Vol. 17 – MASSA & FOSMA charter 4 flights for Indian seafarers

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Vol. 17 – MASSA & FOSMA charter 4 flights for Indian seafarers

[Applause] hello and welcome to the 17th edition of America’s maritime news bulletin these are the headlines on Monday a June 20 24 to transport Indian seafarers industry leaders shared their views on emerging business scenario my goals event on mentoring across Muslim sector MSE seafarers back home from Rome another news in detail to help Indian seafarers butter the TUC times amid the covert 19 pandemic effects Indian maritime bodies masa and Kozma have joined hands to transfer ship stock across the globe three chartered flights during this month masa and phasma they operate four chartered flights from India to Qatar this development is a huge relief for Indian ship running companies which have been constantly seeking evacuation of Indian seafarers dock on ships for the past three months I’d reduce myself as captain johnathan of Mossad I’m also the CEO of elegant marine services Private Limited representing Fleet Management Limited one of the largest and most compassionate implants of Indian seafarers managing five hundred and fifty ships trading internationally challenges they say bring the best in people and organizations one such challenge is the cove 819 which the world is gripped and under lockdown for two and a half months among these cha was the only transport which is working without a break this is transport of woods by sea see fellows will make the heroes of those Royal bringing in supplies and giving them to every port of the one without any day off even when the rest of the world is under complete lockdown the members of masa represent some of the leading companies who engage Indian seafarers who work on these ships in fact between us masa and our industry associates most ma we represent more than 80% of Indian seafarers who serve on ships trading worldwide including cruise ships and the offshore vessels it becomes our collective duty to bring them back to their families when the Duty is over and replace them with others who are yearning to get back to work now with the international commercial flights yet to operate in and out of India the Mitel of bringing back overseas has been taken up but collectively by Massa enforcement hence the two reading associations got together and decided to charter flights from India with deadly as a starting point to go up and back this has its own challenges and the two associations have been working around the clock with partnering TPI to make it possible of course none of this is possible without doubt reaching support of the greater agenda of shipping the Ministry of shipping Minister of Civil Affairs DGCA MHA another officials in fact Amitabh Kumar nitrogen of shipping and the senior official captain daniel has been working literately with us without any break to coordinate among various sections of the government to make this happen the scent of this is that we have our first chartered flight going out of Delhi to tawa on the 3rd of June with 120 seafarers today the 7th of June we again hand our next flight with almost 150 plus seafarers going to go up from there they will connect to commercial flights to about 20 or one-bite destinations the most important part is that today the industry will witness its first charter of life exclusively dedicated in bringing back about 150 seafarers from

various countries and today in a way this is a golden little day in the history of shipping that could not have been a better collaboration among all stakeholders with a single purpose of making a change possible looking foreign ports in spite of shutdown of international flights in India with about 10,000 plus seafarers to bring back going ahead Masai enforcement has lined up more such shorter flights every four days that is 11:15 nineteen twenty third twenty seven and also the first of junuh we will more which are more flights if the situation demands I want to conclude by profusely thanking the Indian High Commission in Qatar our industry mentally attrition of shipping Ministry of shipping ami ADC a minister of home and family welfare but other ways ATP i wasa phosphorus Secretariat’s and of course the collective good we love our member lines and the industry in making these charter flights possible thank you it continues to be our priority to relieve Indian seafarers at foreign ports to make this happen pasta and masa jointly have embarked on a project involving several charter flights these charter flights are intended to operate from India to Doha and also from Doha back to India the joining seafarers will fly from India to Doha and from there they will take various commercial flights operated by Qatar Airways on to the various locations all over the world and arrive at the vessels upon arriving the vessels they will relieve the seafarers onboard and the relief seafarers will fly back into the war all the seafarers from various locations will collect back and walk from where they will be flown back to India on the next charter flight this entire process will last for days so we will have a flight taking off every four days and then on its return leg it is intended to bring back the seafarers who have been relieved by the seafarers who have flown out of India four days prior we hope to release maximum number of seafarers through this particular endeavor of ours over the times to come none of this would have been possible if he would not have got active support guidance and assistance at all stages from the Director General of shipping and his entire team they worked with us day and night together to make this happen and it is for the benefit of the entire industry we are very glad to say that this could have had happened today only because of this we like to also thank all the stakeholders who have been involved in this for giving us this support and assistance as needed at all times in his recent address to the Indian business fraternity Prime Minister mr Narendra Modi said intent inclusion investment infrastructure and innovation are crucial for India to revert back to a high growth trajectory once economic activities resume in a gradual manner how will Indian logistic entrepreneurs benefit due to the anticipated spurt of sales across the country well flattering GDP numbers stop the growth of alien logistics sector going ahead Merrick’s spoke to industry bigwigs India still is not amongst in top countries when it comes to e-commerce sales and rank 73rd in UN index of e-commerce readiness the Chinese e-commerce market on the other end is growing at the rate of 35% and the share of e-commerce in retail sales is fifteen point nine percent since it demonstrates the importance of e-commerce in large countries we can see that the potential in India is huge Steve Jobs once said innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower the word followers should be understood as a laggard a typical conversation in India is about global based practices rather than setting standards or challenging the state standards by disruption India now ranks 52nd in 129 countries on global innovation index still a jump of five places in one year and 29 places over last five years indicating a spurt of innovation in India I hope this is a correct assessment and we will soon see

