Will this The Voice Talent become the #1 Australian ROCKSTAR? | Journey #86

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Will this The Voice Talent become the #1 Australian ROCKSTAR? | Journey #86

You were talking about a an empty throne in the rock scene here in Australia man go out there and sit in it, man It’s yours Bring it on, it’s yours -Thanks Ricky First, what’s your name and where are you from? My name is Frank Lakoudis, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Sydney With me here today, is my mum my brother Dean and my girlfriend Tiana I grew up in a traditional Greek family There was a lot of Greek music My dad used to play the accordion I did Greek dancing and just the atmosphere of the Greek community that we’re all just very loud and we just like to sing The Voice is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity And I hope to grab the coaches’ attention from the get-go I really, really would love to work with you It’s a rare quality to have, that big voice Thank you You can do some of the high stuff that’s kind of thin And like there’s a lot of places you can go I’m just so impressed, I’m blown away I’m just like: wow that’s power dude, power I think my jaw was on the floor for most of that because a performance like that blows your mind Yeah, action music Thank you I really believe in like pairings that you shouldn’t even mess with You know what I’m saying? leather jackets, leather jackets You have three turns Cool, so do I get to pick now? Yeah Joel We’re gonna kill it It’s gonna be a really interesting battle Because you both have such strengths This is a real song It is – It is It’s a great song It’s a real opportunity, you know? Like, it should be something different So the song, I gave Frank and Harry “Under The Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers It’s like me tipping my cap to them Saying, like, you guys can handle this This is a big song with a lot of flavor a lot of personality and big shoes to fill Frank’s weapon is his voice and I think when you’re singing with a guy who plays the guitar and sings you feel a little intimidated You kind of might try to overcompensate Just like a classic car a classic song has to be handled right I really believe Harry you know how to handle it I think Frank you’re young you have this energy you have an amazing voice You do the Zeppelin thing, that’s cool right? But you got to do more – Yeah It’s very difficult going off against like a veteran Who’s been in the scene for longer than or even earlier than before I was born, you know If Frank really lets loose and lets it fly and uses his voice he could just destroy but if you get too caught up in what the other guy’s doing and you’re focused on that, Harry’s just so good So you know this battle is gonna be the tough one That was Frank Lakoudis and Harry Healy!

It’s a big decision here So who are you taking through on Team Joel? Frank you have kind of an unbridled it’s like uncaged, it’s it’s raw and it’s exciting and you have a lot of life to give I’m gonna go forward with the person that I think I could help the most And I think that’s Frank Ladies and gentlemen! Frank Lakoudis is the winner of this battle! Moving forward on Team Joel Lakoudis, you’re next You know, I love your name Because it reminds me of like a cop movie Lakoudis! Give me your badge and your gun There’s a couple people on the other teams that are gonna deliver theatrics Team Joel needs that one big over-the-top performance Lakoudis This is you man My song is “I Was Made For Loving You” by Kiss

Joel knows who we are And that’s the key thing You’re gonna be able to bring all the moves Because that’s what Kiss was all about It was that big show If I get the shoulder pads, some flames happening I don’t know if I would do make up but Oh dude, why not? That’s good That would be so cool Well, let’s talk about it Haha, Lakoudis you’re killing me All right Get your ass out of here Lakoudis get out of my office! What I want to do this week is it’s kind of go bigger I feel like I’m on a really good winning streak I want to keep it up But I mean it’s always hard having to like, outdo yourself to previously before You got to think: okay, what do I do next? What do I do next? Because I reckon I can bring it up in that second verse Bring it all up, bring the attitude up Bring the delivery up Yeah man You gotta kind of punch your way through I want to be the next big rock act in Australia There’s an empty throne up there that is waiting to be taken And it’s got my name on it You do something no one else does on this show You move and I just loved watching you play to the cameras You’re an absolute natural Thanks Kylie You were talking about a an empty throne in the rock scene here in Australia man, go out there and sit in it, man It’s yours The statement we need to make this week is the music Yes I want them to see how powerful and how big your voice is I have chosen “We Are The Champions” by Queen he’s had two huge performances, he has entertained us all Now I want for him to have like a big vocal moment He is the only big, strong, male Rock vocal on the show So on this song he’s got to kind of come to the center of the stage and he’s got to make a statement Lakoudis, tonight you were killing you man

You were killing it and I I like it, because you don’t take it too serious you know? You just come on stage, you have fun, you perform You deliver and that’s what I felt tonight, congratulations Thanks Ricky – Thank you Joel and I went to my old school St. Euphemia college And we walked in and it was just like a thunderous scream It was crazy Do you guys like rock and roll music? Yeah! It was really cool seeing the next generation of musicians Went home afterwards And I was met with an awesome Greek dinner Let’s eat! It’s like the greatest thing ever I missed them so much One artist is save

The third artist still in with a chance of becoming The Voice is Anja Nissen!