VERSATILE SUPERSTAR leaves everybody SPEECHLESS in The Voice | Journey #92

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VERSATILE SUPERSTAR leaves everybody SPEECHLESS in The Voice | Journey #92

It’s, you know, it’s all about why we sing It’s all about what we sing It’s about a message and I’m so honored that you are rising up as a voice in the darkness I want to believe in that dream What’s your name? What’s your name lovely girl? My name is Siki Jo-An How old are you? I’m 25 – You’re 25. And where you from? I’m from Port Elizabeth I’m on The Voice and I’m very excited My name is Siki Jo-An and I am from Port Elizabeth I’m a very spiritual singer Because I am African, I believe that I’m with my ancestors So when when I sing, they reveal themselves on stage I’ve always been an artist I was born to be an artist This is my purpose in life I am living my dream And what my ancestors wants me to do in life Because this is a competition you can win, you can lose You need to be strong emotionally I am just looking for one person to believe in me, that’s all Are you a performer? I mean, please, tell me about yourself Yes I am a performer, I’ve been performing since I was six years old And I studied music and drama I studied theater And that’s where I get my stage presence and how to connect with people as well I absolutely love the ululating I mean… I just…. you made me so proud to be African, right now Thank you That was so stunning I’m, I’m I know I might not speak your language But there’s a different language that we’re speaking That language is not just for South Africa, I think it’s it’s going to go much further than that It’s going across the oceans I want to be there and I want to be your cheerleader And I want to lift your arms up I would be so honored The Voice needs someone like you You know, somebody who stands in in just everything beautiful about being South African You do it beautifully, you do it elegantly, it transcends color boundaries, all of that stuff Something that will stand out in the world, is something uniquely South African I never want you to lose that I just really want to walk with you in that journey Preserving your essence, not losing that Riana Here’s the lady So Siki Jo-An oh, she’s got so much depth Huge amount of experience in theater and acting and singing and training and everything Okay, ’cause tell me what song are you singing? So the song is’ Ingoma’ by Thandiswa Mazwai Is this a song for someone specific? It’s for you For me? Yeah You kidding me! – I’m telling you

I’m blessed to have you on my team I must admit like you know, I didn’t expect you to pick me, but I was over the moon when you did You know, when you really connect with someone and you just… like kindred spirits I think Siki Jo-An is one of those people that I probably will know for quite some time after this When you go to that note you have incredible strength It is quite with a bang so you want to pull your mic away a little bit when you do that So what you want is control So when you do that note Suck in your stomach for me – Sure I want her to harness it a little bit better So that its pleasant to people and just taking them to that mountaintop It was like seeing a queen This beautiful figure of authority, it was phenomenal. I really enjoyed that – Thank you So imagine the stadium filled with people You’d be one of those people who would actually keep them entertained from the very beginning till the very end, I admire you You gave us a show, not just a battle But you said: “let’s entertain people” and you both took it on You know, Siki You kill it every single time Siki, you are

you are for me very unique And what I love about you you are someone that does more than one thing And in your vocals, you have the ability to cross many genres, even That’s why I’m saving you It’s… you know, it’s all about why we sing, it’s all about what we sing It’s about a message and I’m so honored that you are rising up as a voice in the darkness I want to believe in that dream I wouldn’t want to be compared to anyone, but rather to be in my own lane As always, I strive to be different

But one of my icons is Miriam Makeba I want to take over the world The way she did I think she was amazing I’m dedicating this song to my father I just want to remind every father and every brother out there that you are a king And you should own your throne Enjoy the song You have a massive voice You’ve got incredible range, you’ve got incredible presence You’re an electrifying performer And every time you come here you show us you can do so many different things This woman ululates, then she goes from Xhosa to zulu to english And you are enunciating and pronouncing everything so elegantly You really… there’s nothing stopping you, sweetheart You are absolutely amazing, you are going higher and higher You know, every week

you manage to take us to a different place and show us a different aspect of your personality And I just want to say thank you very much Guys

Siki, you’re just you’re, you’re in a league of your own darling You’ve earned your way to the top three You are so phenomenal, congratulations And now I wanna iterate this to every musician your education has served you well Your musical training has served you well So well done, congratulations Two remain on stage with me Both of them are in team Riana One of them is in the top two Soné the comeback kid of The Voice South Africa your journey on The Voice South Africa is not over, you are in the top two Therefore it means Siki Jo-An’s journey on The Voice ends here but we all know that she’s entering an industry where she will become timeless