the results on the ground the biggest challenge for logistics service providers is now the customers are reliably unreliable when it comes to payment it is now almost reached speculative oceans the types ahead are both financially tough and disruptive most businesses already had sustainability challenges and now they have even more challenges this economic environment will separate the men from voice and this is where the opportunity lies for the innovators and the agile to revise their Kinion economy and put it back on track I think logistics infrastructure and investment is going to play a major role Oh in the last three months we have seen how important has been the connectivity availability of goods transporting them and reaching to the right people at the right time now had there been no e-commerce I think even the main supplies would have been affected very badly but this ecommerce is going to play a major major role going forward the reason being number one people are going to move out lesser people are going to go to the shops lesser but the demand if it arises it will be met through the e-commerce not create this demand we have to get back to the supplies which are presently which is a major challenge is shut because of factories are shut the migrant workers have gone home and this poor control and lockdown on shut down now with lockdown open things will move the production starts the supply starts the demand will be met I benefits of e-commerce I think one doesn’t have to mean one has seen in the last three months day in and day out everything has happened to e-commerce the futures will be ecommerce their housing industry who have a paradigm shift so that their goods are delivered faster and at the consumption place the Indian Louis six industry is poised for a major growth the right use of technology and the right use of resources will ensure that the logisitics industry has a huge potential to offer multitude of solution traditionally the lowest if service providers have been shying away from use of the right technology and and the post coverage scenario the social distancing norms health necessity that the technology be used not only for handling of the cargos but also of tracking of the cargoes of scheduling of you know meeting the delivery norms the time requirements the visibility all these you know requirements from the customers can be effectively handled using technology now the companies that use this technology has a huge potential for growth and I’m sure the Indian launched six professionals as well as the forward-looking companies are in already exploring various technologies available for giving the right solution to their customers the e-commerce sector has a you know specially has a huge potential what is what we have seen is the the supply chains have been disrupted the local Khurana shops or the local neighborhood stores are currently not in a position to make all kinds of goods available although the MSC me has indeed this source you know following the MSM sector there have been a huge backbone to our economy India’s oldest union of Merchant Navy officers the Maritime Union of India mui has always supported its members by ensuring upgrading of the our professional values technical legal and commercial knowledge and add-on qualifications to the utmost in a very competitive shipping scenario to discuss the key issue of mentoring in the Merchant Navy workforce mui recently organized a virtual interaction titled was the evocative of maritime spectrum several senior leaders of the indian maritime industry presented at this meeting the cove in nineteen fred make has created a lot of uncertainty among is the seeker community due to long extended contracts Seafarer are going through a very difficult time with the work but take stress anxiety all over the time and it is not furthers the severe of those were working on board ship for the seat better those who are waiting at home to join the ship and also equally well vulnerable position and we should not forget their families which are facing shitty over this situation at such time with America in front of me as it was to live equal to that means one family need to come together to hand over of members and mentor them in the right direction this can only be achieved with other stakeholder take up

