Ostatni lot Sebka (S04E01)

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Ostatni lot Sebka (S04E01)

that’s not what I desire tell me baby, what’s holding you back kiss is not enough woo ooo ooo there’s a conspiracy that they had a pig on a grill there pate turned out to be a banger pate with a pickle is my favourite delicacy if they were clean, they would be clean I’ll put this paper into a paper bin and Oskar will take this pants out from this bin it’s vastly dangerous, don’t try that but we’ll try it for you thanks we’re on an “A2” highway we’re going maybe it’s an “S8” not an “A2”, whatever we’re going towards Łódź city you see, that’s how you’re loosing your eloquence after going out on Saturday today’s goal is to reach Zgierz city (wrong name) today’s… what was that name? -Zagreb -Zagre? we set out 4th season just started we’re on a highway to Łódź city, started from Warsaw with a stop in a Koluszki city where we collect our friend Maciek you’ll meet him later Robert will join us in Sarajevo because he had to stay at work so you don’t have to ask where is Robert anymore Krzysiek lost his eyebrows due to spot baldness our new car I have no clue how fast is it because speedometer doesn’t work properly but we’re going faster than lorries, so let’s say around 100… maybe 110km/h line of cars behind us, waiting to take over I’ll make that possible just after taking over this truck alright we set out does he bore you with thermos story already? this thermos was awesome as hell I know, my grandma had one of these ah man earlier this day my superb thermos exploded today’s morning as I dropped it want a donut as remedy? -yep -with a jam donuts and rolls how is it? tasty this trip is a lie for our girlfriends we came here to spend 3 weeks over there drinking vodka by this table grill is about to start and one more important thing -Oskar is not vaping anymore so I have to shave myself because he stopped shaving my back for a liquid but we’ll try to find some new theme for him on this trip I’d like to greet Krzysiek and Natalia who have gave us pate and also Kasia who made sandwiches pate turned out to be awesome let me welcome you on an interactive journey through our van it’s a Ford Transit freshly made in 1992 that’s interior I’ll show you as you can spot, we have hand-made curtains and also other amenities like wooden, side panels 9 seater new, freshly mounted registration plates we used knife as a drill as we didn’t have any other equipment than a pocket knife and that’s a front of this van ritual is about to start we’re about to check an oil for the first time and how is it?

wet it’s all sloppy wet indeed (give Oski an opportunity to read a measure so he won’t stand there without a reason) you should teach him how to do it alright, hold this so we’re about to read a result and how is it? is that where the full is? yep, that’s the maximum so we have a full good job this van is an oil generator, we have a top level just see what Sebek did here my blood is boiling when I see pate here all the seat is dirty in pate can you talk this through with him as he’ll be back? nope, you’ll sort this out but you have a nice flow already it’s 5:13AM we’re going to bed We reached Zagreb around 5AM yesterday it’s around 12 now and we’re about to start sightseeing, that’s the area where we stay we’re staying in an airbnb, pretty decent one as usual, price was a deal-making factor for us we’re paying around 50$ a night for 5 ppl it’s pretty decent we’re about to eat a “burek” which is a local cousine Balkan one it’s some kind of dough filled with meat or cheese you pick what you want inside thanks we’re heading towards blocks, but streets are weirdly placed here, and we will cross the tracks again really? -yep you can go back home if you wanna alright bye flora was what Krzysiek ment figs are growing there I never saw figs growing in Poland before it’s about 10 degres warmer than in Poland I guess it’s nice here I don’t always drink beer in Croatia

but when I do, I choose Ożulskoje (beer brand) they have also “Osjecko” looks good too (speaking in Croatian) the oldest? yes yes buildings? (speaking in Croatian) yes yes these are the oldest two buildings in the city which year? when have they built them? how many years? when did they build them? how many years in past? how many years? how old? -how old? how old? (Croatian) yes, how old around 40 years ago (Croatian) 40 years ago (Polish) and you’re from Poland, right? yep, all of us and from which city? he’s from Warsaw Biala Podlaska Kwidzyn Bydgoszcz they make beer in Kwidzyn you’ll behave as you plan to steal something or what are you about? I don’t want to go there alright, so we’re going without you and you? Are you coming? where? To the roof? yep nah 17 floors my dear people good that fan is working because it’s too much testosterone here I’m all wet cool right? Good that we waited to get here lady with a dog let us in oh my man where are our guys? where are they? I’ll drop some swearings on them they have to be sorry now will we be this good to let them in? so they can see the view I think so, yes they had their chance you think that they had a chance? yep, we asked them I’m a good lord, will let them in I’d let them in architecture makes sense here, so you can find many places like this one we didn’t make it up, this place was made so people can date here and smoke spliffs somebody designed this place the way it is in early 70s, indeed we’re about to meet our first guides soon first two people who we found through the internet actually a friend of a friend gave us this contact and then another friend connected us with them we won’t tell you now what they do They will tell you, so stay with us should we order a taxi or what? I don’t wanna drop my beer

