long have you been into music? And where does your love of music come from? When I first came to London my dad had the Spice Girls album And um… I thought Is he for real? I can’t even imagine what you’re going to sing today I love music so much You know, I want people to just hear What I sound like I believe this is my chance to show off what I’ve got Your speaking voice is nothing like your singing voice Yeah, I know To be quite honest with you you’ve finished this song before I realized it was over And that’s the only reason that I didn’t press my button ‘Cause I loved what you did Thank you, thank you so much The weird thing is we just had a guy come out and he was exactly what I was looking for, he’s a young kid he’s good-looking, sang a pop song and he was great And I was like: “well, that’s what I was looking for” That’s what I need to fill up my team And then you come on and I wasn’t looking for you but I pressed my button anyway And then I was like: “that’s what I should have been doing all along” Why have I been thinking about this stupid games? When people like that are out there, singing like that So Emmanuel and Classical Reflection It is an odd pairing but Sometimes those make the best battles We’ve got to start again It’s fine I’m going to swap you around, if that’s all right He just froze He forgot everything that he’s good at I felt quite overwhelmed It was just It was just it was too much So Emmanuel the thing is about you you’re an artist, you’re not used to this kind of thing And it was like, proper fish out of water It’s quite new for me to have all this attention I kind of felt, like, exposed I felt kind of naked Basically, get the emotion of the song Tell that story You’re my storyteller He can do this Don’t have any doubt in his performance I want people to know that he can do it But in order for that to happen he’s gotta know he can do it It must have been so hard for you Emmanuel, to really kind of

stand out with two voices Especially two that know each other so well Thanks. Thank you You know, you put that thing on it, you know you You’ve got the soul thing in this Okay Okay, so the winner of this battle is The act that I would really like to take through Even past the Knockouts Which is a big statement And so the winner of the battle tonight is Emmanuel Emmanuel is the shy guy I think it’s half of his charm Because it makes what he does when he opens his mouth and sing even more impressive I like your deep voice It’s becoming kind of a thing – Yeah All this attention is not something I’m used to If you’re like that when you sing I don’t think you need to be the biggest chatterbox in the world Because he’s bringing something even more important to the room Anyone that could make you listen to the words more than you’ve ever listened to them before is a brilliant singer and he’s doing that With me If one shy man can change a room with a song Then he deserves to be in the final You got a real angelic voice and then

you come out sounding like Mr. T and it’s really awesome I don’t think he sounds like anybody that I know That I’ve heard before I mean he’s strong in every area of his range everyone thought it was a shy guy but then, if you do a performance like that on TV you’re not shy, you just know when to let it out I had some time off rehearsal And I thought I’d go to my little brother’s school and surprise him When I as in the room, they knew who I was It felt amazing, it made me feel so good inside Hi everyone! It’s fantastic to have my brother come in and all my friends be happy I think my brothers were really happy I could see that they were quite proud that they had their big bother there And it made me feel really good Today, I’ve come back to my University to see my friends and family Everyone was just like, you know, screaming and you know Every week I’m watching it and I’m rooting for him I love seeing Emmanuel on stage

It’s so cool, like you know having all of you here and I’m who I am because of the help of you guys There’s a lot of progress in Emmanuel I’m very proud of him Do you see how deep his voice is compared to mine? Because of Ricky and the public and the experience I believe in myself so much more now I’m so excited, I can’t wait The amazing Emmanuel He’s got the grace and the voice of an angel And he’s got a gift that I know in the past he’s found it hard to express but you’re expressing it now and over this competition you’ve even the last week you’ve really come alive mate I’m just so glad you’re here in the final and you deserve to be in the final And I know you wouldn’t say it For two of you the competition ends here This is it the first artist chosen by the public to stay in the competition and sing on is it’s Lucy! Lucy, congratulations! The second artist to stay in the competition and sing on is Stevie!