constantly to maintain in their own capacity the director general of shipping sherry Amitabha kavagi had made this suggestion in one of his Webner and we took it upon ourselves to make this as a moment therefore we organized the webinar on the topic mentoring across the maritime sector movement has given the prohibition for shutting the flight force ma masa and other association has started to sign up and sign off of the kuru at the port Doha and Paloma I would like to appeal to always see whether that wearing a mask use a hand sanitizer and maintain a social distance this thing is necessary to avoid quota balance while working on warship maintain social distancing metal Univ India we are pleased to inform that we are launching a mentoring and coaching program for the siiver community which requires required in the time spectrum mentoring is all about passing on the information knowledge or skill set but is about building a character of Amenti all across the world the winters and Wendy is a relationship which is based on the trust and evolve in building the character multi spectrum requires this kind of character building today in India as well powerful country in terms of demographic dividend and if we start building the characters now on maritime sector in my time industry definitely incorporate social mentoring to develop a gender-neutral mindset throughout the shipping social mentoring should be incorporated through the entire supply chain of sailing profession right from the point where a cadet is inducted into shipping institution and to the point of retirement in in his or her career social mentoring should be also incorporated among the faculty members among the shore-based staff who deals with the seafarers on a regular basis and this is extremely important because it is not already a part of Indian culture and like some of the Western culture and in order to be able to build build a gender-neutral mindset amongst our people social mentoring for creating a gender-neutral atmosphere should be it should be it should be injected into the system in this manner and we believe and we have seen that it results many of the issues which currently exist amongst seafarers and are attributed to having both male and female seafarers sailing on ship we have seen that these problems can be resolved right from the root if social mentoring is formalized in the institutions and in the shipping companies recently another Indian seafarers employed on MSC ship management vessels got back to India from Rome the Indian ambassador to Italy mrs. rina salvo met the departing seafarers at Rome Airport firing the many rapid changes in the energy sector training for the e trainer has ten tremendous importance seizing the initiative in this regard the maritime trainers guild NDG had an online workshop over the weekend thank you very much for your own well-being response to a tech module well we are all geared up now for the tech Advanced Course the coming weekend 100-plus applications have already been received and we are in the process of sending you the invites your keen interest has motivated us to do further research so that we can deliver the best in the Advanced Course in similar lines to Ted we are also thinking of developing Ted Ted train-the-trainer tell train the e-learning as per the Clause 11 point 2 of des training circular 19 of 2020 happy to share knowledge always MTG held s webinar on Saturday sixth and Sunday 7th June there

were two sessions of three hours each the workshop was titled training for the e trainer covering a structured course for a trainers this was followed by an examination online with a certificate on satisfactory completion a surprising number about 1000 trainers attended this webinar on Zoom and YouTube the webinar was very interesting and conducted very well I’m amazed at high level of presentations the audience would have benefited greatly I understand that this will be followed by 12 our Advanced Course in the very near future I wish them all success during these difficult times for seafarers worldwide no my port stole the show with more than 2000 crew changes with proper medical tests more my boat is very proud to achieve this feat my port has till date taken about 899 crew members who have got down at Mumbai port coming in for cruise ships we have made special arrangements for these cruise ships and now 13 more cruise ships are coming here with about 12,000 passengers we are facilitating our seafarers to get down at Mumbai and then they can travel from here all over the arrangement which we have made is like this that as soon as the ship comes we take put the ship in the Anchorage encourages in the sea we send our doctors there they take tests of everyone and when after a day out after about 1 or 2 days when the results come if all the results are negative then the ship is brought to the berth and they are allowed to get down then according to the passes which are given by the local municipal corporation they are permitted to go to their various destinations so this is the system and I think it is working quite well and all these seafarers who have been there outside for months they are able to come back like this and as it is on the ship they have done more than their quarantine period some people have done 30 days some 40 days the National Youth Council of India a renowned platform for young and emerging influencers recently hosted a talk show the president nari Shakti porous carbonyl Reshma nila Park India’s first lady Marine pilot had a message for the youth of the nation I have three pointers for the youth of India and the first one will be to work really hard we all have heard of this thing which goes when the going gets tough the tough get going so in these Colonna times a lot of us are not feeling the moment very protect productive or really raving to do a really hard work but this is the time we can be of support to the nation you can think that you are just one drop in the ocean but many drops make the ocean so each one of us need to need to do our part of the work towards building this nation strengthening this nation and bringing her up so the young when you are young and raving this is the time to really work very hard towards the the improvement of this country so when you are young if you really work hard you will get your much deserved rest when you are older and when you cannot perform with your best abilities when your own that is the time you can take some rest if you worked hard in this age so that’s one and number two will be to have short-term and long-term goals for yourselves because many times we see that when we don’t have goals set goals for ourselves we can work as hard as we could but the focus is not there the goals are not there so we are losing out on the cont on the on the really we are not giving the concentration and the focus is lost