I’m waiting for you alone sitting there and you’re here with full beers are you fuc**** out of your mind? here you are, go for it I was sitting there for like 20 minutes where we were supposed to meet these girls and we all agreed to meet there so we came here just for one beer he sent me a text 15 min ago that he’s looking for you and as soon as Oski came here Oski left me alone there and said that he’s about to buy cigs and will be back soon 20 minutes ago but I was the first person who said “alright” but Sebek ordered this one for me wait a moment wait wait wait you’re a shitface Oski, because you left me there alone and you said that you’ll be back soon alright let’s go cool car? shall we cross on a zebra as normal people? we’re not in an Africa anymore alright this place is called “Krivi Put” it’s some kind of a pub we’re meeting our new friends here, they should be here in a second it’s a “local’s only” place, only Croats are around and so we are chillout, relax and water sports but without swimming suits yesterday was a bit stressful but Croatia made it up to us already so we’re in Zagreb city, drinkin’ beer, meetin’ people girls we met are music producers we’re joining them in their studio tomorrow and we’ll find out what kind of music genre they produce so we’re about to find out mutton traditional Croatian food you know check out what’s on the wall there it must be a good spot if a trash container is placed close to the entrance this place is called “Medika” it’s an art space you can find here different art studios/places music, theatre and other arts like this listen up guys

we’re about to raise rakija awareness rakija is a local +40% alcohol to raise rakija awareness you have to grab 1 liter bottle like this what are we raising? awareness awareness they sing really bad song because of you Krzysiek

I won’t quote it but it’s full of swearing words I hope that you’re proud of yourself we’re on the way to technical museum of Nicola Tesla in a quarter of mile we’ll turn left we’re about to find how hammers, transmissions and rockets are working and electric circuit also we’ll see what they have there we saw really cool places with street art yesterday and things alike Luki did some tricks on a skateboard and we joked around we wanted to see a sunset from a roof but we didn’t make it to the roof but we will try to sort something out today what a ball ah geez how swollen it is it’s a bit of a purple here yep hematoma it’s just a scrape shoot a close up and what have you done? nothing, it’s a risky business * was it worth it * of course it was, I was about to land a trick from 7 stairs I’ll tell you it’s cool tho, nothing serious happened, you know what I’m sayin I’d like to welcome you on a journey through museum of tech and science in Zagreb This is a Saturn 5 rocket it took all of the Apollo missions to the Moon the biggest man-made rocket yep such a big rocket, isn’t it? ye that’s an engine… it was powering a ship ship? ye tour is about to happen I adore this kind of an arc it’s such an allegory of cooperation because it would work without grout between these elements this is how they teach Swedish kids about cooperation first they cut triangle-like shapes from cheese and then they are building an arc without any grout That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

I’d like to say hello to my father, he’s much better specialist when it comes to space and rockets he would be much better tour guide than I am I’d also like to say hello to his father unfortunately our friend Robson had to stay at work for sure he’d like it here alright, did you pee? no, where’s a toilet? I signed us into guestbook already I signed us into guestbook already “chlopaki w podrozy” were here very close, very close stay calm, stay calm I’m a parking surgeon my man we’re heading to our friends recording studio we’ll see a bit of their production process and ask some questions about it ah geez I can’t walk backwards when talking alright it says in Croatian “entrance through patio”, come on it’s here Sebek, have you seen this? what kind of a mic is there? Beyerdynamic of course my man it’s a temple I’d work here they make very cool music it’s kinda dark but compositionally interesting. It’s solid coolio what kind of performance is taking a place here?

can we start the music now? it was very rude of you I was aiming to put it to Krzysiek’s head we’ll see the old town right now it’s the last moment to see it, because tomorrow we’re going out from Zagreb city and I was selected as a driver so I’m having a time of my life I mean it It might be a bit late as it’s 10pm now or 11pm they have a cat-cafe here where you can sit, have a coffee and play with cats what is fantastic to be honest that’s not what I desire tell me baby, what’s holding you back kiss is not enough woo oooo oooooo kiss is not enough I desire more today baby I can feel your warm hands it’s not enough, it’s not what I desire tell me baby what’s holding you back it’s not enough, I desire more today baby I can feel your warm hands it’s not enough, it’s not what I desire tell me baby what’s holding you back 1 sub = 1 song sung by Krzysiek Subscribe, you want it calm we’re going to buy a moonshine with 100 kuna we’ll have a liter it’s a local alcohol – rakija it will be faster for sure it’s hardly possible to be slower than our previous van