somewhere because we do we did not have a specific goal for ourselves so please have long-term goals for yourself and P and the short-term goals for yourself so one by one when you clear your short-term goals you inch closer to your long-term goals so this way you can focus your hard work and you can achieve real time goals and number three will be when you are young V we have a lot of inputs from all sorts of means of media so this is a age where we have to prove that our country has unity in diversity so we have so many debates about the differences the cultural the social the financial and the political differences which we have and the diversity we have as a nation when it comes to a varied religious political views and and our diversity in the basis of religion and community and and the financial condition of people there are so many differences but we need to come together as a nation as the youth of our nation as the future of the nation so we need to build the nation together so please come out of all these differences and work together and integrate your efforts as a as the pillars of the country so we can make India greater came home with a group in nineteen situation forcing a practical shutdown of maritime training institutes across the blue online training has picked up in a big way yes casting a glimpse across the maritime world here at satellite we specialize in virtual training and putting the classroom in your hands by any internet-connected device our software allows for two-way interaction with content experts providing an engaging and learner focused environment we are developing a range of virtual learning courses to meet the individual aspirations and international requirements Kovach 19 has highlighted the need for virtual training and the ability to adapt our current use of learning via the internet into something far greater tap a group CEO Richard Turner was in India only a few short months ago before the pandemic outbreak discussing this need with maritime industry leaders and Institute’s Richard highlighted the benefits of virtual training which included a significantly lower training budget as travel and accommodation is not required giving Seafarer is the ability to undertake mandatory training from home giving them more time with loved ones during their leave period to name only a couple at tap alive we look forward to helping you change the way you manage your training requirements and delivery we will gladly work with you to deliver our courses to meet your needs on behalf of our CEO aunty we wish all seafarers good health and we thank you for keeping world trade learning in these difficult times of the Vanara on the much debated merchant shipping bill 2016 was held over the weekend past a panel consisting of experienced marine domain practitioners and former administrator utilized the opportunity wealth to express what we want our way forward in my opinion the most important thing is to consolidate the conventions to which India is a party which is scattered across the act some are mentioned wrongly some have been missed mentioning so all this should be included along with their amendments also the conventions have talked about tribunals to settle the disputes that arises in case of any accidents or marine incidents so the act must have a tribunal mechanism inside which can take care of the dispute resolution also the Act should allow in case of such accidents the provisions of alternate dispute disel the Seafarer section it clearly home it’s the effective use of anything outside the act and it has appointed a tribunal only to hear and adjudicate matters relating to the litigation between the owner unions and the other matters are not in the purview so all this can be brought under their tribunal

so the matters can be easily settled also on to the salvage convention there is scope for such tribunals when there is a problem of difference of opinion and difference in the claim and the settlement in the salvage we have found during the one or two incidents that took place on the coast there is a delay for the salvers to bring in the equipment because of the other acts step in like the Customs Act says myself come to do Salvage has to be cleared in a customs notified port and then will be she’ll be an entire vessel she can proceed to the other territorial areas of India and carry out the salvage this process may delay the quick response possibilities and also it’s applicable to the other personnel who are onboard the vessel to come in so since they are working and they are coming in as a crew it’s okay there will be no problem if the vessel gets cleared they come and do the job if other experts are flying in through another means that is they’re coming in by air then there may not be enough time for them to obtain the necessary visas to land and give the advice especially in the offshore sectors where you know we have to go and fight using the offshore supply vessels and other methods so the DG should have powers extraordinary powers to clear this equipment clear these vessels and clear these personnel are coming in under special provisions which can be a post facto rectification by the respective departments in the ministry and I also find in the punishment section section 14 the punishments are being increased many force from the merchant shipping act 58 they’re gone as much as 10 times whereas this increase is not in line with the other amended acts or other acts where the punishments are awarded for a similar type of crimes bringing together professionals from the Indian shipping industry to discuss the new merchant shipping bill the old bill had lapsed so a new bill is being drafted and a lot of public interests wanted to input their points of view it needed to be consolidated so I mean she took the voluntary effort of bringing all these people including retired government officials people in business people in profession and with legal knowledge as well as practical experience to consolidate their inputs and present it to the government for review Maddux media congratulates ambitious all the very best to the entire team of masa maritime academy MMA Navi Mumbai upon its 19th anniversary congratulations to all masa member companies for having created and nurtured such an excellent world-class institution felicitations to the vision of the founding team from its concept at board level to completion at Institute level all the past and present stakeholders and associates of masa MTR F the team of MMA students of M and many patrons who all have worked tirelessly to establish it as one of the top most post C premier institutes the world over the idea to start Maritime Academy by Massa was triggered when the maritime training sector was thrown open to the private players by the director-general shipping in late 1998 after obtaining the necessary permission Massa started imparting training in a small way with only a couple of courses such as PS SR and OTF C from a place near VT station the then master training team were keen to start a competency course and so with that vision and mind identified office space at Bella for new bombay to start Massa Maritime Academy the Institute started its first second mates course with five students in 2001 June gradually the number of competency as well as modular courses were introduced and the student strength increased to over 5,000 by year 2015 massa Maritime Academy is known for its quality and attracts a good number of students the past percentages in outstanding and the Academy has an excellent reputation the training fund contributed by the shipping companies MTR F partly subsidizes the courses so that the students receive quality education at an affordable cost Massa Maritime Academy conducts

Saraswati puja and celebrates 2nd June as founding day I congratulate the Academy on completion of 19 years and wish them all the very best in furtherance to the objectives of the trust a beginning was made in early 2000 by setting up a training center at rented premises opposite Excelsior Theatre in Mumbai for conduct of basic STCW courses sensing the inadequacy of space an urgent need to cater to increasing demand MT RF decided to set up ma Samaritan Academy at CBD Belapur in Navi Mumbai in its own premises in the year 2 thousand one initial days emphasis was on poor see courses modular courses as well as competency courses all of which were classroom based but as the requirements regarding training as well as demands change masa Maritime Academy diversified in simulator training as well as skill development programs from a very humble beginning of about three hundred twenty students enrolled in the first year of operation the annual enrollment has gone up to around three thousand recent recently okay it is observed that about eighty percent of the students enrolled at Mme tend to return to the Academy who undergo training in subsequent courses the pandemic has definitely had an impact on the methodology of training now the emphasis has suddenly changed to online training but considering the good will and quality of education that has been imparted at MMA we have no hesitancy in claiming and may we’ll bounce back with renewed energy and vigor and we’ll be in position to deliver to the satisfaction of all the stake holders stay indoors and stay safe finally as I sign off this news bulletin here is an important piece of news at least 11 countries in the world have recently reinstated corporate 90 restrictions over the second wave fears health experts believe that the easing of restrictions changes in weather pattern the intrinsic nature of pandemics a sense of complacency and the combinations of such parameters may lead to a new phase of Karuna infection across the globe so please continue to absorb hygiene protocols and strictly observed social distancing knowns as June onwards countries worldwide enter the unlock mode thank you for watching news bulletins Sewall next Monday [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]